Stig Lap: Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear: Series 28

9. feb.. 2020
382 816 Ganger

Here's the full lap of the Stig wrestling the all-electric 761bhp Porsche Taycan Turbo S around the Top Gear test track. The lap time? A rather pokey 1:17.6.
See Chris Harris' full test of the Porsche Taycan on the latest episode of Top Gear:
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  • Am I the only one who still can’t get used to watching this without the comment of Jeremy Clarkson?

    Sywert WesterhofSywert Westerhof17 dager siden
  • Stig is cool Porsche stig in Porsche the best

    Nicholas CromartieNicholas CromartieMåned siden
  • He definitely hit some rough patches when skidding off the race track. Definitely check for wheel damage and wheel alignment.

    Max KonigMax KonigMåned siden
  • Somehow I hear Jeremy C

    Farhaan NeetooFarhaan Neetoo2 måneder siden
  • The same time as a Koenigsegg ccx 😱

    GreggBGreggB6 måneder siden
  • looks like fun handling

    Mixed Reality Sim RacingMixed Reality Sim Racing6 måneder siden
  • Some say that he eats batteries for breakfast...

    errtime2010errtime20106 måneder siden
  • Arabanın anasını sktin

    JW PiranesiJW Piranesi6 måneder siden
  • If all electric cars sounded like this, they’d sell like hot cakes.

    Lance HondradeLance Hondrade7 måneder siden
  • Can Seb be The Stig after he retires?

    43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava7 måneder siden
  • If all electric cars will sound like this then I'm up for it.

    Jon ClarkJon Clark7 måneder siden
  • The tyre's whinings and lamentations while caught up in the epic battle between the power of the electron and the weight of this car, is just too funny 😂

    GaniscolGaniscol7 måneder siden
  • Most spaceship sounding car... In the world.

    Lassi NissinenLassi Nissinen8 måneder siden
  • Holy crap on that one apex though he blew the drivers front tire!

    Ben MBen M8 måneder siden
  • All i could hear is Jeremy Clarkson in my head talking thru the turns. Now through Gambon and across the line!

    Jason HintonJason Hinton8 måneder siden
  • If you were running stickier tires, that "pokey" number drops - the low resistance stock ones are fine for straight line acceleration but not wonderful for lateral grip - so take that into account.

    Brandon MatsumotoBrandon Matsumoto8 måneder siden
  • 1:17.6!? That’s faster than even the base Veyron!!! Impressive! Even though the Veyron Super Sport was a second faster. I love that Porsche but I still hate the new Top Gear though. I heard that it’s just Chris Harris on the show. Who’s going to watch a How with just one presenter? I wouldn’t.

    Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid8 måneder siden
  • It's simply awful. Give me a 10 Cyl and keep your volts...

    Sergio SánchezSergio Sánchez8 måneder siden
  • What could The Stig do with some classic cars on the track like the Ford Cobra, the Corvette Stingray, the Jaguar XKE or the Astin Martin DB5?

    Laughing HyenaLaughing Hyena8 måneder siden
  • That’s a lot of under steer going on over there

    Nana DNana D8 måneder siden

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist8 måneder siden
  • Go electric

    EnricoEnrico8 måneder siden
  • Love the cockpit view of the lap. So much better. More please, externals view in view etc. 8 want to see the stigs legs and arms working at the same time as the car. Thanks!

    stu crohillstu crohill8 måneder siden

    紀Chi紀Chi8 måneder siden
  • He looks bored

    maldo72maldo728 måneder siden
  • Must've been the Stig's first run!! 🤐🤔

    Rosco_inc TMRosco_inc TM8 måneder siden
  • The weight of the car is really holding back the car in fast direction change and tight corners. Other than that, the car is very fast.

    James BJames B8 måneder siden
  • Tyres can't handle it!!!

    skidcrewskidcrew8 måneder siden
  • Love the little electric noises. Idc if they fake or not. It adds a little character to the car.

    Moe GMoe G8 måneder siden
  • "tUrbO s"

    Random BOiiRandom BOii8 måneder siden
  • It lools like a comercial. Times? Comparison with other brands? Battery consumption for the lap? Anything?

    K i n U 4UK i n U 4U8 måneder siden
  • The Stig wasn’t listening to music.

    salchihsalchih8 måneder siden
  • Thank you Porsche for refining EVs

    07Corcaigh07Corcaigh8 måneder siden
  • If the leaderboard is correct ( then the Taycan is the fastest 4-door car on this track. Not bad!

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann8 måneder siden
  • So far the only electric car even worth considering.

