Preview: 'Bonkers' Roads | Nepal Special | Top Gear

29. des.. 2019
184 860 Ganger

"Look at the road... it's bonkers"
Preview of the Top Gear Nepal special, airing Sunday 29 December, 9pm, BBC Two
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  • Dumb

    Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonMåned siden
  • If this is the correct episode where you end up eating in a blue van we liked the show up until one part. It’s where the three of you are receiving the guinea pig and the gentlemen in the front seat eats it and the two in the back make fun of it. Not one scene showed any of you being respectful to the beautiful people that handed you your dinner. Shame on you guys.

    H RoseH RoseMåned siden
  • Chris Harris is a fantastic motoring journalist, I hope he's being well compensated for this dreck. This incarnation of TG is painful to watch. It's like watching a 55 year old football player with bad knees and COPD being trotted out by the team in order to get people to watch.

    infinite monkeysinfinite monkeysMåned siden
  • It was not entertaining. boring.

    btchardbtchard2 måneder siden
  • Respect to all the lads. What an incredible road trip. Definitely one of the most amazing Top Gear specials ever. Love the chemistry they have. Freddie just takes it all in his stride, Chris' sadness on the death of the Renault is heartfelt and Paddy, well he's Paddy. The Top Gear team should be congratulated on bringing we armchair motorists such an experience.

    Tony SkimanTony Skiman3 måneder siden
  • I added the 2,200 like.

    Super PlayerSuper Player3 måneder siden
  • This is one of the safest highways in Nepal🤣🤣 Should have gone to Pharping.

    悲しいAnup悲しいAnup5 måneder siden
  • Jeremy, james, Richard are the best trio for top gear not these guys they are soo badd at this.

    chithra kalachithra kala5 måneder siden
  • It's similar to Lintas Sumatra in Indonesia

    C2 SoulC2 Soul5 måneder siden
  • I feel really sad after reading news about that peugeot and Renault 4TL

    Faza MFaza M6 måneder siden
  • They should take the other road that leads to Kathmandu

    thejasalethejasale6 måneder siden
  • Buses sound like pussy frome the mouth of British

    Arif NawabArif Nawab6 måneder siden
  • All cars finished on special episode... even they been tow to the finish line... all cars!... this is rubbish!

  • I came here just to dislike

    APOLLO APEAPOLLO APE6 måneder siden
  • Wish richard jermy and james would be here in nepal rather than them love old top gear but new one is also great.

    Anup khadkaAnup khadka7 måneder siden
  • Wow!! Top gear in Nepal cool loved it

    Anup khadkaAnup khadka7 måneder siden
  • man they are terrible you can just see its all faked

    Rambo JohnRambo John7 måneder siden
  • I miss the old Top Gear

    Nameless 261Nameless 2618 måneder siden
  • decent, definitely a silver trio

    Alan McAdooAlan McAdoo8 måneder siden
  • oh god it almost hurt to watch just this hehe just give up

    DAAC86DAAC868 måneder siden
  • Welcome to non stop miles of crazy world

    PUBG INDIAPUBG INDIA9 måneder siden
  • Man waiting for full series if possible

    Nishedh BalamiNishedh Balami9 måneder siden
  • I don't get who the other presenters (other than Chris Harris) are trying to attract. Is this a budget car Ross Kemp or is this engaging top gear Edit: I forgot apparently the entire UK population these days are obsessed with football so these people pulled off football TV programs are probably perfect

    obb322obb3229 måneder siden
  • For me hula was the winner ... Literally the honest work horse

    spartan lyfspartan lyf9 måneder siden
  • This road ranks as average difficulty in case of Nepal!

    Prabin PaudelPrabin Paudel9 måneder siden
  • Am I watching fast and furious 😲😲 son of the gun...

    anup khadkaanup khadka9 måneder siden
  • 2000th like

    dorito cheetodorito cheeto9 måneder siden
  • these guys are bad

    Unmistified 22Unmistified 229 måneder siden
  • Great❤️👍

    Nature's BeautyNature's Beauty9 måneder siden
  • Wait! Do they actually consider this dangerous??

