TRAILER: Top Gear Nepal Christmas Special 2019

17. des.. 2019
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Top Gear is back with a very special, um, Christmas Special. Paddy, Freddie and Chris head to Nepal to test out three £5k future-proof 'city cars' of their own choosing. Catch it on Sunday 29 December in the UK, 9pm, BBC Two. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • Who had the idea to put Command And Conquer: Generals soundtrack to this? 🥴

    Niko BarateliNiko Barateli15 dager siden
  • bbc have to leave the "old" top gear behind and let the new top gear crew develop a new format that works for them. If not the car show will be less and less popular over time until it gets canceled. if you rewatch top gear when young jeremy got the job as show host, he as well was also limited to follow the old host format. and it didn´t worked out in the end, so after a some trials and testing he was allowed more freedom.

    sbnnielsen0sbnnielsen02 måneder siden
  • I’m by no means a fanboy but no Hammond, no May and no Clarkson = No watchy.

    A Wyatt WomanA Wyatt Woman6 måneder siden
  • It's interesting but TopGear Africa Special or Argentina Special were even better...

    AndrewAndrew6 måneder siden
  • That Nepal's Huler you guys have been driving around is actually a Mahindra max pick-up over which a Nepalese body has been modified for seating passengers.

    Chitrajit GangulyChitrajit Ganguly6 måneder siden
  • Was better when the original trilogy did it

    Irish WristwatchIrish Wristwatch7 måneder siden
  • Wer schaut das noch? Echt! Ihr hättet es auch einstellen können. Grand Tour👍👍👍😎

    M EckM Eck7 måneder siden
  • They trying to hard to copy Jezza , James and Richard

    Susjka xxxSusjka xxx8 måneder siden
  • I miss Hammond May and Clarkson these guys just don't have it!!

    elaine cowellelaine cowell8 måneder siden
  • I am also nepali

    nepali brothers gameplaynepali brothers gameplay8 måneder siden
  • Very Very dangerous places

    M M vlogM M vlog8 måneder siden
  • this is't top gear

    {SG}billabong27{SG}billabong279 måneder siden
  • not the same without clarkson may and hammond.

    MightySatriaMightySatria9 måneder siden
  • #Visit_Nepal_2020 Thank you ‘’Top Gear ‘’ for promoting Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🙏🙏

    Prashant Bikram SapkotaPrashant Bikram Sapkota9 måneder siden
  • It's "daffft" alright 🙄

    MagicAyrtonforeverMagicAyrtonforever9 måneder siden
  • If James, Jeremy, and Richard hammond would have gone nepal it would be the best special they'd have done

    Anil DhakalAnil Dhakal9 måneder siden
  • Turned off after a few minutes-absolutely mindnumbing drivel.Can’t stand the Bolton accents and I’m from the north

    Jamie70Jamie709 måneder siden
  • On that terrible disappointment for top gear.... back to the Grand tour

    Liban SamaraweeraLiban Samaraweera9 måneder siden
  • Better than the grand tour special

    Tony CruickshankTony Cruickshank9 måneder siden
  • It was awful trying to copy may Hammond Clarkson badly

    John WoodwardJohn Woodward9 måneder siden
  • Really enjoyed it good chemistry between the three of them and God that road they were on near the end was frightening one slip and DEAD

    mark jeffersmark jeffers9 måneder siden
  • Amazing episode!

    ZzwalNepz NepzZzwalNepz Nepz9 måneder siden
  • Get flint off this programme.

    DJ GouldingDJ Goulding9 måneder siden
  • I wonder what the camera crew drove? Anyone know?

    John SlocombeJohn Slocombe9 måneder siden
  • Haven't watched top get since Clarkson got the boot.. Just watched this episode and I'm very impressed with the trio. One of my favorite episodes!!! Is this the new season? Or how long have this team been together????

    westwater73westwater739 måneder siden
    • westwater73 This trio has been together since series 27 and right now, they’re about to premiere series 28.

      Santihrod PenalozaSantihrod Penaloza9 måneder siden
  • ❤️ From Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Nepa9 AteetNepa9 Ateet10 måneder siden
    • From the Kingdom of Wessex England.

      westwater73westwater739 måneder siden
  • Can you imagine trying to compete with the living legends on Amazon Prime? It must be a downer to be constantly compared to their predecessors’ creativity and chemistry.

    Rodger BolesRodger Boles10 måneder siden
  • I don’t care of what you say, I’m looking forward to this, series 27 managed to have a more positive feedback, so I think this special and series 28 can show some improvement.

    Santihrod PenalozaSantihrod Penaloza10 måneder siden
  • Where is full episode??

    Bimala SharmaBimala Sharma10 måneder siden
    • BBC iPlayer

      ZzwalNepz NepzZzwalNepz Nepz9 måneder siden
  • and on that disappointment its back to the grand tour!!

    taz89fultaz89ful10 måneder siden
    • Ok bitch ass

      Nexus2126Nexus21269 måneder siden
  • 0:05 Seems familiar Is he trying to copy Hammond? 🤦

    RaptahhRaptahh10 måneder siden
  • Clarkson, May and Hammond ARE Top Gear. This is just some uninteresting, mediocre car show.

