Perilous towing on the edge of a cliff | Nepal Special | Top Gear

8. jan.. 2020
223 328 Ganger

In the UK? Watch the Top Gear Nepal special here:
The going got tough in Nepal... too tough for Chris' Renault 4 actually. So Freddie lent a hand by giving him a tow on some of the most treacherous roads in the world.
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  • These guys should quit. They are risking their lives fora ton of hate. They can never replace JJR

    ashtonisfun123ashtonisfun1237 dager siden
  • trying to re-create that time Jeremy, James and Richard were driving Bolivia's infamous Death Road, except this doesnt have shit on it.

    Kossolax the ForeswornKossolax the Foresworn8 dager siden
  • I miss the old old lads

    IG Cre8tiveIG Cre8tive11 dager siden
  • they aren't bad but they are no replacement. they don't have the same chemistry are Jeremy James and Richard

    RasinRasin28 dager siden
  • it's like they're robots they don't have the same something that Clarkson, May, and Hammond had.

    john Eguezjohn Eguez28 dager siden
  • Remember when top gear was good

    john Eguezjohn Eguez28 dager siden
  • this sucks monkeyballs

    Charles AtanCharles AtanMåned siden
  • Yeah nah sorry

    DavvestoDavvestoMåned siden
  • Rehashed content? Different location same concept. Different hosts same given personality types.

    Flight SaitekFlight SaitekMåned siden
  • Damn, i miss old Top Gear, Jeremy, May and Hammond ..

    DoruDoruMåned siden
  • NotMyTopGear

    MZMZMåned siden
  • U can’t never replicate Jeremy James and Richard

    It’s me `It’s me `Måned siden
  • not the real top gear. IMPOSTORS!

    Czee gamingCzee gamingMåned siden
  • I want the old one

    Tony CerelliTony CerelliMåned siden
  • I wish Jeremy, May and Hammond did this

    aditya maharjanaditya maharjan2 måneder siden
  • was watching old top gear compilations then this came on. what the bloody hell is this btec top gear nonsense

    Nikita xoxNikita xox2 måneder siden
  • This is terrible, will never live up to it's name without Jeremy, Hammond and may

    Josh CoatesJosh Coates2 måneder siden
  • It isn’t the same with these three

    Olan BuckleyOlan Buckley2 måneder siden
  • The Grand tours Seamen is much better

    SansSans2 måneder siden
  • I really miss Jeremy, hammond and may....

    pipilol XDpipilol XD2 måneder siden
  • When will it will release

    Hypebeast BruhHypebeast Bruh2 måneder siden
  • the old cast was better

    I just watch youtubeI just watch youtube3 måneder siden
  • Your shows nothing without James, Jeremy and Richard you suck

    Aidan CrespiAidan Crespi3 måneder siden
  • What a scam, this is not top gear....

    John DoeJohn Doe3 måneder siden
  • I Have been on Cliff Roads like this in Mexico in a Double Decker Bus. We went the wrong way on Cliff Road and got Stuck a Death Cliff.

    Nebosvod gonzalezNebosvod gonzalez3 måneder siden
  • i miss top gear, wait i mean Jeremy, James and Richard.

    Yan CYan C3 måneder siden
    • I'm sorry for thumbing down your comment, meant to do that on the video.

      MediaMarkFPVMediaMarkFPV2 dager siden
    • They are trying WAY too hard to be like the old crew, and are failing miserably at it.

      Luke VolsigLuke VolsigMåned siden
    • get over it and go watch the grand tour.

      Slinq LinqueSlinq LinqueMåned siden
    • You guys are shit now your nothing whiteout James, Jeremy, snd Richard

      Aidan CrespiAidan Crespi3 måneder siden
  • What is this????????

    MiraballMiraball3 måneder siden
  • Who watches this crap?

    Dilshan FernandoDilshan Fernando3 måneder siden
  • Top gear’s only hope is matt from carwow !

