Stig Lap: Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 28

26. jan.. 2020
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Top Gear is back with a shiny new series and on your screens Sundays at 8pm on BBC Two (if you're in the UK).
Ariel Atom 4 (Wet) Time: 01:25.3
UK or not though - here's The Stig wrestling the brand-new Ariel Atom 4 around the Top Gear track*. With the new Civic Type R engine, it's a torque-y monster and the conditions were... um... less than perfect. Stig's sideways antics remind us all: we are not worthy!
*Sorry about the camera movement!
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  • Ariel Atom 4 (Wet) Time: 01:25.3

    Top GearTop Gear9 måneder siden
    • You’ve got to stop dicking around and only showing the hot laps online. You build up excitement in the show and then ..... nothing. Please go back to including the lap footage in the show. Otherwise the show is on top form.

      KOLA FlipperKOLA Flipper6 måneder siden
    • @closedcl8 no chance

      Top Gear on Forza 6 - The Power LapsTop Gear on Forza 6 - The Power Laps8 måneder siden
    • Wet fart

      Greiguci WootchieGreiguci Wootchie8 måneder siden
    • But will it beat a konisegg :1

      Dennis CzerwinskaDennis Czerwinska9 måneder siden
    • @closedcl8 Not sure at all...

      Xavier BuryXavier Bury9 måneder siden
  • i'm bored 🎁 🦁 🐒

    Sweet Girl***Sweet Girl***4 dager siden
  • Talk about shite camera angles during the lap...

    renshooorenshooo5 dager siden
  • idk bout you but stig is perfect for this car

    sub_ur_bersub_ur_ber22 dager siden
  • Uhh White sus

    agaash2007agaash200724 dager siden
  • Sting is the best

    Nicholas CromartieNicholas CromartieMåned siden
  • Atom 4 , no song

    mate borimate bori3 måneder siden
  • The old top gear was better, full of excitement, not just showing a lap time from an on board cam.....

    ZojfeZojfe4 måneder siden
  • what helmet is he using

    enggoatenggoat4 måneder siden
  • Here's a little comparison on track between the Atom 4 & Atom 3! []. Who's fastest you think?

    Paul & Rob AutomotivePaul & Rob Automotive4 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Timur MurzabekovTimur Murzabekov4 måneder siden
  • This guy doesn't drive like the real Stig. It must be his cousin.

    Jake HasemanJake Haseman5 måneder siden
  • Love the turbo noise.

    Matthew BMatthew B7 måneder siden
  • When Stig has difficulties with handling this car on the track; what would the normal driver do on the streets - accident waiting to happen.

    Trebleda UaedirbTrebleda Uaedirb8 måneder siden
  • He’s driving worse than a drunken sailor! Look at the blasted steering wheel going all over the place, Geez

    Martin LangMartin Lang8 måneder siden
  • Love that BOV sound

    Jordy AdyatmaJordy Adyatma8 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that does Clarkson style commentary in their head while watching these laps? lol

    EthanmeisterEthanmeister8 måneder siden
  • Still using Dunsfold, I see. Thought that was being redeveloped.

    Silent HunterSilent Hunter8 måneder siden
  • Typical British weather, track conditions look appalling.

    incognito 82incognito 828 måneder siden
  • Add it into the TV SHOW. The lack of Stig Power Laps on the show is what lets me down.

    Super Stark1997Super Stark19978 måneder siden
  • Not the same because Clarkson isn't the commentator :/

    TwitchJinedTwitchJined8 måneder siden
  • So this little Stiggy isn't a left foot braker, interesting, I still don't know who it is, but it narrows it down a little.

    Mark HedgesMark Hedges8 måneder siden
  • This is what they call wet? Rly? Omg...

    Vovan4egVovan4eg8 måneder siden
  • 존나재밌겠다

    도널드트럼프도널드트럼프8 måneder siden
  • He lacks finesse on power delivery after the apex... This stig seems sloppy.

