TRACK BATTLE: Fire Engine vs Ambulance vs Police Van | Top Gear: Series 28

6. juli. 2020
472 572 Ganger

They've each got very different jobs, but the one commonality the emergency services share is the need to get somewhere quickly. So, which can get somewhere quickly... the quickest? Let's find out.
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    Top GearTop Gear3 måneder siden
    • nope

      Alexey PetrashkevichAlexey Petrashkevich28 dager siden
    • No, thank you.

      Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali28 dager siden
    • Nah, thanks.

      B TIB TIMåned siden
    • This new top gear is absolutely rubbish

      Kai RunyonKai RunyonMåned siden
    • No, I don't really want to see more, I'll stick to watching the classic top gear.

      Josh WalkerJosh WalkerMåned siden
  • Guys stop commenting that old top gear is better... I can't like them all

    Veliki ŠefVeliki Šef2 dager siden
  • Is people all here to bombard this channel comments on bRiNg bAcK cLaRkS0n

    JaffethepoliceJaffethepolice2 dager siden
  • 4:28 drifting Renault

    Lukas NovikasLukas Novikas2 dager siden
  • Either bring them back or give up

    BlazedPlayz GamingBlazedPlayz Gaming4 dager siden
  • Why is BBC still trying to keep the corpse of this show alive, it's painful to watch.

    I love coconutsI love coconuts7 dager siden
  • Those police vans aren't actually used in pursuits, they're big use is taking suspects that have been arrested and cuffed to the station for booking and a night in the cells.

    whovianhistorybuff 2345whovianhistorybuff 23458 dager siden
  • The Emergency responders were more funny than the actual commentators

    rhys mcraerhys mcrae9 dager siden
  • Anyone else feel bad for these three getting hated on and told that the others were better

    GGGG10 dager siden
  • They look different

  • Old Top Gear was better, this is just a sad attempt to cash in what they left (it's not working either...)

    SoundSpireSoundSpire20 dager siden
  • I don’t know why everyone is hating on this, yes it’s not as good as the original trio but this clip at least is still really funny

    Ciaran RacingCiaran Racing23 dager siden
    • To each their own boo, I didn't get a single laugh out of this cringey mess.

      I love coconutsI love coconuts7 dager siden
  • Why are you British?

    Re TrendRe Trend25 dager siden
  • Wait, who are they?

    EggyheadEggyhead26 dager siden
  • Yeah I can't even watch this... They don't hold the spirit of the show

    Jeremy GreenJeremy Green26 dager siden
  • They need to go against a american topgear gang that would be really interesting

    ZeSourLemonZeSourLemon26 dager siden
  • Guys this is actually good

    Blue GreenishBlue Greenish27 dager siden
  • So in short, if I'm caught speeding in Britain, I should prefer to be chased by the police than the paramedics...

    Aaron CaneseAaron Canese27 dager siden
  • Ironic how the ambulance was fastest yet its always the last one to get on scene 🤷‍♂️😂

    Thomas EvansThomas Evans27 dager siden
  • Trying to copy what the old boys used to do.. it’s alright , at best.

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali28 dager siden
  • New “Top Gear” scks @$$ badly

    Jan NowakJan NowakMåned siden
  • Not the same without Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow.

    DialatedPupilsDialatedPupilsMåned siden
  • Who are these weirdos

    JkoeJakJkoeJakMåned siden
  • I guess that Richard,James and Jeremy are "too old" now... It's really sad... Can they be younger so they can stay at Top Gear?

    Alexey PetrashkevichAlexey PetrashkevichMåned siden
  • Comments be like *burn baby burn* Fine. Burn ಥ‿ಥ

    Potato HeadPotato HeadMåned siden
  • A drifting ambulance. Not something you get to see often enough.

    Christian JChristian JMåned siden
  • Clarkson, Hammond and May tried to create their own police cars and ambulances when they were on TG. In GT, May tried to create his own fire truck.

    Carl BirtlesCarl BirtlesMåned siden
  • This is so lame. No energy, chemistry or anything.

