Top Chuckles of Top Gear Series 27 | Top Gear

24. jan.. 2020
138 225 Ganger

Top Gear is back this Sunday, 8pm BBC Two. Tune in to see more of these three, as Harris kicks things off in the new Ariel Atom, Freddie bungee jumps a Rover Metro off a dam, and Paddy revels in a sunny British holiday to the seaside.
And here are some of our favourite moments from last series, including Freddie zapping Paddy into a furious frenzy, Bob Mortimer with his hilarious theory about The Stig, and Freddie keeping himself cool in the desert. Your best bit?
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  • He literally said funny 1:01 my god how desperate are they

    Osman OsmanOsman Osman7 timer siden
  • What a travesty , without Clarkson , Hammond and May it is time to put the show out of it's misery.

    mole389mole38923 timer siden
  • So much better Hammond free.

    Henry DisciplineHenry DisciplineDag siden
  • I love old top gear this is 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Jams BoundJams Bound4 dager siden
  • Not like it.

    Gordan RadićGordan Radić5 dager siden
  • God this is just a reminder that there will never be any Better motoring presenters than hammond, may and clarkson. Im happy that they are still doing the grand tour but its sad that they stoppede with the tent/studio, audience and so on.

    Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • I think this is the unfunniest shit ive ever seen

    SatanSatan10 dager siden
  • Give it up BBC broke throw it away.

    Harrison BergeronHarrison Bergeron10 dager siden
  • Seriously these are their top moments?

    Skull1901Skull190111 dager siden
  • this is not top gear .. / come up with a nice new name before you ruin these 3 young dudes in a desperate try to give us top gear without top gear..

    Spion SilverSpion Silver11 dager siden
  • Hey everyone....... shut up about Clarkson Hammond and May their show is done, these three are hilarious.

    KnightoftheLord1KnightoftheLord113 dager siden
    • @Jiří Bouček Good to know.

      KnightoftheLord1KnightoftheLord18 dager siden
    • @KnightoftheLord1 I dont watch new ShitGear

      Jiří BoučekJiří Bouček8 dager siden
    • @Jiří Bouček Don't watch it then.

      KnightoftheLord1KnightoftheLord18 dager siden
    • This Is absolute garbage

      Jiří BoučekJiří Bouček13 dager siden
  • Still, . . . . . . Can't be worse

    Ricky FerdinandRicky Ferdinand14 dager siden
  • What did i just watch? and why?

    Cedrique RabautCedrique Rabaut15 dager siden
  • I hate this new version of top gear :(

    Lil TokyoLil Tokyo16 dager siden
    • Thank god we still have the grand tour... well kind of

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • The only joke is this fools themselves

    ToshTosh17 dager siden
  • Cock

    RzyGranieRzyGranie18 dager siden
  • It makes me happy that no-one in the comments likes this

    JoshJosh18 dager siden
  • This isn’t Top gear this is Bottom gear

    Mr. TacoMr. Taco18 dager siden
  • they need the damned jackets man

    Herr Frederick Von TwirlenkillerHerr Frederick Von Twirlenkiller18 dager siden
  • it like 3 drunk (young) adults that just come out of a bar trying to be funny.

    HellScythe NecromanceHellScythe Necromance19 dager siden
  • It’s quite sad really, utterly disappointing to see how far downhill a show can go, just give up. Your new presenters have shoes to big to fill and they act like children dressing up in their parents clothes strutting their stuff around the house in comparison to Clarkson, Hammond and May. There is no originality either.

    Jaret BellJaret Bell22 dager siden
  • What is this show? Definitely not Top Gear

    Adele DazeemAdele Dazeem22 dager siden
  • Watched it for the first time the other night and what a load of cack more like a goon show

    andrew hubbardandrew hubbard22 dager siden
  • Is it bad I never heard of these blokes? But by watching these jackasses I will never restart top to the Grand Tour now. Cia

    Surrey Wedding PhotographerSurrey Wedding Photographer23 dager siden
  • The comments section is funnier.

    DrakonusDrakonus24 dager siden
  • Anyone who doesn’t find these 3 hilarious, is too hung up on Clarkson and the other 2 bell ends, they got boring! These 3 are hysterical, end of.

