OFF ROAD: Suzuki Jimny VS Dacia Duster | Top Gear

3. mai. 2020
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Freddie's in the Jimny. Harris is in the Duster. These two 4x4 feather-weights go head to head in an off-road course with hill descents, water splashes and other automobile torture devices. But who'll make it round the quickest?
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  • “You absolute plant pot” 🤣🤣🤣

    Ffion ReesFfion Rees2 dager siden
  • I love Jimny Samurai, Terbaik content, banyak info yang berguna

    Cucu Tok Pie ProductionCucu Tok Pie Production3 dager siden
  • who else misses jeremy ,richard and james if u do make this the most liked comment

    Roshaan SadiqRoshaan Sadiq3 dager siden
  • 按👍

    陳德和陳德和7 dager siden
  • Dacia pe dreapta esti nebun

    dudydudy8 dager siden
  • Wow this is the longest I've been able to watch top gear with the new cast

    Jack TylerJack Tyler10 dager siden
  • Dacia is quite unreliable in the long run. It's not made with good quality. The jimny is realiable and will last for hundreds of thousands of miles

    Ananth NarayananAnanth Narayanan12 dager siden
  • Mahindra thar easily break this timing

  • Why this test seems to my eyes so amateur and fake?

    Τ S.P.Τ S.P.15 dager siden

    superfureshsuperfuresh16 dager siden
  • Why were they cleaned every shot and why are they using stop watches its off roading not dirt rallying jesus christ

    Inspectah TInspectah T18 dager siden
  • I mean the duster is capable

    Sandy BoleYTSandy BoleYT22 dager siden
  • The SUSUKY is so pretty... put a mercedes badge and you got a mini g.

    Ruben LeitãoRuben Leitão22 dager siden
  • Great video - many thanks! If you're interested I have lots of videos about my Jimny experiences and mods on my NOworld Channel. Check it out here: noworld.infovideos?view_as=subscriber

    storminatwork at Higher Ground Lifestylestorminatwork at Higher Ground Lifestyle23 dager siden
  • Suzuki Jimny has been in the news for quite long time. It was showcased in India for the first time at 2020 Auto Expo. Jimny is a very compact off-road SUV around the world. currently manufactured in Japan and exported to other countries. Earlier this year, Maruti had announced that they will be manufacturing Jimny here in India for export market in order to meet the rising demand. The paln got delayed due to the COVID-19 situation. Now according to some reports, Maruti will be soon be starting the production of Suzuki Jimny in India. Maruti has also said that they will also be manufacturing a 5-door version of the same here.

    Hope is the Most Beautiful Thing!.Hope is the Most Beautiful Thing!.25 dager siden

    Zach FedewaZach Fedewa29 dager siden
  • Duster= shitty SUV Jimney= actual offroader

    Thomas BergerThomas Berger29 dager siden
  • Jimny is as good off-road, as it is LOUSY on-road. The engine is quite thirsty, I think it was first built in the 90s if not the late 80s, no turbo, the car shudders at more than 100 km/h with revs above 3000 rpm and is liliputan (30 cm deep cargo space in the rear). If you are a forrester, a ranger etc. or ! change your car from Duster to Jimny at the forrest's edege, it's ok. Otherwise... be prepared for lots of grief or tons of patience on-road. Look at the video, the driver barely had space for his legs. Dacia Duster 2020 seems to have improved quite a lot, but, of course, it is a cheap car. I know how an expensive car drives and feels, I just sold my Touareg V6 Tdi. Quite thirsty and expensive spare parts, but otherwise... Now we are at a loss with what to replace it.

    Mihai ValentinoMihai ValentinoMåned siden
  • diese drei Eierköpfe will doch kein Mensch sehen👎

    M. SummiM. SummiMåned siden
  • Suzuki Jimny may be better at off-roading, but the Duster is $10,000 cheaper and has more space.

    Matei RogojinăMatei RogojinăMåned siden
  • Renault duster in india is dacia duster in Britain.

    Vakul_18 KVakul_18 KMåned siden
  • If it was Richard he would've probably rolled the Jimny

    Aroyis ImperialAroyis ImperialMåned siden
  • Love how they went straight into the video like for that

    XCTORRES 74XCTORRES 74Måned siden
  • That’s awesome.

    D Scott BorisD Scott BorisMåned siden
  • goals!

    Carlo Ray GegremosaCarlo Ray GegremosaMåned siden
  • Dan sekarang, Di Indo Jimny challenge Mulai tayang di yutub 🔥

    apeb channelapeb channelMåned siden
    • Heran...

      Taufik RahmanTaufik RahmanMåned siden
  • Who allowed the horrendous northern English accent on tv

    jzmjzmMåned siden
  • The Duster that Chris Harris Used is a diesel engine provided you're able to look at DVLA UK plate checker. Jimny Petrol Paddy.

    EpicThe112EpicThe112Måned siden
  • Can’t even understand the accent of these guys....Miss the old Top Gear cast...😔

    Pankaj TanwarPankaj TanwarMåned siden
  • Whoops, I stumbled on one without May or Clarkson or Hammond. I'll be going, then...

