TRAILER: Top Gear drives the NEW LAND ROVER DEFENDER in Africa! | Top Gear

19. mars. 2020
230 678 Ganger

Yep, we’ve driven the all-new Land Rover Defender. And not just down some poxy green lane, but across Namibia. So dog ear your diary for 25.03.20, set your alarm for 00:01 GMT and prepare for Top Gear’s full in-depth review as Jack Rix takes Land Rover’s latest off-roader on an African adventure. Until then, here’s something to wet your whistle…
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  • FULL FILM: 25.03.2020... you won't wanna miss this one

    Top GearTop Gear7 måneder siden
    • Hi. Where? NOworld or tv?

      jigrodriguesjigrodrigues7 måneder siden
    • @jon doe but are they going to release the whole thing here? No geo-restrictions? That's my problem

      MarcusMarcus7 måneder siden
    • Where can we watch it online?

      MarcusMarcus7 måneder siden
    • I will miss it because you don't go on a road trip with the three from TV

      fablo dibongofablo dibongo7 måneder siden
    • Lol you had to repost this coz he said Africa was a country on the last one

      Original TOriginal T7 måneder siden
  • Nothing a 4 grand Freelander 2 couldn't do.

    trialstedtrialsted3 måneder siden
  • over 7,2 milloin people forgot to unsubscribe to top gear,

    Jason CunniffeJason Cunniffe5 måneder siden
  • Really missed the old boys lol

    Muhammad HelioMuhammad Helio6 måneder siden
  • I can't wait!

    Michael MillerMichael Miller7 måneder siden
  • This isnt top gear

    Dan HentesDan Hentes7 måneder siden
  • Cancelled my order when I found out I'd be paying £2200 just to tax the bloody thing and it would cost about £100 to fill up the tank that will last about 300 miles. Would love it if they made an electric one

    35627819028353729-498465335627819028353729-49846537 måneder siden
    • And get stuck sooner?

      Jacy BongoJacy Bongo7 måneder siden
  • So the new defender was in SA.

    Sean FenwickSean Fenwick7 måneder siden
  • I know it's been 5 years and I know many people like the new top gear but I'm still going to comment this: THIS IS NOT TOP GEAR!!!! it's been 5 years since Clarkson, Hammond and May left and this still isn't top gear. I don't care if the show is good now, or if it's maybe even better than it was before (it's not), but THIS IS NOT TOP GEAR!

    The Real RacerThe Real Racer7 måneder siden
    • If you say so...

      Jacy BongoJacy Bongo7 måneder siden
  • Look a huge pile of expensive garbage

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson7 måneder siden
  • :(

    King SteptoeKing Steptoe7 måneder siden
  • Good luck in convincing us to let go of our Toyotas for fragile Land rovers.

    MichaelMichael7 måneder siden
  • Complete rubbish! Land Rover got it totally wrong!

    Hamish MctavishHamish Mctavish7 måneder siden
    • How exactly?

      Jacy BongoJacy Bongo7 måneder siden
  • Been waiting for this review for a long time

    TechAnd GamesTechAnd Games7 måneder siden
  • That thing wouldn't last a week in central Africa. Another glorified soccer mom SUV. R.I.P Land Rover

    Dan PDan P7 måneder siden
  • Uk top gear is wayyyyyy better

    pollywaffle 14pollywaffle 147 måneder siden
  • I don't like it. No matter how dramatic your music is, how many emu's you have. I don't enjoy the new defender and neither should you

    dann756dann7567 måneder siden
    • "I don't like the thing so other people shouldn't like it too"

      Samuel GidelSamuel Gidel7 måneder siden
  • Trying to understand how much the new Defender drivers will swear when their beautiful self folding mirrors will hit trees off-road. Some equipments are just USELESS in given environments.

    Virtuoso23Virtuoso237 måneder siden
  • its funny that it is called a defender

    KJB65KJB657 måneder siden
  • How often did it break down?

