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9. okt.. 2020
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From the humble new Volkswagen GTI, right down to the money-can’t-buy seven motor 1,400bhp Ford Mustang Mach-E, here's all you need to know about our full 16-car line up for Top Gear Speed Week 2020, with Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix. Which car will win? Well, you’ll have to pick up the latest issue, on sale now. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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    Top GearTop Gear14 dager siden
    • No C8?

      Aaron PleasantAaron Pleasant8 dager siden
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      Blakely MarkBlakely Mark9 dager siden
    • The Turbo-S (992) is my vote! All great cars (except the go kart) but for being so versatile, and an elegant sleeper pretty much... And the PERFORMANCE! That’s my vote. 😁

      PRØ KĪLLËRPRØ KĪLLËR13 dager siden
    • I'm not usually a big fan but that Porsche is insane! 0-60 2.7? 😮

      Larry JimbobLarry Jimbob14 dager siden
    • I wanted to see the Maserati MC20 compete with all these cars.

      Nasser// /Nasser// /14 dager siden
  • this was uploaded 14 days ago, when will the full speed week video be uploaded?

    tantabitantabi17 timer siden
  • Clarkson would make fun of the german cars, cause yeah Clarkson.

    D9- Miraflor, TJD9- Miraflor, TJDag siden
  • who drifts these cars?!?!?!?? makes it look so simple.....

    MechaniccgMechaniccgDag siden
  • If only Clarkson and May were there to argue about the new "Mustang".

    Parker VarinParker Varin2 dager siden
  • We aren't judging the new "Mustang" because it's electric. We're judging it because it's a 4 door SUV. We all knew the Mustang would be electric someday. We never wanted it to be driven by soccer moms drunk on box wine.

    Parker VarinParker Varin2 dager siden
  • Can you guys hire me ? Pleasee I`m really good on tracks, I can even wash cars, I dont wanna earn money I just wanna be there. PLEASE!!!!

    ilhan halil seyhanilhan halil seyhan2 dager siden
  • Little know fact, this is just some leaked footage of in game graphics of Forza Horizon 5 :D

    MatRdmCooperMatRdmCooper2 dager siden
  • Go Electrics!!

    MatRdmCooperMatRdmCooper2 dager siden
  • This is the first time i watch top gear with the new cast, I am already fed up with em

    spreewaldgurkespreewaldgurke2 dager siden
  • I reckon the Porsche will win it. The red one.

    james loviejames lovie2 dager siden
  • why no FK8R. i30N, VelosterN, 308 GTI, A450, stinger and etc.. Golf GTI is average at best when comparing to the goodies..

    Noob DriverNoob Driver3 dager siden
  • 3:50 Ever heard of Tesla?

    sanzsanz3 dager siden
  • come to my channel ,.

    NEWcars UANEWcars UA3 dager siden
  • Can I get this video without the annoying background music?

    Charlie BryantCharlie Bryant3 dager siden
  • Where’s the corvette

    Patrick CanadaPatrick Canada3 dager siden

    Shreshtho SarkerShreshtho Sarker3 dager siden
  • Good Gawd...that Porsche 911 is sexual. Nuff said.

    Brian PalmerBrian Palmer3 dager siden
  • turbo S for me

    Marcus PongratzMarcus Pongratz3 dager siden
  • Golf, each version.. bigger and bigger. Or fatter. Quite depressing. Up! GTi seems as more fun. Sadly.

    Corwin BlackCorwin Black4 dager siden
  • Come on man... that mach e is going to win. That car is bonkers.

    William ArringtonWilliam Arrington4 dager siden
  • how much VW pay you for talking about that ugly garbage??

    milo priborskymilo priborsky4 dager siden
  • 1:38 did he just reveal himself as the stig

    Jack QuickerJack Quicker4 dager siden
  • Disliked for adding a "race car" that doesn't race in anything against real vehicles. Ford is an embarrasment.

    Slick MikeSlick Mike4 dager siden
  • Also where is the Koenigsegg? Couldnt afford one I guess.....

    Mentally Challenged VikingMentally Challenged Viking4 dager siden
  • About time the GTI gets some HP to attract heterosexual males.

    Mentally Challenged VikingMentally Challenged Viking4 dager siden
  • "I predict that people will be fighting over the keys for the Golf GTI for the ride home." Aston-Martin Vantage?, Porsche 911?, Audi RS6? No way, you take one of those losers. I'm holding out for the Golf!

    geoffk777geoffk7774 dager siden
  • I wonder what Clarkson, may and Hammond would be doing if they still worked with bbc

    Drifty BoiDrifty Boi4 dager siden
    • hearse challenge: get a car, turn it into a hearse, extra points for design originality

      antniomansoantniomanso2 dager siden
  • Is it just me or hatchbacks are getting massive....I remember they used to be small cars, that golf and mini look like small SUVs.