    MrMaselkoMrMaselko10 måneder siden
  • watching..............fifth gear!

    Sean S.C YSean S.C Y10 måneder siden
  • Mero Naam Alex Nepali Ho. Mero Desh UK ho , but yo maan ta hero Nepali ho... Means my heart is Nepali.

    Alex NepaliAlex Nepali10 måneder siden
    • Nice comments Alex Nepali.

      Bish SalamiBish Salami9 måneder siden
    • Thank you brother..

      pramesh Kalaypramesh Kalay9 måneder siden
  • IAM here through Alex Nepali 🥰

    Alexis DhakalAlexis Dhakal10 måneder siden
  • If only they were CLARKSON, HAMMOND & MAY

    수만씨수만씨10 måneder siden
    • Think clarkson Hammond and may were really good together for years so they had a really natural chemistry between them but towards the end just think they thought they were bigger than the show IMO they aren't

      mark jeffersmark jeffers9 måneder siden
  • No Jeremy, No Richard, no James, this means its not really a top gear show. No fun without them!

    Nima Nurbu SherpaNima Nurbu Sherpa10 måneder siden
    • @Matthew McKernan Why? Because I pointed out the truth or because I cannot be the only one who is tired of people who like Parrots are repeating the same old tired lines for FIVE years? On his drive tribe Channel James May said that Rory Reid and the others did a "Good job" at hosting Top Gear and has been quoted saying that with the current line up, they finally found people who have the same interaction he has with Hammond and Clarkson. If you guys who have been complaining for FIVE YEARS are still mad about the line up change, then why are you here in the first place? Go ahead and devour me, I hope I'll be tasty.

      RastaSaiyamanRastaSaiyaman10 måneder siden
    • For five years people have been saying that. In fact, the only one who HAS been very positive about the new Top gear and has championed the post Clarkson, Hammond and May versions is JAMES MAY. So why would Captain Slow be wrong about that?

      RastaSaiyamanRastaSaiyaman10 måneder siden
  • Eagerly waiting to watch this adventure. 👍 From India. 🇮🇳

    Topse AdventuresTopse Adventures10 måneder siden
  • Meh

    Bedlam & SqualorBedlam & Squalor10 måneder siden
  • This is Faqin A!

    Dawa LamaDawa Lama10 måneder siden
  • Yeah, this looks boring. I'd rather watch 3 old men drive boats in Vietnam any day.

    Leif VossLeif Voss10 måneder siden
  • No Clarkson, Hammond, May? Just another boring car-show.

    MrRumminationMrRummination10 måneder siden
  • Why watch this Top Gear Tribute Act when we can watch the REAL Top Gear over on Amazon Prime?

    martinverran5martinverran510 måneder siden
  • Visit Nepal 2020

    Suman DhunganaSuman Dhungana10 måneder siden
  • Unbelievable. Waiting for next episode for so long. And they film it right here in nepal. Episode 4 had gurkha involved. And now this.

    tyson puntyson pun10 måneder siden
  • i miss the real Top Gear

    Andreas StangAndreas Stang10 måneder siden
  • The original 3 were better grand tour is alot better then these 3

    RazzyRazzy10 måneder siden
  • So much excited 🤩🤩🤩🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Ay yushAy yush10 måneder siden
  • When did they come to Nepal? lol

    Nacho CheeseNacho Cheese10 måneder siden
  • Wonderful video

    Shekhar NepaliShekhar Nepali10 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Shekhar NepaliShekhar Nepali10 måneder siden
  • Thank you for promoting The Top of the world

    Ranabhat SarojRanabhat Saroj10 måneder siden
  • anyone else excited for the grand tour?

    accelaccel10 måneder siden
  • Is this shit still on television?

    kaslkaoskaslkaos10 måneder siden
  • New top gear sucks grand tour is better

    xxslayerpro420mlg360xxxxslayerpro420mlg360xx10 måneder siden
  • How i wish this was Clarkson, May and Hammond instead!

    newace dnewace d10 måneder siden
  • its NEPAL always harder then that you expect 💪💪👇️

    Yuvraj RayamajhiYuvraj Rayamajhi10 måneder siden
  • Routine Of Nepal Dannda sent me here.

    Why so serious?Why so serious?10 måneder siden
  • Routiney ko bata eta aune ko ko xa?

    Sandesh rai - kenjiSandesh rai - kenji10 måneder siden
  • Cool

    Sital YonjanSital Yonjan10 måneder siden
  • Tyo Flintoff haina?

    Aaradhya DevkotaAaradhya Devkota10 måneder siden
  • I'd rather watch Eastenders

    DizeDize10 måneder siden
  • Is this place rellly exist 😦so beautiful myan?

