PREVIEW: Chris Harris Drives Colin McRae's WRC Subaru Impreza | Top Gear: Series 28

29. feb.. 2020
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Series 28 of Top Gear draws to a close, and in the final episode Chris Harris tells the story of Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz's fight for the World Rally Championship - and gets behind the wheel of McRae's legendary Impreza. Here's a little look at what's coming up.
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  • I was vert lucky to be to buy a1:18 scale model of this very rally car and I absolutely love it along with Mr A Vatanens Finish car and Carlos Sainz Monte Carlo car, Mr Richard Burns New Zealand car +Possum Bournes Rally Australia car and K Holowczyc Network Q rally car and of course a later Impreza WRC driven by Petter Solberg and all of these are true rally winning cars and I know that three of drivers that I have mentioned are very greatly missed

    Jack HumeJack Hume2 dager siden
  • This car and his career shaped so many of our passion

    Sarah DellSarah Dell4 dager siden
  • I love my 97 GC8 WRX

    Charny SamCharny Sam6 dager siden
  • This car in the 90s was the definition of “the perfect machine meets the perfect user”

    I’m a a fishI’m a a fish11 dager siden
  • Im so inspired of Colins stories that i want to be a rally car driver and find a good friend as Nicky Grist and win all chempionships together (well something to think about as russian 15 years old kid).

    Random Dud11Random Dud11Måned siden
  • Clarkson did Senna Harris did McRae Bless everyone for making these videos remember the legends that were taken from us too soon.

    ChuckieChuckieMåned siden
  • Rip Collin mcrae

    Blayne WalkerシBlayne Walkerシ2 måneder siden
  • One of the most iconic rally cars in history, a classic. *Proceeds to rip it through the course*

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate Warrior3 måneder siden
  • McRae will be so proud of you.

    Team RetroTeam Retro3 måneder siden
  • Chris hoy drove it before you

    steven corksteven cork4 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae was the ULTIMATE driver and who best to test his legacy car than CHRIS HARRIS. Beautiful.

    MADMANB68MADMANB684 måneder siden
  • Where is the rest of this?.......McRae made the WRC during the 90's, after he was gone it died on its arse......

    ExSapper MadmanExSapper Madman4 måneder siden
  • im not a pro or racing driver,but seeing Chris in this legend car,u will know Chris is only beginner compared to legend rally driver,u will know wat i mean if u c Tommi Makinen drive in snow track..

    Vivo S1Vivo S15 måneder siden
  • “I want one of these” ... literally every person out there

    GC8GC85 måneder siden
  • The sound of that Impreza gives me goosebumps every time i watch this

    Mike EddieMike Eddie5 måneder siden
  • This Top Gear film was one of the best pieces of TV I have seen in years. Absolutely fantastic tribute to a rally legend. Well done BBC.

    Andy HutchinsonAndy Hutchinson6 måneder siden
  • Wheres Hammond?

    Zao fxZao fx6 måneder siden
    • I hope that is a joke.

      Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin5 måneder siden
  • This car like Chris said was an icon beyond a shadow of a doubt and Colin was also a 1 of a kind icon. Wish he was still with us !

    John AndrewsJohn Andrews6 måneder siden
  • Its hard to not get romantic about racing, and it's easy see why. Colin Mcrae defined an entire era of motorsport. You can see it in Chris' face here, all those great memories coming alive in his mind. Its a beautiful machine, and a great way to commemorate such a legendary figure of rally.

    Owen BurnsOwen Burns6 måneder siden
  • I’d listen to Mr Harris change a lightbulb!!!!

    Lester CombsLester Combs6 måneder siden
  • +*+*+ *SUBARU* +*+*+

    lordsananderlordsanander6 måneder siden
  • Is there an episode of Jeremy Clarkson driving back when top gear was good

    Ajumper 14Ajumper 146 måneder siden
  • Not that anyone is going to belive me but it is the truth, my father was one of mcrae's mechanics and to this day we still have the old rear spoiler off that car in our shed

    charlie_498charlie_4986 måneder siden
  • I watched this full episode on TV and it's probably my favorite Top Gear episode ever, like ever.

    Some Random PersonSome Random Person6 måneder siden
  • When in doubt go flat out

    Stigs722Stigs7226 måneder siden
  • Nobody shouldv been aloud to drive it after McRae. He was an honour to anyone that likes cars and it was his car. I enjoyed watching the video though.

