Stig Lap: BMW M8 Competition | Top Gear: Series 28

1. mars. 2020
127 370 Ganger

Now, here's The Stig lapping the 616bhp, all-wheel drive BMW M8 Competition on the Top Gear test track and setting a time of... 1:26.2.
No, it's not the quickest time in the world, it has to be said. But the track was ludicrously greasy and track temps were low, so it's far from the car's best. In fact, in this week's episode Chris Harris predicted the M8 would go a fair bit quicker if conditions were better.
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  • eh, not a real lap for the wonder this was on the bottom

    Wawa KalaShWawa KalaSh7 dager siden
  • I like Chris Harris a lot and I believe he does a great job. But Top Gear just isn’t Top Gear without Clarkson, Captain Slow & Crash Hammond. Hell...I initially purchased Amazon Prime just to watch The Grand Tour...a great show btw.

    BoilerBloodlineBoilerBloodline3 måneder siden
  • Thanks this fixed my insomnia !

    Roy MoormanRoy Moorman5 måneder siden
  • New series of top gear is so boring

    zeddd 86zeddd 866 måneder siden
  • I feel bad for stig ( if hes the same guy as before) i think he misses the 3 blokes

    panggalan mo mopanggalan mo mo6 måneder siden
  • I like the engine sound, but why isn't the stig listening to some strange music or language lesson?

    rocco mrocco m7 måneder siden
  • Why was the TCS left on? 126.2 is super slow and the track doesn't even look wet.

    Andyroo79Andyroo797 måneder siden
  • God bless you Stig and the BMW

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro7 måneder siden
  • Looooks soooooo slooowwwwwwwww

    I VillaI Villa7 måneder siden
  • E90 M3 for a drivers car that sound amazing. I find the F80 to tail happy and twitchy Jp

    john paulljohn paull7 måneder siden
  • waste of my time, nothing to see here.

    TUMITUMI7 måneder siden
  • Why A/C is on? -20HP. Outside temperature is 18, and A/C is on with 20. Smart.

    Attila TemesváriAttila Temesvári7 måneder siden
  • Nice lap!

    Jean-René VialJean-René Vial7 måneder siden
  • The BMW 1M did a faster time in the wet (1.25) years ago. Oops...

    Mister NobodyMister Nobody7 måneder siden
    • This is slower than the 15 year old E60 M5...

      Dāvis KalvānsDāvis Kalvāns7 måneder siden
  • looks like a female stig to me.

    stepjaystepjay7 måneder siden
  • Nice sound. From the speakers.

    HeadPackHeadPack7 måneder siden
  • Left it in auto ??

    gazbaileyrngazbaileyrn7 måneder siden
  • Boring looking car🙈🙈 1 minute 30 long video🙈🙈

    vincentADvincentAD7 måneder siden
  • Very nice car , a tad over priced and very similar to a mustang from the side.

    adam andersonadam anderson7 måneder siden
    • Mustang is garbage compared to m8

      Cristi McsCristi Mcs4 måneder siden
    • About 100k overpriced

      Mister NobodyMister Nobody7 måneder siden
  • where is the music?

    가나가나7 måneder siden
  • Downshifts are terribly slow. Zf8 sucks!

    kyrix1stkyrix1st7 måneder siden
  • 1.26.2 Even Stig is not as good as old times.

    Alim750Alim7507 måneder siden
    • Not quite as good as Ben Collins (sacked white stig) imo but this guy's pretty good on a dry track, on a wet track not as good

      Top Gear on Forza 6 - The Power LapsTop Gear on Forza 6 - The Power Laps7 måneder siden
  • This is not stig driving or it's not the fast lap!

    Tomas RacakTomas Racak7 måneder siden
  • Nice car☺

    RED-LINE lineRED-LINE line7 måneder siden
  • I appreciate that there's wet conditions and all, but I swear the E92 M3 and E60 M5 were faster... wonder if there's too much power to handle with these newer cars :/

    Aaron HussainAaron Hussain7 måneder siden
  • BMW sem drift não tem graça!

    Miguel Dos Santos BarbarescoMiguel Dos Santos Barbaresco7 måneder siden
  • BORING,,,

    itay mitraitay mitra7 måneder siden
  • Waste of time, where is the stats?

    MoteaYSAMoteaYSA7 måneder siden
  • Man I hate this track 🤪

    D Eye'sD Eye's7 måneder siden
  • This was extremely boring?

    Ola LilliehöökOla Lilliehöök7 måneder siden
  • Smooth is fast...

