PREVIEW: Chris Harris on the £72k Renault Megane RS Trophy-R | Top Gear

15. feb.. 2020
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Problem: You've got £72k burning a hole in your wallet. You want the hottest of hot hatches. You want zero compromise.
Solution: The Renault Megane RS Trophy-R. A £72k, really-very-hot hatch with roll cage, full harnesses, severe weight reduction and carbon wheels. But is it worth it? Chris Harris finds out...
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  • Sorry but I didn't think you could fit harnesses like that? They look completely unsafe.

    Ayaan Bret MitchellAyaan Bret Mitchell23 dager siden
  • A45s is faster than Renault around ring and its cheaper.

    DANDANMåned siden
  • What's the song name at 1:36?

    Altus BooysenAltus BooysenMåned siden
  • An random boi: why does this boy have no rear seats Me: because weight reduction BRO!

    Mateusz PodstawaMateusz Podstawa3 måneder siden
  • Get the £50 k one who needs carbon wheels

    JCW 7777JCW 77773 måneder siden
  • Renault monster

    Rainbowrubis65Rainbowrubis654 måneder siden
  • japanese people; drift is japanese car job harris with renault; please?

    Sinan AKSinan AK5 måneder siden
  • Pero que se han creído estos de Renault.que son Ferrari.menudo huevo de coche

    JonJon5 måneder siden
  • Tell me what's the song name at intro of commercial?

    Abdul MugheesAbdul Mughees5 måneder siden
  • I'd Rather Buy A 1st Gen V10 R8 And A R8 V8. For £72k

    MiataWaifuMiataWaifu5 måneder siden
  • pfft 5.5 secs? That only as fast as a heavier Civic Type-R

    mack cummymack cummy6 måneder siden
  • This is why car manufacturers are not going to bother with doing cars which push the boundaries of performance. Because people will still be swayed by some other car with a brand. Those who bought this Megané are in for some of the most exclusively one-offs you can get. So a high price tag would be justified.

    Silver Elgrand LowSilver Elgrand Low6 måneder siden
  • Should've just made a 3 Door Those rear doors must add some unnecessary weight.

    Roddy FedererRoddy Federer7 måneder siden
  • Am I missing something here or are Renault and the top gear boys deliberately overlooking that Renault have gone to all that trouble of saving weight but they made it a 4 door!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!! Not even got a back seat and you made it a 4 door!!!

    DelBurnDelBurn7 måneder siden
  • u know that the type r is so over engineered renault basically had to make a monster to beat a family car

    Huzaifa SavageHuzaifa Savage7 måneder siden
  • Stupid money for a Renault Megane. At the end of the day, that's all it is... A Renault. That 72K could be much better spent on something like a Porsche for instance...

    Paul NicholsPaul Nichols7 måneder siden
  • Stupid car with that price

    Cars of IrelandCars of Ireland7 måneder siden
  • Harris. Takes TG to another level. Good to camera and can actually drive a car.

    Myles ChiltonMyles Chilton7 måneder siden
  • The new Toyota GR Yaris should smoke this in dust and it’s likely to cost around £30k

    Ali LaliAli Lali8 måneder siden
  • When the limited edition civic type r beats this around the nurburgring for half the price Renault is gonna look like complete idiots for ever asking as much as they are.

    Nathan BergstromNathan Bergstrom8 måneder siden
  • With the size of that track /airfield you could drift a dacia... Pointless car.

    GrahamGraham8 måneder siden
  • As usual people talk without testing the car, without any knowledge of car production and about the development behind this car. So to everyone, shut the... Up. And one last thing, we don't give a shit about what would you buy with this kind of money. My friend would buy a flat, my dad an s class, and my neighbor a John deere and whaaaaaat? . Ciao amigos

    Robin MarplesRobin Marples8 måneder siden
  • Who on this planet would pay 72k for a bloody Megane? Insane.

    FerruzzicatiFerruzzicati8 måneder siden
  • 72k and then you need deep pockets for maintenance to keep that thing not falling apart.

    Motorraver AustraliaMotorraver Australia8 måneder siden
  • I’m a big fan of top gear ⚙️🏎🏎🏎🏎 yes yes

    D McDonaldD McDonald8 måneder siden
  • I do not like the fake car noises, those shifting noises are straight outa fast and furious

    Brian BobBrian Bob8 måneder siden
  • This car is pointless. What ever you do to a Renault... it’s still a Renault.

    marcducatimarcducati8 måneder siden
  • Why didn't they lap it round the track??

