The Stig's Guide to Social Distancing | Top Gear

3. april. 2020
442 815 Ganger

With all human-beings advised to stay at home, it turns out that advice extends to whatever life-form The Stig is, too. Here's how he's coping with social distancing and isolation at Stig Manor...
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Service & Feedback

  • This is wrong, the stig sleeps upside down like a bat

    Nonky NonkNonky Nonk15 dager siden
  • Stig is the best! even my grandson pipes up and chimes in on!

    Steph BrandenburgSteph Brandenburg18 dager siden
  • helo i am stig i go quik noom

    Alexander CrewsAlexander Crews18 dager siden
  • they’re trying way to hard to be funny and its just awful

    crazymazy 87crazymazy 87Måned siden
  • Stig had to take down the original pictures by the order of the bbc.

    Joseph GreenerJoseph GreenerMåned siden
  • Why did Stig hang pictures of three charisma black-holes🧐 weird

    Apti NewimApti NewimMåned siden
  • Oh look. Top Gear are trying to be funny again, that's cute.

    МиричМирич2 måneder siden
  • is this Top Gear (except Stig)? TopGear was Clarkson, Hammond and May. Bored BBC? Dont be, The Grand Tour is streaming now

    SistemNet TechSistemNet Tech2 måneder siden
  • Sorry it’s just not it . U can see the humor of Clarkson may and Hammond is missing . It’s not the same and never will be . So sad that age caught up with them ..what a wonderful time it was

    Michael De bernsteinerMichael De bernsteiner2 måneder siden
  • top gear is officially dead

    Talha SheikhTalha Sheikh2 måneder siden
  • Okay top gear. I'll watch your video of the Stig. Only because he's the only good character left.

    i don't believe in the suni don't believe in the sun2 måneder siden
  • so where's the guide?

    mihai 123mihai 1233 måneder siden
  • Atleast he got a Ferrari lawnmower..

    Galactic dragon -cocGalactic dragon -coc3 måneder siden
  • Thats our life

    The Stigs Russian CousinThe Stigs Russian Cousin3 måneder siden
  • 0:33 Bottas learned from the best. #austrianGP

    Patrick DanielPatrick Daniel3 måneder siden
  • So wheres the guide.........?

    David EvansDavid Evans3 måneder siden
  • have helmet on that’s the best mask in the world...

    BanselfBanself3 måneder siden
  • 0:15 the stig doesn't run on petrol? We've all been lied to.

    Beans CentBeans Cent3 måneder siden
  • This is just an edited repost of the original video

    AlpeyyAlpeyy4 måneder siden
  • The stig is staying home during covid 19

    Sam RussoSam Russo4 måneder siden
  • We all know who he would really have framed on the wall

    Smitty PlaysSmitty Plays4 måneder siden
  • Fun fun fun

    Patchez RagdollsPatchez Ragdolls4 måneder siden
  • The stig’s house looks like a lego house when you only have white bricks left

    Lordofmemes 27Lordofmemes 274 måneder siden
  • Hey! Where'd my box of Cap'n Slow cereal go?

    Trainzguy2472Trainzguy24724 måneder siden
  • Dudes got a nice house

    Ben SuttonBen Sutton4 måneder siden
  • Where is his golden girls poster?

    Jeff McJeffJeff McJeff4 måneder siden
  • i was lied to, i though the stig slept upside down

    Talha SheikhTalha Sheikh4 måneder siden
  • Someone please give the Stig a track he’s dying!

    Pablo E.Pablo E.4 måneder siden
  • just like me doing headstands on the wall

    Vier DieringerVier Dieringer4 måneder siden
  • Stig was stolen by the new people.

    NuggetNugget4 måneder siden
  • How do we remove any evidence of the holy trio?..... oh I know Let’s just edit the Cereal box in Microsoft paint and colour it white, and I’ll replace those beautiful 3 men with some random dudes

    Not Sosig RamseyNot Sosig Ramsey4 måneder siden
  • I miss you Hammond... I dont watch tg anymore without you.

    Yuivaan FeverYuivaan Fever4 måneder siden

  • is he wearing the same gloves as my Gran Turismo Sport Character?

    Y38T3RY38T3R4 måneder siden
  • he should get a sim rig

    big dingusbig dingus4 måneder siden
  • Only stig remained but we want Jeremy, James and Hammond back!