    Archon331Archon3315 dager siden
  • Once I noticed the music I couldn't keep watching

    bbis001bbis0015 dager siden
  • Who wants a eletric car they crap yh might be fast on power but shouldn't be in with petrol shud do petrol v petrol electric v eletric

    Leading JasonLeading Jason6 dager siden
  • The Aston Martin roadster looks stunning!!

    Mert LadMert Lad6 dager siden
  • 4:46 damn that Porsche looks like its animated tho

    LeprosyLeprosy6 dager siden
  • where is this place.. it's beautiful yet breathtaking

    rez rezaxrez rezax7 dager siden
  • Most boring person ever on Top Gear🙈

    Luis AlbertoLuis Alberto8 dager siden
  • New top gear is bottom gear

    Jacob MustonJacob Muston8 dager siden
  • 🤤

    JC LiwagJC Liwag8 dager siden
  • gemera

    Sumit SharmaSumit Sharma8 dager siden
  • That music is *incredibly* annoying.

    Philip MinnsPhilip Minns8 dager siden
  • No ///AMG car is REPRESENTED even A45s that's ridiculous.

    Alden pengAlden peng8 dager siden
  • The C8 Corvette is hands down the best car for the money. If you have unlimited money the Ferrari is always top.

    Craig ScottCraig Scott8 dager siden
  • Love the line up

    Arm FranchiseArm Franchise9 dager siden

    eny margarethaeny margaretha9 dager siden
  • No mid engine Vette!?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s a crime

    Ian ThompsonIan Thompson9 dager siden
  • Lovely cars and lovely views. So, great video to look at. But we also have ears. Please get better chooooons (Dm me and I’ll do your sound next time 😎)

    tomk500tomk5009 dager siden
  • Jermey Clarkson we miss u

    B2B GamerB2B Gamer9 dager siden
  • I really hate the way they push electric cars and why are there cars like golf's a d morgans they will be left and the music is is bloody annoying...crap vid

    Giuseppe MolinaroGiuseppe Molinaro9 dager siden
  • i dont care what all say. i´m a die hard Muscle Car Fanboy but that Mustang Mach E looks amazing compered to other SUVs and electric cars.

    ZeusZeus9 dager siden
  • Who is choosing the backing track?? It’s atrocious

    michael ryanmichael ryan9 dager siden
  • The 1,400bhp Ford Mustang Mach-E will win, since it is the ONLY one that runs with no gasoline.

    Raymond RamírezRaymond Ramírez9 dager siden
  • why did u call that thing a mustang? :/

    Hans V.Hans V.9 dager siden
    • Because Ford made it and owns the brand since 1964.

      Raymond RamírezRaymond Ramírez9 dager siden
  • Christ on a bike the GTI got MASSSIVE. Mini van size

    Gerald Good IIIGerald Good III9 dager siden
  • Good video!!

    Edith SanabiaEdith Sanabia9 dager siden
  • Who cares cars are all fast now its not even exciting like it was back in the day.next year 765s yeah after new gt2 etc same ol

    jontshyzajontshyza10 dager siden
    • Nostalgia's not what it used to be.

      Philip MinnsPhilip Minns8 dager siden
  • Does the RS6 have rear wheel steering or really crazy toe

    Michael LawsonMichael Lawson10 dager siden
  • The boxster gts 4.0 was not in the video. But it is there on the webpage of speed week ???

    saqib syedsaqib syed10 dager siden
  • Where is the BMW M8 Competition and the Mercedes GT 63s 4doors and the A45s and the RS7 and Gt black series and the New M3 and M4

    Charbel GharyosCharbel Gharyos10 dager siden
  • No one slept in that tent..... If if they actually did, they should not have cleaned it out before shooting the film......... c'mon..... I want to feel like I'm at the track too...... give you film some character...... I getting upset about a tent.....Idk..... I want to be rich goddammit

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith10 dager siden
  • Yea, came to check out what top gear is like now since 2014. Boring as heck, show died over a cold steak.

    WorkhorseWorkhorse10 dager siden
  • Where's the Boxster?

    theharesbreaththeharesbreath10 dager siden
  • I took me a second to realise what that 917 was...I was like...isn't this old and most of all Insanely small? I seem to remember these were bigger

    delbrooxdelbroox10 dager siden
  • what! im no tesla fan, but your line up is missing one 👎🏻

    Ozo101Ozo10110 dager siden
  • When a Mustang looks like a Hyundai ;)

    Paolo SitacaPaolo Sitaca11 dager siden
    • It is the other way around. Hyundai is copying the Mustang which is now 55 years old. Hyundai and Kia only do well because they copy the designs of other brands (the Genesis copies Mercedes Benz), and make them cheaper. The Mustang is electric and will beat even the Tesla Model S!

