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17. jan.. 2020
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Top Gear returns Sunday 26th January at 8pm on BBC Two in the UK. Here are just some of the cars from the upcoming series, including the mighty VW I.D. R, BMW M8, a sideways Porsche Taycan and a McLaren Speedtail vs a jet plane. Oh, and an old Subaru Impreza that belonged to some bloke called Colin McRae. Includes much Chris Harris.
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  • Which one would you drive home? 🤔

    Top GearTop Gear9 måneder siden
    • The F35

      AlphaxjayyAlphaxjayy8 måneder siden
    • @SilkyWay FPV Look, I understand where you're coming from but I still think there will be an application for a ICE in a lot of places. Not every country has a strong power grid, and for developed countries battery technology has a long way to go. I also argue, and I don't mean to offend you, but I believe you have an unpopular opinion. It isn't just about the numbers because we wouldn't be driving stick if numbers were more. While it clearly looks as if we are completely moving towards EVs, I think we can make cars with ICEs be a lot more efficient.

      Close but no cigarClose but no cigar8 måneder siden
    • @Close but no cigar Not true. I am a "petrolhead" aswell but a loud screaming engine looks a bit odd when it gets completely destroyed by an EV at the red light that launches away while the screaming V8 is burning its tires and looses the race covered in smoke. In a few years this comparison will sound like comparing a horse with a petrol engine car having a drag race. Technological advancements are what will lead us to better cars, not ICE engines.

      SilkyWay FPVSilkyWay FPV8 måneder siden
    • @Clint L Where did you get that information from? Tesla batteries at least should last 400-600k miles and do not have to be replaced completely if repair is needed. Tesla expects the batteries even to last another 10 years in house packs for example as the lower capacity does not come to play so much in this case. This makes a total of about 20years lifetime of a pack and it can be recycled afterwards. I can not speak for Nissan though as I am not very well informed about how they handle this.

      SilkyWay FPVSilkyWay FPV8 måneder siden
    • BMW

      Renard PlazarRenard Plazar8 måneder siden
  • Lo siento mucho, y mira que lo he intentado, pero cada vez que me pongo a ver un capítulo vuestro, cada vez que aburrís más, a parte de dejar mucho que desear. Presentáis un programa de coches y vais muy justito de saber sobre coches, ni siquiera veo que se molesten en informarse de los coches que probáis, eso y que no tenéis ni pajolera idea de mecánica. Cuando se os rompe un coche ni siquiera sabéis que le ocurre, me parace vergonzoso la verdad. Lo que os salva es que el trío calabare del gran tour, dejó el programa muy alto.

    Estefania Pérez RescalvoEstefania Pérez Rescalvo11 dager siden
  • 1:05 australian kangaroos will be ashamed when they see this lol

    Debjit ChakrabortyDebjit Chakraborty17 dager siden
  • Thumbnail: Me: thats a plane

    A persunA persun22 dager siden
  • mantap

  • you must wear a helm

    Emre DemirEmre DemirMåned siden
  • It's a great human-machine harmony in increasing speed and adrenaline. Great film!

    Adrian SyahminurAdrian Syahminur4 måneder siden
  • Swiss

    Svica JSvica J5 måneder siden
  • Has top gear figured out what they are doing yet. Does anyone watch this show anymore....?

    The Unbearable Boldness of BeingThe Unbearable Boldness of Being7 måneder siden
  • The intros fascinating

    Jase GamesJase Games7 måneder siden
  • actually the mustang

    Dawson PorthouseDawson Porthouse8 måneder siden
  • The Voltswagon Race car

    Dawson PorthouseDawson Porthouse8 måneder siden
  • I wish I was u.... So badly....

    Rusty 2kRusty 2k8 måneder siden

    Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid8 måneder siden
  • Nice trailer. But as a German how can I watch the show? Netflix just has series 23-25 and I can't even find it on DVD.

    FelixFelix8 måneder siden
  • Nice trailer. But as a German how can I watch the show? Netflix just has series 23-25 and I can't even find it on DVD.

    FelixFelix8 måneder siden
  • Worst season far! Are you going for a negative record? If so, you are on the right path. (nothing to do with the presenters)

    Lo ValueLo Value8 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the song used?

    SkiddingsSkiddings8 måneder siden
  • What's the car at 0:30 called?

    Denis BajraktariDenis Bajraktari8 måneder siden
  • The Clarkson-Hammond-May act is virtually impossible to follow, but someone had to step up and take their place. It's good to see the Beeb has found the next trio. P.S. Those three have all but gone into other things. Bring them back on occasion for another TG Ashes or drag race or something.

    TimothyOnline dotnetTimothyOnline dotnet9 måneder siden
  • The two tall jerks changed a bit their attitude ,more gentle ,less aggressive vis a vis chris, they ain't bullying him anymore

    Mokhtar OuanoukiMokhtar Ouanouki9 måneder siden
  • I might actually watch this if it’s just Chris, he’s great, best decision made ... I’ve only watched NOworld clips of TG because the whole show is so painful

    Stefan rhysStefan rhys9 måneder siden
  • When are the electric car episodes so I know not to watch?