    Pat MurphyPat Murphy7 måneder siden
  • Hand this over to Doug DeMuro…. He'll know what to do with it

    Einnor DiecastEinnor Diecast7 måneder siden
    • He will show us all the 'quirks and features'.

      ArjunArjun7 måneder siden
    • Einnor Diecast oii. My guy!

      Szilard BogacsSzilard Bogacs7 måneder siden
  • So everyone's on lock down nobody in or out of country's yet you are going everywhere around the world to film cars?...

    daniel o'haradaniel o'hara7 måneder siden
  • Now that's one ugly wannabe 4wd.

    Jungle JimJungle Jim7 måneder siden
  • How cool the new Honda Element.

    melvin carabantemelvin carabante7 måneder siden
  • Neato !!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry Johnson IIJerry Johnson II7 måneder siden
  • that shit is useless if you need fix it without best in the world snapon tools thing is basically a small dick who needs to be groomed to be ok ......

    Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman7 måneder siden
  • Anyone else think it looks like the mini clubman mixed with a defender?

    Gra peGra pe7 måneder siden
  • I miss the old cast..

    Magnus RothmannMagnus Rothmann7 måneder siden
  • Just a disco :(

    Mic SmithMic Smith7 måneder siden
  • Honestly, I'll be surprised if it's actually any good.

    Mr MittensMr Mittens7 måneder siden
  • It's just a big Mini.

    thecouchtripperthecouchtripper7 måneder siden
  • I know a 1987 g-wagen that would beat the crap out of this expensive metal box 😏

    Allergic to vegansAllergic to vegans7 måneder siden
  • looks like a KIA Soul

    jdwelbornjdwelborn7 måneder siden
  • Calling a Freelander/Discovery a "Defender" doesn't make it one.

    geoffk777geoffk7777 måneder siden
  • I will be disapointed because it would have been a wonderful road trips if riks went with harris, flintof and mac guiness

    fablo dibongofablo dibongo7 måneder siden
  • OMG !!!!!!! Sooooo looking forward to this. The new Defender is THE off road car that everyone has been talking about and that everyone has wanted to see in action off road.

    NasenNasen7 måneder siden
  • Wronged tires

    dillon jamesdillon james7 måneder siden
  • You guys cut the part where he said : " Africa what a beautiful COUNTRY "

    Dope SoldierDope Soldier7 måneder siden
    • @Vasiliy Nechepurenko why not, £110k is nothing

      for_all_thosefor_all_those7 måneder siden
    • @for_all_those then why the hell are even talking about them?

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
    • @Vasiliy Nechepurenko BAE System's still probably own land rover, i can't be bothered to read any of it - BAE System's are owned by the british ministry of defense

      for_all_thosefor_all_those7 måneder siden
    • @Vasiliy Nechepurenko i doubt it, america still uses lead and concrete, while britain is the most advanced army in the world, the latest american vehicles couldn't even survive an IRA ambust 40 years ago, unlike the defender which would just drive off

      for_all_thosefor_all_those7 måneder siden
    • @for_all_those if you claim you will put a supercharger on one you clearly have no Idea what engines it has. And British military is replacing its fleet of defenders with much bigger heavier and better protected vehicles. Just like US replaces their humvee.

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
  • So I like how a Renault Clio has more ground clearance than this thing

    Richard EndreszRichard Endresz7 måneder siden
  • I'd want one with the diesel motor if it weren't for the 84 ECUs.

    ShoryukenDatAzzShoryukenDatAzz7 måneder siden
  • But IS Africa a country?

    Mads EngelMads Engel7 måneder siden
  • if i buy the vehicle off the showroom floor, will it have a case of ice cold corona beer stashed in the back end of the truck waiting for me?

    Mister NobodyMister Nobody7 måneder siden
  • This is not topgear, topgear ended with season 22!!!

    Philip jensenPhilip jensen7 måneder siden
  • 24

    Θανάσης ΚυπαρίσσηςΘανάσης Κυπαρίσσης7 måneder siden
  • How the articulation on the front axle is laughable....what a way to neuter a legend.

    gureno19gureno197 måneder siden
    • Maybe someone will make a solid axle conversion.