    John SmithJohn Smith8 måneder siden
  • I cant understand Top Gear and Chris Harris, they do video to review a carbon fiber wheel megane french-shit car but cant do a proper review about the A45 S (which is really the hottest of hatches) other than a shitty instagram post talking non-sense about it like “hurr durr the brakes didnt last a lap, this car is trash” Sure they forgot to mention that was a press car, Chris mustve been one of the last journalists to drive it since they’ve became such a shitty channel.

    grizzlybear117grizzlybear1178 måneder siden
  • +70k for a Renault. Oh please...

    kanervatiekanervatie8 måneder siden
  • Never in my life a French car!!!

    Phille_SwePhille_Swe8 måneder siden
  • No matter what it ain’t worth £72k

    Mustaf HejranMustaf Hejran8 måneder siden
  • Renault RS il top......

    Mirco TogniMirco Togni8 måneder siden
  • For everyone missing the point there are few things to consider. First, that the mainstream cars are cheap because of the numbers they are built in. All of the limited edition cars with custom developed parts are tremendously expensive. Most likely they dont make money from this. Secondly, it is a very low volume car and it will hold most or all of its value very well. Third, if you only care about the value for money of course it wont make sense. For that purpose exist normal Megane RS.

    Kristis BalčiūnasKristis Balčiūnas8 måneder siden
  • Renault the best

    Giuseppe AlvoGiuseppe Alvo8 måneder siden
  • the price is insane. I don't understand. Is this a real car buyable....? i don't think...No one can buy a Megane RS for 100000 euro.......

    AndreaAndrea8 måneder siden
  • Carbon fibre and go faster stripes aren't that expensive, certainly not enough to add £50k to the price.

    SMIFFYSMIFFY8 måneder siden
  • What a joke

    Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat8 måneder siden
  • People are so stupid and hate Renault for no reason. They price is baised on : 20000€ Carbon wheels , 8000€ ohlins supspension ,1000€ Carbon hood , etc etc Porsche asks for the same design Carbon wheel on the 911 turbo s 2 20000€ euro but I don’t hear anyone complain there.. but I’ll quess cause 1 person ever said Renault is unreliable and crap 4000000 people now say without knowing where they talk about. But I’ll quess this normal on the internet these days.

    ThaDutchDK1989ThaDutchDK19898 måneder siden
  • Everyone complaining about the Price . But everyone forget its got Carbon rims. Porsche Asks 20000€ For the same design carbon wheels on the Porsche 911 turbo s. But ill quess everyone just loves to hate on Renault like always eventough its only hot hatch manufacter who dares to make this And DOESNT cheat with there nurburgring records.

    ThaDutchDK1989ThaDutchDK19898 måneder siden
  • Silly money which is only, only useable on track, because it’s manure everywhere else you’d use a car, why give it four doors when there is no back Seat?!

    Peter CavelliniPeter Cavellini8 måneder siden
  • 30k overpriced, and that’s being generous.

    Mr GreyMr Grey8 måneder siden
    • False. It s under priced when you know how mutch it costs to Renault to produce

      Robin MarplesRobin Marples8 måneder siden
  • The gear change sound needs to be louder

    Talwar3kTalwar3k8 måneder siden
  • I’ll buy an S Class

    OMW2FYBOMW2FYB8 måneder siden
  • Nobody understands the purpose of this car "That much money for a Renault?😂😂😂" "For that money I could buy m4; c63; "....bla bla Go buy your c63 and get destroyed by a silly renault on the racetrack. 😌 By the way, the r.s. trophy r will hold its value because its extremely limited and the last true performance renault there will be.

    Raymond JüngerRaymond Jünger8 måneder siden
    • @TheGrandTour08 BMW08 true

      Raymond JüngerRaymond Jünger8 måneder siden
    • And, the Renault will go round a corner, whilst the c63 will eat its own feet. (to those people who don't know car terms, I mean that the c63 will destroy the tyres as it drifts round a corner)

      TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW088 måneder siden
  • Renault rs 💓💓

    Boss ViolaBoss Viola8 måneder siden
  • good editing

    Silly pointSilly point8 måneder siden
  • Why didn't it do a lap of the track?

    The Night NomadThe Night Nomad8 måneder siden
  • Too much money, nope.