    Breh BrehBreh Breh3 måneder siden
  • I might have been able to give new Top Gear a chance if the BBC hadn't put it behind extra pay walls. Could get old Top Gear with existing subsrciption services but the new episodes required a separate subscription or buying show seasons. They did the same thing with the most recent Doctor Who seasons. To me it demonstrates a lack of confidence in their own product when they force customers to buy whole seasons. Seems like they are afraid people won't watch if they continue normal subcription access so they have to trick people into paying extra in advance. Really doing the customers and the shows a disservice by not giving us normal access. If the BBC doesn't think it is worth watching their own product, why should people pay to take a chance? This episode in Nepal looks intriguing but if I have to pay extra for a show I already paid for access to, forget it.

    Stu BurStu Bur3 måneder siden
  • Boo boo where is James and everyone else not you all

    Ryan RiggRyan Rigg3 måneder siden
  • if Jeremy, Richard, and James is not in it, then it's just pure shit

    TazTaz4 måneder siden
  • Namaste 🙏 just watched this episode on tv in Sydney and absolutely loved it,beautiful Nepal 🇳🇵

    Keith DickensKeith Dickens4 måneder siden
  • To this day even the old Top Gear US is better then this pile or c*ap.

    Gurita Marc TiberiuGurita Marc Tiberiu4 måneder siden
  • Got an add for a kitchen sponge before this. Yep, 'bout sums up new TG.

    alan smitheealan smithee5 måneder siden
  • It’s a bbc bullocks program now no good and no fun

    D AdloD Adlo5 måneder siden
  • Cheap knockoff of old Top Gear

    Alson DacostaAlson Dacosta5 måneder siden
  • 🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Anirudh KumarAnirudh Kumar5 måneder siden
  • Ur trying too hard to look like jeremy

    Muhammad Arsalan BelaMuhammad Arsalan Bela6 måneder siden
  • Ok, I'm gonna say it....I enjoyed this post Clarkson episode, this crew got potential.

    slitorslitor6 måneder siden
  • Where is the full episode...????

    Dhruba ShresthaDhruba Shrestha6 måneder siden
  • I watched this on TV and it's actually entertaining not gonna lie. Plus I feel bad for these guys they do such dangerous stuff and get nothing but hate.

    Some Random PersonSome Random Person6 måneder siden
    • Ikr like I enjoy watching the show and the boys do so well trying to entertain everyone but all people give is hate

      lulu vlogslulu vlogsDag siden
  • This is a pretty stupid thing to do now isn't it?

    Dante FajardoDante Fajardo7 måneder siden
  • No just no

    Angelo GomesAngelo Gomes7 måneder siden
  • Funny how all the people crying for the “og’s” to come back and claim to not be able to understand the accents of the new ones, (Baring in mind the Lancashire accent isn’t far different to the Hammond and Clarkson’s Yorkshire accent) are the same people Clarkson despises. He’s racist, classist and sexist. He’s generally quite obnoxious outside of work commitments too. The other two are great and I do miss them. The new top gear trio are hilarious if you watch it without the childish pining. The other three have the grand tour that’s sadly not doing very well but hopes to pick up and they all have their own shows too. Namely, James may in Japan and Hammond’s big.

    Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter8 måneder siden
    • and Jeremy's who wants to be a millionaire

      Puti SudarsonoPuti Sudarsono5 måneder siden
  • And where is the full episode?

    Yubraj DevkotaYubraj Devkota8 måneder siden
    • Can't even get it on subscription services, just old top gear.

      Stu BurStu Bur3 måneder siden
  • Just not the same as the original three

    Charlie PopeCharlie Pope8 måneder siden
  • i feel like there trying to copy Jeremy May and Hammond

    Matthew JacksonMatthew Jackson8 måneder siden
  • Did anyone else tune in and go “who the hell are these guys?” 😂

    Midnight FandomsMidnight Fandoms8 måneder siden
  • Best effort so far with this crew on replacing the irreplaceable original; cricket man's dam car bungee jump is impressive assuming he was really in the car. Getting one over on Mr Hammond's dam winching session ? Let's persevere....

