MCLAREN SHOWDOWN: P1 vs 720s, Speedtail vs F35, 600LT vs Ferrari Pista | Top Gear

10. sep.. 2020
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As the (relative) new kids on the block, Chris Harris has pitched McLarens against all sorts of competition to show off their capabilities. We've had 600LT against Ferrari 488 Pista. We've had Speedtail against on one of the RAF's F35 jets. And we even raced a McLaren 720s against... well... a McLaren - the P1 hypercar. Here are some of our favourite McLaren Showdowns. Which is yours?
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  • What Macca showdown would you love to see? 765LT vs Tesla Model 3? Senna vs an Afghan Hound? Let us know 👇👇👇

    Top GearTop GearMåned siden
    • Speedtail vs p1

      Dharmesh PandyaDharmesh Pandya7 dager siden
    • P1 vs 720s 1/4 mile drag race.

      Spencer CarvalhoSpencer Carvalho15 dager siden
    • Ferrari SF90 Stradale vs. McLaren 765LT at the Ring

      Pharaoh GammaPharaoh Gamma15 dager siden
    • @Tylor Moodley Yeah, amazing car. Also BMW did a great Job in the V12

      Bernhard KreindlBernhard KreindlMåned siden
    • @Bernhard Kreindl Yep 25 years later and still faster than almost all supercars. 240 MPH, now days even Ferrari's and Lambo's dont do that

      Tylor MoodleyTylor MoodleyMåned siden
  • Wow. That F35 is awesome and Chris you did a nice job man..

    Alden pengAlden peng4 dager siden
  • Such a click bait title, these are individual clips from seperate times compiled together.

    Nikul PrasadNikul Prasad6 dager siden
  • The race against the F35 fighter jet is an historic event. It’s the only time in history a Mc Laren raced a machine that is even less reliable than the car itself.

    Billie BleachBillie Bleach8 dager siden
  • I’m sure his new favorite brand is Mclaren Now

    Henry The NinjaHenry The Ninja11 dager siden
  • wrong top gear

    jrsmusejrsmuse13 dager siden
  • Bring the koenigsegg absolut.....

    Sahil BhardwajSahil Bhardwaj13 dager siden
  • Who pays for the fuel and flight time for the f35

    ALLIS WELL mxoALLIS WELL mxo14 dager siden
    • us pay slaves.

      mi76kemi76ke14 dager siden
  • WOW, this video Is great !!! The director Is a genius !!!!!!

    Ultra SevenUltra Seven16 dager siden
  • I was expecting a car named F35, not an actual plane.

    BugholeexcaliburBugholeexcalibur17 dager siden
  • Chris Harris at it again well done!

    SiyaM MaSiyaM Ma17 dager siden

    Brayden CooperBrayden Cooper20 dager siden
  • If you see carefully, the lap he does in the 720s wasn't captured in a single shot. The drivers display switches between normal mode and race mode.

    HA GamerHA Gamer20 dager siden
  • 10:24 - I'm not sure if this is a TV clip...or I'm doing a showcase event in Forza Horizon, trying to tell myself that it's exciting

    The SprawlThe Sprawl20 dager siden
  • The speedtail scene had me thinking of a showcase event in FORZA horizon 4 😂🤣 but 163727284848263621515x cooler

    Sam WallingSam Walling20 dager siden
  • I want to see a Mclaren drag race, Speedtail vs 765lt vs senna vs f1 vs 720s vs p1

    Julio RamirezJulio Ramirez20 dager siden
  • 2022 c8 corvette zo6 going to be a monster

    ennis pennis p24 dager siden
  • My favorite color green

    AZROUAZROU25 dager siden
  • new top gear guys will never be as good as it used to be.....

    Stoned HyenasStoned Hyenas25 dager siden
  • McLearn always try to built best cars 😎😎

    Tharusha LakshanTharusha Lakshan26 dager siden
  • This show is so shit now 😂😂

    Andrew DickieAndrew Dickie27 dager siden
  • Then when you go into the first sharp turn you CRASH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FAM

    NOFTOF YTNOFTOF YT27 dager siden
  • i reckon the mclaren did pretty good considering it was racing a jet with a 1,200 mph top speed

    Ares ZelfAres Zelf28 dager siden
  • you should"ve used the senna a much closer competitor

    Damian CookDamian Cook28 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks that the rims on the 600LT look like they were designed by Lamborghini🤨

    no nameno name29 dager siden
  • 720 cant out run a ferrari but can nearly match a 900hp race version of its self? So that ferrari is faster or as fast as a p1??

    keedoopopkeedoopop29 dager siden
  • Dont be stupid. 700 hp car vs a 900 hp car with every single race component better by a mile. Wasnt no half a second off

    keedoopopkeedoopop29 dager siden
  • Awesome!! Last race got me hype. Lol.

    Andy SantosAndy SantosMåned siden
  • 😃

  • Personally I would love to have the P1 anyway all day 😍😍

    BrandonBrandonMåned siden
  • Ferrari pista is best❤️😍❤️😍

    Daily UpdatesDaily UpdatesMåned siden
  • P1 will forever be my favorite McLaren and car *PERIOD*.

