The Top Gear Lockdown Conference Call (Part 1) | Top Gear

15. mai. 2020
125 322 Ganger

During lockdown the boys have been catching up via the medium of online video call, and here's part one of their chat. There are some teasers from the upcoming series of Top Gear, Freddie's competitive side got the best of him (and some of of Chris), and McGuinness has a theory about why Flintoff looks so flushed 🤔
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Service & Feedback

  • Top gear isn't top gear whiout the old actors

    dayzman WTdayzman WT3 måneder siden
  • They look like some really brod british dads.

    Blodershade Donald productionsBlodershade Donald productions3 måneder siden
  • stop making this shitty show you're all crap presenters

    MooMoo3 måneder siden
  • Paddy looks like Joe exotic lol

    YoungTYoungT3 måneder siden
  • Where’s Hammond and James

    AnonymousAnonymous4 måneder siden
  • I haven’t seen this in the comments but this trios first season together was better than GTs first season, the only way is up

    Daryl PDaryl P4 måneder siden
  • Boring

    James WarnerJames Warner4 måneder siden
  • Love the banter from the guys more than the old team looking forward to the new series already can't wait

    mark jeffersmark jeffers4 måneder siden
  • Stop trying to be like Clarkson Hammond May.

    Barnaby LeeBarnaby Lee4 måneder siden
  • I miss when Top Gear was a car show :(

    CrazyDog 5508CrazyDog 55084 måneder siden
    • @G S W honesty I feel the same way about Top Gear and The Grand Tour. The new Top Gear could have been he perfect show for car nerds but tried to hard to act as a follow up to series 22 when it could have bewn it's own thing.

      CrazyDog 5508CrazyDog 55084 måneder siden
  • Why are there so many people clinging to the name 'top gear'. The editors are gone, the creative direction is gone, the show runner is gone, the main talent has gone, the format has been broken. Should have just created a new show rather than cheaply immitating the work of Andy wilman. Just strange to me to strip somthing entirely except the name and call it the same thing XD

    KickazzStudiosKickazzStudios4 måneder siden
    • @G S W nah mate, that was a srsly unsuccsesfull venture, so much so the bbc cancled it, Tiff went to channel 5 to present the embrassing fifth gear with the orginal crew of TG. The clarkson witman combo with the addition of hammond and may was what made topgear, nopbody remembered edmounds topgear, nobody knows who angela rippon and tom coyne are. But 40 years later, love him or hate him, everybody knows who clarkson is. Why hasnt tiff gone on to do amazing thing? why hasnt he been paid millions to recreate the magic of the late 70's? Because. it. Was. Shit. I guess the show has gone back to its origins huh

      KickazzStudiosKickazzStudios4 måneder siden
  • Better Banter than the show Lol.

    Matt BMatt B5 måneder siden
  • This is now a very fine trio to present TG, in my opinion. Fun team.

    valter vava74valter vava745 måneder siden
  • Chris looks like Leo Getz from the lethal weapon franchise

    Paul ReesPaul Rees5 måneder siden
  • Can't wait to see that 😁 . Had my doubts about these three but how wrong was I ! Have me in stitches , great team .

    Andy WatsonAndy Watson5 måneder siden
  • wait. i'm a bit behind on top gear..where's rory???

    thecursed01thecursed015 måneder siden
  • These 3 genuinely do like each other and work really well together. Top Gear can live on.

    Rob Follett Drone PhotographyRob Follett Drone Photography5 måneder siden
    • Mwah... A bit annoying

      TjescooTjescoo4 måneder siden
  • I thought top gear had finished

    Tony WTony W5 måneder siden
    • It finished when Clarkson, Hammond and May left.

      Jim WatsonJim Watson5 måneder siden
  • Can not compare to original top gear! These boys don’t know as much and I have to say it isn’t as funny.

    Jack HenryJack Henry5 måneder siden
    • Jim Watson that’s true, they have no where near as much car knowledge and I don’t think it’s as entertaining. It’s more fun watching Jeremy and Richard take the piss out of James

      Jack HenryJack Henry5 måneder siden
    • Mguinnes and Flintoff are not top gear material. They are fodder thrown in to a chasim vacated by the original and only Top gear presenters. The present cast has no car knowledge they are journey men willing to inhabet in any show even if its girlie's looking for a a date or a second rate sky show. Clarkson, Hammond and May have forgotten more about car's and how to present a motor weekly magazine than the present dross, shame on the BBC!