    Phil HealeyPhil Healey8 måneder siden
  • This is shit

    Arshinder SinghArshinder Singh8 måneder siden
  • These new people SUCK

    Cunt spanker 420 69Cunt spanker 420 698 måneder siden
  • Finally top gear in Nepal heartly welcome🙏 but It would had been more fun with Jeremy,Richard and James.. However,watching this episode cause I'm NEPALESE..😁

    Mr.HulkTMMr.HulkTM8 måneder siden
    • @Pratik Humagain wasnt talking to you

      Slinq LinqueSlinq LinqueMåned siden
    • @Slinq Linque sure

      Pratik HumagainPratik HumagainMåned siden
    • get over it and go watch the grand tour.

      Slinq LinqueSlinq LinqueMåned siden
    • @Pratik Humagain I haven't watched the top gear after Hammond,May and Clarkson left,I had switched to Grand Tour but after some research I think this was season 28 Christmas special ep.

      Mr.HulkTMMr.HulkTM3 måneder siden
    • Kun season ko kun ep ho taha xaa??

      Pratik HumagainPratik Humagain3 måneder siden
  • Nepal 🇳🇵

    suraj timalsinasuraj timalsina8 måneder siden
  • It's Nepal! Only toughest can survive here...

    Tara BhandariTara Bhandari9 måneder siden
  • We all know the show was/is scripted.......but this 'FEELS' scripted. In fairness though, its the best team since The Holy Trinity departed.

    Steve RossSteve Ross9 måneder siden
  • I love how all the comments are about the old top gear. I won’t lie, I feel the same way.

    Building&FilmingBuilding&Filming9 måneder siden
  • Guys move on, old trio is busy with boats nowadays

    akhil royakhil roy9 måneder siden
  • العربي يحط لايك

    T_1B-52T_1B-529 måneder siden
  • Well that saved Clarkson, Hammond and May some trouble. I bet they didn't want to do that again after Bolivia, even if they were bound to do it again anyway.

    Franz MarcosFranz Marcos9 måneder siden
  • The only better thing out of these new episodes is the camera work. Everything else is so shit.

    Large LatteLarge Latte9 måneder siden
  • Now this is something!

    Prabin PaudelPrabin Paudel9 måneder siden
  • It’s pathetic, it what it is.

    nik stounnik stoun9 måneder siden
  • I mean, respect and all but you aren't as good as the og trio

    tyson fury's maiden fathertyson fury's maiden father9 måneder siden
  • You should never have fired Jermey Clarkson, killed your whole program

    Toiness BossToiness Boss9 måneder siden
  • To save you the time unfortunately they all survived , now go to amazon prime and watch The Grand Tour !

    Dj JestaDj Jesta9 måneder siden
    • u killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Zariq EezhamZariq Eezham2 måneder siden
  • Gross. Chris is horrid.

    And I OopAnd I Oop9 måneder siden
  • 😁😊😀☺

    สิงห์หนุ่ม อินดี้สิงห์หนุ่ม อินดี้9 måneder siden
  • ผมชอบดูช่องนี้มาก สนุกทุกคลิปเลยครับ

    สิงห์หนุ่ม อินดี้สิงห์หนุ่ม อินดี้9 måneder siden
  • 106 rally are rare

    Aled DaviesAled Davies9 måneder siden
  • boring

    Wrens IsaacWrens Isaac9 måneder siden
  • Oh sorry, I thought this was Top Gear...

  • The fact that this show never touched on the Lamborghini Centenario annoys me, would’ve killed for some footage of that round the track

    Motion HDMotion HD9 måneder siden
  • Sure I've seen this years ago...

    Arnold LayneArnold Layne9 måneder siden
  • no trio can ever beat James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson.