    Jake LamottaJake Lamotta6 måneder siden
  • Now who doesn't love a Subaru 22b

    nothing nessnothing ness6 måneder siden
  • manual gearbox for real mens with skills RIP mcrae my childhood hero ❤

    S325i BMWS325i BMW6 måneder siden
  • subaru magic with McRae

    Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris7 måneder siden
  • This was a big mark for rally enthusiasts, racers and Subaru's future in the rally.

    Kevin WachiraKevin Wachira7 måneder siden
  • Colin was, in my opinion, hands down the best there was, gone way too soon. Thanks for this reminder and for keeping his memory alive

    Gustavo SanchezGustavo Sanchez7 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae was such a legend in rally driving and such a legend as a driver including being funny, helpful, loving, caring, being a proper car enthusiast and I remember when Colin McRae started doing stock car racing at a young age kept doing it for a long time including being the legend at the rally’s where he got so famous, he only lived 15-20mins away from me before he passed, such a nice kind guy gbnf r.i.p Colin McRae your always being remembered by millions

    ChrisChris7 måneder siden
  • I miss Hammond May and the other one... (sorry I forgot his name :{

    sarah shawsarah shaw7 måneder siden
  • @Top Gear Could we get extended footage of Chris' drive? Just from the cabin, unedited.

    666louis666louis7 måneder siden
  • So cool that the family let him rally it opposed to just driving it around on asphalt! Was probs Jimmy who said aye haha! RIP legend! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Liam’s channelLiam’s channel7 måneder siden
  • music over the iconic flat 4 boxer is just criminal to be honest...

    Andrew PhilpottAndrew Philpott7 måneder siden
  • I have one of his wheels when back in 1994 had a flat tyre in rally acropolis and left the wheel on the side of the road!

    pilotevo6pilotevo67 måneder siden
  • is top gear finally realizing the IMMENSE talent of chris and letting him do what he does and not telling him what to do?

    inside33inside337 måneder siden
  • Made comment number 555

    Johnny BeasleyJohnny Beasley7 måneder siden
  • Emotional to watch the full piece, one of the best videos done on TG

    hartyharty123hartyharty1237 måneder siden
  • This is why I ordered mine in WRB.

    Va VoVa Vo7 måneder siden
  • Beauty in motion! Love it!

    magellanmaxmagellanmax7 måneder siden
  • I miss Chris Harris on Cars :(

    LoveMyZJLoveMyZJ7 måneder siden
  • Why isn't wrc very popular anymore? It's still incredible to watch imo

    Yes PleaseYes Please7 måneder siden
  • I miss Chris Harris on cars :( I got my hopes up when I saw this and didnt realize it was lame top gear

    Shane BepShane Bep7 måneder siden
  • Lucky duck

    John BarrowJohn Barrow7 måneder siden
  • Best sounding 4 cylinder car engine ever made.

    Dean WalkerDean Walker7 måneder siden
  • Where can I watch the full episode of this?

    MrConnorHortonMrConnorHorton7 måneder siden
  • And Gold Rims

    Bass3rdBass3rd7 måneder siden
  • Flew recklessly low and fast with an expired helicopter license and in the process killed his own son (5), his son's friend (6) and an adult friend of his. That was also Colin McRae, whether you like to read it or not.

    GaniscolGaniscol7 måneder siden
  • Great short! Thanks.

    John WJohn W7 måneder siden
  • Top gear in recent years got a lot of stick, and some of it I agree with but this series has got to be one of my favourites, the trio we have great chemistry and it really shows...not to mention this has got to be in my top 3 reviews in top gears history

    Mike EddieMike Eddie7 måneder siden
  • What if jezza drove this car 😂😣

    Armŷ 0F nöïsë _Armŷ 0F nöïsë _7 måneder siden
  • Luck, lucky boy

    Gordon SimeGordon Sime7 måneder siden
  • *What about them Legacy RS's*

    Big John FuryBig John Fury7 måneder siden
  • Colin mcrae in a Legacy RS homologation special rolling it harder than even Ari vatanen did

    Big John FuryBig John Fury7 måneder siden
  • Spine tingling....

    Peter GibbsPeter Gibbs7 måneder siden
  • REPSOL looks better on the Ford Escort-Cosworth 1996

    Albert 97Albert 977 måneder siden
  • You know he's driving like 30 mph the whole time.