    Eric CartmenezEric Cartmenez9 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know the music used for this?

    Nick CascioliNick Cascioli9 måneder siden
  • good god the speedtail is ugly

    Christophe GenbruggeChristophe Genbrugge9 måneder siden
  • What's the car on the thumbnail?

    JayeshJayesh9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris = Hype Other host = Unhype

    OzilusOzilus9 måneder siden
  • Will I be able to view the full episode here on this page?

    GDM MotorsportsGDM Motorsports9 måneder siden
  • Why you don't have Mercedes

    King KingsKing Kings9 måneder siden
  • Trash e cars 😤

    KrabbeKrabbe9 måneder siden
  • Whats that blue car

    Stephen BachmanStephen Bachman9 måneder siden
  • So this season of Top Gear. More Chris Harris on Cars and two who call them kers.

    TheLiquidKnightTheLiquidKnight9 måneder siden
  • More Chris and Ariel Atom Please....!!!!!!

    luckistryke13luckistryke139 måneder siden
  • Did I see a McLaren speedtail

    Andrew KayeAndrew Kaye9 måneder siden
  • Was expecting to see the Maclaren Speedtail against the plane. I guess I bit the bait. Y^Y

    KRPBKRPB9 måneder siden
  • in my opinion top gear died when the notorious three left it!!!! but shoutout to Chris Harris for holding it down! they don't need anyone else! RESPECT

    KaneKane9 måneder siden
    • an old top gear fan may just come back!!!

      KaneKane9 måneder siden
  • Who's that old guy

    Harry AskewHarry Askew9 måneder siden
  • You know who they should hire to partner Chris to make this show a guaranteed hit. Rowan Atkinson.

    NemoNemo9 måneder siden
  • These are the boats of the new season of The Grand Tour

    NemoNemo9 måneder siden
  • Your cars are millionaires billionaires only. Give us a car for the masses .not this overhype damn cars

    Paul danne LachicaPaul danne Lachica9 måneder siden
  • This show still trying to be a thing. Just stop he's already dead.

    Ros3NburGRos3NburG9 måneder siden
  • Only coming back because of Chris H.

    djknucklez1djknucklez19 måneder siden
  • Imagine if this was made by top gear

    TG BlyncTG Blync9 måneder siden
  • no think better the the LAMBO aventador SVJ

    baraket yosribaraket yosri9 måneder siden

    AlexpopblockAlexpopblock9 måneder siden
  • No suits top gear than the old guys

    vikash nytvikash nyt9 måneder siden
  • I'm actually surprised you oaks made it to 28 seasons wow. Show still sucks though, the grand tour is just a million times better

    Gian-Luca NardiniGian-Luca Nardini9 måneder siden
  • Although the Original trio were entertaining oftentimes, the biased opinions and boring excursions got old. Chris Harris brings fresh life , skill, thrill and entertainment .

    S. philipsS. philips9 måneder siden
  • Saddam's. N6ol

    David JankowskiDavid Jankowski9 måneder siden
  • Кому оно надо без наших стариков? Херня полная.

    DIECAST43DIECAST439 måneder siden
  • Top Gear directors: "So... er… where are the other two...? Oh, just Chris!? Ahh! Splendid! Carry on!"

    Martin RockportMartin Rockport9 måneder siden
  • I am here for speedtail

    THE BOSSTHE BOSS9 måneder siden
  • Top Gear = Clarkson, May, Hammond. The Grand Tour is better than this Top Gear without Jeremy, James and Richard.

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton9 måneder siden
  • Please can u do the nissan 350z top gear BBC

    jodu 15jodu 159 måneder siden
  • After they fired Jeremy Clarkson, this show became so boring.. this is so sad 😔

    Youssef JooYoussef Joo9 måneder siden
  • Top Gear ❤

    Mary CrossMary Cross9 måneder siden
  • Those are future Generations of cars oh just to let you know Nascar has the next Generations you should look that on Instagram or NASCAR NOworld Joey Gatto is driving a new NASCAR Generations

    kyle102801kyle1028019 måneder siden
  • Oh its looks so exciting but please tell me how can I watch it India

    Mr toppiston headMr toppiston head9 måneder siden
  • Waiting to see Chris have fun with a Taycan like at 0:31

    Ron BRon B9 måneder siden
  • Should of just gave Jeremy a bollocking and moved on, Your decision (whoever it was) was a terrible one, this show is a load of shite now. F in chat for the BBC which is slowly dying because of bad decisions and borderline harassment TV licensing enforcement. Get with the times BBC or get left behind.

    GravyGravy9 måneder siden
  • McRae’s Impreza 😁

    Callum StephensCallum Stephens9 måneder siden
  • Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon race ....anything new??

    Rami -R-Rami -R-9 måneder siden
  • Amazing how much more appealing something becomes when you don't include those two northern fuckwits.

    SMIFFYSMIFFY9 måneder siden
  • Looks cool. Where can we see it in the U.S.?