    MI Car GuyMI Car GuyMåned siden
  • Suzuki very clean when finished

    Gary BurtonGary BurtonMåned siden
  • The Jimny Is covered with mud half way through and perfectly clean at the finish. Clearly the Duster won and they manipulated the video!

    Thomas RigaThomas RigaMåned siden
  • amazing what can this car 😱👍

    SVrebuildsSVrebuildsMåned siden
  • Jumny is clean at the finish. A clear victory!

    Artur HakobyanArtur HakobyanMåned siden
  • Just crap in comparison to the mighty trio we love.

    Hawsrule BeginHawsrule BeginMåned siden
  • Everything is so fake

    Alejandro AvilaAlejandro AvilaMåned siden
  • I wish they do less talking and show more of how cars actually go through obstacles

    Andrew ZhukAndrew ZhukMåned siden
  • Jimny is willy mb for civil

    WARGA 62WARGA 62Måned siden
  • Woow! That's awesome! 🔥 Jimny or Duster? We are definitely Jimny lovers!! ❤️ And you?

    Rodando OffroadRodando OffroadMåned siden
  • Great news! The Dacia Sandero is getting a new color!

    Tech InspectedTech InspectedMåned siden
  • Why didn't Suzuki just call it the Cricket? Jiminy Cricket

    Terry ByrdTerry Byrd2 måneder siden
  • Non mi piace il daster meglio la capitur

    Mario ForbiniMario Forbini2 måneder siden
  • That's why Dacia is my favorite car company, they make so many underrated cars

    Gustavo Martins da SilvaGustavo Martins da Silva2 måneder siden
  • Great show, but like Clarkson said, you can't engineer chemistry

    André GaveauAndré Gaveau2 måneder siden
  • First time I've watched any of the new top gear, and it'll be the last. It would have been great with the old crew, they bounced off each other, this just sounded like people reading off a script. RIP top gear.

    Bert SmithBert Smith2 måneder siden
  • Guy with stopwatch looks like Andrew Flintoff

    Anand XseedhacksAnand Xseedhacks2 måneder siden
  • Jimny vs thar please

    Being Salman ManhasBeing Salman Manhas2 måneder siden
  • I think that this is a no-sense challenge. Jimny isn't a rally car.

    Stefano RevelliStefano Revelli2 måneder siden
  • This is how many people see .... Andrew Flintof....

    The Engineer BroThe Engineer Bro2 måneder siden
  • I wanted to watch this but there’s unskipable ads. Who won?

    Malo MelloMalo Mello2 måneder siden
  • It ain´t Top Gear without the original Tp Gear Crew! This should be called First Gear. Lame.

    tuvalutuvalu2 måneder siden
  • Turn of those wipe cleaners you bumps

    dimitris agelhsdimitris agelhs2 måneder siden
  • Jimny was still dirty. Use your eyes people

    Jitu TeronJitu Teron2 måneder siden
  • Just look at that jimny's suspension 🤣🤣😂

    soumya shijusoumya shiju2 måneder siden
  • 𝐼𝑛 𝑝ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑝𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑒𝑠 𝑗𝑖𝑚𝑛𝑦 𝑐𝑜𝑠𝑡 𝑎𝑟𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑑 $20𝑘-$25𝑘 ..

    Macz FMacz F2 måneder siden
  • Bolox; he pushed his balls higher on the second car to beat the time; do another video, with jimni first!

    john kjohn k2 måneder siden
  • Intelligent driving. Credit goes to the driver

    Saran KuttanSaran Kuttan2 måneder siden
  • Would like to see a turbo model for towing a dirt bike trailer or Sea Doo trailer

    Garth VaderGarth Vader2 måneder siden

    saw sizzasaw sizza2 måneder siden
  • Nice jimny

    Geofrey Jun SabasGeofrey Jun Sabas2 måneder siden
  • I barely understood a word of this.

    JaasauJaasau2 måneder siden
  • Getting in a new duster is like getting in a Renault 19

    I McMillanI McMillan2 måneder siden

    Gamer Clan itaGamer Clan ita2 måneder siden
  • Sorry i was hear for THE too gear not this

    Ben SuttonBen Sutton2 måneder siden
  • Do an actual off road test

    Bram .PatolaBram .Patola2 måneder siden
  • Bro very danger stunt

    Kundan KumarKundan Kumar2 måneder siden
  • 完走したジムニーがやらせな位にきれい(´д`|||)

    濱野征二濱野征二2 måneder siden
  • Shouldn't hill descent go slow, so why are they going for shortest time?

    sijosijo2 måneder siden
  • Both car are different from each other.Duster is an AWD family car and jimney is a proper 4×4 off-road vehicle hence this comparison is not fair.