    RagasRagas9 måneder siden
  • They are nowhere near as cool as old guys were. This is not top gear, it's just a joke måneder siden
  • It's an ambullunce that! An *AMBULLUNCE!*

    JustAGuyfromLDNJustAGuyfromLDN9 måneder siden
  • Chris is a proper top gear host, those two I don't bother knowing their names

    Remus DRemus D9 måneder siden
  • i hate the new show get the old James, Jeremy, Richard back like if im right

    zicozico9 måneder siden
    • They can't, and if you could then I'm preety sure they would of done it along time ago.

      RJB 05RJB 059 måneder siden
  • Верните старый ТопГир из нулевых...

    Денис БарановДенис Баранов9 måneder siden
  • Sad that they did not realize throughout the episode that they reached upper Mustang (location) in a Mustang (car). However, it was extremely hilarious for someone from Nepal to watch it. For a foreigner, living in Nepal makes you realize all the things you take for granted in life.

    Kshitiz BhandariKshitiz Bhandari9 måneder siden
  • Road rage 😂

    DanielDaniel9 måneder siden
  • The trailer was boring so IDK how how the full thing is going to be.

    Dragos PahontuDragos Pahontu9 måneder siden
  • They really did the whole episode without any hard consonants, didn't they. Just glottal stops. Or, as the Top Gear presenters would say, "glo'al sta's".

    fredmachinefredmachine9 måneder siden
  • You could say thats one of the better road and the video is too short.

    Siddhartha ShakyaSiddhartha Shakya9 måneder siden
  • Jeremy clarckson , Richard Hammond and James May was better i dont like new pack of moto fans

    krokiet122 tojakrokiet122 toja9 måneder siden
  • Why different presenter? Where are the old ones? Not good as last time.

    flare.tvflare.tv9 måneder siden
  • #ClarksonMadeYou

    Stoyben XiStoyben Xi9 måneder siden
  • Thats the safest highway in Nepal (for the hilly areas at least).

    Barsat KarkiBarsat Karki9 måneder siden
  • These are some intense accents

    Matt561Matt5619 måneder siden
  • Absolutely dreadful.....near the edge paddy said while at least 3 feet from the edge......seemed like a direct copy of the original guys and hmmmm the big one pick 3 city cars yet Freddy picked a truck built in Nepal when they didn't know where they going....poor so poor....paddy is dreadful swap him out for Rory and your in with a chance but as tg stands it's not good

  • I love nepal

    khadga shresthakhadga shrestha9 måneder siden
  • This special had me in tears, it's so funny 😂

    Tom H 76Tom H 769 måneder siden
  • This looks interesting... I'd watch it if I could understand their accent.

    Kevin MahoqueKevin Mahoque9 måneder siden
    • @Lorance Boi Believe me, I do that almost every weekend... I watch entire episodes that I've watched 2 or 3 times before and I still laugh like I had never seen them... It was such a great show

      Kevin MahoqueKevin Mahoque9 måneder siden
    • watch older clips of top gear with the older gang. believe me.

      Lorance BoiLorance Boi9 måneder siden
  • Unpopular opinion: as a petrolhead, I actually enjoyed this episode. At least now, we've got 2 car shows to watch (this, and Grand Tour). Plus, no motorsports over winter (the F1 winter break!) so this was better than watching the winter rain.

    Chris JKChris JK9 måneder siden
  • One of the cases when new cannot replace the old. This show lost his sparkle

    usserr userrusserr userr9 måneder siden
  • Miles? Thats odd.

    Melancholy1hillsMelancholy1hills9 måneder siden
  • SPEED AND POW - ah, no.