    B007B0078 måneder siden
  • chris harris... still the only reason i even visit the ruination of so called top so called gear.

    softgdesignssoftgdesigns8 måneder siden
    • Many people think Top Gear is doing pretty well. You're entitled to your opinion though.

      David DavidDavid David8 måneder siden
  • Should have built a mid engined Megan. Like in the good old 80’s with the R5 Turbo

    xXAlmdudlerXxxXAlmdudlerXx8 måneder siden
  • It is not the cars getting more expensive, it is the euro and the pound devaluating XD

    comeberzacomeberza8 måneder siden
  • The gear change sounds dreadful.....

    karl sumnerkarl sumner8 måneder siden
  • if your desperate to buy a track special Renault and aren't a banker / sheik... £22k gets you a sub 20000 mile R26.R

    Robert MaddockRobert Maddock8 måneder siden
  • £72 k for a Renault? Must be worth £35k in two years time. Can't see people going for this, even on a PCP it will be gifted with a mega-depreciation safety net. It is a Renault at the end of the day.

    Lord FlatheadLord Flathead8 måneder siden
  • Since Matt isn't in the show anymore,i won't watch it,he was fun

    MJMJ8 måneder siden
  • 72k for a FWD? hmmm.....

    darkmegaman44darkmegaman448 måneder siden
  • “Christian Bale levels of dedication to the role” 😂 Chris Harris .... what a legend!

    Cameron LiversedgeCameron Liversedge8 måneder siden
  • I'd go for the RS3 A45 M140i If your not going for lightness you could of saved about another 30kg if you didn't have the 2 back doors.

    99 HAK99 HAK8 måneder siden
  • Uhh miss the real top gear

    Alfred Bakke-KiøsterudAlfred Bakke-Kiøsterud8 måneder siden
  • £72k ? Surely the target audience of young kids aren't going to be able to afford to lease that. I can't see any grown up making that kind of decision when there is so much better "hard core" that can be had with spending lot less money. I'll stick with an Atom if I want something hard core for the track or a Quadrifoglio for best of both worlds.

    Roy PrimeRoy Prime8 måneder siden
  • Still a lot of money for a Megane...

    nickhan106nickhan1068 måneder siden
  • Why no laptime around the track? As Chris kept saying, it excels on circuit.

    PinderwagenPinderwagen8 måneder siden
  • Laughably expensive.

    L42 NosniborL42 Nosnibor8 måneder siden
  • It can bleeding woop.

    Essex AndersEssex Anders8 måneder siden
  • 0:40 top speed 163 kmh...doesnt sound like its worth 72k

    Oudin6Oudin68 måneder siden
    • 163 Mph ; 262 kmph

      Suleman TaibaniSuleman Taibani8 måneder siden
  • That's like buying a superb $300 burger. I'm sure the burger will be magnificent, but for a $300 meal you would probably choose some other menu, no?

    Sanghoon LeeSanghoon Lee8 måneder siden
  • Harris defending this is hilarious. A 72 grand Renault is the stupidest thing ever

    LNES SmithLNES Smith8 måneder siden
  • It’s like a 90s civic with big anti-roll bars, coil overs, and a motor swap.

    Ricer84 DRicer84 D8 måneder siden
  • Yeah.. Umm no.

    Jamaican Me CrazyJamaican Me Crazy8 måneder siden
  • Black Série

    Alain BelangerAlain Belanger8 måneder siden
  • £72,000? As much I love the new-gen Megane design, I'm not sure about this.

    Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin8 måneder siden
  • Honda Civic type r costs half of it and has back seats with more comfortable seats. It loves corner too.

    Fire HeartFire Heart8 måneder siden
    • Its freaking ugly to

      ThaDutchDK1989ThaDutchDK19898 måneder siden
  • Megane Lol

    Amine KaddarAmine Kaddar8 måneder siden
  • For 72k I would make the hole car carbon fiber!!

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior8 måneder siden
  • Why haven't Top Gear reviewed the new Ferrari F8 Tributo??

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior8 måneder siden
  • Hell no

    Tshepiso PromiseTshepiso Promise8 måneder siden
  • 72k for a Renault 😂😂😂

    rinkystinkybumbumpoopoorinkystinkybumbumpoopoo8 måneder siden
  • Renault nacido para competir 💓💓💓

    jofu menjofu men8 måneder siden
  • What sound does a gearbox make? Sound editor: *I don't know, clunk?*

    Mac DoodlesMac Doodles8 måneder siden
  • Ummm no thanks

    Hoonatic BloggsHoonatic Bloggs8 måneder siden
  • Unfair track comparison because Chris didn't drive all three cars so there are too many variables...lame

    Giuseppe MolinaroGiuseppe Molinaro8 måneder siden
  • Nice.