    Jinan N. LipdoJinan N. Lipdo7 måneder siden
  • The Stig is a pro driver... he should have driven it in Track mode.

    BrucieBrucie7 måneder siden
  • 0-60 never

    for_all_thosefor_all_those7 måneder siden
  • Harris claimed the track was soaking wet. It doesn't look that soaked from this video. So, 1m26s is definitely slow

    USugoUSugo7 måneder siden
  • Nice but not over 100k nice it's a BM depreciations not far around the corner

    the chicken manthe chicken man7 måneder siden
    • All cars depreciate smartass.

      ArcherArcher7 måneder siden
  • 🤤🤤🤤👌👌

    Michael MotorsMichael Motors7 måneder siden
  • nice

    Hacı AhmetHacı Ahmet7 måneder siden
  • He would be much faster if the steering wheel was where it's suppose to be. ON THE LEFT SIDE

    Steven CartlidgeSteven Cartlidge7 måneder siden
  • Auto mode... No paddle shifting 🤔🥴

    Club SportClub Sport7 måneder siden
    • I thought he was driving in auto as well.. until I looked closely at the paddle on the right, you can see it flick on the upshifts - in the right light

      BrucieBrucie7 måneder siden
  • M8 is just too heavy for trackdriving... :D

    JerainJezzaJerainJezza7 måneder siden
    • @Adedoyin Oluwo You are fucking idiot even M5 F90 CP beats GT 63 S. You dont know what you talking about M8 GC beats GT 63 S easy

      Hen zoHen zo4 måneder siden
    • @Adedoyin Oluwo I never knew BMW made cats. People like you can't even make their breakfast, you misplaced bushman.

      Spiral ArchitectSpiral Architect5 måneder siden
    • Adedoyin Oluwo English?

      Edward KangEdward Kang6 måneder siden
    • So it Mercedes amg GT63S but it gets the job done. BMW makes piece of shit cats

      Adedoyin OluwoAdedoyin Oluwo6 måneder siden
    • I'm sure the old BMW M135i managed a similar time

      TeacherToolkitDemoTeacherToolkitDemo7 måneder siden
  • Paddy said you would not buy a BMW for £120k+, but rather an Aston or a Bentley. I’m sorry, but a Bentley is a VW, so it’s basically a £100k+ Golf, and that Aston is half Mercedes, so it actually works. So his argument that you buy either of the two for the badge is “wrong”, as the badges no longer represent what they used to.

    Kolorado 72Kolorado 727 måneder siden
    • @Kolorado 72 Nah, I am not pissed off, didnt realize u were being sarcastic though. But the badge remark still stands, most of the cars price is the badge, which sucks for us, ordinary people.

      Vlr K.Vlr K.7 måneder siden
    • @Vlr K. took long enough to piss someone off. In all seriousness, you are right, but a little but of humor is never bad ;)

      Kolorado 72Kolorado 727 måneder siden
    • What a stupid comment. The fact that VW owns the Bentley does not make it a 'Golf'. VW owns half of the automotive industry, that does not really make them all Golfs.

      Vlr K.Vlr K.7 måneder siden
  • That V8 sound though 😍

    Phil GreenPhil Green7 måneder siden
    • Philip Green yes they do it with all the new “M” cars, and yeah it has to be somewhat real but its mostly the speakers

      Alex VegaAlex Vega7 måneder siden
    • Alex Vega really? Surely the sound is partly real, I do know that some manufacturers pump fake sounds through the speakers to make their cars sound better, but you think BMW have done that with the M8?

      Phil GreenPhil Green7 måneder siden
    • Dude the speakers are making that noise 🤣🤢

      Alex VegaAlex Vega7 måneder siden
  • Is this Stig James May? Looks like he's following the Sat Nav!!

    foxladdesignfoxladdesign7 måneder siden
  • Topgear ended at series 23 this is just a shitshow

    Dylan V WykDylan V Wyk7 måneder siden
    • @Nathan Brown eat a shit

      Dylan V WykDylan V Wyk7 måneder siden
    • Dont watch it then simple as...

      Nathan BrownNathan Brown7 måneder siden
  • Yeah that lap can be improved by 2 seconds easily.

    2jzandy s2jzandy s7 måneder siden
  • M3 e90 was faster here.

    Emit RemmusEmit Remmus7 måneder siden
  • with Clarkson's voice

    KingBantouKingBantou7 måneder siden
  • a 1.26.2 is a time you used to get from a 18 year old Monaro - something with ~230hp less that's a family car and the stig just put a 'track car' around at the same time? you slippin, stiggy? edit: just found out why. the M8 is ~1900kg while the Monaro is ~1650kg. mass makes all the difference.