      Jim WatsonJim Watson5 måneder siden
  • since when did Chris Harris have hair?

    Jival RoopnarianJival Roopnarian5 måneder siden
  • I luv these guyz so much ❤️

    Andy SAndy S5 måneder siden
  • Will the real Chris Harris please stand up!

    Jelle van den BergJelle van den Berg5 måneder siden
  • Love the banter between these guys. Entertainment for sure!

    Halal Food TherapyHalal Food Therapy5 måneder siden
  • Sorry, you people work for the BBC, not watching.

    Gary PowellGary Powell5 måneder siden
  • Where is top gear 28 in the US?

    Cole DragovichCole Dragovich5 måneder siden
  • Lock down nonsense for a normal flu virus, thanks for that, 10s of millions of people loosing there jobs for no reason

    Terry WinterTerry Winter5 måneder siden
  • Love this!

    ObsidianObsidian5 måneder siden
  • for conference call see Paddy Monologue

    Paul LeggettPaul Leggett5 måneder siden
  • More of this.

    The Average Retro GamersThe Average Retro Gamers5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear and no Car talk🤦🏻😂

    _Generation_ Youth_X_Generation_ Youth_X5 måneder siden
    • G S W heh

      _Generation_ Youth_X_Generation_ Youth_X4 måneder siden
  • Ever since it has been those three it finally feels like „new“ TopGear has found it‘s rythm...

    DeBedschbacherDeBedschbacher5 måneder siden
  • Turd Gear

    Em VeeieEm Veeie5 måneder siden
  • Bring back the original trio

    JCRS 11JCRS 115 måneder siden
  • Bring back Jez..Capt Slow and Hammond please. Embarrassing how hard you 3 try...pathetically fake.

    Adam BaldingAdam Balding5 måneder siden
  • They’ll never be as entertaining as you know who!

    Julius DaviesJulius Davies5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear after Clarkson, it's just one muppet after another.

    ThewayICitThewayICit5 måneder siden
    • I'll 2nd and 3rd that!

      Jim WatsonJim Watson5 måneder siden
  • Great banter as always fellas!!! What head/earphones is everyone using?

    Jonathan StowJonathan Stow5 måneder siden
  • Paddy and flintoff are clueless. Shouldn’t be anywhere near Top Gear.

    Ben GenoveseBen Genovese5 måneder siden
  • Dam Chris we the flex we the focals

    TESSTESS5 måneder siden
  • Ok troll time, I prefer them to Clarkson, May and Hammond!

    Phil WoodfordPhil Woodford5 måneder siden
    • @G S W Top Gear in the pioneering day's was believe it or not about new cars and old classics, Jeremy Clarkson put whit humour into the show so even if you couldn't tell the back of the car from the front interesting for one and all. Also discussion about car products etc, the fastest lap, the cool board, and many other fascinating item's. Their DNA is still used on the present show, Clarkson, Hammond and May took the program to another level. As I said these 2 cretins are mercenaries no car knowledge reading from a script I've stated in the past there is better outtake cuttings lying on the BBC floor than this slop, they don't even speak properly to the nation their accent is not for a prestigious program of this magnitude, one of the BBC flag ship's. The grand tour has changed so much over the seasons and now on to specials (May I add another original idea) used by the present lot!

      Jim WatsonJim Watson4 måneder siden
    • @G S W OK, I'll grant you that Chris Harris is a car guy but the other 2 sealions have no whatsoever car knowledge. And that's the 2 I have shown my concerns, they are script reader's do what they are told and take their cheque, past experience one did a girlie dating show the other a second rate sky drivel show. If you are happy with that you are very easily pleased my friend!

      Jim WatsonJim Watson4 måneder siden
    • Even a Clarkson, May, Hammond older have more car knowledge and charisma than this sad attempt.

      Jim WatsonJim Watson5 måneder siden
    • Never would of thought it but me too !!!

