WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rimac C_Two electric hypercar first drive | Top Gear

10. mars. 2020
775 955 Ganger

Time to strap yourself (and your brain) in for a juicy Top Gear exclusive as Jack Rix gets behind the wheel of Rimac’s C_Two prototype. The Croatian EV ‘supercar GT’ has 1,887bhp (1,400kW) and 1,696lb ft of torque, a 0-62mph time under two seconds, a 258mph top speed, and a £1.7million price tag.
Top Gear Series 28:
Geneva Online Motor Show:
First Look:
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  • When will Hammond be testing it?

    Graham, King of the Britons!Graham, King of the Britons!5 dager siden
  • 0:50 back in 2008?

    Dj JimmysDj Jimmys5 dager siden
  • you driving it... - Im fine. Hammond driving it... - ._. NEEVVVVEEERRRR!!!!!

    Bohan YuanBohan Yuan8 dager siden
  • Who's the bloke?

    countryside_guycountryside_guy9 dager siden
  • thank you. that was very interesting and enlightening. check me out. i have a channel about ufo and other conspiracies the government tries to hide.

    Paranormal Activity and Mysterious StoriesParanormal Activity and Mysterious Stories9 dager siden
  • Nice video!! Let’s explore more about the hyper car, now; with amazing images and detailed information.

    5791 - Kapil Goyal5791 - Kapil Goyal14 dager siden
  • Really? Will a car that fast give me a chance to enjoy my driving?

    atharv deoatharv deo17 dager siden
  • Not a good review honestly

    LuxuryRumbleLuxuryRumble21 dag siden
  • Ja sam iz hrvatske (Dalmacija)

    Mrdino BilotaMrdino Bilota21 dag siden
  • Mate Rimac the creator is from Crotia🇭🇷🇭🇷

    Patrik JandrićPatrik Jandrić22 dager siden
  • meh, a gas car can go faster and stay fast longer.

    Stephanie MujanStephanie Mujan22 dager siden
  • Why does it has a ton of duck tape inside

    My Dog Is FatMy Dog Is Fat23 dager siden
  • Finally a electric car makes noices

    Felix AriaFelix Aria23 dager siden
  • Impressive, how serious and open minded he is simultaniously.

    Profundis1Profundis126 dager siden
  • Hammond reviewed it better.. literally

    Tejas SharmaTejas Sharma28 dager siden
  • Richard Hammond looks different somehow. It's like they are stuck in 2nd gear. Btw I know that's Jack Rix.

    Atharva KulkarniAtharva Kulkarni29 dager siden
  • I keep not understanding why they do not use gears to achieve higher speed

    Made4Tank FightMade4Tank FightMåned siden
  • glad that hammond didn't drive this

    Game_arvidGame_arvidMåned siden
  • В формуле 1! пусть примет участие. Вот тогда и посмотрим.

    Сергей РублёвСергей РублёвMåned siden
  • Well Nikola Tesla was not born in Croatia, it was Austrian Kingdom and he was Serb ;)

    speedkg aaspeedkg aaMåned siden
  • Mate, živuća legendo, svaka ti čast! 👏🇭🇷

    Dandelion wineDandelion wineMåned siden
  • Funny it looks like Rimac might be the new owners of Bugatti. Will they scrap their prototypes and come up with a new electric Bugatti ?

    10010011 Midg10010011 MidgMåned siden
  • It's not rimak its rimac.with a c not won't call mate rimac,mate rimak..

    over gamingover gamingMåned siden
  • Top Gear sound editor: Still a little deaf

    Lavagreat The greatLavagreat The greatMåned siden

    ToastyCoffeeToastyCoffeeMåned siden
  • Richard Hammond is gonna be excited to Crash this car. 🤣🤣

    Carl Ian GoCarl Ian GoMåned siden
  • How smart this guy is really best of luck to him, as he said is tough business car industry, especially at this time, no wonder other companies are asking for their parts supply, growing so quickly in 10 years

    Przemek SmagaczPrzemek SmagaczMåned siden
  • If Audi & Tesla had a baby

    Cian SorianoCian Soriano2 måneder siden
  • I was a petrolhead but now it’s all about a fully electric future⚡️

    Noah DerringtonNoah Derrington2 måneder siden
  • I believe Walter Baily invented the first electric motor, from the works of François Arago in 1824, then the first ac electric motor was invented by Hungarian engineer Otto Blathy. Then in 1885 galilileo ferraris and nicola tesla came up with the 3 phase electric motor. 3 phase had existed before Tesla was even born. Were do people learn their history lol?