    NspinicelliNspinicelli8 måneder siden
    • Sort of agree really I do believe the old stig Ben Collins pushed cars to the limit and made corrections better than this stig. Also I really don't understand this stig's line into 2nd to last, he seems to lose so much speed on the way in. No doubt he was pushing it here but he could've given it a lot more on... most of the corners!

      Top Gear on Forza 6 - The Power LapsTop Gear on Forza 6 - The Power Laps8 måneder siden
  • Sooo, where is the summary results table with opponents? :)

    AnatoliyAnatoliy8 måneder siden
  • I bet that was fast but the was it was shot looked slow and hard to control. How about some distance shots for perspective and a better sense of speed.

    charlie regancharlie regan8 måneder siden
  • Please start showing the laps on the show again

    Fishbone _Fishbone _9 måneder siden
  • Fiesty

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson9 måneder siden
  • Not able to handle a Atom 4 haha

    madpadimadpadi9 måneder siden
  • Excellent video great to see the driver working

    Gerry McGuiganGerry McGuigan9 måneder siden
  • Stig will always rule.. but without the rest of the gang it's never going to be the same.. sorry BBC I watch grand tour

    Mike KerrMike Kerr9 måneder siden
  • Christ that engine chirrup is irritating!

    Scott McKenzieScott McKenzie9 måneder siden
  • But why u try car like this on wet? How is the sense? You must do a lap with the sun, with hot tires, and with maximum power (ariel4 has 3 engine mod) .. please do it better!

    Daniele DDaniele D9 måneder siden
  • Some say they miss his lap being on the show

    A96oayeA96oaye9 måneder siden
  • I know he is pushing the machine right to it’s limits but I thought the Ariel atom had much better control.

    Scott HughesScott Hughes9 måneder siden
  • The sound of disappointment, why put a turbo instead of a supercharger or better still a proper naturally aspirated engine.

    Amir BrightAmir Bright9 måneder siden
  • What should be the best TV broadcast for motor patients cannot publish a video with a quality worthy of a 12 year old boy on the first day of video on a soap box. Come on guys call Atom back and shoot a video worthy of the name! Hope in a dry circuit too.

    Mirko CiuffaMirko Ciuffa9 måneder siden
  • that turbo blow off sounds so good

    Misha W.Misha W.9 måneder siden
  • The reason the atom looks all over the place is because it is on super hard dry racing tyres which have no grip in the wet. I have an atom 4 with racing wets and it is way more grippy than that.

    Azman 458Azman 4589 måneder siden
  • Mounting an onboard camera on a stabilizer rig is a huge sin. What are you going to focus on, the person that drives the car with the interior or the scenery?

    GRD PROJEKTGRD PROJEKT9 måneder siden
  • It’d be awesome if you guys made a channel that was dedicated to uploading all of the hot laps of the Top Gear Test Track uncut like this

    James GoldsworthyJames Goldsworthy9 måneder siden
  • Ariel atom 4 : ATCHOO ATCHOO ATCHOO

    Mert LadMert Lad9 måneder siden
  • CORVETTE C8.R PICS/VIDEOS FROM DAYTONA 🏁🏁🏁 INSTAGRAM 👉🏻👉🏻 🔥📸👉🏻@bret.mccormick👈🏻📸🔥 TAKEN BY ME👉🏻#bret.mccormick👈🏻

    TheMacLife 1TheMacLife 19 måneder siden
  • I love the commentary. Stig really has a way with words!

    Dan BlackDan Black9 måneder siden

    vadaszi markvadaszi mark9 måneder siden
  • Driving style, car setup, tyres all looked horrible. Stiggy looked like hed just jumped out of a mclaren straight into the atom.

    John HewittJohn Hewitt9 måneder siden
  • Adult go cart.

    joe whitejoe white9 måneder siden
  • I dont like this new top gear 👎

    gondokistgondokist9 måneder siden
  • This is not so great when no time is revealed and it isn't put on the board compared to other cars.