    Vincent BootVincent BootMåned siden
  • "For the queen" is when it got turned straight off

    D.E.XD.E.XMåned siden
  • *For the queen!* _Smashes barrier_

    Linux4winLinux4winMåned siden
  • Top gear is garbage without Jeremy James and Richard.

    Logan petersLogan petersMåned siden
  • huh? which one won? fell asleep soz and not gona watch it... meh nevermind idc

    Giocattolo012Giocattolo012Måned siden
  • If only the police where that fast, in real life

    Luke DavisLuke DavisMåned siden
  • oh I thought I was watching top gear not low gear

    Adam ShapiroAdam ShapiroMåned siden
  • This isn't topgear?

    crapcoptercrapcopterMåned siden
  • This ain’t Top Gear anymore

    MS. KWANMS. KWANMåned siden
  • lovela

    ronald shahronald shahMåned siden

    Mihajlo Mechel NarcisoMihajlo Mechel NarcisoMåned siden
  • 2:31 is the most friendly looking Police Officer I have seen in my entire life!

    O ChengO ChengMåned siden
  • Top gears more like neutral now a days

    Nathan PeartNathan PeartMåned siden
  • Top gear now is just meh, miss the old 3

    CalCalMåned siden
  • This isn't Top Gear, its not even in gear.

    UniUniMåned siden
  • Dead show.

    Batsaikhan SandagdalaiBatsaikhan SandagdalaiMåned siden
  • you need germy to do this

    Axel SegelbergAxel SegelbergMåned siden
  • What a hideous way to ruin an awesome show, it'll never be the same

    Bike garageBike garageMåned siden
  • This is so shit , back to grand tour

    MintMintMåned siden
  • So good and I'm wondering which one of the hosts have a proper C1 license to drive an Ambulance and Police Van while the Dennis Fire Engine requires a Cat C license.

    EpicThe112EpicThe112Måned siden
  • Did you really blow that guy

    Julio FalquezJulio FalquezMåned siden

    Cres pyCres pyMåned siden
  • Respect to them all apart from the police

    Shane BlackburnShane BlackburnMåned siden
  • Did they hire new hosts by drawing names from a hat?... These characters are unwatchable

    thehALomolov2thehALomolov2Måned siden
  • Who are these amateurs and why am I watching this?!?!?!

    Hobbes TigerHobbes TigerMåned siden
  • What happens to the original top gear guys

    Victor SchleckerVictor SchleckerMåned siden
  • top gear has been ruined

    Austin OrschelnAustin OrschelnMåned siden
  • SOD aint top gear without clarkson, Hammond and May

    Clement NgClement NgMåned siden
  • There is no chemistry between these three. This show should just be cancelled now.

    AfroOllyAfroOllyMåned siden
  • Sorry, but NO replacement of the REAL trio!

    alan weyantalan weyantMåned siden
  • The new version sucks ass

    I want to dieI want to dieMåned siden
  • why Top Gear change Richard, Jeremy, and James to new people for host this Top Gear series...i like Top Gear with Richard, Jeremy, and James..more fun and laughing..without them. the Top Gear series now is boring

    izanagi sasoriizanagi sasoriMåned siden
  • why there is no crash? like the old team!!!

    Jan GroenJan GroenMåned siden
  • you guys look like a parodie of the old team

    Jan GroenJan GroenMåned siden
  • wonder if thats the same track the ol 3 guys used? man the memoires on that ho ,looks liek it is..but they dont use the corners names..least i dont think..havent watched any of these new guys

    rub berrub berMåned siden
  • The old top gear is way better

    Cardboard truck 1000Cardboard truck 1000Måned siden
  • Richard Hammond would bring some touring car racers just wreck havoc all over the track and their vehicles as well

    Taka BotchanokuTaka BotchanokuMåned siden
  • Low gear

    daybotdaybot2 måneder siden
  • Can they get insurance fir this kind of thing? Those vehicles are expensive.

    littlebritlittlebrit2 måneder siden
  • Didn’t know that they upgraded cars down south in the north east the newest emergency vehicle is a 2011 ford transit

    Johnathan testicularJohnathan testicular2 måneder siden
  • i want old top gear

    SpookyCerealSpookyCereal2 måneder siden
  • They don't deserve that race track

    Hayden BeauchampHayden Beauchamp2 måneder siden
  • Did you they find the new hosts at a local gym, who will work for a half the cost of the previous hosts? It shows.