    Lukee BTWLukee BTW24 dager siden
    • Your comment is hilarious

      Raine GingerfishRaine Gingerfish23 dager siden
  • Just stop this rubbish

    WHOS IANWHOS IAN24 dager siden
  • I'm chuckling at how rubbish this show has become

    Kurt WKurt W24 dager siden
    • Nice profile pic

      The Hammurabi ChodeThe Hammurabi Chode11 dager siden
  • I love it good to have a laugh 😂

    Malone mMalone m24 dager siden
    • Wait......... You laugh'ed?

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • Just chuchles.... Of sadness

    SsaintS XSsaintS X25 dager siden
  • Does anyone else have to turn the volume down when Flintoff or McGuinness are on telly?

    NottsKing CoNottsKing Co28 dager siden

    Zura MatchavarianiZura MatchavarianiMåned siden
  • We got a small James, an aggressive Jeremy and a tall Richard. Is this a parody?

    the sun is a deadly lazerthe sun is a deadly lazerMåned siden
  • if they made a new show with the same idea of top gear but under a different name with these three it would be better as it wouldn’t be compared to classic top gear and people would actually watch it. the studio looks strange too looks too open and wrong

    liam marshliam marshMåned siden
    • looks like these could do a good job tho

      liam marshliam marshMåned siden
  • Sorry fellas but you try so hard to be jezza, Hammond and the James but it’s just not working is it Just a pale imitation of the real thing

    sarah taylorsarah taylorMåned siden
  • wow tv must be desperate

    David GreeneDavid GreeneMåned siden
  • So this is what bottom gear looks like

    SeanSeanMåned siden
  • The Grand Tour destroyed new top gear.

    ETHAN JarvisETHAN JarvisMåned siden
  • Who even buys a ticket to go see the newer top gear live?

    Adam HartleyAdam HartleyMåned siden
  • I might pull my eyes out and put them in my ears

    Just A MessengerJust A MessengerMåned siden
  • Most funny here is that BBC still whant making this shit after 24 series

    Kacper KlimkiewiczKacper KlimkiewiczMåned siden
  • I cannot stand Paddy, freddie doesn`t care and is a chancer, chris Harris is the real Petrol Head, glad they kept a similar format to the 2nd original series 2004-14.

    woody Vallallellalungawoody VallallellalungaMåned siden
  • I love how they keep showing the original trio episodes on Foxtel everyday

    Jordan BarkerJordan BarkerMåned siden
    • Cuz they dont want to show the new ones😂 It'l Damage business

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • you know what they 're lacking, jeremy, may's and richards' presence

    Mudassar HassanMudassar HassanMåned siden
  • Is that top gear?

    Bartek E46Bartek E46Måned siden
  • Clarkson said in an interview that the initial shows of old topgear were trash so they had to pay to the audiences to keep them in the tend. This type of survival instinct is what is missing from the top gear crew now.

    JAUHAR KJAUHAR KMåned siden
  • Cringe

    Иван СтаростенкоИван СтаростенкоMåned siden
  • They need a whole new format instead of trying to reproduce what the old Trio did.

    Luxur ReviewLuxur ReviewMåned siden
  • Dang, I forgot to laugh, I wonder why?

    Steven AguilarSteven AguilarMåned siden
  • There's no point whipping a dead horse, but BBC's whip just doesn't seem to get tired. Thing is it doesn't matter whether people like it or not, everybody's forced to pay the BBC License anyway so why should they care!

    Al KaholicAl Kaholic2 måneder siden
  • It's sickening to watch this. Do these 3 twits know the absolute ridicule they are putting themselves to? It's sad when you try to copy a format but it's even more sad to try and artificially "make" the human connection and good vibes the REAL guys have had since the beginning. I'll never watch, talk about or even mention the crap these guys are doing.

    Juan Ignacio Sastre BravoJuan Ignacio Sastre Bravo2 måneder siden
  • TRASH plain and simple

    Mason BrightMason Bright2 måneder siden
  • Top Gear should be renamed to First Gear - tries too hard and gets nowhere!