      Andy WatsonAndy Watson5 måneder siden
    • Me too. I remember when they aired the last two episodes with the old crew thinking that it was the biggest sign that C,H,&M had lost their magic a long time ago.

      Ultimate WorrierUltimate Worrier5 måneder siden
  • I love this guys!

    Mary CrossMary Cross5 måneder siden
  • My family are your number one fans

    Sam PAlmerSam PAlmer5 måneder siden
  • Yes Andrew/Freddie ,paddy/Patrick ,Chris/Christopher

    Sam PAlmerSam PAlmer5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is shit. Bring back Clarkson 👍

    Mark BirtlesMark Birtles5 måneder siden
  • What's on his head?

  • Harris looks like a dodgy Frenchman who takes you hiking Paddy looks like a caravan dealer from maybo Freddy looks like freddy

  • I was a fan of Jez, Dick and Jim but these 3 have it cracked, naturally funny and witty

    Adam IcetonAdam Iceton5 måneder siden
  • Where's part 2?, come on

    Matt BrownMatt Brown5 måneder siden
  • I haven't watched Top Gear for years now 😔. Such a shame. It was one of the best shows on TV.

    Stuart KStuart K5 måneder siden
  • i found everyday to be boring even tho im working still

    ShaneShane5 måneder siden
  • eminem is on topgear lol

    ShaneShane5 måneder siden
  • Chris, shave your head man. Please.

    1u5t1n1u5t1n5 måneder siden
  • Chris it's looks like I've got more hair🙄it so doesn't mate🤣

    RobRob5 måneder siden
  • Here take this, it is too dangerous to go alone.

    TheKirbyLemon TKLTheKirbyLemon TKL5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris should do the show on his own. The other guys are utterly useless.

    James TJames T5 måneder siden
  • They look like the boy band "Bros" but uglier and older version.. That's gold 👍🏻

    pedro ramospedro ramos5 måneder siden
  • I think it makes you look taller Chris. Like at least 5' 4"

    S BS B5 måneder siden
  • Blond hair? Theres nobody left...

    Evan HEvan H5 måneder siden
  • Chris looks like a sheep with those hair and clean shaved face

    Sim BhattiSim Bhatti5 måneder siden
  • R.I.P TOP GEAR 2002 - 2015

    Michael McGrathMichael McGrath5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is now Top Shite...!!!!!! The only redeeming factor about the current "Top Gear" is Chris Harris, in fact, Chris Harris is quite probably the best motor journalist and presenter of all time. Just think, a percentage of your TV license fee goes towards making this 'shite show' with 'shite presenters'. Unceremoniously sack all the other so-called Top Gear presenters and just have Chris Harris present the show. Chris Harris presents Top Gear, the show will definitely regain its former popularity, if not much more.

    SeanSean5 måneder siden
  • End top gear! look absolutely ridiculous....

    Richard PattonRichard Patton5 måneder siden
  • Gold just pure gold.

    Ben BradburyBen Bradbury5 måneder siden
  • Loved this. The dynamic and love is so natural. Can’t wait for the next series. ❤️

    Neil WalshNeil Walsh5 måneder siden
  • "When a bloke bleach his her"

    Dr. Sandeep PillaiDr. Sandeep Pillai5 måneder siden
  • Wow Chris looks terrible with the blonde but I think for Paddy it's actually an improvement.

    TheBucketOfTruthTheBucketOfTruth5 måneder siden
  • Baldy Bouncer...

    Karl BlowerKarl Blower5 måneder siden
  • Hello Top Gear! a few months back Top Gear Denmark recorded one of the episodes here in Sweden, and I was there as well. So what I'm wondering is, will you put the video on youtube? because I kinda want to see myself haha. Thank you for your time, have a good day!

    0wner #10wner #15 måneder siden
  • Nice talk

    CompilifyCompilify5 måneder siden
  • i miss jeremy clarkson.. E

    Lay Kheng LimLay Kheng Lim5 måneder siden
    • Watch Grand Tour

      TAL CTAL C5 måneder siden
  • The days do fly by, I cannot agree more.

    Rich UkRich Uk5 måneder siden
  • There's a lot of midlife crisis hair in this video 🤣

    Daniel WareDaniel Ware5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear. Not worth watching since Clarkson, May, and Hammond left.

