MAKING OF: Sports cars at Top Speed Tuesday | Top Gear: Series 28

25. feb.. 2020
81 202 Ganger

Come and have a gander at how the sports cars film in the latest episode of Top Gear was made. We go behind the scenes at Elvington's Top Speed Tuesday event with the Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari.
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  • My uncle has a ferrari

    Kirthan RajpalKirthan Rajpal7 måneder siden
  • Check out Beat me official song for the f1 dutch grand prix!!! Davina Michelle!

    Sun FlowerSun Flower7 måneder siden
  • I thought the Aston was a Porsche. Somebody beat me with a stick.

    ScissorMeTimbersScissorMeTimbers7 måneder siden
  • Did you guys get the fan belt sorted for that gtr I'm the parts guy you rang for a replacement for it haha

    Jake CloughJake Clough8 måneder siden
  • TG thank you. Great to see these video's.

    matthew stockermatthew stocker8 måneder siden
  • Paddy & Chris’s chemistry is gold

    TInashe Dennis ImmanuelTInashe Dennis Immanuel8 måneder siden
  • Топ гир это где мей хамонд и кларксон

    Роман БелебердулинРоман Белебердулин8 måneder siden
  • They should put the old guys back

    legendaryv1legendaryv18 måneder siden
  • This is great. Please keep them going.

    3phex3phex8 måneder siden
  • Can we get moar of these?

    spikeman4presspikeman4pres8 måneder siden
  • Lousy episode with really but really lousy presenters! They have no true deep insight, they behave like 3 silly and not so funny kids that are trying to imitate the "cool kids" (Clarkson etc), I mean can it get more stupid? These dudes really need to be sacked! Just take the main article, come on, as good as the Porsche is, nine out of ten people that know something about cars would choose the Ferrari!! The Portofino is currently, most likely the best all rounder Grand Tourer on the market, choosing it over a basic Porsche? And the stupid task of who reaches the track first and makes more laps, and that too with A Porsche that looks like every 911 since ever, Come on! Kind of an insult to Aston Martin and Ferrari (not the first time Harris disrespects Ferrari with his silly comments!). I do hope that the blokes from Ferrari Italy will be shown this video and will take into consideration before inviting these jokers to any of their future events.

    Bill DBill D8 måneder siden
  • The entire film crew is White. So much for having diversity.

    THKTHK8 måneder siden
    • Hey citizens it's Captain Virtue!! If you ever need him/her/it just light the virtue signal & he/she/it will be there!!

      008 måneder siden
    • that's what you're gonna complain about huh

      OthManOthMan8 måneder siden
  • The top speed tests were fantastic the rest of the film was dribble

    LNES SmithLNES Smith8 måneder siden
  • This is better content than what we get on TV. More raw comedy and insightful

    Greg MayledGreg Mayled8 måneder siden
    • jon doe fair enough. Everyone should Dave their opinion!

      Greg MayledGreg Mayled8 måneder siden
    • @jon doe You know you could be out there having a life rather than replying negatively to every comment.

      008 måneder siden
    • jon doe how come?

      Greg MayledGreg Mayled8 måneder siden
  • According to the Elvington site that's a one-mile run, if anyone's interested!

    Sam HarperSam Harper8 måneder siden
  • Would Ferrari not let you take it out at Cadwell? Obviously it was all staged but I'm guessing because of this.

    PT82PT828 måneder siden
  • If you remove Chris Harris, the program will be much better, he talks a lot of shit !!

    Marcelo SMarcelo S8 måneder siden
  • "Sorry girls I'm married" 😂😂😂

    Mashud MohammedMashud Mohammed8 måneder siden
  • the Ferrari driver is so annoying... and that voice...

    GustavoGustavo8 måneder siden
  • Need more of these, brilliant

    Colin ThompsonColin Thompson8 måneder siden
  • Old topgear made tons of car photage and we never noticed, now in the new one most of the photage the car is setting in a white room talking about air conditioning fins cup holders position

    Zero HourZero Hour8 måneder siden
    • You mean important stuff about the vehicle then?

      008 måneder siden
  • I was wrong about Flintoff and Paddy about if they are enough to be on Top Gear. They are. More than enough, because they all look great together and are naturally connected. They might not be car freaks like Harris because that guy knows absolutely everything about cars, but they look like they are a perfect match.