    MrMoneyHelperMrMoneyHelper9 måneder siden
  • Correcting the steering on the straight, that looks like a handful. He was feathering the throttle to try and get traction in the wet.

    Dave SDave S9 måneder siden
  • the fact that Top Gear leaves this out of their shows, demonstrates how much they have missed the mark with this new series. Top gear is dead. Long live the Grand Tour.

    blantonatorblantonator9 måneder siden
  • Beautiful heel toe.

    Gorilla Face GwenGorilla Face Gwen9 måneder siden
  • Conditions arnt ideal but no need to be so tail happy all the time. Doing for the camera maybe?

    willmx85willmx859 måneder siden
  • I miss the supercharger drive ability. Cannot beat it

    Sky BoundSky Bound9 måneder siden
  • He was fighting it constantly.

    Mike RodgerMike Rodger9 måneder siden
  • bit slippery innit

    moonlite xmoonlite x9 måneder siden
  • That's an incredible camera mount. It seems to react to lateral acceleration as well as having a manual bias operated from a control station. Does anyone have any info on it?

    David DavidDavid David9 måneder siden
    • I think that's the behaviour of the Gopro hypersmooth setting

      s1ixs1ix9 måneder siden
    • Think the mounts a bit slack (or has play in it)

      Duncan KeithDuncan Keith9 måneder siden
  • That turbo damn

    EssenelEssenel9 måneder siden
  • C'mon BBCAmerica , why does the US have to wait till Feb8th for the season premier ?

    KenKen9 måneder siden
  • Bet: the dry time would put the Atom 4 above the Atom V8. EDIT: that's an overestimation, but I reckon it can still be supercar-beating.

    closedcl8closedcl89 måneder siden
    • closedcl8 supercar beating? How about supercar-eating, For breakfast. 💪🏼🧨

      fcodijkfcodijk9 måneder siden
  • Blow off valve be like, Hush Woosh Hoosh Woosh😅👌

    Divesh BhargavDivesh Bhargav9 måneder siden
  • A 2 years waiting list 🙁😕😩😢😭

    luckistryke13luckistryke139 måneder siden
  • I revisit this channel once and a while cause I don't watch the show anymore and I still read that people don't like new Top Gear lol.

    Yosh Monster ProductionsYosh Monster Productions9 måneder siden
  • I know sliding is fun but if it had 50% more rear end grip would be a weapon

    EDGEDAZZAEDGEDAZZA9 måneder siden
  • Too much power + short wheelbase + damp-ass track = Heart attack Simulator 2020.

    AmazezingerAmazezinger9 måneder siden
  • With all the money available to them, they produce a video that is no better than having a mobile phone or dash cam recording. So much want to be not like the original Stig lap has produced a video so boring it gives you none of the spectacle or speed of the car.

    Essex AndersEssex Anders9 måneder siden
  • An overpriced go cart that has to much power to even put down any grip.

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty9 måneder siden
    • try one, you'll be amazed at the grip!

      Xavier BuryXavier Bury9 måneder siden
  • Another great drive. That dude can drive. (:

    ricky vricky v9 måneder siden
  • thats a handful

    TheTonicroTheTonicro9 måneder siden
  • That was the best view of the track ever. And I havent watched top gear since they shot old yeller in the face.

    Adam HuskeyAdam Huskey9 måneder siden
    • Nope.

      ClutchPedalReturnSprgClutchPedalReturnSprg4 måneder siden
    • old yeller shot himself ... and his two buddies ..

      sledger2003sledger20037 måneder siden
  • Great run! They should have made the atom 4 awd. Traction issue everytime it exits a corner.

    butch tbutch t9 måneder siden
    • pfff, keep it RWD, more fun!

      Xavier BuryXavier Bury9 måneder siden
  • That camera couldn't hold on enough.