    Pandemic270Pandemic2705 måneder siden
  • Chris looks like he forgot his conditioner in 😂😂😂 jk thats cool almost like scooter!!

    DoomDriver32DoomDriver325 måneder siden
  • Wait what? This show isn't dead yet?

    Set UsernameSet Username5 måneder siden
  • This is exactly what I’ve been missing with the old Top Gear. Not a single chat about cars, yet still all sorts of entertaining. Top Gear is back baby!!

    DDWGG1DDWGG15 måneder siden
  • Ravanelli 😂😂😂

    Mike HannanMike Hannan5 måneder siden
  • 👌 quality chat show lads, you don't need any guests!

    Chris WilsonChris Wilson5 måneder siden
  • I have watched top gear for 16-17 years, the new cast of a Driver, Comic, and Crash-test dummy just works! I like the new cast. Been watching from America!

    mrscary3105mrscary31055 måneder siden
  • Chris is a proper petrolhead!

    Armani GtrArmani Gtr5 måneder siden
  • Nothing against the original three but I enjoy these guys far more, they seem like genuinely decent guys.

    00 Spool00 Spool5 måneder siden
    • Morgan Oxer three? So there are four?

      TheKirbyLemon TKLTheKirbyLemon TKL5 måneder siden
    • And what the other three don’t seem like genuinely decent guys?

      Morgan OxerMorgan Oxer5 måneder siden
    • Harris is ok but the other two are garbage, talentless try hards

      Hangry HippoHangry Hippo5 måneder siden
  • Could be more better if Jeremy Clarkson was arguing With Richard and May(on the old top gear (rip 2002-2015))

    nobi bracamontenobi bracamonte5 måneder siden
  • We need some more of these 😂

    Trojan HamsterTrojan Hamster5 måneder siden
  • Is this the DriveTribe tribute act? Pass.

    Videos From ElsewhereVideos From Elsewhere5 måneder siden
  • This is actually really good، what will TG think of next?!?! Edit: The way Chris Harris laughs، for some reason makes me laugh.

    Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-95 måneder siden
  • Superb ..

    Barry FosterBarry Foster5 måneder siden
  • Normal people - bleaching his hair Paddy - Bleaching is air

    Lewis HutchinsonLewis Hutchinson5 måneder siden
    • We use less letters in our words us northerners! Super efficient lol

      Daz MorlandDaz Morland5 måneder siden
  • Chris has hair like Eminem

    Lewis HutchinsonLewis Hutchinson5 måneder siden
  • For the love of God, Chris, don't dye your hair blonde....

    abysss91abysss915 måneder siden
  • Wut!? That you Harris? 😳

    uziex1991uziex19915 måneder siden
  • Member when new top gear was good. Me neither.

    Zenith2005Zenith20055 måneder siden
  • Love it

    I am HardI am Hard5 måneder siden
  • Chris and Paddy look like great value Sick Boys from Trainspotting.

    Jason WaterfallsJason Waterfalls5 måneder siden
  • Chris, you trying too hard

    Chris AuChris Au5 måneder siden
  • I miss old top gear I miss rechard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, And James may 😔🙁

    Пагаран РейллПагаран Рейлл5 måneder siden
    • Move on.

      Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-95 måneder siden
  • It's No Doubt's Tony Kanal circa 1994

    rage12345678rage123456785 måneder siden
  • I wish I 'ad a full 'ed o' err.. and it's supposed to be Queen's english?

    STAG162STAG1625 måneder siden
  • Best top gear trio ever. By far!

    fudstanchionfudstanchion5 måneder siden
  • old crew was so much better, these people make top gear look bad

    PeriapsPeriaps5 måneder siden
  • These three together are brilliant, its as close as ever to top gear of old, but its still its own thing. Love it.

    NeroWolfNeroWolf5 måneder siden
    • Lord Above well Chris Harris isn’t going anytime soon, he’s the only real petrolhead on the series and they always need at least one

      TyRacing88TyRacing885 måneder siden
    • The guy in the top right is probably the best out the three but I don’t understand how the other two are on it

      Lord AboveLord Above5 måneder siden