Spotted! The Stig evading security at LEGO House | Top Gear

9. mars. 2020
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The Stig was seen accessing LEGO HQ in Denmark out-of-hours. Footage captured shows the mystery racing driver teasing security at ‘LEGO House’ as he designs and builds his own remote-control rally car prototype - before exiting at speed in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in the direction of the Top Gear test track.
Drive like The Stig with the LEGO Technic App-controlled Top Gear Rally Car:
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  • Picked it up last night. It’s a pretty awesome set. Definitely worth the money.

    Matthew AdairMatthew Adair14 dager siden
  • Wow, Stig's learned a lot about technology since his race across London on public transport. =)

    James AnthonyJames AnthonyMåned siden
  • Tonight stig builds a car, a man chases the car, and I rescue the car.

    nova eyenova eyeMåned siden
  • i love it when there is scene of a RC car escaping the villains

    Nature SpecialistNature SpecialistMåned siden
  • h

    Liam MacdonaldLiam Macdonald2 måneder siden
  • The sting has a good taste in cars

    Lovro KovačićLovro Kovačić2 måneder siden
  • This set combines in my opinion all the best things in the world : LEGO , remote control , Top Gear and STIG

    Jan KołodziejczykJan Kołodziejczyk3 måneder siden
  • Some say, he was in James May's lego house but he ain't the Stig. HE'S THE STIG'S lego loving cousin

    SMPandanic Nintendo 64SMPandanic Nintendo 644 måneder siden
  • I love how The Stig is now considered the most marketable aspect of Top Gear.

    HalotakuHalotaku4 måneder siden
  • The car shouldn’t have gone on the stairs, they confuse the stig

    aShit SandwichaShit Sandwich4 måneder siden
  • put some vtec in there

    axlaxl4 måneder siden
  • Who else saw this on Xbox and signed up for a prize

    MTB BlakeMTB Blake5 måneder siden
  • I've wasted 3 minutes of my time watching a couple of product placements.

    Rhianne MollRhianne Moll5 måneder siden
  • Old top gear was better

    Ace LAce L5 måneder siden
  • Stig's new car

    chris alvarezchris alvarez5 måneder siden
  • Imagine that little car puts down a lap time faster than any sports car that’s featured

    Matthew HerreraMatthew Herrera5 måneder siden
  • i want that

    Salahuddin AshiqSalahuddin Ashiq6 måneder siden
  • New top gear is bad

    Czech playerCzech player6 måneder siden
  • I miss Jeremy Clarkson 😢

    TheSudden AMRITheSudden AMRI6 måneder siden
    • Hasn't been worth watching since the old crew left. =(

      James AnthonyJames AnthonyMåned siden
  • how can he use touchscreen with his gloves on

    Five10Five106 måneder siden
  • Man how could they even ruin the stig

    14725800369147258003696 måneder siden
  • "Some say he collects lego in his attic"

    Jay KilkennyJay Kilkenny7 måneder siden
    • All we know is, he is called James May!

      Sai BattuSai Battu6 måneder siden
  • Some say he invaded the lego headquarters in Denmark and still looks for Jeremy Clarkson All we know that he is called the STIG!

    AlkalaidAlkalaid7 måneder siden
  • Just to let you guys know if you plan on buying this set, this set is absolutely rubbish.

    gogoeverybodygogoeverybody7 måneder siden
  • That’s if not the most incompetent security guard

    WhipperSnapperWhipperSnapper7 måneder siden
  • Stig is very quiet

    MarcelMarcel7 måneder siden
  • The Stig doesn't know to use a phone!

    The Basya GamerThe Basya Gamer7 måneder siden
  • so slow xD :D

    letiferdsletiferds7 måneder siden
  • some say he had to meet abbie in grand tour but...

    Mehdi NobakhtMehdi Nobakht7 måneder siden
  • .___.

    Ermungand __Ermungand __7 måneder siden
  • Too gear just isn’t the same

    JustScribeJustScribe7 måneder siden
  • Some say that the sting knows how to build every LEGO car ever made, from memory, and that if LEGO ever built a model of him you couldn’t take off the helmet

    Romulas -Cushman projectRomulas -Cushman project7 måneder siden
  • Im quite sure Stig misses the old hosts

    Jaden _is_g8Jaden _is_g87 måneder siden
  • The Stigs night job as a Lego car thief

    QuantumPlayzQuantumPlayz7 måneder siden
  • Grand tour - faaar more better

    borndeadborndead7 måneder siden
  • Stig was just giving Mr. Donut here a workout.

    a shut-ina shut-in7 måneder siden
  • 2:17 that sfx is from jojo, lol

    KaisuraKaisura7 måneder siden
  • Collaboration confirmed

    Smatlom GamingSmatlom Gaming7 måneder siden
  • does anyone remember when top gear was actually good, idk back in the day with may, clarkson, and hammond?