      Raymond RamírezRaymond Ramírez9 dager siden
  • All hail the following camera man, great work.

    Edgar GamerosEdgar Gameros11 dager siden
  • The 911 Turbo S just has got it all..... I wonder given the choice to run one for say......18 month if anybody would take the RS6 Over the 911, with everything taken into account in your day to day lifestyle wise?

    Martin GetliffeMartin Getliffe11 dager siden
  • Yes Flames, no Electric.

    Karl JJKarl JJ11 dager siden
  • Why is he scratching his head?

    Ms OfficialMs Official11 dager siden
  • What the hell is this competition? Random cars that people could manage to give us for the weekend?

    Malte Laurids BriggeMalte Laurids Brigge11 dager siden
  • Electric cars are outdated tech

    xxxpensivexxxpensive11 dager siden
    • You git it wrong, although electric power existed for billions of years. Every atom in your body uses electricity.

      Raymond RamírezRaymond Ramírez9 dager siden
  • Music’s pretty distracting

    JacobHudsonJacobHudson11 dager siden
  • I came here for the Mach e

    Zacary BlackZacary Black11 dager siden
  • The new jaguar f type?

    lvl500 bosslvl500 boss11 dager siden
  • The 911 Turbo S about to dust em all casually :)

    Aryan AhmedAryan Ahmed11 dager siden
  • Is that Matt Gallagher from WTF1 in that morgan?

    ahsan ragibahsan ragib11 dager siden
  • Please stop this bloke. Chris rules

    sean thomassean thomas11 dager siden
  • I'll take the Dog kennel.

    Gregory UKGregory UK11 dager siden
  • The 911 or the Mach E will win

    Trent CromptonTrent Crompton11 dager siden
  • no 2020 GT-R??

    jatinanand1910jatinanand191011 dager siden
  • I don’t understand how the Mach-E doesn’t win it? It’s sooooooo next level insanity (especially given the ride height). I LOVE my ICE cars to the grave but damn these new E cars are destroying records left and right.

    Ryan KellyRyan Kelly11 dager siden
  • Where's the C8 Vette?

    Patrick PromPatrick Prom12 dager siden
  • Lovely selection of cars. Stupid music.

    chris vinicombechris vinicombe12 dager siden
  • Hey top gear ever tried getting your keys out of your car? When their already in the car seat?

    Blizzard biterBlizzard biter12 dager siden
  • Getting really tired of hearing vehicle makers using other companies engines. Have some pride in yourself.

    •_•_12 dager siden
    • @Raymond Ramírez obviously. Don't be a moron. Im talking about the Aston.

      •_•_9 dager siden
    • The Mustang has no engine!

      Raymond RamírezRaymond Ramírez9 dager siden
  • Is this the Forza Horizon 5 trailer?

    Spcki de Spock SpockSpcki de Spock Spock12 dager siden
  • They really put an 8speed auto in a Mini 💀💀💀

    AlejandroAlejandro12 dager siden
    • If torque steer was the winning criteria, than the Mini would have it in the bag.

      geoffk777geoffk7774 dager siden
  • 40W incandescent lightbulb, illegal. 1.5M Watt EV, ecofriendly. People, stupid.

    SandySandy12 dager siden
  • 5:33 RWS very prominent on the RS6

    2G J2G J12 dager siden
  • You and Matt Prior rocking the 'isn't it' 'doesn't it' 'shouldn't it' way to end sentences. Good, isn't it?

    Major TomMajor Tom12 dager siden
  • Only relevant question here is which one I would like to take to the twisty back roads here, and I know I will walk towards the Alpine...

    Wilfred ZweverinkWilfred Zweverink12 dager siden
  • 911 Turbo S thanks

    Ralton AdamsRalton Adams12 dager siden
  • These dudes have the perfect job.

    CHiLL-FEVERCHiLL-FEVER12 dager siden
  • That's the ugliest mini I've ever seen.

    Generously buttered ALCOGenerously buttered ALCO12 dager siden
  • imagine the porsche slightly bigger with a 100cc engine

    dallatorretdudallatorretdu12 dager siden
  • Did Ford really borrow the Mustang Mach-E 1400 to Top Gear instead of The Grand Tour? Bruh.

    Boon YewBoon Yew12 dager siden
  • No c8???

  • This guy is mumbling thru the intro in the first 20 seconds. I’m out

    jrsmusejrsmuse12 dager siden
  • Two Porsches...where Teslas???? Poor

    Oma KotiOma Koti12 dager siden
  • Why does McLaren keep releasing so many models?

    SMIFFYSMIFFY12 dager siden
  • Morgan and high tech in one sentence is a sinful ignorance of the presenter.

    Joe StiffcockJoe Stiffcock12 dager siden
  • Beautiful location

    EricEric12 dager siden