    AlexAlex8 måneder siden
  • 형 한국에 출시일좀 알려줘~~~~

    C나몬C나몬8 måneder siden
  • Even the stig was shocked by that vicious acceleration.

    YOHAYOHA8 måneder siden
  • Not exiting at all

    PawelmpsPawelmps8 måneder siden
  • That awful vibration sound... sounds like the camera strap rings the crew didn't take off the cameras?

    Tea WalesTea Wales8 måneder siden
  • Completely without soul, like vacuuming my living room.

    shawn engelshawn engel8 måneder siden
    • @Shawn Engel Oh, I wouldn't... Sure, I'd then land in legal trouble for car theft but hey... :)

      ZeHoSmusicianZeHoSmusician8 måneder siden
    • @ZeHoSmusician for sure, I'd drive it too...however, I would also happily hand the keys back to the owner afterwards.

      Shawn EngelShawn Engel8 måneder siden
    • Pfffah! If I had a choice between vacuuming a room and driving a Taycan, sign me up for the latter any day!

      ZeHoSmusicianZeHoSmusician8 måneder siden
  • Borrrring

    Darrell McClartyDarrell McClarty8 måneder siden
  • When are they gonna get the VW ID R round this track?

    Wallace McDonutWallace McDonut8 måneder siden
  • I didn't know Stormtroopers drove cars.. That noise sounded kinda horrible..

    Michael MachadoMichael Machado8 måneder siden
  • It really does seem like the tires just aren't up to the task of tracking this behemoth the understeer looks pretty rough

    Mark AcevedoMark Acevedo8 måneder siden
  • It's just not the same without Jeremy Clarkson's commentary. Sorry, I know that's a long time ago but...

    PaulPaul8 måneder siden
  • 😐

    The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • ♻🔋👏💪🔝❤

    Matteo TortelloMatteo Tortello8 måneder siden
  • Such interesting sounds

    Paul OrozcoPaul Orozco8 måneder siden
  • guess what? Teslas sports car is faster,

    Juju RellamaJuju Rellama8 måneder siden
  • how is a E-car turbo charged?

    Juju RellamaJuju Rellama8 måneder siden
  • What's the time of the Teslas? ;) Is there any? Or don't they make it without overheating?

    T.T.8 måneder siden
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo works a turbo on an electric car?

    Daniel ErikssonDaniel Eriksson8 måneder siden
  • at least Stig is still in the show unlike James May, Jeremy and Hammond :-( top gear should get those 3 idiots back

    ReusSaneReusSane8 måneder siden
    • 🙂

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • May be faster than a petrol car but that sounds boring 🙄

    Paris LoyoParis Loyo8 måneder siden
  • I thought that only combustion engines can be equipped with turbo. Is this Taycan all-electric?

    Jirka ZemanJirka Zeman8 måneder siden
    • @Sebastian Nolte Thank you for explanation

      Jirka ZemanJirka Zeman8 måneder siden
    • "turbo" is just the name for a certain trim level at Porsche. It lost its original meaning already before the Taycan, since more or less all ICE- Porsches now are turbocharged, so also the versions without "turbo" in the name.

      Sebastian NolteSebastian Nolte8 måneder siden
    • you right, i dont understand it as well

      Baryk StudioBaryk Studio8 måneder siden
  • عربية كويسة بس موتورها كبير زيادة عن اللزوم

    Ashraf HedeyaAshraf Hedeya8 måneder siden
  • My favorite part was when he shifted through all the gears. #savethemanuals

    Justin PhilipJustin Philip8 måneder siden
  • I came here for the car, not the BBC or Top Arse.

    subliminalvibessubliminalvibes8 måneder siden
  • The future called .. it wants it’s car back 🖖🏽👊🏿

    Zaheer KaderZaheer Kader8 måneder siden
  • analog clock :D

    Pops & flamesPops & flames8 måneder siden
  • Can I switch out the noises with me doing an impression of Jetson's car?

    Christopher CopeChristopher Cope8 måneder siden
  • I flippin love it. Like a giant electric go-kart.

    mylifeisJDMmylifeisJDM8 måneder siden
  • Oh my, what a run!

    Chasing The ApexChasing The Apex8 måneder siden
  • I think that the sound is pretty cool

    Ferdinando SaladinoFerdinando Saladino8 måneder siden
  • What was all that rattling noise?

    Nuno HipólitoNuno Hipólito8 måneder siden
  • On the footage from the cabin it doesn't look like Stig is driving any better than me (or anyone else)

    MrRamkulovMrRamkulov8 måneder siden
  • Tesla has left the.... track

    SimmoSimmo8 måneder siden
  • I actually like the sound.