    Antonio P.Antonio P.9 måneder siden
  • Nepal is my county, people don't follow the rules guys, these are normal in Nepal ha ha ha... Here in the UK has disciplined drivers but not in Nepal, when I go back to Nepal, even I can't drive myself. However, Feeling proud to see The Top Gear series in Nepal. Thank you Top Gear.

  • Drivers from backwards countries drive with such urgency, always pursuing time, without realizing they're catching up to their own doom.

    Md ParidMd Parid9 måneder siden
  • Why do the 2 bigger guys have a weird accent and the short one become brown, topgear changed since I last watched it

    Rishav SharmaRishav Sharma9 måneder siden
  • Keep trying lads, you can’t beat the top gear that people know.

    Naveed AhmedNaveed Ahmed9 måneder siden
    • bertjesklotepino no you are not

      Naveed AhmedNaveed Ahmed9 måneder siden
    • so im not the only one who misses the old crew? Good.

      bertjesklotepinobertjesklotepino9 måneder siden
  • Anyone still watching Top Gear??

    AnonymousAnonymous9 måneder siden
  • #Visit_Nepal_2020 Thank you ‘’Top Gear’’ for promoting Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Prashant Bikram SapkotaPrashant Bikram Sapkota9 måneder siden
  • It was a good special. Nice camera work, I can only really understand Chris. Those other blokes talk like they're from another planet. Really intense to have to translate everything they say. It is also never clear if they are trying to make a joke or just stating facts.

    Dbn PoldermansDbn Poldermans9 måneder siden
  • miss the old topgear :(

    GTI GamingGTI Gaming9 måneder siden
    • @RJB 05 sadly...

      GTI GamingGTI Gaming9 måneder siden
    • They can't bring them back, and if they could I'm preety sure they would of done it along time ago.

      RJB 05RJB 059 måneder siden
  • This lineup actually seems entertaining. Not as good as Jezza, Capt. Slow, and Hammster, but a lot better than the one before these guys.

    lithium aerolithium aero9 måneder siden
  • I live in nepal and it is crazy because in nepal we don't have highways please do more nepal videos and go to the hilly area like baglung and mustang

    sujit playzsujit playz9 måneder siden
  • It's about the the grand tour came to an end as it's nothing special. James may is such a boar and clarkson is past it. Glad l started watching top gear again

    Tony CruickshankTony Cruickshank9 måneder siden
  • From james and co to this LOL

    Abdul QadirAbdul Qadir9 måneder siden
  • Their English sucks. Damn such a shit. Amboollans🤣 We need soob tai tools hoi maiot.

    Chandan KumarChandan Kumar9 måneder siden
  • its so funny how Uk ppl talk english :D :D :D even they canot understand what they are saying :D

    Daniel SimeonovDaniel Simeonov9 måneder siden
    • It's called regional accents, dummy!

      Tsu 800Tsu 8009 måneder siden
  • Who are these people? I can't understand most of their words. Speak English. It's a UK show for goodness sake.

    muibadahmuibadah9 måneder siden
  • Last thing you want is to survive a crash, only to be killed in the AMBOOLANCE on the way to hospital.

    Motor Cruising Ava GraceMotor Cruising Ava Grace9 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is dead. Don't call thaat amboolance :)) I just unsubscribed. Bye! :D

    Ciprian LazarCiprian Lazar9 måneder siden
  • It's not as dangerous as they make it seem. They're just making a mountain out of a mole. It's just another highway. The drivers, well that's the dangerous part.

    GroovyMonsterGroovyMonster9 måneder siden
  • Too fear is shit now. Bring back Jeremy, James and Richard

    Eli CharltonEli Charlton9 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know the song when the Renault 4 breaks down ?

    Josh KingJosh King9 måneder siden

    GUN 204GUN 2049 måneder siden
  • I miss the old top gear guys now there on the grand tour.

    Wheneggsdrop ⸻⸻⸻Wheneggsdrop ⸻⸻⸻9 måneder siden
  • Oh clarkson, oh hammond, why did them and may le-e-eave us

    Teddy RuxpinTeddy Ruxpin9 måneder siden
    • Grand tour. I mean it isn't hard to get to watch I'm to lazy to install and sign into the app maybe tomorrow.