    The EricThe Eric8 måneder siden
  • Bitttybuttbutt 72k's though and it's not Germanic or hasGT4 at the end .

    MMafieMcMMafieMc8 måneder siden
  • Rs 💛

    emreakal06emreakal068 måneder siden
  • And it only costs 72K? Wow... talk about less for more :-)

    xjetxjet8 måneder siden
  • Handles great but then you get overtaken on the straights what's the point🤣

    RobRob8 måneder siden
  • I will have a GTR 😂🤫

    Vladimir GinchevVladimir Ginchev8 måneder siden
  • Why do they put in a metal door closing sound everytime he shifts

    MadJamYTMadJamYT8 måneder siden
    • It's not a door... it's a gate :)

      xjetxjet8 måneder siden
  • But the A45 is a hyper hatch

    MadJamYTMadJamYT8 måneder siden
  • You’re better off getting a new AMG a45 and that will beat this in everyday driving.

    Richard JonesRichard Jones8 måneder siden
    • @Richard Jones I fact. If u are a good driver u can use the handbrake to make the car get into a parking space. I've actually done it once in the Ford focus rs in calafornia. U just head at an appropriate speed at the appropriate angle to the space and use the handbrake whilst turning the car abruptly, followed by delicate touches on the clutch (that's actually a rally teqnique ) and tap the throttle delicately to make sure the torque doesn't force the car forwards or get the back end to much friction and apply the brakes. (it's kind of hard to tell u, easier to demonstrate physically)

      TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW087 måneder siden
    • And anyway, handbrakes aren't just to do handbrake turns. They can kick start a drift. Which is could portrayed at 0:54 seconds of the video. And everyone loves a drift. P. S. I know Chris didn't use the handbrake for that specific drift but that is how it could look from the outside as a spectator, but the theory is actually quite simple. Go wide, sharply turn the steering wheel tap the handbrake slightly, put ur foot slightly on the throttle(about 10%), put use the throttle and to control the drift whilst tapping the handbrake if the car gets a tank slapper or to much torque is added to the rear wheelsm

      TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW087 måneder siden
    • @Richard Jones Although I do agree that Americans doing burnouts is boring after a few minutes. I did it in a ford mustang and got quite sick.

      TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW087 måneder siden
    • @Richard Jones An a45 would be demolished compared to a new m5. It's got an 800 bhp v8 and has a lot more for the money. In fact the competition version would destroy an amg gtr. Yes u read that correct. An amg gtr. Wich is 100k plus.

      TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW087 måneder siden
    • TheGrandTour08 BMW08 Handbrake turns are about as boring as watching Americans doing burnouts..... What would I get for 72k? Like I said... AMG a45 ....

      Richard JonesRichard Jones7 måneder siden
  • only 163 km/h?

    John WagnerJohn Wagner8 måneder siden
    • Miles

      Dmytry BDmytry B5 måneder siden
  • Rear doors! Electric windows! Air conditioning! And why they didn’t put in a carbon roof to lower the CG is completely beyond me. Renault have missed so many points that a pure petrol head looks for, make it “ALL ABOUT THE DRIVING” my old 205gti didn’t have electric windows or any mod cons but still to this day it’s the best fun and most organic driving experience I’ve had.

    MTB MATT85MTB MATT858 måneder siden
  • Insane

    OliverOliver8 måneder siden
  • Buy the first megane RS second hand, strip it, wider wheels with slicks, improove brakes, harder suspension and sway-bars, shorter final drive, bafle sump, lsd if it doesn't have one, oil cooler, i/h/e and ecu, and u have a better track day car for half the price or less

    Bruno MancoBruno Manco8 måneder siden
  • Fire the sound guy. I want to hear what Chris is saying, not a jingle you ripped off

    Chris MichelChris Michel8 måneder siden
  • Bring this to the US!!!

    Chuck CribbsChuck Cribbs8 måneder siden
  • Tog gear editing as always, sucks! Stick to Neil doing everything pls and thank you.

    reubs91reubs918 måneder siden
  • “I bought a Renault!” Lol. Ok.

    Courtney DaffreyCourtney Daffrey8 måneder siden

    Courtney DaffreyCourtney Daffrey8 måneder siden