    Dr Chad ThunderCockDr Chad ThunderCock2 måneder siden
  • Let Hammond drive it

    Taha Autos KhanTaha Autos Khan2 måneder siden
  • 1:43 what used to be the benchmark for exceptional auto review videos, now apologizes for poor audio.. Pathetic😏

    Akshay SasidharanAkshay Sasidharan2 måneder siden
  • "What I love about this car is the owner doesn't want to be environmentally friendly or save the planet" - hmm why romanticise being against the environment

    Luke FleggLuke Flegg2 måneder siden
  • € 2 millions a (amazing) car ! 😮 Pragmatism tells me: A beautiful house + Porsche + Winter chalet in French Alps with 4x4 (loves ski) + summer resort etc ...😙 Luckily I'm not so materialistic 🙄... Well as long as I don't have 2 millions € to spend 😉...Arrrrgh !

    bo2webbo2web2 måneder siden
  • only here for the hammond comments

    Garvit JainGarvit Jain2 måneder siden
  • Sounds like the forces of hell is at the gates... I like it!

    Paul PutterPaul Putter2 måneder siden
  • Sounds windy

    The StigThe Stig2 måneder siden
  • It is Croatian hypercar it’s good

    Resty ClipsResty Clips2 måneder siden
  • It all started with the Yugo

    Oneshot CreativeOneshot Creative2 måneder siden
  • 🟥LIKE 13000🟥i got one supercar for free?😱

    KevinSchantalleKevinSchantalle2 måneder siden
  • Design looks like ferrari and lotus made a baby. Love it.

    doanutTHEnutdoanutTHEnut2 måneder siden
  • Rimac concept 2: im going to kill the roadster Tesla + spacex: uh huh.

    101dbzgaming101dbzgaming2 måneder siden
  • I use this car in Forza Horizon 4

    Kingburrito3711Kingburrito37112 måneder siden
  • Every electric ar a gangsta ...... until Hammond drives it

    Galactico 999Galactico 9992 måneder siden
  • I own this car on forza 4

    NUT wallydorfusNUT wallydorfus2 måneder siden
  • It looks amazing but I hate the sound.

    Xander LeeXander Lee3 måneder siden
    • the sound is amazing how dose it sound bad?! what a lie!!!

      Gautham Nanda KishoreGautham Nanda Kishore2 måneder siden
  • This isn’t top gear this is a joke!!

    Jesus savesJesus saves3 måneder siden
  • What's up Italy your scared of Croatia now huh

    Nitr1x is tknNitr1x is tkn3 måneder siden
  • Comment vous pouvez comparer Ferrari et Rimac il faut mieux comparer Renault Mercedes

    Igor DusevicIgor Dusevic3 måneder siden
  • Rimac C2 and Pininfarina Battista are two really amazing hypercars, but the age of electric cars itself is still so far from us. Not only they're extremely expensive for ordinary people with pretty low sallaries, but also we have lack in a traffic infrastructure across the globe. And I know that most of us love futuristic solutions for various kind of social problems, but to be honest, maybe only 1/3 of the world will be ready enough to accept some radical changes with incoming future which bring us the age of electric cars too. And only extremely rich people will have access to hypercars, not us, and instead of that I think that we're gonna have even more totally poor people without anything, and the future literally will look like a dystopian age, a dying world. Globalism/capitalism will destroy our world to the end, and I'm pretty sure the future itself will not be as beautiful and bright as we imagine. More and more problems will come, and more and more imbalances wil be present in the world which will cause crises, demonstrations, violence, military actions against masses etc. I see that some people are aware that we're going straight to technocratic and transhumanism age, but they don't realize that we will have a lot more difficulties and that instead of imaginary beautiful future with happy and satisfied people around the world we will get a literally dystopian times with dark skies. Do we have enought time and resources to develop and make this hell into a perfect world for most of living beings? With demo(n)cracy as a platform for unlimitet enrichment as well as impoverishment? Just stop dreaming and get real! Talk about this problems with your friends, on public chats, on the net, on a TV shows, at conferences, seminars, webinars and also write about this on forums, columns and in articles on your web or blog sites. This is a topic we all need to talk about before we step into the last times of our dying home.