      Michael MillerMichael Miller7 måneder siden
  • oh ,its only the magazine, disappointed, dislike

    Williamg209Williamg2097 måneder siden
  • How do they manage to make that tank even uglier with every edition?

    tdyerwestfield - OFTW OGtdyerwestfield - OFTW OG7 måneder siden
  • Stop waisting our time with these 45 second trailer commercials ... they provide zero entertainment !

    EJFXxxEJFXxx7 måneder siden
  • They cut out when he said “Africa, what a country” and reuploaded it

    Swat tool BlaastooseSwat tool Blaastoose7 måneder siden
  • Pelo jeito ficou Nutela igual ao resto da linha de veículos deles

    Luciano HenriqueLuciano Henrique7 måneder siden
  • I don't get the hate, think it's a brilliant successor design wise!

    Mick BMick B7 måneder siden
    • @Atlantic Pacific don't worry all these haters can't even afford one. So their opinions don't matter

      R GR G7 måneder siden
    • Prakrit Biswas If you have a “taste of design language “ pfft... as if everyone has the same taste. It passed the “taste” of designers at Land Rover. Your opinion is your opinion, not a right or wrong opinion. I have seen and sat in this vehicle in person, it looks beautiful for me.

      Atlantic PacificAtlantic Pacific7 måneder siden
    • @Thunfisch 123 yes but sometimes opinion might be true! And if you had a taste of design language,then you wouldn't have told it !

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
    • Prakrit Biswas itLooks ugly in your Opinion and your Opinion is Not everyones Opinion

      Thunfisch 123Thunfisch 1237 måneder siden
    • It looks ugly! Even ferrari fanboys hate it! Instead,the new jimny looks a million times better!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • What ever happened to James Hammond and Jeremy??? I miss them please someone

    PolvonPolvon7 måneder siden
  • Dont worry they are not spreding coronavirus. Its all an economic lie.

    nepalspizmannepalspizman7 måneder siden
  • Should this ADVERT not have a PROMOTED title under UK law?

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty7 måneder siden
  • Why upload the same advert again. Did you not get enough views for Defender and did it again for them????

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty7 måneder siden
    • I think they uploaded the same video again, but have probably edited out Jack Rix saying: "Africa, what a country!" which was in the previous upload.

      Grant ChallinorGrant Challinor7 måneder siden
  • Looks terrible! Should have been rougher and tougher like the Original Unreliable one :)

    Becker InalBecker Inal7 måneder siden
  • How can I watch these video if I live in Australia?

    Will SalibaWill Saliba7 måneder siden
    • You aussies have the 70 series land cruiser! Be happy,it is way better!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • It just looks fragile, hope they prove me wrong

    TaffybadgerTaffybadger7 måneder siden
  • Jaguar Land Rover has to fix their reliability problems first.

    Cornelius ThompsonCornelius Thompson7 måneder siden
  • I see Top Gear then.... Ack

    DcdangerDcdanger7 måneder siden
  • Just not the same without........ you know who

    RiversmalliesRiversmallies7 måneder siden
  • good god that thing looks awful, the steel wheels look like they're from a 94' crv, the body work looks like its from the same idiot who did the simultaneously aesthetically monstrous and hilariously toy like jeep renegade. stop employing morons like those who designed this and that garbage pile the evoke cabrio. the interior looks like cheap dog shit, where did they get that from? did they steal it from a ford fiesta? dumpster fire, sheer sales dumpster fire. my d2 would drive over this thing, without having to bother with low range gears.

    dave mcdave mc7 måneder siden
  • The youtube channel is so much better than the programme!

    Food DiaryFood Diary7 måneder siden
  • if they wanted to make a compelling utilitarian vehicle they should have excluded all the tech.

    Christian AbrahamChristian Abraham7 måneder siden
    • Oh shut up.