    STAG162STAG1627 måneder siden
    • This lap time is slower than a 15 year old naturally aspirated 500hp M5 E60...

      Dāvis KalvānsDāvis Kalvāns7 måneder siden
  • Was I the only one fixated on the nav screen?

    D CD C7 måneder siden
  • What episode was the M8 review on?

    B AB A7 måneder siden
    • Sunday's

      Daniel doreDaniel dore7 måneder siden
  • At the end of the video you should put the lap time on the screen.

    Patrick RollinsPatrick Rollins7 måneder siden
  • And taking the final turn on Gambon and crosses the finish line in....

    Oz AkmanOz Akman7 måneder siden
  • Michael Schumacher

    Tim MackyTim Macky7 måneder siden
  • The old top gear days are better

    Milan McraeMilan Mcrae7 måneder siden
  • Just looked sooooo slow....

    Albert YangAlbert Yang7 måneder siden
  • The Stig driving fast is always fun to watch. I wish they did the funny background music still.

    ricky vricky v7 måneder siden
  • So much more input on what the car is experiencing from the normal outside view with all the sounds it makes as it powers though the track, not to mention (the VERY MISSED) Clarkson's commentary.

    Michael MorrisonMichael Morrison7 måneder siden
  • IDK did he ever get it wide open didn't hear it

    yan bagyan bag7 måneder siden
  • The lap was nice. But i have to ask why do you still use MPH. Its 1600 meters to 1 mile. Yet for KPH is 1000 meters to 1km. So the accuracy is superior in every way. Hell im pretty sure you british invented KPH. But you use the backwards American MPH.

    Stephen BachmanStephen Bachman7 måneder siden
  • Engine sound simulation coming from the speakers 🔊

    Steven TuringSteven Turing7 måneder siden
  • 1:26.2 wet lap.

    HUM CHUM C7 måneder siden
  • Some say ... Stig drives blind folded

    DonaId TrumpDonaId Trump7 måneder siden
  • £165K for this thanks

    Ash KharaitAsh Kharait7 måneder siden

    Nick GregoryNick Gregory7 måneder siden
  • More tractor than sports car.

    wisedupearlywisedupearly7 måneder siden
  • Stig is great but this whole segment was so much better on old topear

    John SJohn S7 måneder siden
  • 0:58 the stig is wearing sunglasses. I wish that Clarkson would have said that

    LaxyzoLaxyzo7 måneder siden
    • stubones stfu the old ones were much better

      Jayden SanghaJayden Sangha7 måneder siden
    • stubones Right, you should probably stop.

      BrandonBrandon7 måneder siden
  • what is the point of this video?

    Mano MegaMano Mega7 måneder siden
  • Shame it just sounds like the default artificial BMW engine noise

    CP NOSHOWCP NOSHOW7 måneder siden
  • No lap time and comparisons

    Jay CampomanesJay Campomanes7 måneder siden
  • Where’s the timer

    Nico DolciatoNico Dolciato7 måneder siden
    • on the show

      Max MabeyMax Mabey7 måneder siden
  • That's Chris Harris at the wheel 😂😉

    The Bird of HermesThe Bird of Hermes7 måneder siden
    • power steering setup for your gran

      for_all_thosefor_all_those7 måneder siden
  • EDDIE IRVINE still eating road

    Ruairi McCarthyRuairi McCarthy7 måneder siden
  • Dear Stig, why didn't you run it in ESC OFF mode? I thought that's against your rules.

    Juraj HrivnakJuraj Hrivnak7 måneder siden
  • What the TCS light?

    Ara CarranoAra Carrano7 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is no longer better than videos made by random NOworldrs.

    /// AMG/// AMG7 måneder siden
  • Last week I watched a TG Episode on Dave where Richard Hammond CRUSHED AND FLATTENED the old Suzuki Lianna under a building that was been knocked down and Totally destroyed the car Last episode March 2020 series Emergency services challenge TG reasonably priced Suzuki Lianna is BACK driven by the Stig HOW CAN THIS CAR BE BACK WHEN RICHARD HAMMOND TOTALLY DESTROYED IT 10 YEAR AGO TOP GEAR TOTALLY FORGETTING THIS CAR WAS FLATTENED AND TOTALLY DESTROYED 10 YEARS AGO BY RICHARD HAMMOND in his way of giving the car a VIKING BURIAL

    Marty McFLY 1985Marty McFLY 19857 måneder siden
    • Wasn't it the Chevrolet Lacetti that was destroyed all those years ago?