    ShamGagan SidShamGagan Sid4 måneder siden
  • 0:27: take off your helmet while drinking

    Mateusz PodstawaMateusz Podstawa5 måneder siden
  • This is basically several years ago, and they removed the cap n slow cereal and changed the 3 pictures in the back at 0:24

    GravelGravel5 måneder siden
  • Stig, why don't you ask the jeremy if you can come to at least one of their episodes or maybe even replace THE AMERICAN. It would make everybidy happy

    David MlinaricDavid Mlinaric5 måneder siden
  • Clowns

    MaxMax5 måneder siden
  • They need to stop driving those fancy cars and get themselves some more good old top gear budget challenges,or maybe just do a crossover between the old trio and the new trio

    kennykenny5 måneder siden
  • 0:24 Why have you got a picture of three stroke victims on the wall- Clarkson

    Erik CorrErik Corr5 måneder siden
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DANWILL2174DANWILL21745 måneder siden
  • Guys I found out the stig’s identity see those photos at 0:25 That’s the stig

    Vincent SergiVincent Sergi5 måneder siden
  • My house is as boring as his.

    RadioActivvRadioActivv5 måneder siden
  • Nice video new friend showing love from henle jeo

    Katherine TVKatherine TV5 måneder siden
  • The stig is depressed without may, Clarkson and Hammond

    Finn GreenFinn Green5 måneder siden
  • Nope

    Roblox PatheRoblox Pathe5 måneder siden
  • That made me sad... Why?!

    Nathan AllardNathan Allard5 måneder siden
  • 0:46 I've never in my whole life seen anyone be vibin' as much as the stig right there

    Tom BEVAN [10C19]Tom BEVAN [10C19]5 måneder siden
  • Play forza horizon 4. That will keep your mind to drive

    Ikhmal HakimIkhmal Hakim5 måneder siden
  • RTX off: *this video* RTX on:

    Genuine KowGenuine Kow5 måneder siden
  • Stig should play FH4 lol he in game

    monsterpoofmonsterpoof5 måneder siden
  • Poor Stiggy

    Eyton KimEyton Kim5 måneder siden
  • its too bad theres 3 random nobodies on the wall

    sean wilsonsean wilson5 måneder siden
  • I genuinely feel bad for the stig, he can't drink his coffee

    Owen AllenOwen Allen5 måneder siden
    • That was actually sad

      Owen AllenOwen Allen5 måneder siden
  • british top gear should die, they dont know how to drive, or do an show, off with its head

    Tyler BellTyler Bell5 måneder siden
  • He Has The Best Mask 😂

    Rasola BasmatiRasola Basmati5 måneder siden
  • Poor stig he’s been abandoned and left with three unfunny men whilst clarkson may and hammond have gone on to new levels of success

    ALA_Legend 02ALA_Legend 025 måneder siden
  • There's a lot of 21's in this video, can you spot them all?

    Kenworthkris77Kenworthkris775 måneder siden
  • This is the best thing Top Gear has done since Clarkson, Hammond and May. OH WAIT, NEVERMIND. This is just recycled for this.

    Jack McDonaldJack McDonald5 måneder siden
  • You should really make stigs guide to reuploading a 6 year old video with minor edits

    transfactorytransfactory6 måneder siden
  • This is just the same video six years ago

    Rabid RaccoonRabid Raccoon6 måneder siden
  • Stig: The Doomslayer of Motorsports

    BoxCannonManBoxCannonMan6 måneder siden
  • If this was the good top gear there would of been an exploding caravan

    James 1324James 13246 måneder siden
  • The legend has it, that if you try to take off his helmet, you will have a body with no head and if you look into the helmet, it is just empty. Scary, isn't it? Well that's him - the Stig.

    Alan HarperAlan Harper6 måneder siden
  • Some say; He never takes off the helmet, even to shower.

    MichaśMichaś6 måneder siden
    • The legend has it, that if you try to take off his helmet, you will have a body with no head and if you look into the helmet, it is just empty. Scary, isn't it? Well that's him - the Stig.

      Alan HarperAlan Harper6 måneder siden
  • Some say Stig Can NOT be infected by the CoronaVirus, Because He NEVER removes his Legendary Suit

    SPORTCAR111SPORTCAR1116 måneder siden
  • The newer Top Gear series is not that great and we miss Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. But, this video is too hilarious. At least we still have The Stig in Top Gear.