      Craig GagnonCraig Gagnon7 måneder siden
    • @Ricky yeah, a lot of people wanted a land rover counterpart to a land cruiser prado with a solid axle at least at the back. But LR doesnt have a platform for that and developing a ladder frame platform with solid axles in 2020 makes no sense doesnt it? You should look at Ford Bronco instead then, ford used light pickup gear in that car. Also, if you want to exclude range rover then exclude Disco 1 too, as they shared a lot of components underneath.

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
    • @Vasiliy Nechepurenko yes ,it is the 300tdi four banger ,I mentioned it wrong by mistake,pardon me for that ! I agree ,that the petrol powered versions were unreliable because of the rejected Buick v8 ! And yes ,how could you give the range rover as the reason,because this car was the most unreliable output ! Also you see,just like the jeep,I atleast wanted the solid front and rear axle! The looks might be a bit of a debate ! And also a ladder frame chassis! That's it!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
    • @Ricky first, td5 was introduced with Disco2. Second, petrol versions of both have been terrible. And im not even going to talk about smaller things in Disco1 and 2. Then there was disco 3/4 with broken crankshafts on diesel engines (very expensive repair). Until 2013/2014 LR had a major reliability flaw somewhere in the range, but not anymore. There is no "bad" engine or transmission version on any of the vehicles that they make now. New defender uses a reinforced and upgraded gear from the big range rover which is absolutely solid in terms of its suspension, engine and transmission.

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
    • @Vasiliy Nechepurenko the series 3 ! there is an amazing story behind it for covering million miles ! And the old discovery 1 with it's td5 never used to fail! Old land rovers had won the camel trophy !

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • So judging by about .4 seconds of vid it's lost its legendary chassis/suspension flex. I do hope this isn't true. 😉

    username takenusername taken7 måneder siden
    • Just a disco

      Mic SmithMic Smith7 måneder siden
    • its independent suspension. obviously its not gonna have the same flex. but why would you need that much of it if all 3 diffs lock?

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
  • Never buy british automobile

    bao nguyenbao nguyen7 måneder siden
  • So, how long will it be in the shop...just like all the other Range Rovers?

    Lorenzo broLorenzo bro7 måneder siden
  • Where is the lads

    ariofebriariofebri7 måneder siden
  • It looks like a rich mans bronco

    Mustang Ricer6589Mustang Ricer65897 måneder siden
    • which is too delicate!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • Thank you Land Rover for what you did was a brilliant performance to destroy the design of a car that everyone loved. You have always been good at that

    Eyad HamadEyad Hamad7 måneder siden
    • Thank god someone is sensible over here ! Indeed ,the new one looks like a pussy! And many morons even liked it!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • One of the ugliest cars to launch in recent memory.

    Oscar LeeOscar Lee7 måneder siden
    • Many stupid people even started liking the design! The old one looks better!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • Oh you've uploaded the advert again.

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty7 måneder siden
  • She is on dirty road like she use to.. not fancy car anymore😁😁🤩

    Jiffy PangestuJiffy Pangestu7 måneder siden

    topknotboytopknotboy7 måneder siden
    • @Caprise - Music Just Chris Harris and Jack Rix and the show will be pretty good

      topknotboytopknotboy7 måneder siden
    • topknotboy it certainly wouldn’t be worse than what we have now anyway

      Caprise - MusicCaprise - Music7 måneder siden
  • where i can watch this episode online?

    Darrel UndDarrel Und7 måneder siden
  • It didn't break down in the entire video. I'm impressed.

    Jeiku FurameJeiku Furame7 måneder siden
    • @PyrateMickey Can agree it for an old defender! But no way a discovery or a range rover! And if so,then you are lying!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
    • @JΛMΛ Psst, hey. It's called a joke.

      Jeiku FurameJeiku Furame7 måneder siden
    • I mean my land rover went 430k miles with basic maintenance, but hey shit talking in forums is what online was made for 🤷‍♂️

      PyrateMickeyPyrateMickey7 måneder siden
    • Ah look, another person who's never owned a land/range rover talking about reliability

      JΛMΛJΛMΛ7 måneder siden
    • Probably used like 10 cars or so...