    Nick SandorNick Sandor9 måneder siden
  • If the show is mostly Chris and the stig, I’d probably start watching again

    Jude HamerJude Hamer9 måneder siden
  • how about : Chris Gear :) I mean, everyone knows that means Top Gear right ?:)

    Maly PivoMaly Pivo9 måneder siden
  • I was afraid I would not be able to understand the heavy accent dudes but seeing they are not here I might give this new season a chance after all.

    Erdem ArasErdem Aras9 måneder siden
  • TrackID?

    Leon PLeon P9 måneder siden
  • Any one that Chris Harris Does NOT Drive. If only he would shut up.

    Clubsport R8Clubsport R89 måneder siden
  • How is this show still going after they fired Jeremy clarkson?

    Theslow _driverTheslow _driver9 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Scotty McflyScotty Mcfly9 måneder siden
  • Where s Clarkson ?

    Balga Kristóf ÖcsöDance & FishinBalga Kristóf ÖcsöDance & Fishin9 måneder siden
  • Now that Grand Tour is gone this may get some following

    Marcin BaranMarcin Baran9 måneder siden
  • anyone knows name of the song from this video?

    Teodor BitcaTeodor Bitca9 måneder siden
  • اللي جاي من سيفاني لايك 😂

    عماد عمادعماد عماد9 måneder siden
  • I feel that with Chris in the show, there's no need for The Stig. CH is probably just as quick, so he could set the TG lap times himself..

    SkyYeti _SkyYeti _9 måneder siden
    • You can't cut Stig out completely, as I mean... it's Stig. Also Stig is effectively Top Gear's mascot at this point, so either have Chris don the white helmet, or keep current Stig.

      fatfat9 måneder siden
  • Sees plane (with Mr. Regular voice) NOT A CAR.

    kornofilokornofilo9 måneder siden
  • maybe its time I move on from the old trio and embrace this new Top Gear... or maybe not

    Laith KittaniLaith Kittani9 måneder siden
    • Its time to bring them back i think the grand tour is a much more successful show

      RoryJ10RoryJ103 måneder siden
  • bring down this rubbish show. please.

    HenrihhHenrihh9 måneder siden
  • Amazing

    Tariq KhanTariq Khan9 måneder siden
  • It’s sad that this season I didn’t even make it through the first episode. I used to enjoy top gear.

    IAN OLMOIAN OLMO9 måneder siden
    • You mean the first episode of the Grand Tour boat show? I feel you.

      Walter CrimWalter Crim9 måneder siden
  • Definitely will wait for the Speedtail review. 😍

    Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin9 måneder siden
  • This isn’t too gear tho?

    Hi there PersonHi there Person9 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that is wondering not that Chris is the best but where the hell Paddy and Freddie are

    Aron582 RailwaysAron582 Railways9 måneder siden
  • I miss the Old Top Gear where they Do Crazy and Funny Stuff with the Cars

    Dorfy DorfyDorfy Dorfy9 måneder siden
  • So people seriously still watch this without Jeremy ,James, and Richard hosting? Seriously? Not a lark?

    STRIKERDelta2387STRIKERDelta23879 måneder siden
  • I’d watch if CHRIS was the only presenter, of course I watch the show avidly but much as I love the other two, I watch for one reason and that’s because of Harrismonkey!

    Ste HeatonSte Heaton9 måneder siden
  • For me, it’s all about the Speedtail test.

    TheSweetLife70TheSweetLife709 måneder siden
  • Mclaren speedtail is one of my dream cars, along with porsche taycan, upcoming maserati mid engine car, aston martin valkyrie

    Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 699 måneder siden
  • The new series without the classics, are just a rip off the grand tour

    Jusuf ErgJusuf Erg9 måneder siden
  • Oh! So you'll be doing some car reviews then.

    critic3001critic30019 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris presents Top Gear Series 28

    Justin PaulJustin Paul9 måneder siden
  • The top gear it’s nothing 🥺 Without Jeremy Clarkson

    Unknown 〰Unknown 〰9 måneder siden
  • Chris should be the only host of this show.

    mohammad zohorulmohammad zohorul9 måneder siden
  • 0:28 McLaren Speedtail vs the F35. That reminds me of the old top gear when once they put a Bugatti Veyron against a eurofighter typhoon. Good memories...

    Ιάσων ΣιάκκαςΙάσων Σιάκκας9 måneder siden
  • This show still exists?

    GalagGalag9 måneder siden
  • In my honest opinion, Chris Harris is a gem that is worth keeping, but, if James from TGT leaves due to health issues and they decide to find a decent replacement, Chris Harris would be a worthy replacement for the capt.

    Igor JuricIgor Juric9 måneder siden
  • Where can i see this series ?

    nakul singhnakul singh9 måneder siden
    • On netflix thats my best guess

      RoryJ10RoryJ103 måneder siden
  • Top gear got the message: they only need Chria Harris, but he needs his own show. @harrismonkey

    RicochetrabittRicochetrabitt9 måneder siden

    artimic80artimic809 måneder siden