    Aman WadteAman Wadte2 måneder siden
  • che prova sarebbe? fatta esclusione per i guadi quella strada la faccio tranquillamente con l'opel corsa, con pneumatici da neve o 4 stagioni ...ancora meglio what proof would that be? except for fords that road I do it easily with the opel corsa, with snow tires or 4 seasons ... even better

    Claudio CalcagnoClaudio Calcagno2 måneder siden
  • The tousand yorum

    FC RONNİEFC RONNİE2 måneder siden
  • 2 matchbox

    Pop NicolaiPop Nicolai2 måneder siden
  • The jimny isn't fast, nor is it quick, or slidy, but you will always enjoy this car, its a fun car and i assure you , there will be a smile on you're face while you go off-road

    Tyrant QiuTyrant Qiu2 måneder siden
  • Nice race, well done Suzuki. Small jeep big heart

    josé miguel freire riosjosé miguel freire rios2 måneder siden
  • Yo tengo un Jimny del 2008 diesel 1500, y no lo cambio por ninguno de estos dos, estos no le llegan ni a la suela del par motor del mio-

    jesus abel hernandez gonzalezjesus abel hernandez gonzalez2 måneder siden
  • I love how some americans talking about how "good" the duster is while knowing sh*t about the car, In Hungary the leaders are the suzuki vitara and s cross,there are some big brianed people who bought the duster then regreted buying it a month after they bought it because you have to take it to an auto repair shop every month and paying a large amount of money,talking about the performace Wich is not that great So when you think of an affordable and high quality car,think of suzuki and not dacia

    László BalázsLászló Balázs2 måneder siden
  • Every true European knows how Suzuki beats Dacia in everything

    László BalázsLászló Balázs2 måneder siden
    • Blase again there is almost 6 k euros or more price difference between them........

      Polihron AlexandruPolihron Alexandru2 måneder siden
    • @Polihron Alexandru It's almost the same but the Jimny is one of the cheapest cars of Suzuki and its still very well built,we have a Suzuki vitara,it was $30,000 and it's the most famous car in Hungary

      László BalázsLászló Balázs2 måneder siden
    • Can you compare the price between them?

      Polihron AlexandruPolihron Alexandru2 måneder siden
  • а где оффроад то?

    ДВ-Z [внедорожный кастом]ДВ-Z [внедорожный кастом]2 måneder siden
  • How tall is the driver??

    onit reboRonit reboR2 måneder siden
  • Во британцы! И это внедорожье? У меня первая машина - матиз, я и хуже участки проезжал на рыбалку.

    MadMad2 måneder siden
  • Renault duster?

    Munawar SalimMunawar Salim2 måneder siden
  • There's no comparison, jimny is such a much better car than duster

    caccamingusciacaccaminguscia2 måneder siden
  • А чё это за мудаки? Где Кларксон? Хамонд? Мэй?

    Сергей ГСергей Г2 måneder siden
  • While i cant imagine a scenario where the duster beats the jimny, you are doing it wrong if you are worried about wrecking the cheapest car on the market during a race.

    Argus EyedArgus Eyed2 måneder siden
  • LOL ...Dacia Duster really? You should try the old ARO instead of it ,ARO was the traditional offroad romanian vehicle ...

    Darius RusDarius Rus2 måneder siden
  • hoping to see them doing it after 200k km. and all stock parts from the factory.

    Raymond ikRaymond ik2 måneder siden
  • Jajajajjaaaaaaa

    JOE 90JOE 902 måneder siden
  • Whats these comments saying the car was cleaned between takes.. They ran through wet not thick mud that doesn't stick well and the lime green color is sticking out more than the watery mud. Theres no washing involved.

    StealthAssasin 1DayStealthAssasin 1Day2 måneder siden
  • BBC. Why does your show HAVE to have three presenters & be similar to the Clarkson format? You could change it up a bit & break the legacy of the previous show. Then people would stop making comparisons between the different eras. No natural chemistry between the three of them...

    Redline RichRedline Rich2 måneder siden
  • Hey what about going 2nd advantage..

    Arpan DoshiArpan Doshi2 måneder siden
  • THERE IS NO COMPARISON PEOPLE.A TINY JEEP VS A BULKY SUV?Duster is the best suv value for money.Compares only to renegade or vitara

    George KaramolegosGeorge Karamolegos2 måneder siden
  • You can't handbrake turn a 4wd car because center diff is locked so if you pull up your handbrake it will do the same thing as stepping on a brake pedal.

    Evo EmperorEvo Emperor2 måneder siden
  • who are these people, where are the real top gear guys..some things go worse with time

    Arvind Kumar BurdakArvind Kumar Burdak2 måneder siden
  • Я на девяточке так на дачу езжу))

    Vik ButsevVik Butsev2 måneder siden
  • So painful to watch this. Now, it’s just another car show. And who wants that?

    Warren 1313Warren 13132 måneder siden
  • Jimny vs Duster... Why is that even a thing? :D Jimny all the way!!!

    George KandilarovGeorge Kandilarov2 måneder siden
  • Don't want to say bad things, but these guys just unfunny. You need real friends.

    LEOvsMAOLEOvsMAO2 måneder siden
  • Offroad isnt for speeding

    poocinni queskypoocinni quesky2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact off road driving isn't about speed or drifting its about find everywhere traction ho through the deepest forest I mean u need to judge it where it was made for so forget about the time and handbrake turns but concentrate about ride height or traction because that's important on this sort of cars

    handige rakkershandige rakkers2 måneder siden
  • Horrible video.

    JM LRJM LR2 måneder siden