    Tony MaseTony Mase2 måneder siden
  • Damn he drove that firetruck like a getaway car, impressive.

    awehaaweha2 måneder siden
  • I was kinda hoping the cock-o-meter would just explode when Hammond went by...

    PeteTheBushPeteTheBush2 måneder siden
  • With out Jeremy Richard and James this show is dead

    blake nicholblake nichol2 måneder siden
  • This is shit bring back Richard James Jeremy

    blake nicholblake nichol2 måneder siden
  • Yes the show with richard, james, and jeremy was way better Yes I miss the bad jokes from richard, james and jeremy too But how would you feel, when you do your job and thousands of people keep yelling "a year ago as smb else did your work it was so much better"???

    Mika MethnerMika Methner2 måneder siden
  • If the old trio did this challenge.... somebody send me to a hospital bcoz i can't breathe 😂😂😂

    spoiledquesadilla OwOspoiledquesadilla OwO2 måneder siden
  • make these with the three old Top Gear presenters and you`ll get 100000 likes in a second !

    Christian Haselwanter- GraslChristian Haselwanter- Grasl2 måneder siden
  • The dude in the passenger seat of the fire truck is a pansy

    Yes ManYes Man2 måneder siden
  • If your not British you will not know who these people are

    Copperknobkid FunnyCopperknobkid Funny2 måneder siden

    Big BoiBig Boi2 måneder siden
  • *_Fuck this old top gear was great_*

    The Mr. ManThe Mr. Man2 måneder siden
  • Cringe

    Max FreeneyMax Freeney2 måneder siden
  • Ever since Jeremy, Richard and James left top gears been shite and should be shut down.

    Connor SchofieldConnor Schofield2 måneder siden
  • The guy in the passenger of the fire England seems like a b3llend

    King AryanKing Aryan2 måneder siden
  • If top gear brings the trio back, they should have bad camera quality

    Corona Virus 19Corona Virus 192 måneder siden
  • All the way garbage and shit without H, C and J.

    Umer HabibUmer Habib2 måneder siden
  • They could have used a updated fire engine

    sr 101sr 1012 måneder siden
  • Old top gear is better

    Kai RunyonKai Runyon2 måneder siden
  • This isnt top gear its top crap

    Alex WetherellAlex Wetherell2 måneder siden
  • the only guy i like out of these 3 is Paddy lol

    EmiRachelNatalieEmiRachelNatalie2 måneder siden
  • They ruined the original reasonably priced car

    Antonio BlayneyAntonio Blayney2 måneder siden
  • Topgear never Going to be the same

    TveitanTveitan2 måneder siden
  • Guys, even I love the top gear with that trio but let's move on. Jeremy, James and Hammond has got another show. Instead of just taking out our frustration let's watch THE GRAND TOUR

    raghava dearraghava dear2 måneder siden
  • It’s sad to dislike your own Favourite Show because rich man Hammond Jeremy were the best :)

    0_0 the commenter0_0 the commenter2 måneder siden
  • BRING BACK THE OLD TOP GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joanna WezykJoanna Wezyk2 måneder siden
  • Do you ever leave the race track. I miss the old top gear.

    Joanna WezykJoanna Wezyk2 måneder siden
  • That fire truck rocks

    Crush On WheelsCrush On Wheels2 måneder siden
  • Accidentally clicked know why.

    Tomek StecTomek Stec2 måneder siden
  • this is what you get when you change the iconic trio with a bunch of nobodies from the local pub.

    melc311melc3112 måneder siden
  • I never realised just how boring this new series is. I’ll stick to pre-series 22 and Grand Tour thanks

    ChonkerChonker2 måneder siden