      No NameNo Name7 måneder siden
  • Grand Tour is the best

    퐝다퐝다7 måneder siden
  • Anyone want a battle between the old and the New ???

    ʏᴏʟᴏ54ʏᴏʟᴏ547 måneder siden
    • @jon doe what is false? Locking diffs are suddenly worse than open diffs?

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
    • a bone stock old defender will loose badly. Locking diffs + extra power will make the new one better almost everywhere.

      Vasiliy NechepurenkoVasiliy Nechepurenko7 måneder siden
    • I'm sure someone, somewhere will do it. It's just a matter of time

      CorusCreativeCorusCreative7 måneder siden
  • Bloody hell I was waiting for this...........

  • This Jack Rix guy is getting annoying now. Get rid of him.

    HG504HG5047 måneder siden
    • how?

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
  • Looks like a grown up Skoda Yeti

    Ruairi McCarthyRuairi McCarthy7 måneder siden
  • Who the hell is the randomer driving the car?

    rs yuhrs yuh7 måneder siden
    • @rs yuh either this is the first youtube video by top gear that you've watched, or you're being a moron. the guy has been doing videos for top gear and has also been writing articles and car reviews for their magazine for years.

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
    • Definitely not. This is Top Gear Magazine, not the show segment. The guy has been doing it for years lol

      Josh SonaryJosh Sonary7 måneder siden
    • Xenon Archer trust me, it is

      rs yuhrs yuh7 måneder siden
    • that isn't a randomer

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
  • i miss old Topgear

    ReynLife Vlogs And Gaming ExclusiveReynLife Vlogs And Gaming Exclusive7 måneder siden
    • Thank You Guys

      ReynLife Vlogs And Gaming ExclusiveReynLife Vlogs And Gaming Exclusive7 måneder siden
    • This just means that TGT isnt that good either

      Josh SonaryJosh Sonary7 måneder siden
    • ReynLife Vlogs Classic OG Top Gear never gets old u know.. I recommend you download and binge-watch from series 1, there’s oh! so many gold nuggets in there. And it’s also interesting to see which cars were new and state of the art in 2002 f ex..

      Caprise - MusicCaprise - Music7 måneder siden
    • I think you need to move on a bit...

      jamieflyjamiefly7 måneder siden
  • wow it sucks landrover probably made this as a joke

    • Indeed! I would instead get one force gurkha x-treme!

      RickyRicky7 måneder siden
  • I am sure it’s a very capable machine but let’s be frank you could put a Mitsubishi or izuzu badge on it and people wouldn’t look twice . They should have done a G Wagon job on the old one and they’d have nailed it but this incarnation is going to depreciate like a stone and be very ‘meh’ in about three years form now . Actually I am already a bit bored with it it’s been touted around for almost a year so it’s kind of old hat . Bad marketing strategy, either some one got the timing all wrong in the hope it would crescendo into a massive demand or they have had serious problems with it . Either way I won’t be trading my Puma 110 for it . Went to the launch and to be frank the old one had more load space , I can fit nearly 50% more stuff in the back with the second row in place than the new one , go see it , the rear trunk in the new is a big disappointment . It’s all lumps and bumps and curvy shapes so while the % of space maybe the same the actual usable space is much less .