    Carrson PiazzaCarrson Piazza7 måneder siden
    • Yes, remember. Don't know how they can even call it top gear now, cause it's not top gear without Clarkson, Hammond and May.

      The Real RacerThe Real Racer7 måneder siden
  • This ad is amazing 👍 great job Top Gear team

    Igor UzunIgor Uzun7 måneder siden
  • He is the guy who makes legos in the lego ads

    AshwinAshwin7 måneder siden
  • The Stig can use a smartphone wearing racer's gloves

    L'ascolto Del VenerdìL'ascolto Del Venerdì7 måneder siden
    • those arent gloves thats his skin

      soundbolt47soundbolt477 måneder siden
  • Lewis Hamilton the StiG.....

    Arjun Manikyam VisweswaranArjun Manikyam Visweswaran7 måneder siden
  • How is he driving a rc car with gloves on

    Sreerang PrabhakarSreerang Prabhakar7 måneder siden
  • A very gykhanaesque feeling about this!

    Karan SisodiaKaran Sisodia7 måneder siden
  • *please rate my channel. Video is released daily.*

    FremkaFremka7 måneder siden
  • I dont get it whats the stig? someone famous? I love lego but never heard of stig

    Derek1978Derek19787 måneder siden
  • If this doesn’t come with a little Stig minifig I’ll be solely disappointed

    Troy LauTroy Lau7 måneder siden
  • I recommend the LEGO house, took my daughter there on its 1st Anniversary - we had a fab time and got free second visit tickets... now collectables... great fun.

    Fraser HallFraser Hall7 måneder siden
  • Some say his cousin was born in a pit of primordial ooze consisting of Playmobil and petrol. And that his father wouldn't let him play with Lego's as a youngster. All we know is he's called The Lego Stig!

    betatalk357betatalk3577 måneder siden
  • Why I feel inside stig Michael Schumacher is there😬

    Atharva SonawaneAtharva Sonawane7 måneder siden
    • He look thinner

      G FG F7 måneder siden
  • Michael Schumacher

    Tim MackyTim Macky7 måneder siden
  • 2:43 One hour LATER!

    Farmboy1544Farmboy15447 måneder siden
  • "some say, he should've gone to amazon with the other three"

    Steven Robert GillSteven Robert Gill7 måneder siden
    • Perfection

      nova eyenova eyeMåned siden
    • Others say, he should have been retired when Ben Collins was sacked. All we know is... He's called the Stig.

      peter obermullerpeter obermuller7 måneder siden
  • That felt like it was a half hour long

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance7 måneder siden
  • Pure joy and amazing idea. Thanks.

    PevvexPevvex7 måneder siden
  • Is it already out?

    DJ OrtizDJ Ortiz7 måneder siden
  • Lego Speed Champions XD

    The CaymaNThe CaymaN7 måneder siden
  • I’m just impressed that he can use his phone with gloves on

    Skryll’s Mini GarageSkryll’s Mini Garage7 måneder siden
    • I remember when he raced across London on public transport and didn't even know what a phone was =)

      James AnthonyJames AnthonyMåned siden
    • Those aren't gloves, that is his skin.

      1baby12bear1baby12bear7 måneder siden
  • Is that for sale?

    geo kamgeo kam7 måneder siden
  • I like how we are finally getting a top gear set

    Foop The HoopFoop The Hoop7 måneder siden
  • Some say........ that he invaded the Lego headquarters in Denmark to demand for his own Bust model.

    Darth CocoDarth Coco7 måneder siden
  • Lego you need to fire this security guard this instant.

    Pininfarina MarktwoPininfarina Marktwo7 måneder siden
  • Well that was random...

    Talex 0211Talex 02117 måneder siden
  • Yea but it's top gear...not The Grand Tour :/

    Rosolino TVRosolino TV7 måneder siden
  • 3 2 1 action This thing should be a movie

    Winter FloppyWinter Floppy7 måneder siden
  • Absolutely awesome LEGO add !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry Johnson IIJerry Johnson II7 måneder siden
  • Reminds me of that one Lego racers game where you drive an RC car through a nightly Lego shop.