    Ratul DeounRatul DeounMåned siden
  • That, was stunning, well done lads.

    spud693spud693Måned siden
  • Keep the camera still idiot

    ProjectRProjectRMåned siden
  • What about the senna ?

    No NameNo NameMåned siden
  • vroom vroom

    Ted MortonTed MortonMåned siden
  • Chris Harris driving! Nothing can stop me from watching this

    Kenny PhunKenny PhunMåned siden
  • Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming

    Filip GjorgjevskiFilip GjorgjevskiMåned siden
  • No matter how fast that speedtail is, it's still stuck on the ground and tops out at only 250mph, while the F35 can go supersonic (yeah for only short time I know) and can go anywhere LOL

    Jonathan LeeJonathan LeeMåned siden
  • There's a faster and easier way to beat a McLaren... it's called a Heatseaker.

    Adrian HetmanskiAdrian HetmanskiMåned siden
  • Reality is that Mc Laren isn’t selling enough cars to survive. It’s a fact.

    Luca Maria MartinoiaLuca Maria MartinoiaMåned siden
  • old top gear was better

    BonkBonkMåned siden
  • what's the prize of the car

    Mobarratul islamMobarratul islamMåned siden
  • keep it a good drive!Amazing stuff guys!!!

    Daniel MateuszDaniel MateuszMåned siden
  • It’s not complete until the LEGENDARY F1 is on scene

    Arsh PervezArsh PervezMåned siden
  • OK but why does the 600lt have lamborghini rims on it

    r .mr .mMåned siden
  • The La farari and Porsche is faster than the Macleren Have you seen Grand tour ?

    Shakun SinghShakun SinghMåned siden
  • Charris is the best (only?) thing worth watching in new TG

    Cameron YoungCameron YoungMåned siden
  • where is hammond?

    array izzyarray izzyMåned siden
  • Watching this I miss the old Harris on Cars with the film making magic of Neil Carey..

    kolim jonekolim joneMåned siden
  • 11:04 the cloud looks like the jet!!!

    Max VictorinoMax VictorinoMåned siden
  • Top gear need to thumbnail The F 35 and speedtail to get milllion views immediately

    Mujahid RosmanMujahid RosmanMåned siden
  • I like to see any million dollar super car against the Tesla roadster

    Dean HDean HMåned siden
  • P1 Cleaner than your church shoes huh!🔥

    Adrian PeterAdrian PeterMåned siden
  • I want to see P1 vs. Senna vs. 720s vs. 765lt vs. GT2 RS MR vs. GT3 car. You've been slackin' Top Gear. Tsk tsk.

    divinasiondivinasionMåned siden
  • guys i’m just watching this coz my mcm likes cars

    alisha zareen.alisha zareen.Måned siden
  • Should have used DRS on the straights in the P1

    Homerlovesbeer2Homerlovesbeer2Måned siden
    • it does have a form of DRS

      Mr SimpletonMr SimpletonMåned siden
  • I‘m glad that even tho the cameraman has Parkinsons, he is still fulfilling his dream.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytMåned siden
    • 🤣

      0 00 0Måned siden
  • Why run a front number plate on a $1,000,000 car that's on a racetrack? Heck I removed the plates off the C7 Z06 I rented from the airport Hertz and raced at Thunderhill, CA.

    TurboDieselDanTurboDieselDanMåned siden
    • to talk about the cars with no gimmicks no terrible jump cuts editing, just present these segments like Chris on Cars. The thing with the jet? Pointless.

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytMåned siden
  • Boring. Rather watch the grand tour

    ともツともツMåned siden
  • If he didn't over cook it at 3:22, it will be a tight with the p1

    Henry ChenHenry ChenMåned siden
  • Anyone else get Forza Horizon vibes from the Speedtail vs. jet race?

    TheDragonKingTheDragonKingMåned siden
  • I chose the p1

    Noviana WidyastutiNoviana WidyastutiMåned siden
  • asta la pista ferrari app day

    Abdul muneemAbdul muneemMåned siden
  • P1 sounds soooo good!

    pugmanickpugmanickMåned siden

    YessirYessirMåned siden
  • Your not hammon

    WolfWolfMåned siden
  • Those low passes from the F35 must have been unreal to see in real life

    alex symmesalex symmesMåned siden
  • So in other words the765lt is faster than P1??

    Adalberto corderoAdalberto corderoMåned siden
  • I just wish they would have lined them all up for a drag race.

    Therealtmac_Therealtmac_Måned siden
  • It’s the same old shit top gears done to death isn’t it

    b.O.d 89b.O.d 89Måned siden
  • Never, never, never new presenters wil not compare with James, Jeremy and Richard. BBC made a mistake

    tabaviatabaviaMåned siden
    • @The Lexdysic cartographer ok cool :)

      levi blacklevi black3 dager siden
    • @levi black yup

      The Lexdysic cartographerThe Lexdysic cartographer3 dager siden
    • @The Lexdysic cartographer you can turn off the autoplay you know.

      levi blacklevi black3 dager siden
    • @levi black And the only reason I click on this video is because I was watching old clips from a few years back and this one auto played so basically not by choice

      The Lexdysic cartographerThe Lexdysic cartographer5 dager siden
    • @goldenegg It’s not nostalgia it’s just truth they were actually way better in every single way the show is not even slightly comparable to what it once was. The American and the Australian version was better than this shit.