    HBO NETFLIXHBO NETFLIX8 måneder siden
    • They are into cars, just not as much as Harris

      Some Random PersonSome Random Person6 måneder siden
    • @Sparky I'm giving them a chance. They're definitely better than Evans, Reid & LeBlanc. LeBlanc was okay, he just didn't gel with the rest.

      008 måneder siden
    • Thumbobby, hopefully it’ll get ironed out. When I look back at the early “new” Top Gear with the Clarkson/Hammond/May lineup some of that was awful and cringeworthy. It takes time. Could always tell the scripted stuff from the genuine spontaneous jokes and tomfoolery of good friends having a laugh.

      SparkySparky8 måneder siden
    • I'm still not entirely convinced. They're entertaining enough but something still doesn't feel quite right about their chemistry.

      008 måneder siden
    • HBO NETFLIX, agree. I was concerned when the lineup was announced. Freddy does seem a little stiff and uneasy in the studio. But when they’re out and about he seems so comfortable. He relaxes and lets his natural self come through. Never met him but comes across as a genuinely nice guy. Which of course he is being a Lancastrian. Same for Paddy but Freddy is more my part of the county so some bias there.

      SparkySparky8 måneder siden
  • The Aston is the nicest like if u agree

    Joseph JohnsonJoseph Johnson8 måneder siden
    • The Aston is the nicest dislike Joseph's comment if u agree

      008 måneder siden
  • These guys are having a blast and it translates on camera. It’s fantastic.

    whotswrallwhotswrall8 måneder siden
  • 4:03 Paddy, you got tickets on yourself ol' son.. don't step out into the wind, they'll blow off. 😆😏

    STAG162STAG1628 måneder siden
  • I'd like Jeremy again

    CALMINDCALMIND8 måneder siden
    • @OthMan And with that I assume their new show is why doesn't everyone go there and have a merry time instead of coming here to bitch

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
    • @FlyByGy old top gear was a 10. this is a 3 at best.

      OthManOthMan8 måneder siden
    • @J G I'm so tired of people bringing these has-beens up on every top gear video. I love this new trio. Energetic, funny, witty and forging a bond that is all bonafide.

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
    • Nah, the old fat man is boring

      J GJ G8 måneder siden
  • 😍😍😍😍wow

    Pietro SalomonePietro Salomone8 måneder siden
  • They should make every episode a "Making Of". That was great.

    E4T6E4T68 måneder siden
  • Might a Taycan Turbo S exceed its listed top speed over that distance? It gets there so quickly on the Autobahn.

    CloxxkiCloxxki8 måneder siden
  • I appreciate your videos and opinions. Please run and review a new Corvette. I love Ferraris, Lambos, and Porsches but I long to hear your opinion on this vehicle. I hope it is in the works and I also hope Chevrolet has finally done a vehicle that engineering and interior wise, displays a complete package.

    Keith JacksonKeith Jackson8 måneder siden
  • these guys suc brlng bac the orlglnals

    JWW JWWJWW JWW8 måneder siden
    • The Oldriginals are on Amazon....go there and have a gander.

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
  • tvr griffith would walk on them, tvr sagaris ls9 would destory them like a warhorse

    for_all_thosefor_all_those8 måneder siden
  • sports car = 911

    aDx AngelesaDx Angeles8 måneder siden
    • yeah never forget right

      OthManOthMan8 måneder siden
  • Anyone calling it a not a car guy, just a film producer. Welcome to top gear 2020

    JamesJames8 måneder siden
    • @James I guess you should have said it isn't the 'American' way - assuming you are across the pond.

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
    • @James porsche would still be porsche with the e or without an e, but with a é it becomes porscha for private school kids

      for_all_thosefor_all_those8 måneder siden
    • FlyByGy Yeah I realise it's often pronounced that way...and it's probably the correct way, but not one of my many car crazy mates say it like that.

      JamesJames8 måneder siden
    • for_all_those I guess we just drop the e, and pronounce it as Porsh.

      JamesJames8 måneder siden
    • Unless the Germans officially changed the pronunciation, I think Por-Shuh is correct.

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
  • Need more Chris vlogs in the set

    edward whitehouseedward whitehouse8 måneder siden
    • Thumbobby I can tell...

      edward whitehouseedward whitehouse8 måneder siden
    • @edward whitehouse You'll find John Doe in most of the comments, spouting the same rubbish. He's the worst kind of mong.