    DSLeicesterDSLeicester2 måneder siden
  • I actually like them this season was good finally

    Blue GreenishBlue Greenish2 måneder siden
  • Wow, it's amazing what they have managed to do to this show it has gone from good to awful to OK to unwatchable. The new season is two big jocks who do nothing but mess with the only guy who does have any knowledge of cars.

    Kyle WrightKyle Wright2 måneder siden
    • Agreed

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • Damn, they’re terrible.

    Бахыт ЖумабайБахыт Жумабай2 måneder siden
  • Old top gear. Best friends acting like best friends. New top gear. Strangers acting like best friends

    100% Trash!100% Trash!2 måneder siden
  • Annndd I laughed for exactly...... 0 seconds!

    Wiktor GlinieckiWiktor Gliniecki2 måneder siden
  • I think they’ve nailed it with these 3

    A RA R2 måneder siden
    • Wait waah

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • They are not funny at all. I didn’t even chuckle

    The Shadow ManThe Shadow Man2 måneder siden
  • This is by far top3 most cringy "shows" ever. Didn't even knew they still existed after the guys left. Royal crap

    lebrekylebreky2 måneder siden
  • this is utter bullshit, you can't replace the trio you had back then

    Umer HabibUmer Habib2 måneder siden
  • Awful. Let TG die now please. To say somebody thought this was a highlight reel speaks volumes as to the rest of the show's quality, writing and humour. The 3 douches don't help either and you can't have JC RH and JM back either, so quit.

    EidolonEidolon2 måneder siden
  • Rubbish

    Stewart RossStewart Ross2 måneder siden
  • if this was the old top gear the compilation would be about 2 hours long.

    dison wijeratnedison wijeratne2 måneder siden
  • when 4 minutes feels like 15 you know its shit

    Tom WoolyTom Wooly2 måneder siden
  • why are they trying so hard to be funny? they look like three idiots.

    Ginn FreecsGinn Freecs2 måneder siden
  • Harris drives well and understands about cars, the other two are not understandable nor witty. Bad combination

    SymbiorgSymbiorg2 måneder siden
  • There NOT Clarkson, May or Hammond but there funny and watchable

    Jammin 420Jammin 4202 måneder siden
  • This might "MIGHT" be good if not for the fact it was already done. So many years watching and laughing with Clarkson, May, and Hammond and suddenly 3 different blokes aint gonna work. You should just either revamp it or replace it, keeping it the same with 3 different is just gonna make it cringe and everyone is gonna compare it to the old and call it shit even if it might be good.

  • +"gentleman, I can see the problem. This is what happens when you sack my boundless genius, and put three blithering idiots instead." ÷"oh cock!"

    شهریار حسینیشهریار حسینی3 måneder siden
  • Cringe, TopGear doesn't exist without Jeremy Clarkson

    Zagrajmy z MichemZagrajmy z Michem3 måneder siden
  • Such wannabes

    Cliffard GeraldCliffard Gerald3 måneder siden
  • Do stupid

    Cliffard GeraldCliffard Gerald3 måneder siden
  • this isnt funny, bring us jezza, hamster & captain slow back!

    minibuddha tvminibuddha tv3 måneder siden
  • Garbage....

    Ahhh MediaAhhh Media3 måneder siden
  • These guys r rubbish

    Tully OldagTully Oldag3 måneder siden
  • A shame really. I like Flintoff and I think he has good potential to be an entertainer. But he's not going to pull it off with this show

    a3s1r1986a3s1r19863 måneder siden
    • If you are gonna be on this show you Will have to live up to alot og expectations

      Phillip RisgaardPhillip Risgaard7 dager siden
  • This is awful

    Ozz manOzz man3 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris has got to be the most unfunny person alive

    The lad 82The lad 823 måneder siden
  • This is just stupid.......

    Jedidiah Rhodes SargentJedidiah Rhodes Sargent3 måneder siden
  • Top Gear audience sliced down to a quarter of how many showed up for Clarkson, Hammond and May.