    Basanta DahalBasanta Dahal10 måneder siden
  • Nepal😍🇳🇵.. The land of diversity🔥 #visitnepal2020 Like if you are in or going to visit Nepal in 2020!♥️🇳🇵💗

    mildmoodcreationmildmoodcreation10 måneder siden
  • Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵❤️

    Miss Best AMiss Best A10 måneder siden
  • Routiney bata aaune hajir🔥🏅😂

    Riwash NeupaneRiwash Neupane10 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Riwash NeupaneRiwash Neupane10 måneder siden
  • Ronb ko post bata herna aune yeta hajir garum ta

    Sajal.Basnet.Sajal.Basnet.10 måneder siden
  • Anyone who came from #RONB

    L. ANZEESL. ANZEES10 måneder siden
  • 0:09 aghori baba 🕉️

    Manoj ShresthaManoj Shrestha10 måneder siden
  • Mustang region of Nepal is undoubtedly one of the most visit site in the world

    Kwheg whegKwheg wheg10 måneder siden
  • Ronb✋✋

    Unique DahalUnique Dahal10 måneder siden
  • Excited already 💪💪

    nabin gurungnabin gurung10 måneder siden
  • more videos for Nepallll

    Rabin ShresthaRabin Shrestha10 måneder siden
  • Love from Nepal❤🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Shivam VlogsShivam Vlogs10 måneder siden
  • Nepalese here due RONB

    ForA Plus ResultForA Plus Result10 måneder siden
    • @kamal poudel move on brother, embrace the new.

      westwater73westwater739 måneder siden
    • @An mol how do you know me?🤔

      Aashma DhimalAashma Dhimal10 måneder siden
    • ya but this show is crap without Clarkson

      kamal poudelkamal poudel10 måneder siden
    • Ma chai purano Hammond, Charles haru farkyo samjhira thait

      Suprab RajbhandariSuprab Rajbhandari10 måneder siden
    • @Aashma Dhimal i know u😋

      An molAn mol10 måneder siden
  • Any one came after routine of nepal banda post ??🤣🤣

    Gulmeli StyleGulmeli Style10 måneder siden
  • Who are from Nepal like here🇳🇵

    RAMBO GAMINGRAMBO GAMING10 måneder siden
  • Nepal 🇳🇵

    suraj timalsinasuraj timalsina10 måneder siden
  • i came here after routine of nepal banda post✌️

    Ameer lamsalAmeer lamsal10 måneder siden
    • Ok peasant, calm down.

      Beep BopBeep Bop9 måneder siden
    • Same😂😂

      The AlexwinThe Alexwin10 måneder siden
    • Same

      Manish RaiManish Rai10 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Isak SundströmIsak Sundström10 måneder siden
  • Without Clarkson's politically incorrect commentary, it just won't be funny if the BBC doesn't get into some kind of trouble at all.

    Curtis DeLorCurtis DeLor10 måneder siden
  • I've just now watched five 30sec videos of Jeremy tempted by pasties and it's far more entertaining than this.

    RagasRagas10 måneder siden
  • Fake channel, this is not top gear

    umut NOUSumut NOUS10 måneder siden
  • Nepal🇳🇵

    The SurvivorThe Survivor10 måneder siden
  • I know they try very hard...but boys you're wasting you're time and life. Do something else.

    Paweł MałkińskiPaweł Małkiński10 måneder siden
  • I watch old top gear over and over, and I will for the rest of my life. The best of the best. And back to Seamen:) this format top gear...i wonder why they go on and on with it. There is no way IN THE WORLD this to even get 5%.

    Paweł MałkińskiPaweł Małkiński10 måneder siden
  • rubbish

    FunkeymonkeyTTRFunkeymonkeyTTR10 måneder siden
  • How dare you risk Chris Harris’s life like that

    BrohanaBrohana10 måneder siden
    • No one made him do it he's got a mind of his own and can say no if he thinks it too dangerous

      mark jeffersmark jeffers9 måneder siden
  • Wow great to see top gear team in Nepal

    Prashant ThapaPrashant Thapa10 måneder siden
  • No one cares

    Martin Charles Pitt-BradleyMartin Charles Pitt-Bradley10 måneder siden
  • Why do they still bother?

    Barry HollywoodBarry Hollywood10 måneder siden
  • Who are these guys?

    William MuellerWilliam Mueller10 måneder siden
  • the only reason to watch this top gear is because chris harris

    Guransh SinghGuransh Singh10 måneder siden
  • Can't think of another show like this... Well done boys! 10/10 for forward thinking and originality.

    Va VoVa Vo10 måneder siden
  • I’ll stick to seamen on grand tour thanks

    Zingzang456Zingzang45610 måneder siden
  • Waiting for full episode

    Draj LamaDraj Lama10 måneder siden
  • In case you forgot how insufferable and entitled fanboys can be, let me present this comment section

    C KC K10 måneder siden
  • Christmas special............after Christmas. ooooooooooohkay

    derlustigedfencederlustigedfence10 måneder siden
  • And on that terrible disappointment....... For top gear.

    Stephen PughStephen Pugh10 måneder siden