      Wheneggsdrop ⸻⸻⸻Wheneggsdrop ⸻⸻⸻9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris deserves better. Much better. Give him his own show.

    Pranav P SPranav P S9 måneder siden
    • Just stick him on Fifth Gear with all the other genuine car reviewers.

      Tsu 800Tsu 8009 måneder siden
  • Not long now bbc, nearly time for your long overdue funeral.

    paul leaderpaul leader9 måneder siden
  • Well I've already watched the full show, and you know what? It's entertaining and breathtaking, both at the same time. Now I begin to wonder if I ever miss the old trio at all...

  • Why so much fuss about accent lads? Just admire beauty of Nepal.. Breathe taking!!!

    Nig HaNig Ha9 måneder siden
  • Nahh I miss the old one

    AquiNoXAquiNoX9 måneder siden
    • Well I don't. Already given up after second season of their Amazon show.

      Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin9 måneder siden
  • This trio is so bad is I don’t even know who the two guys other than Harris are. I was hoping their first season together would be their last but Top Gear purposely keeps finding ways to get worse every year.

    Sukhmon MashianaSukhmon Mashiana9 måneder siden
  • What's an ABOOLANCE......?

    Milan PereraMilan Perera9 måneder siden
  • Anyone knows where can I watch this series? 👀

    Ahmed BushabAhmed Bushab9 måneder siden
    • Umm TV...

      RJB 05RJB 059 måneder siden
  • When are you releasing the full video

    Yubraj DevkotaYubraj Devkota9 måneder siden
  • I prefer old top gear

    Epick GospodinovEpick Gospodinov9 måneder siden
    • Amazon Prime says hi to you.

      Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin9 måneder siden
  • If the ambulance frightened you... try the Nigerian traffic with its potholes even... There's plenty more to be scared of... I challenge you to drive on Nigerian roads...😏

    Gregory EkeGregory Eke9 måneder siden
  • Looks like a blast.

    45641560456405640563456415604564056405639 måneder siden
  • Went out the back and my mom said that she said rw

    Ethan GabbottEthan Gabbott9 måneder siden
  • so sorry for the guys, but just a lame copy...

    Iulian SaghinIulian Saghin9 måneder siden
  • Haha pussies....that is the safest highway of Nepal 🤣

    roentgenroentgen9 måneder siden
  • I was there earlier this year, the roads are madness and even near the city centre in Kathmandu. But guys, how couldn't any of you three have bought one of the small blue mini buses. That is the most really let your viewers down on that one haha lol anyway good stuff. Takes me back there. Thanks

    YesNomadsYesNomads9 måneder siden
  • Truck are yamraj here( messenger of death)

    NSNTNSNT9 måneder siden
  • Clarkson, Hammond and May would never have left that Renault behind

    Richard 77Richard 779 måneder siden
  • This has been done

    Josh LJosh L9 måneder siden
  • OMG this is like the autobahn compared to the roads Clarkson and company did, how is this show not canceled?

    MaJieMaoMaJieMao9 måneder siden
  • LOL. Noobs

    Abhigyan GhoshAbhigyan Ghosh9 måneder siden
  • This is Nepal and i feel sorry for the people who have been driving in the Uk.This trucks are fine just beware there is another truck named as Yamraj(Tipper) in Nepal.They are the worst🤣

    Modification DharanModification Dharan9 måneder siden
  • Top gear has made an idiot out of Chris Harris , he used to be a great road tester ,

    Christopher WigmoreChristopher Wigmore9 måneder siden
    • Christopher Wigmore: He’s still a great tester and presenter. He’s being hung out to dry in this environment. He deserves a lot better.

      Phil BPhil B9 måneder siden
  • Flintoff & paddy bullies

    frank hardyfrank hardy9 måneder siden