    Mr DiavelMr Diavel7 måneder siden
    • Xenon Archer the New G wagon has a traditional ladder chassis just like the old defender albeit more up to date to it is perfectly doable in a 2020 car. Indeed the new Grenadier which will be the true modern defender is also ladder chassis and live axles . The only area that the old defender falls short is in a roll over but then most enthusiast owners fit a roll cage which makes it totally roll over proof . Frontal and side impacts the defender generally comes off pretty well , head in or rear becaue it has that massive ladder chassis and side on because normal size cars end up going under rather than into because it sits so high , you see a lot of crashes into defenders at medium speeds and the defender often just drives off leaving the modern car buckled , High speed they lose out because there is no crumple zones so all the energy goes straight through the chassis but then not many defenders are flying around at 80 mph the average speed of a defender is 45 mph on A roads and 60 mph on motorways (Otherwise fuel burn is horrible ). So it is perfectly possible to build a traditional body on ladder live axle modern 4x4 and meet and exceed all safety standard , Merc did it . Land Rover went a different route to cater for a more up market wealthy clientele and went all softy but I think it was a big mistake it’s usability , fix ability , flexibility has all gone .

      Mr DiavelMr Diavel7 måneder siden
    • @Mr Diavel an old defender isnt safe for the people in it, or anything it hits due to its aincient design. you cant really modernise the defender in the same way as the G wagon. im fairly sure the defender used a truck style chassis, though that could be an older land rover that im thinking of. either way, knowing how old fashioned the defender was, im not the slightest bit surprised to see a completely new design that doesnt have anything in common with the old one because its just not possible. i think the look of the car is ok. still has a defender style to it but i'll admit that it does look softer and less sturdy than its predecessor and youre probably right about it having a short shelf life

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
    • Xenon Archer that’s probably true but least not forget in the UK at least the defender has the lowest death rate per million miles of any car on the roads . Partly I guess because your always driving much slower than regular cars and owners tend to be more commercial drivers / workers and enthusiasts . But my point is they could have achieved similar to what Mercedes did and that is keep the character of the car but have all the safety and efficiency features of a modern car . This new version of the defender is never going to have the kudos or the respect of the old , it’s just another yummy mummy and hipsters shopping cart and will have a shelf life of maybe 15 years and most will end up in the scrapper . Whereas Mercedes have not only kept the character of the G wagon they have made it better , you won’t find any G wagons being scrapped or worth pennies in 20 years .

      Mr DiavelMr Diavel7 måneder siden
    • might have less space, but its way safer and way more efficient than the old one

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
  • No Chris Harris? Meh...

    D PD P7 måneder siden
    • @jon doe i mean, thats not true. his youtuve videos before he became host were always really good

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
    • @jon doe I reckon he was good

      ChaboboxChabobox7 måneder siden
    • its Top Gear magazine. Not Top Gear

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
  • Looks great on those steel wheels

    Shane IsaacsShane Isaacs7 måneder siden
  • I really miss Clarkson and was because of stupid BBC that they had to leave

    Pratyush NaigaonkarPratyush Naigaonkar7 måneder siden

    ``7 måneder siden
    • I think most of us accidentally called Africa a country at some point. Some people need to get off their high horses.

      Gentlemen GymGentlemen Gym7 måneder siden
    • Let's troll them until they apologized to all "Africans" 👀

      ``7 måneder siden
  • Why not in India, as long it's shitty Tata Motors reliability...

    de caesarisde caesaris7 måneder siden
  • Early

    JZR YTJZR YT7 måneder siden
  • It's front reminds me marauder military vehicle

    Harnoor SinghHarnoor Singh7 måneder siden
  • she's a beauty

  • Soggz ImasogieSoggz Imasogie7 måneder siden
  • sponsored

    SeamasterSeamaster7 måneder siden
  • Take the badge away and people assume it was a Dacia or a Kia.

    Justin BrownJustin Brown7 måneder siden
    • Shoulda gone to spec savers son!

      Gentlemen GymGentlemen Gym7 måneder siden
    • no cus it looks nothing like any of those brands

      Xenon ArcherXenon Archer7 måneder siden
  • Shiv shiv shiv

    Karan MouryaKaran Mourya7 måneder siden
  • Ram ram ram

    Karan MouryaKaran Mourya7 måneder siden
  • 48 seconds ago

    Necessary_ MomentumNecessary_ Momentum7 måneder siden
  • If its less than 15 minutes, I'm unsubscribing.

    Roshan SrinivasRoshan Srinivas7 måneder siden