      Uzair SyedUzair Syed7 måneder siden
  • What is this video?

    Valito CardosoValito Cardoso7 måneder siden
  • I'm loving the new Top Gear!

    bassicuk1986bassicuk19867 måneder siden
  • This may sound strange but really dig this rear view mirror design ahahahah

    John SmithJohn Smith7 måneder siden
    • John Smith the shaved off some grams by not putting a phatt plastic frame

      Caprise - MusicCaprise - Music7 måneder siden
  • Sting need navigation for lap😜

    NZNZ7 måneder siden
  • Yes i was narrating this with Clarkson's voice.... and across the line...

    Lone WolfLone Wolf7 måneder siden
  • 1 26 ...

    Rhphoenix5 5Rhphoenix5 57 måneder siden
  • The interior lights and mirror kind of remind me of Iron Man

    • Symbiote Spider-Man

      Eric PischEric Pisch7 måneder siden
  • They should add a speedometer and live lap timer to the video.

    Aslam MoollaAslam Moolla7 måneder siden
  • bmw and no drifting???

    Get_LeftGet_Left7 måneder siden
    • And the TCS light Blinking

      Ara CarranoAra Carrano7 måneder siden
  • he left some time here and there, car is maybe to massive

    HonkitomHonkitom7 måneder siden
    • NewsFreak42 or the track is damp.

      AlanAlan7 måneder siden
  • 160,000 , 160,000 , 160,000 thats all i can think about watching this ....

    I like frogs . one year ago.I like frogs . one year ago.7 måneder siden
  • What was that !!?? Boring. I remember when Clarkson was the lap commentator and now boring !!!

    Waleed KhanWaleed Khan7 måneder siden
  • You go Mr. Stiggles!

    Chris MilesChris Miles7 måneder siden
    • Wait ... now I want a “Mr. Men” book about the Stig. Please make this happen ... and if you do, can I have the first copy for free?

      Chris MilesChris Miles7 måneder siden
  • Is this time that the m8 set right ? That's the exactly the same lap time as the M5 e90 (the v10)

    Rodrigo LuizRodrigo Luiz7 måneder siden
    • ​@Alan On their site it says wet, I'm still disappointed.

      Rodrigo LuizRodrigo Luiz7 måneder siden
    • Rodrigo Luiz was that lap done in damp conditions?

      AlanAlan7 måneder siden
  • I really like bmw

    Fredric JohansenFredric Johansen7 måneder siden
  • M8 what’s wrong

    RpM_EvanRpM_Evan7 måneder siden
  • It's looking a little squirrely.

    YaxezYaxez7 måneder siden
  • Also £165,000?? What’s with all the £120k comparisons when the car that was driven was 38% more expensive

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor7 måneder siden
    • It probably had a lot of additional options fitted to it

      Nathan BrownNathan Brown7 måneder siden
  • Surprised the TC was on with an xDrive M Car...

    Joe AchillesJoe Achilles7 måneder siden
    • Exactly, as well as you being the first to notice 🤙🏽

      Daan PijlDaan Pijl7 måneder siden
  • That looked damp, yes, but 10 seconds damp?? Really??

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor7 måneder siden
    • Not a chance. Other, much cheaper and older BMWs did quicker wet laps than this without AWD. Including a 1M. The M8 is stupid, they made it FAR to heavy. It's not a supercar, not even a sports car. The price for this thing is just silly.

      Mister NobodyMister Nobody7 måneder siden
    • To be honest stig was crap in this, could and should have pushed harder... And not had the traction control on!

      Top Gear on Forza 6 - The Power LapsTop Gear on Forza 6 - The Power Laps7 måneder siden
    • armchair experts talking out of their asses

      peter reteppeter retep7 måneder siden
    • Paul Taylor exactly... i thought it was 4 secs for a wet lap

      Ash KharaitAsh Kharait7 måneder siden
  • Why aren’t stigs laps shown live on tv as it used to on previous series, the stig is an icon of top gear and these boring video’s with no commentary just make the stig a side show. @topgear please bring back the stig to the live show.

    hamwic BIhamwic BI7 måneder siden
  • Cmon, Stig! Squeak some rubber! Egg on!

    William CWilliam C7 måneder siden
  • Thank god he didn’t use turn signals.

    IndirectFeverIndirectFever7 måneder siden