      008 måneder siden
    • jon doe okay pal, if you say so

      edward whitehouseedward whitehouse8 måneder siden
    • jon doe overrated? He’s great, if anyone’s over rated it’s the old 3. Yes they are good but the hype round them is insane! I’m glad the split off and did their own thing creating a new space for the new lot.

      edward whitehouseedward whitehouse8 måneder siden
    • Noooo

      Marcelo SMarcelo S8 måneder siden
  • Not the grand tour though is it

    AjayAjay8 måneder siden
    • It isn't? I could have sworn.....

      FlyByGyFlyByGy8 måneder siden
  • 3:41 - *WOW.*

    Dan BlackDan Black8 måneder siden
  • The Porsche is the best looking car of them all

    Dylan RobinsonDylan Robinson8 måneder siden
    • Only if you crash the Ferrari... 😂

      Sir FriendzoneSir Friendzone8 måneder siden
  • Love this show and love these 'making of' videos!

    chrissy_tchrissy_t8 måneder siden
    • @jon doe So does your mother but she doesn't have a "making of" video about her.

      008 måneder siden
  • Love Freddy getting all protective over his car “Don’t do that, they’re electric” (2:50). Quite right.

    SparkySparky8 måneder siden
    • Thumbobby, good to know. When I bought my car the garage was folding them back manually. They didn’t know pulling the button folded them. I’d still rather use the motor feature as intended. Hopefully I don’t knock them. Electric heated mirror units aren’t cheap!

      SparkySparky8 måneder siden
    • @Sparky It doesn't break electric mirrors by manually folding them. It's a design feature in case you hit something. As in the hope is that they'll fold rather than break. In my Mercedes you can manually adjust the electric mirrors by hand & then hold a button to save the position. I much prefer this to using the D-pad on the door.

      008 måneder siden
    • Graham - In My Life, true but isn’t that Paddy’s? Got to look after the Aston. Had a friend who didn’t realise his mirrors were electric and had been folding them in by hand. He was rather surprised when I told him. Thankfully they still worked.

      SparkySparky8 måneder siden
    • Then he sits on the paintwork

      G MethG Meth8 måneder siden
    • Lol. Reminds me of a video where these dudes were in a electronics store and one side had a laptop that could fold completely backwards and the other dude did the same thing with his which wasn't capable of folding over backwards and broke the laptop.

      LambochaserLambochaser8 måneder siden
  • Beautiful cars and nice guys!

    Mary CrossMary Cross8 måneder siden
  • And they get paid (a lot) 🙄👍

    English CadEnglish Cad8 måneder siden
  • awesome video I would really love to drive to Aston Martin I seen one in person and I really loved it is a very beautiful car ❤️ Make sure you subscribe to the channel please .

    Luxury Exxxtreme SpeedLuxury Exxxtreme Speed8 måneder siden
    • @0 lol

      Luxury Exxxtreme SpeedLuxury Exxxtreme Speed8 måneder siden
    • I clicked on your channel & it was just 12 different child pornography videos.

      008 måneder siden
  • Worst line up ever!

    da funksterda funkster8 måneder siden
    • @jon doe ferrari are just overpriced rubbish for old man are care for nostalgia, they are all its ferrari, and you are like, the actual car is rubbish

      for_all_thosefor_all_those8 måneder siden
  • Why are we going to believe this channel this is a a bias channel

    emmanuelemmanuel8 måneder siden
    • I don't think cars have too many political opinions, they're cars.

      008 måneder siden
  • Sorry girls I'm married 😂😂😂

    Rik AustinRik Austin8 måneder siden
  • dd

    DroietDroiet8 måneder siden
  • This is cool and all, but I didn't see the part where I asked?

    FiddleFiddle8 måneder siden
  • Drop a Gear and Disappear!

    Tim MackyTim Macky8 måneder siden
  • Porsche would look even more stunning in a bright color like the other cars!

    Supercars in GreeceSupercars in Greece8 måneder siden
  • Bonjour

    Le coin du SportifLe coin du Sportif8 måneder siden
    • Salut

      Some Random PersonSome Random Person6 måneder siden
  • Wow!! Didn’t expect this😜😜

    Legend RocksLegend Rocks8 måneder siden
  • *happiness*

    Arya NagarkarArya Nagarkar8 måneder siden
  • #1st🇻🇳

    Dân DipperDân Dipper8 måneder siden
  • Your all videos are Amazing..👍🏻👍🏻

    Devraj ChauhanDevraj Chauhan8 måneder siden