    Alan SohnAlan Sohn3 måneder siden
    • the bbc is probably paying them to attend, nobody would do it willingly

      juana washingtonjuana washington21 dag siden
  • this show is trash please just stop making it its so cringe

    MooMoo3 måneder siden
  • That wasn't funny. 😒👎

    Lucas Martínez ParraLucas Martínez Parra3 måneder siden
  • why did jeremy have to get himself kicked off the show dammit

    SmashySmashy3 måneder siden
  • If someone cant stop laughing show them this video

    allblocked1322allblocked13223 måneder siden
    • hahaha just 9 words and it's still funnier than the video

      Skyhill53Skyhill535 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂😂 ahh that made me chuckle

      4James4root4James4root9 dager siden
    • Your comment was more funny than the video

      Ncnxjdnddj NdndjdxnndsnNcnxjdnddj Ndndjdxnndsn14 dager siden
  • This is a sad excuse for Top Gear. It ain't the same without Clarkson, May and Hammond.

    Robert UrquhartRobert Urquhart3 måneder siden
  • I can't believe people actually like this

    Vector PerkinsVector Perkins3 måneder siden
  • its this a reboot of the looney tunes ?????

    xtianxtian3 måneder siden
  • nah, BBC biggest mistake

    Maximus 59Maximus 593 måneder siden
  • it;s called top chuckles cuz they are not funny enought to make us laugh

    lol kidlol kid3 måneder siden
  • Jesus you guys are all so cynical, I know it's not everyone's cup if tea but I quite enjoyed the laughs. Look for the Grand Tour (good stuff) if you still want the OG's otherwise stop trying to depress yourself and everyone watching this.

    David BoddieDavid Boddie3 måneder siden
  • It's just bad.

    GolemGolem3 måneder siden
  • Chodzi w gaciach.

    Przemysław CyprysPrzemysław Cyprys3 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t find this funny

    Woody MortonWoody Morton3 måneder siden
  • Utter crap

    Toy car editsToy car edits4 måneder siden
  • This feels more like a parody. I still can’t believe this is “top gear” the show I grew up with.

    - ManillaZilla- ManillaZilla4 måneder siden
    • @- ManillaZilla Hehehe cringe "defense", feel busted?

      CrippleX89CrippleX8914 dager siden
    • Jacob Mcdermott wait a minute. Why did you go through both and then comment about it??? Sounds like your a closet fan doesn’t it???

      - ManillaZilla- ManillaZilla24 dager siden
    • @Fogboundmule Hahahah he's not compelled to click on it. Twice, in four months

      Jacob McdermottJacob McdermottMåned siden
    • Hahahaha why did you write another post 3 months after your old one, you're a closet fan aren't you

      Jacob McdermottJacob McdermottMåned siden
  • this is just 3 idiots laughing and not really amusing to anyone other than themselves. not like the old top gear.

    just a vetjust a vet4 måneder siden
    • @426 Hemi gear's so

      Henry DisciplineHenry DisciplineDag siden
    • @426 Hemi they seem to know nothing about cars but they wouldn't be on the show if they didn't. It's just limitations they put on the hosts and it's annoying. The limitations that were put on the old 3 were just to follow a script and do a few sketches and you can talk all you want about cars and when that came to an end the old 3 were gone. I do learn a lot more than I used.

      MedroffMedroff14 dager siden
    • @Medroff Chris Harris Is genuinely good and I like him, as for the other two, they continue to show bad driving talent and seem to know nothing about cars.

      426 Hemi426 Hemi14 dager siden
    • @426 Hemi I think it's great. I Learned alot more than I would with the scripted comedy it used to be. Although the grand tour was legendary.

      MedroffMedroff14 dager siden
    • @Medroff new top gear is so shite

      426 Hemi426 Hemi14 dager siden
  • 🙄😒 saysit all really

    Dragz johnsonDragz johnson4 måneder siden
  • Guys stop being so critical we are lucky they carried on the show plus I preferred these three to the originals

    Rosie ButlerRosie Butler4 måneder siden
    • why tho these three rn are so boring to watch🤣🤣

      Zariq EezhamZariq Eezham2 måneder siden