    Matthew XIAO [09D]Matthew XIAO [09D]9 måneder siden
  • Only know of Chris...who are the other two?

    bengaltigerrexbengaltigerrex9 måneder siden
  • Wait. Who are these guys? I thought this was top gear.

    kingbadmoviekingbadmovie9 måneder siden
  • Simply wow.🤒🤒

    Prakash AdhikariPrakash Adhikari9 måneder siden
  • I hope its not the bloody rozzers

    Eero SillansalmiEero Sillansalmi9 måneder siden
  • I live in Nepal

    Shivansh ParajuliShivansh Parajuli9 måneder siden
  • Does anyone actually like new Top Gear? Just curious

    MIKEOFWARMIKEOFWAR9 måneder siden
    • Only some

      Nexus2126Nexus21269 måneder siden
  • These new guys aren’t bad but compared to the og these guys really look bad

    Chaldean KurdistaniChaldean Kurdistani9 måneder siden
  • Can't we get full episode

    Yogesh PandeyYogesh Pandey9 måneder siden
  • Seems like there just trying to force to do stuff like this

    Taylor LuxfordTaylor Luxford9 måneder siden
  • i wish they fell of the cliff so they could bring the old top gear back

    Dani CaliforniaDani California9 måneder siden
  • Take the lint out of Flintoff and what do you get?

    NemesisNemesis9 måneder siden
  • Can yall at the BBC put top gear on for the US version of Netflix?

    John NazarJohn Nazar9 måneder siden
  • Ah mates bloody dangerous!

    Andre ColemanAndre Coleman9 måneder siden
  • You didn't even mention once 'Mustang' is a place in Nepal. Hence the name: Hulas Mustang!

    ravrav9 måneder siden
    • Mustang is named after a horse breed. Hence the logo

      Puti SudarsonoPuti Sudarsono5 måneder siden
  • Thought this was clarkson hammond and may in the thumbnail, i chuckled a little bit expecting a funny video

    530pm530pm9 måneder siden
  • such scripted BS its like watching American top gear

    mattmopar440mattmopar4409 måneder siden
    • same with old top gear dumbass

      Sakatoki91Sakatoki919 måneder siden
  • So disappointing, They really screwed the pooch letting Clarkson go.

    Mhm *Mhm *9 måneder siden
    • @ryan brown yes pretty much

      Lucian CastilloLucian Castillo9 måneder siden
    • ryan brown yeah

      Al Gore needs subscribers to stop Man-Bear-Pig!!!Al Gore needs subscribers to stop Man-Bear-Pig!!!9 måneder siden
    • so you think they should of kept him on after he punched a coworker ????

      ryan brownryan brown9 måneder siden
  • I was binge watching old top gear episodes and I landed onto this dog shite...

    Silent HumanSilent Human9 måneder siden
  • man this feels so fake i dont know why

    xqplcxqplc9 måneder siden
    • your fake

      Slinq LinqueSlinq LinqueMåned siden
  • Bonkers

    Mark CadyMark Cady9 måneder siden
  • Soo am I the only one who thinks that this is very similar compared to when the old gang went on the death road? At some point, Richard was towed. Here one the guys tows another one. Also, when Jeremy continued alone on the road, his car almost fell off the road and stopped it to regain his composure. At the end, this dude does the same thing.. Coincidence?

    / rengab \/ rengab \9 måneder siden
    • / rengab \ I won’t say similar. It’s different location and different concept. I liked the old gang!!

      situ babasitu baba8 måneder siden
  • Bbc maked the most stupidest mistake by firing the topgear trio this new “topgear” ks just terrible

    Mathijs de GrootMathijs de Groot9 måneder siden
    • get over it and go watch the grand tour.

      Slinq LinqueSlinq LinqueMåned siden
    • Mathijs de Groot technically they only fired Jeremy, and if you don’t fire someone for punching a coworker you’re probably going to have bigger problems than upset fans

      OFFtheCHIZANEOFFtheCHIZANE9 måneder siden
  • Think the old man that's sold them the Renault wanted it to go to a good home

    Michael SillitoeMichael Sillitoe9 måneder siden
  • it would be awesome for jeremy may and hammond to come to nepal on this particular section of road...hope they do it on the grand tour

    Ramkumar GurungRamkumar Gurung9 måneder siden
  • This new Top Gear is a load of bollocks. Nothing like the old one.

    South England Bus SpottingSouth England Bus Spotting9 måneder siden