    Scott LantzScott Lantz6 måneder siden
  • bruh sound effect #2

    HeikkiGTHeikkiGT6 måneder siden
  • I kind of want to know what’s under the helmet? I want to see stings true self

    WaluigiNumber OneWaluigiNumber One6 måneder siden
  • Stig is me at home in this video

    Anna GreenwellAnna Greenwell6 måneder siden
  • Only TRUE fans of the old Top Gear disliked this video. Just like me

    Froze VulcanFroze Vulcan6 måneder siden
    • Yeah

      Not NightcoreNot Nightcore4 måneder siden
  • Who’s the guys in the pictures, why are they on the wall, what do they represent?

    Lazy JesusLazy Jesus6 måneder siden
  • Bruh moment

    Stefano SStefano S6 måneder siden
  • Lazy lazy lazy BBC Top Gear team- repost of ad from 6 years ago

    Ned MurryNed Murry6 måneder siden
  • There should be Clarkson, Hammond and May on the pictures

    Czech EmpireCzech Empire6 måneder siden
  • Thats too funny

    Demon Hunter1981Demon Hunter19816 måneder siden
  • I don’t watch Top Gear anymore, it lost its grace.

    Ian WinklerIan Winkler6 måneder siden
  • Go out & meet people x

    Lakeria Rian xLakeria Rian x6 måneder siden
  • Does he literally shower on that suit😂😂😂😂

    _f1 fanatic __f1 fanatic _6 måneder siden
  • The lawn mower was made in the UK then. Or China

    Grant MGrant M6 måneder siden
  • Some say he has a racing course on his backyard

    nobi bracamontenobi bracamonte6 måneder siden
  • Do yourself a favor, stream the Grand Tour instead.

    Ner' vodNer' vod6 måneder siden
  • My wife asked me "if this is Top Gear who are the three people in the pictures?" Too funny. R.I.P. Top Gear.

    ScottyScotty6 måneder siden
    • Yeah I'm 13 I would always watch these people Top gear USA is the best did you know they made another show

    • @Scotty oh.. true

      Ștefan E.Ștefan E.2 måneder siden
    • @Ștefan E. I am stating in my opinion that when Jeremy, James and Richard left the show that is was dead. What followed their departure is in my opinion no longer Top Gear.

      ScottyScotty2 måneder siden
    • @Scotty why RIP?

      Ștefan E.Ștefan E.2 måneder siden
    • @Ștefan E. What is your question?

      ScottyScotty2 måneder siden
  • Video of the y ear.

    Walter RitcheyWalter Ritchey6 måneder siden
  • The stig is gone, stop exploiting him

    The DudeThe Dude6 måneder siden
  • Let’s face it. The new trio sucks. They are not as funny and creative as the original trio. The original trio was entertaining, funny, and creative.

    gogoeverybodygogoeverybody6 måneder siden
  • Cant stay at home cause i need to work ,so lazy people can have Water and a normal live. And what did i get for this? Not even a ,,thank you,,

    Max & MoritzMax & Moritz6 måneder siden
  • Perhaps he should volunteer for NHS Nightingale. He has the PPE already!

    John GrahamJohn Graham6 måneder siden
  • Stig doesn’t need to social distance he’s in a dirt tight suit

    Antony LoweAntony Lowe6 måneder siden
  • thx

    lots lrudlots lrud6 måneder siden
  • Not even funny at all. It's strange how Stig was hilarious in the Clarkson, Hammond and May days of Top Gear. And now it's actually quite an embarrassment

    Rob BrowneRob Browne6 måneder siden
  • Lol I thought Top Gear was dead

    The flying MylleThe flying Mylle6 måneder siden
  • Some say, he was conceived while his parents were six feet apart.

    13thVaRebel13thVaRebel6 måneder siden
  • Hey Top Gear , The Grand Tour is where it’s at now 🖕😀🖕 and by it I of course mean the Gentlemen Sausage! Suck it !

    John AnthonyJohn Anthony6 måneder siden
  • Who are the three fellas in the pictures?

    ellery eggenellery eggen6 måneder siden
  • How old is stig?

    Dominic the GunsmithDominic the Gunsmith6 måneder siden
  • Well you get a dislike from me for editing this video of 6 years ago, changing the cereal box of Captain Slow and the pictures of the legendary trio May, Clarkson, Hammond by these 3 idiots.

    Med AmineMed Amine6 måneder siden
  • Disliked for continuing to rip off the original trio by using their work long after they left

    JackulaHDJackulaHD6 måneder siden