    Sina MorovatiSina Morovati8 måneder siden
  • Starship Enterprise.

    gorrington007gorrington0078 måneder siden
  • Due to the lack of exhaust sound, it was hard for me to understand when Stig brakes, when he's back on the power, It was mind boggling.

    doWlicadoWlica8 måneder siden
  • Watch this one time more, and this time focus on how flat the dash stays during every turn. Even during transitions you can see the active suspension hard at work.

    Lucky LukeLucky Luke8 måneder siden
  • Whats the point of driving a Muted sports car & that too on Track

    Atin NarangAtin Narang8 måneder siden
  • It would be cool if it used sounds from Halo vehicles

    Andres PinaAndres Pina8 måneder siden
  • It even sounds like the future!

    WillWill8 måneder siden
  • If there’s no manual give me Tesla..easy day

    抹ちゃう動物抹ちゃう動物8 måneder siden
  • I swear this car sounds like something right out of the movie 'TRON'

    Aps ReenAps Reen8 måneder siden
  • As much as I don't like the one gear of electric cars, this one is cool

    DaReoCharmerDaReoCharmer8 måneder siden
  • Is the current STUG an ex-rally driver...?

    Lorenzo CabasonLorenzo Cabason8 måneder siden
    • 🤔

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • sometimes i think taycan is the combo of panamera and 918😁😁

    Dhruv Singh PalDhruv Singh Pal8 måneder siden
  • hmmmmm the engine sound like Batmobile

    OwffOwff8 måneder siden
  • That was pretty messy. They should put Walter in the suit for Porsches.

    Don KeyDon Key8 måneder siden
  • Really need the traditional Jeremy commentary, not just driving.

    M LeeM Lee8 måneder siden
  • Nice but I cannot get why they called an *All Electric Vehicle a TURBO* why?

    Clubsport R8Clubsport R88 måneder siden
    • Because they just keep the name scheme. When you are interested in Porsche, you know what the trim levels mean.

      Sebastian NolteSebastian Nolte8 måneder siden
  • Would you guys ever do every car that hits that track a favor, and fill in that crater on the left after the tires? Top gear has even mentioned how jarring it is to every car, because of the sharp edge leading back onto the tarmac. Its hard on parts, and isn't required, surprised Stig hasn't done it himself just to save the discomfort, let alone the risk to his control of the car.

    jettrod69jettrod698 måneder siden
  • That sounds so cool!

    Baller SimpsonBaller Simpson8 måneder siden
    • 😐

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden

    Baller SimpsonBaller Simpson8 måneder siden
  • Its so quiet you can hear the tires howling. I love the sound, although its so weird not hearing a roaring V8 or V6. Thanks.

    christdragonchristdragon8 måneder siden
  • Some say...that's not the real Stig

    unkle sugaunkle suga8 måneder siden
    • @unkle suga 🤫 royalties 💰

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
    • @The Stig if you're the real Stig then why no good lap music anymore ?🤔

      unkle sugaunkle suga8 måneder siden
    • 🤔

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • Really happy they showed the lap on the show itself 👍

    Fishbone _Fishbone _8 måneder siden
  • paraaa astronauta! 🤣

    leandro50163leandro501638 måneder siden
  • This is Lewis

    Vitor Machado BorgesVitor Machado Borges8 måneder siden
    • ??????

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • Shit I can feel the weight🥵

    Stefano MarchiStefano Marchi8 måneder siden
  • its is not stig

    Edmilson SantosEdmilson Santos8 måneder siden
    • @The Stig too much nervous, stig is cold like glacial ice.

      Edmilson SantosEdmilson Santos8 måneder siden
    • 🤔

      The StigThe Stig8 måneder siden
  • Y does it feel I’m watching GTA

    Poti SonkoPoti Sonko8 måneder siden
  • Stig getting a little reckless nowadays..😂😂😂

    reggie jonesreggie jones8 måneder siden
  • Spaceship

    Lucas GalettiLucas Galetti8 måneder siden
  • All the positive comments on the sound overlook that most if not all you hear is synthetic. As one person notes below 'you can turn it off'!

    Edmund IsanskiEdmund Isanski8 måneder siden
  • Not easy moving around 2.5 tons, I feel sorry for the tires.

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance8 måneder siden
  • And across the... wind!

    Rui MendesRui Mendes8 måneder siden
  • Just imagine what will be possible when the batteries get lighter. One can feel the 2.4 tons of this vehicle, just by looking at the video.

    HeadPackHeadPack8 måneder siden