    AmeAme3 måneder siden
  • CROATIA 🇭🇷

    V.K.1950 #V.K.1950 #3 måneder siden
  • really interesting talk

    John S.John S.3 måneder siden
  • Its not Rimak with K , its Rimac with C !

    Hara oldskulHara oldskul3 måneder siden
  • Boring top gear.

    Tuan TanahakuTuan Tanahaku3 måneder siden
  • Cocktail Talk hour at my Club..... who makes or owns the fastest Golf cart Here. Who Cares.

    joe Dirtjoe Dirt3 måneder siden
  • Richard: ahhhh sh$t here we go again

    - ManillaZilla- ManillaZilla4 måneder siden
  • "this is quite naughty" was actually the answer to the last of us 2.

    Hashib SadikHashib Sadik4 måneder siden
  • He became even more positive and normal person when I picked him up and was driving him to the dentist.So simple, sonormal,not a second a showing off in front of me(even he knew that I recognised him because I ask is it him). Kind, gentle,he sat on the front seat,conversation like we are on the same level with everything,with money, cars,girls,business,everyday problems,sports,etc.(even though his IQ is prolly as double as mine,but we didn't measure it,so maybe mine is as double as his ;) ). There are not so many people who stay normal after a success like thatespecially the young ones), but he is like a relict from an old time, sypatic,kind,gentle,gives respect to everybody,etc,etc. After reading media reports on him, I had a completely different impression,and that is one of the few people who surprised me very positively. After 26 years of experience behind the wheel and many millions of roads behind me, of course that I tried (with a hope of 0,01% ) to ask IF they maybe need a test driver, or a truck driver(somehow the car has to get on the show of course),or at least a test dummy when they are trying how the car behaves when it's hit with 60,80 or 100 km/h or if it hits something at the same speed, but he just laughed and with no rudeness at all he said that they have one test driver for the tracks etc, and one truck driver who are with them for a quite a lot of time. Just based on his behaviour to the people of lower classes( him vs taxi driver), and looking at them as an equal personss,aware that money is nothing,but people are the ones what really counts, I wish him as much luck as he can grab ;D Me, as a taxi driver can tell the difference when somebody gets a company's card and paid hotel room with 4 star in some other country for the first couple of years until they learn that they are expandable and the company's card must be give back.Till that moment,those young white collars behave like they own the world,thry to treat you like a riksha driver in India until you stop,and tell them to get out,and you'll send them another cab,and the drive till that moment is on you. Then they are shocked,eyebrows up,open mouth:"But,but...".I remember the special one which I drove a day before, and next day around lunch. -"NO BUT, WHEN YOU LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE, TO REPLY WITH HELLO OR HI OR ANYTHING WHEN ENTERING THE CAB, AND NOT JUST GIVING THE BUSINESS CARD WITH AN ADRESS WHERE i SHOULD TAKE YOU, AND AFTER THAT LAY ACROSS THE BACKSEAT AND LEAN YOUR CREAMY HAIR ON THE WINDOW SO i HAVE TO USE ALCOHOL AFTER YOU, AND PAYING THE PARTIAL CHEMICAL CLEANING BECAUSE YOU PUT YOUR MUDDY SHOES ON WITHOUT TAKING THEM OFF,AND ALL THAT FOR A LESS THEN 2 EURO DRIVE?? DEAR KID (NOT MISTER OR GENTLEMAN ANYMORE), YOUR PARENTS DIDN'T DO NOT A GOOD JOB, BUT NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE GOOD JOB WHEN YOU WERE RAISING."He wanted to take the shoes off then,and to clean the window because he saw what was left after his hair, but my decision was final. He was leaving the car repeating SORRY hundreds of times through the passenger window and I only told him:"YOU MAY CONSIDER YOUR SELF LUCKY I WON'T TURN IN YOUR REQUEST TO FIND YOU A GIRL IN A CRAIGSLIST,SEND HER TO YOUR ROOM SO YOU CAN PUT IT ON AN EXPENCE OF THE ROOM.i'LL FORGET ABOUT IT SO YOU ARE FREE TO GO." Then he remembered, opened passengers door and put 200kuna( cca 30 euros ) on a passenger seat:"That is a tip for you for me being rude and very unpolite.I'm sorry once again.I'll wait for another cab if you really don't want to drive me".Probably he expected that I will say :"OK,Jump in..."(after he gave 200 kunas(30 euros), but I just took the money,said bye and left him on some random bus statiojhn.