    BoltscrapBoltscrap7 måneder siden
  • Es hat mir gefallen hahahahahaha!

    AlelAlel7 måneder siden
  • Stiggies little rc car what a little legend

    JRGAMING2K18JRGAMING2K187 måneder siden
  • What did he even take

    RpM_EvanRpM_Evan7 måneder siden
  • Cute, but no proper transmitter, no deal.

    Number 6Number 67 måneder siden
  • The fast and the stigulous

    LloydiLloydi7 måneder siden
  • Stig has fallen into the city in Lego! Start the new VTEC washing machine! H e Y! Build the VTEC washing machine! And off the race! Prepare the Stig, stretch the Stig and make the race! New farming collection from The Stig

    DY DonkyeeDY Donkyee7 måneder siden
  • The Stig’s Criminal Cousin.

    The Fast LaneThe Fast Lane7 måneder siden
  • Some say he lives in a lego factory. All we know that he is not the Stig. But he is the Stig's Lego cousin.

    Lizst Is CoolLizst Is Cool7 måneder siden
    • Danish cousin

      Dhruv DingariDhruv Dingari7 måneder siden
  • I been here

    CyclingbobCyclingbob7 måneder siden
  • Now we know who started it all..It's the stig who's spreading covid-19 across Europe travelling in a bright green 991.2 GT3RS!!😂

    Rahul PradeepRahul Pradeep7 måneder siden
  • How could anybody give this a thumbs down ?!?! This is EXCELLENT !!!! And it's going right into my favorites list.

    Vampirebear13Vampirebear137 måneder siden
  • Forza and top gear are stealing ideas from each other.

    Souk KhanhsilaSouk Khanhsila7 måneder siden
  • my like is 1000th :D

    Mustafa ÇabukMustafa Çabuk7 måneder siden
  • 🙂

    The StigThe Stig7 måneder siden
  • you gotta admit Stig is iconic and ofc awesome :3

    Vergil SpardaVergil Sparda7 måneder siden
  • Comercial

    SputinickSputinick7 måneder siden
  • sooo what was the point of all this?

    MightySavagEMightySavagE7 måneder siden
  • Some say he build that car himself All we know he’s called the a Stig

    Creative EngineerCreative Engineer7 måneder siden
    • Some say that he was assembled from a 3000 piece 16 years and up one of a kind set. All we know is that he's called The Stig.

      Yngvar FøllingYngvar Følling7 måneder siden
  • The stig searching for the foxes in the Lego Headquarter

    Ben SchneppensiefenBen Schneppensiefen7 måneder siden
  • I wanna know the time for LEGO stigs car 😂🤷‍♂️👍🏼

    MomoMomo7 måneder siden
    • 1:42.02

      MGy1MGy12 måneder siden

    PONO 800008PONO 8000087 måneder siden
  • I like turtles

    303StreetMachines303StreetMachines7 måneder siden
  • Should have gotten Sariel to trick that car out, so that it had some actual power in it.

    General MalarkyGeneral Malarky7 måneder siden
  • The Stig is a women

    ME17TEL 786ME17TEL 7867 måneder siden
  • Thinking this may be Valtteri Bottas' rally car cause it uses the #77 despite the Top Gear markings. =)

    ApexPredator_ApexPredator_7 måneder siden
  • Hopefully we will get to use the Lego Stig car in Forza Horizon 4.

    Raven DarkholmRaven Darkholm7 måneder siden
  • Stig or just some bad actor

    Rohit TammineediRohit Tammineedi7 måneder siden
  • The Grand Tour > Top Gear

    DannyDankoDannyDanko7 måneder siden
  • Some say he takes a lego car with himself to the bathroom, and that he once nearly forgot it there. All we know is he’s called the Stig

    Nawid AlawiNawid Alawi7 måneder siden
  • Legend the STIG

    dico sempre quello che pensodico sempre quello che penso7 måneder siden
  • Dear Jim, can you fix it for me to appear in a Lego video with the stig, I’m a stereotypical overweight inept security guard, I’ll leave the storyline to you.

    ____stu________stu____7 måneder siden
  • Looks cool

    Barsa FBarsa F7 måneder siden