    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)9 måneder siden
  • My god that thing looks like a handful.

    ShermanMR2ShermanMR29 måneder siden
  • Sehr verrückt, es hat mir gefallen!

    AlelAlel9 måneder siden
  • Doesn't look nearly as quick in this view.

    danmar007danmar0079 måneder siden
  • Ufff... Amazing.

    Matias VarelaMatias Varela9 måneder siden
  • Stig life!

    Rich AardvarkRich Aardvark9 måneder siden
  • Who is the man behind The Stig ?

    Mighty BoomerangMighty Boomerang9 måneder siden
  • Boy it really wants to step out when exiting corners....

    HachiZenkiHachiZenki9 måneder siden
  • *apologies for the camera movement* The movement made it look even cooler! Especially through the hammerhead!

    Marco LeonMarco Leon9 måneder siden
    • ...still wish I could see ahead more. Was fun watching the camera get turned about.

      GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)9 måneder siden
  • I think it needs a sequential gearbox

    Nate VanSlotenNate VanSloten9 måneder siden
  • Dancing on the pedals ~ Phil Liggett

    Big MTBig MT9 måneder siden
  • So apparently TG doesn't know how to mount a camera properly.

    NuchNuch9 måneder siden
    • @GRD PROJEKT Agreed, I hated that one too

      NuchNuch9 måneder siden
    • The Grand Tour guys also did this in Colombia Special, it's horrible.

      GRD PROJEKTGRD PROJEKT9 måneder siden
  • Bit too fast but not a bad car

    Pilkie101Pilkie1019 måneder siden
  • Arrives in corner at massive speed. Feet move at a sedate measured pace. That's skill.

    Rob TapRob Tap9 måneder siden
  • Why’d I think this was a forza video

    S197S1979 måneder siden
  • Nice footwork Stiggy. I still heal and toe even though my car has auto blip. So much fun. I'm not suprised the time was bad. The conditions look horrible!

    Chris MChris M9 måneder siden
  • It must be tough to live in the UK .. it’s either raining or looks like it’s raining

    mike thulinmike thulin9 måneder siden
    • Tsu 800 both accurate statements

      mike thulinmike thulin9 måneder siden
    • At least we don't get hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, massive floods, 10foot snow drifts or firestorms!

      Tsu 800Tsu 8009 måneder siden
  • One of the best pov-cam's i've seen..can see all the driver inputs and where the car is.

    tedtheturbottedtheturbot9 måneder siden
    • My mind is ruined. Whenever I read POV-cam I think if something very different to this.

      Chris MChris M9 måneder siden
  • Some say he has traction control built into his normal shoes so he doesn't lose traction while he is walking to the pub .

    David HillDavid Hill9 måneder siden
    • @Mark Hedges Some say he keeps a photo of his wallet... In his wallet

      Aaron MAaron M8 måneder siden
    • And some say he hovers to the pub, all we know is, he's the Stig!!! 😂

      Mark HedgesMark Hedges8 måneder siden
    • David Hill i miss that poem tho

      gondokistgondokist9 måneder siden
  • It's a bitch to steer out of a corner

    Oni-Wan KenobiOni-Wan Kenobi9 måneder siden
  • lively little beastie.

    konaheadkonahead9 måneder siden
  • That car looks like a handful, twitchy and unbalanced, front grip seemed weird at times.

    pignonMZ6pignonMZ69 måneder siden
  • Always with the rain!!!

    Yancy SmithYancy Smith9 måneder siden
  • I just found out who the Stig is from that video

    James ReevesJames Reeves9 måneder siden
  • Big toe lil toe'ing like a boss

    krspicekrspice9 måneder siden
  • You gave us 2 minutes of shit scripted "comedy" instead of this?

    Greg MayledGreg Mayled9 måneder siden
  • When that boost kick in its a handful . Looks fun as hell.

    BSNismoBSNismo9 måneder siden