    Drazen NinetynineDrazen Ninetynine4 måneder siden
  • Tesla was a Serb born in Austro-Hungary. The son of an Orthodox priest and the whole family was Orthodox. in the 19th century, there were many more Serbs living on the territory of today's Croatia than Croats (Serbs who converted to the Catholic faith and called themselves Croats, a former small people who disappeared). in World War II, the Ustashas (Croatian fascists and Nazis) killed all Tesla because they were Serbs. if they had declared themselves Croats, they would not have been killed. I am writing this so that someone who watches would not think that Tesla was a Croat.

    Zidan ZZidan Z4 måneder siden
  • If only it wouldn't sound like a tram on speed.

    Edgar RenjeEdgar Renje4 måneder siden
  • *Hammond left the chat*

    GrolusGrolus4 måneder siden
  • Company build from the stolen money, and broken promises.

    ValnjesValnjes4 måneder siden
    • @Valnjes I was right all along. A Serb? Why not just move out and let Croats do their thing? It's you who paint yourself pathetic and envious.

      Jooo JJooo J4 måneder siden
    • @Jooo J Nah, just being honest with everybody. Im a Croat, i live there, i know whats going on. Its not a wrong to say that Columbia exports most of the Cocaine - because its true. Croatia exports bullshit and corruption.

      ValnjesValnjes4 måneder siden
    • @Valnjes Something tells me you're full of it and one of those who have interest in giving bad rep to Croatia.

      Jooo JJooo J4 måneder siden
    • @Jooo J No my company, but you see, in my Country (Croatia, origin of Rimac), if you have stolen 37 Mil, you are a businessman. If you have stolen a bread, you are a thief. Welcome to Coruptia - the most beautiful country for vacation and businessman alike.

      ValnjesValnjes4 måneder siden
    • Your company? Not sure anybody cares, darling.

      Jooo JJooo J4 måneder siden
  • We need individual electric motors that can be adapted to drive CV axels so that we can convert older cars and add them as performance parts to my drag MINI. :)

    Jenny BakerJenny Baker4 måneder siden
  • Is that a Toyota steering wheel on the prototype? Lol. Insane car, equally insane design & power. What a humble guy.

    Keenan ConstantKeenan Constant4 måneder siden

    Gautham Nanda KishoreGautham Nanda Kishore4 måneder siden
  • Make no mistake, I'm not here for fake Richard Hammond. I'm here to see a BBC budget episode about my country's latest genius changing the world.

    superymario westsuperymario west4 måneder siden
  • Im a big fan of Rimac and just the whole way they conduct themselves and do business. How they are leading the Pack in Electric tech. And their owner, modern day Henry Ford (Not quite as revolutionary but still).

    BigPaPaRuBigPaPaRu4 måneder siden
  • respect

    Lovre BakovićLovre Baković4 måneder siden
  • arabs left the chat

    Daniel AugustinDaniel Augustin4 måneder siden
  • this guy looks like Mathias Sammer!

    maestral71maestral714 måneder siden
  • Imagine pronouning Rimac wrong

    NeoZNeoZ4 måneder siden
  • Good thing Hammond isn’t testing this... Edit: someone already made a joke about Hammond, damnit

    Randomwhateve RRandomwhateve R4 måneder siden
  • I would love to see Chris spank this car.

    Renato LoBueRenato LoBue4 måneder siden
  • looks amazing but that sound is horrible

    Tomas HaintlTomas Haintl4 måneder siden
  • Will the production model have two huge Dangerous Red Buttons somewhere in prominent view of an alleged eco-friendly female co-pilot? Because by god, one of them needs to be on an active rotation system and routed to an ejection seat.

    CMDR BoomCMDR Boom4 måneder siden
  • Just pronounce it right 😑

    G.Z.L. GruZaoLeeG.Z.L. GruZaoLee4 måneder siden
  • Its pronounced reemats.