    JoshJosh7 måneder siden
  • Anti lag FTW

    Peter nufcPeter nufc7 måneder siden
  • I would have pissed myself... imagine crashing this thing

    République NWO de FranceRépublique NWO de France7 måneder siden

    Thomas BuckleyThomas Buckley7 måneder siden
  • I'd be more than a little nervous sliding an irreplaceable piece of rallying history next to those trees.

    shingnosisshingnosis7 måneder siden
  • 0:30 they really had to steal that from donut🤦‍♂️

    Phat BoiPhat Boi7 måneder siden
  • It sounds like a 10 litre thunder

    Elon MuskElon Musk7 måneder siden
  • L555BAT

    moxon80moxon807 måneder siden
  • I do find it such a tragic shame Richard Burns isnt as well remembered, George Best literally stole his passing.

    Hugh JassHugh Jass7 måneder siden
  • An icon that made an icon...the car and driver can take credit for both

    Hugh JassHugh Jass7 måneder siden
  • Holy grail of scoobies

    Barry sleaferBarry sleafer7 måneder siden
  • excellent piece TOP Gear - well done

    Dafydd ThomasDafydd Thomas7 måneder siden
  • What a tease... where can I watch the full video!?

    SmittySmitty7 måneder siden
  • Chris is a man who deserves to drive this car. A truly awesome bloke. 👍

    Harvey CreweHarvey Crewe7 måneder siden
  • The bat, wow !, Top short vid, Chris Harris needs to do a documentary/series on all motoring legends, hit show in the making, this was epic.

    David HendersonDavid Henderson7 måneder siden
  • My original GT Turbo is nothing compared with that...

    Dutch MadnessDutch Madness7 måneder siden
  • Fantastic!

    HyperJonHyperJon7 måneder siden
  • As a kid playing colin mcrae on the PS2 this car made my childhood, from rallying on the PS1 with Subaru;s boxy shape due to its limitations as a console

  • i could listen to this engine on a 24 hour stream

    thekornrolethekornrole7 måneder siden
  • I’m a Mitsubishi and Makinen guy, but respect to this car where it’s due.

    Ryan DimmickRyan Dimmick7 måneder siden
  • Yup, thanks to the flying Scott I bought three of these, 94 - 98. A uk Turbo, a Full Prodrive and then a fab STi 3 Type R. Happy days 😊

    Neil RileyNeil Riley7 måneder siden
  • Yeet

    Pete GuthriePete Guthrie7 måneder siden
  • Sped up video looks cheap 01:32-01:35

    AriguzaaAriguzaa7 måneder siden
  • A moving tribute to a sporting legend. Well done Top Gear 🇬🇧

    X sapienX sapien7 måneder siden
  • We dont wanna to hear music

    daniel olivasdaniel olivas7 måneder siden

    AlbaRacing ScoAlbaRacing Sco7 måneder siden
  • i like cars me

    Simon AndersonSimon Anderson7 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae at Le Mans RIP

    KierenBOI MUFCKierenBOI MUFC7 måneder siden
  • "..i want one of these.."----------->me too! 🤤😭

    Beef ChimichangaBeef Chimichanga7 måneder siden
  • So bittersweet. This is the car and the man that made WRC.

    Hal HapgoodHal Hapgood7 måneder siden
  • One word, amazing.

    duffbikerduffbiker7 måneder siden
  • Why on earth was the tv series only 6 shows? Best series in a long time up there with anything Jeremy,Richard and James done but 6 weeks is far too short. Going forward it has to be longer... 10-12 shows a series.

    Flaw3dGeniusFlaw3dGenius7 måneder siden
  • If in doubt, flat out...

    ClayRanger143ClayRanger1437 måneder siden
  • Ah the days of Imprezas Evos and Celicas. These days rally cars are Yarises, i30s and Fiestas 😐

    EoinEoin7 måneder siden
  • I Want That Car .

    TheJDMdriverTheJDMdriver7 måneder siden
  • Just look and listen at how enthusiastic Chris Harris is, and so he should be what a pair of legends!!!!

    Jonathan StowJonathan Stow7 måneder siden
  • I think this might be your best ever video Chris, and definitely one of the best that Top Gear has ever produced. Well done and thank you for an outstanding piece of automotive film making.

    sirnicolaisirnicolai7 måneder siden
  • This car represents the golden age of WRC. Thank you very much indeed Chris.

    MrCypresssMrCypresss7 måneder siden
  • Gaun yersel big man 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏎

    Johnny StevensonJohnny Stevenson7 måneder siden
  • The legends car 👌

    Darren MowatDarren Mowat7 måneder siden
  • The earth is flat and stationary, space is fake ✅

    photosphotosphotosphotos7 måneder siden
  • My friend's dad was one of McRae's mechanics and he was invited to go in the helicopter but luckily he didn't

    HenryK4 _HenryK4 _7 måneder siden