      The Lexdysic cartographerThe Lexdysic cartographer5 dager siden
  • This top gear is trash hammond, clarkson, and James were the best

    Advi ReddyAdvi ReddyMåned siden
    • i agree 100% but chris's reviewing is decent atleast it is not flintoff or the other guy who i don't remember the name of

      Syed muhammad RazaSyed muhammad RazaMåned siden
  • P1 my all time dream car.

    Mr KnebinMr KnebinMåned siden
  • The segments are already edited down for the dumbest viewers. Then on NOworld they give us this mish mash of crap. Give people what they want. Chris being given the time to talk about the cars with no gimmicks no terrible jump cuts editing, just present these segments like Chris on Cars. The thing with the jet? Pointless.

    G GG GMåned siden
  • Selling Woking are they? They should take that cash and make a wiring harness that works.

    mvchalkartmvchalkartMåned siden
  • P1 anyday

    Rayhan RizviRayhan RizviMåned siden
  • Tbh, the P1 is scary and difficult to drive. Pro driver should be able to do 2 seconds of difference over 720s

    Radim TichýRadim TichýMåned siden
  • Chris, the biggest McLaren bum picker in history. Must get alot of big thanks From McLaren to pump them up! Yet Ferrari the number 1 BRAND in the world,lol. To think, McLaren even need fools to help them sell their cars.

    Daniel UcchedduDaniel UcchedduMåned siden
  • mclaren 3 seat vs maclaren 3 seater pram .

    zoomer46 zoomer46zoomer46 zoomer46Måned siden
  • Such a sick video but why didnt you give some intimidating stats on the F35?! Missed opportunity to heighten the tension

    Matt BoltMatt BoltMåned siden
  • Welcome to Portugal 🇵🇹 ! Portimão track will receive this year the motoGP and I hope Miguel Oliveira can win that race. ✌️

    Duo MotovlogDuo MotovlogMåned siden
  • I'd have a pista over any McLaren

    Cheslyn WessonCheslyn WessonMåned siden
  • Mclaren

    CoemgenusCoemgenusMåned siden
  • Power to ratio the 911 turbo is the best spots car ever made, there is no car in the world that can match the turbo with the same power! The 720s is a v8 that has 70hp more then the 911 and still loses in a 1/4 mile race. So I’m sorry to disappoint you but without the king 911 turbo s there are no exciting races.

    PintoPintoMåned siden
  • flying jet vs car; reminds me of forza.

    Swagata HowladerSwagata HowladerMåned siden
  • when we develop a superior jet why cant we keep them to ourselves?

    Indy3%erIndy3%erMåned siden
  • Speedtail vs F-35 is one of my absolute favorite Top Gear videos but because fighter jets are simply the most awesome machines.

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithMåned siden
  • Pista 🥰🥰😍😍!!!!

    A guy who love KittensA guy who love KittensMåned siden
  • Right now I'm torn between buying a used 720 because it is a bargain or the new 911 turbo S since for some reason is faster from 0 to 60 and on the 1/4 mile and similar price for a new one....

    dany villondany villonMåned siden
  • Amazing 😉

  • Can you do Mclaren P1 vs 765LT, this would be a close race

    Alejandro ballesterosAlejandro ballesterosMåned siden
  • Where is that track?

    Guilherme PintoGuilherme PintoMåned siden
  • Around this track! fast around here! What bledn track is it? POrtimao?

    Eugene GallagherEugene GallagherMåned siden
  • P1 vs Sienna... that would even up the odds..

    Jojo AbellaJojo AbellaMåned siden
  • Chris Harris might be the best automotive video journalist EVER! I love everything he does.

    Matthew BMatthew BMåned siden
  • 1 flying lap each isn't really a true test of these thing,s performance is it ? , doing many lap,s and working out the average would tell the true story

    jz35jz35Måned siden
  • Damn I could feel Chris’s reaction when the F-35 took off lol. I live and work by Selfridge air base and you can feel any Jet take off it’s crazy. I can’t image being right next to it!! ✈️😳

    Boss Hog PlayaBoss Hog PlayaMåned siden
  • Top gear so low in TV viewership now, that they need to inject multiple ads in their youtube videos to make $$$. How sad 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Jimmy DishkawntJimmy DishkawntMåned siden
    • Dude they need to bring back the original guys

      Bradan GreeneBradan Greene12 timer siden
    • the only thing good about it is just chris's commentary and him talking and reviewing these nothing else

      Syed muhammad RazaSyed muhammad RazaMåned siden
    • No ads in the U.K.

      brent powellbrent powellMåned siden
  • I‘m glad that even tho the cameraman has Parkinsons, he is still fulfilling his dream.

    Yeetus Da feetusYeetus Da feetusMåned siden