    Cinderblock The BomberCinderblock The Bomber4 måneder siden
  • And in the future we will All be able to do acceleration like this....

    Louis JonesLouis Jones4 måneder siden
  • i love the sound of the motors

    Isaac FIsaac F4 måneder siden
  • Ponosan sam na uspijeh naseg covjeka kao i na sve velike licnosti koje su obiljezile stoljece a nikada nece dobiti priznanje svijeta! Pozz od Zagrebcanina koji je trenutno u 🇳🇴

    Boky4444 SpartanBoky4444 Spartan4 måneder siden
  • Kinda looks like a c8 vette

    Troy HTroy H4 måneder siden
  • Take the car to the sault lake and try to beat the gasoline engine speed record and then you can try to push forward to take over the gasoline cars

    Corrie JacobsCorrie Jacobs4 måneder siden
  • its not Rimak its Rimac like WITH A C, try Rimatz

    ryuzakiryuzaki4 måneder siden
  • I wish you had asked if he drove a Tesla 🤣

    Scott WillsScott Wills4 måneder siden
  • Didn't Hammand crash one ?

    Arno ModelstateArno Modelstate5 måneder siden
  • Gooo Croatia

    Stipan BuljanStipan Buljan5 måneder siden
  • It isn't Rimak, it's Rima c

    ThiefThief5 måneder siden
  • Genius. Pure genius.👌❤

    Jan IvelicJan Ivelic5 måneder siden
  • Mates Rimac is pretty awesome. What great dude that cares about & loves the work that he actually does. Same thing with Christian Von Koenigsegg. They're very smart engineers that push the limits of what cars can do. I would imagine that it takes a lot of knowledge in physics, chemistry, computers and mathematics to be able to do work like this. When I was a kid, I have done experiments in my own home using my parents food & dishes. I myself have always been good with numbers & I have always wondered what went on behind the curtains in science labs and engineering projects. I was also a member of my elementary school's science club. Afterwards, I lost interest until college. Since, then I have picked up mathematics as a hobby & teach myself the material before the class actually begins. I'm currently in calculus which can be very challenging at times, but it is extreme fun for me & teaches you to think outside the box as well as analyze concepts as well as to think about the world in whole new ways. As a result, I want to major in mathematics for my bachelors degree at my local high ranked university. That'll definitely be fun.

    Cody CrouseCody Crouse5 måneder siden
  • So nice to see new Elons coming to us. We will have a good future if keep coming like this...

    SaablivesSaablives5 måneder siden
  • has Mate learned nothing

    D CurisD Curis5 måneder siden
  • English as a second language, this guy expresses himself better than 95% of Americans.

    AviAvi5 måneder siden
  • If the Rimac keeps up it's pace, Croatia is going to be the new italy with car production.

    Rason MusicRason Music5 måneder siden
  • Hp is outdatet pls use kw especiali for evs

    Christian FischerlehnerChristian Fischerlehner5 måneder siden
  • The concept 2 is AWSOME

    leonardoleonardo5 måneder siden
  • I hope this guy doesnt replace, Chris, Freddie or Paddy... he is awful 😂

    iNNERSiLENCEiNNERSiLENCE5 måneder siden
  • I cliked hoping to hear the familiar voice of Hammond.... and then I realized that was silly of me.

    John CJohn C5 måneder siden
  • TESLA ROADSTER for me. nothing else

    ata moniata moni5 måneder siden
  • YAY for clean, quiet, efficient electro-tech, but BOO for today's primitive battery technology. Practically-speaking, lithium power packs are rubbish. Oh yes they are. Compared to what's needed, they're about as useless as the gigantic lead-acid batteries that went into old-fashioned milk floats. This magnificent beast weighs HOW MUCH? Despite all that gorgeous carbon-fibre, this (beautiful) car's at least 1,000 kg overweight. Batteries? Schmatteries! Imagine the next phase of power storage when a high-performance battery pack weighs less than a full tank of petrol. THAT will be something for ordinary peeps like me to get excited about - especially when the battery's cost drops by the 85% necessary to make electric vehicles practical, affordable transport for all. ♬ You may say I'm a dreamer. ♪ But I'm not the only one... (With apologies to John Lennon.)

    Elli PElli P5 måneder siden
  • boring

    asta pastaasta pasta5 måneder siden