'Lube Cannons' make Paddy crash his car | Top Gear: Series 28

22. april. 2020
113 479 Ganger

Here the boys take part in a time trial, and if the motocross track isn't challenging enough in their low convertibles, the lube cannon in their cars will certainly ensure it is.
But who'll be crowned the Lube-is Hamilton of the bunch?
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  • They are basically big children It’s bloody brilliant 😂

    Scott AndrewScott Andrew5 dager siden
  • Guys stop hating! Yeah maybe the old people are gone but get over it! This series is just as good as the other ones and I actually think this series is funny and I enjoy watching it! PLEASE STOP HATING

    lulu vlogslulu vlogs7 dager siden
  • The old presenters were way better

    Mr MurrayMr Murray7 dager siden
  • All these people but hurt that clarkson may and James left but that doesn’t mean you can call it garbage it still enjoyable to watch

    Oliver PottsOliver Potts18 dager siden
  • now we know how girl feels zing

    Nick MyersNick MyersMåned siden
  • How could new top gear be funny with out jermey clockson Hammond and my

    Sarah SlancauskasSarah Slancauskas3 måneder siden
  • just stop trying to recreate the old banter they used to have its so disingenuous just stop top gear

    splmeeshsplmeesh4 måneder siden
  • A cannon of lube , really ??? even Claskson couldnt go this low . this is just nasty

    Gamecast eliteGamecast elite5 måneder siden
  • yeah i dont like the new topgear bring the old crew back will ya please

    mr'criticalmr'critical5 måneder siden
  • What is this abomination

    Pranav P SPranav P S5 måneder siden
  • Just not entertaining, not funny and they just don't work.

    Aeron EitzenAeron Eitzen5 måneder siden
  • Such losers😂 this aint top gear anymore this is top suckers😂

    gaurav singhgaurav singh5 måneder siden
  • Fake laughs... only if this was more real and not planned from head to toe

    YellowYellow5 måneder siden
  • I hate this new cast, They suck, Its not what it used to be like.

    Zompix ThePotatoGamerZompix ThePotatoGamer5 måneder siden
  • Old top gear is better

    RichardRS4RichardRS45 måneder siden
  • Pure shit. We want clarkson Hammond and may back!

    Crumbly BiscuitzCrumbly Biscuitz5 måneder siden
  • Paddy wasnt wearing goggles the others were thatxwas unfair he couldnt see

    Goin AWOLGoin AWOL5 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Your Nan .com. A UYour Nan .com. A U5 måneder siden
  • last dude didnt get sprayed in the face tho

    Stijn M.Stijn M.5 måneder siden
  • Old top gear: Millions of views, great like to dislike ratio. New top gear: under 100k views, bad like to dislike ratio.

    YouTube LemonYouTube Lemon5 måneder siden
  • Miss the old dudes

    Adrian LucesAdrian Luces5 måneder siden
  • Not meaning to offend anyone, but it really looks like they casted two random plumbers to host the show..

    OhFishyFishOhFishyFish5 måneder siden
  • I mean if I’m being honest I have the grand tour and this, Im not saying this is bad or anything it just feels like there trying to fix something that can’t be fixed, another than that maybe if it wasn’t so scripted it would be funny

    janerjaner5 måneder siden
  • Got to a mite I did laugh a couple of time but I do miss the hamster the orangutang and the turtle tho

    Bob JoBob Jo5 måneder siden
  • This is not British enough

    komen tatorkomen tator5 måneder siden

    Ayhann PetitAyhann Petit5 måneder siden
  • The show sucks!!!! BBC

    Srilab PalSrilab Pal5 måneder siden
  • You may copy the content but can never copy Clarkson, Hammond and May

    Mushfiq FuadMushfiq Fuad5 måneder siden
  • The new Top Gear is shit. They don't have a lot of views compared to the old Top Gear.

    Danyael DarlucioDanyael Darlucio5 måneder siden
  • Look at all the bitter comments...grow up or cry to your mommy

    vanze vanzanityvanze vanzanity5 måneder siden
  • This is rubbish, grand tour's better. Dislike, as usual

    Carlalberto ColomboCarlalberto Colombo5 måneder siden
  • You’d come home from school excited to see what Hammond Clarkson and May had gotten up to, and I still do. I’d rather just watch the grand tour over and over than this rubbish

    Morgans Car ChannelMorgans Car Channel5 måneder siden
  • Lame

    Dr HDr H5 måneder siden
  • I want the old top gear

    Selvia EvasariSelvia Evasari6 måneder siden
  • Go

    Ognjen CiricOgnjen Ciric6 måneder siden
  • So many comments, that we want all Clarkson back!

  • If people are still watching Top Gear it's because Chris is still there. The other two are just worst👎.

    Flash PointFlash Point6 måneder siden
  • Skeed skeed... ugg..crash

    OhmloudOhmloud6 måneder siden
  • Holy shit this is boring.

    X3n0nX3n0n6 måneder siden
  • Clarkson may and hammond were the best these new peeps idk just not funny and boring

    ugglyBoogly1234ugglyBoogly12346 måneder siden
    • Agree

      D4 bricksD4 bricks5 måneder siden
  • stunning looking mx track wounder where it is?

    sebastian spaldingsebastian spalding6 måneder siden
  • Jeremy And James Are the Best one yet

    Matthew RodriguezMatthew Rodriguez6 måneder siden
    • Dont forget Hammond :(

      JarJaroadman ProductionsJarJaroadman Productions5 måneder siden
  • Oh boy this version of top gear without the golden trio ....damn it's hurts my eyes

    Hermon BasilHermon Basil6 måneder siden
    • At least it's not as bad as it was with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

      Henry CooksonHenry Cookson2 måneder siden
  • It was hard to watch

    Deon LiDeon Li6 måneder siden
  • The main problem with new top gear is that their accent is difficult to understand for non-british people which was not the case with the old trio.

    A SPA SP6 måneder siden
    • Thats definitely not the main problem. The main problem is that the show still exists

      Blu FyyaBlu Fyya5 måneder siden
  • na is no longer the same without those who really gave life to the program these are hardly funny anymore it is not even remotely top gear is a cheap copy

    jonathan avila estebanjonathan avila esteban6 måneder siden
  • Guys just watch the grand tour! This shows dead

    BoxFullOfScrapsBoxFullOfScraps6 måneder siden
  • "It's shit" "Bring back Clarkson" "Top Gear is dead" Or you know, get off the bit of youtube you don't like and let those of us that do watch it in peace?

    f1since08f1since086 måneder siden
  • Bbc fired Clarkson they probably lost millions

    Max_Chan016Max_Chan0166 måneder siden
    • @Bykkou and whether or not he deserves it, Bbc still lost millions so its a win win for Clarkson cause he has his own show now

      Max_Chan016Max_Chan0165 måneder siden
    • @Bykkou the guy waited for hours and to found out that the production team dint prepare any food not even biscuits i mean i would get pissed atleast

      Max_Chan016Max_Chan0165 måneder siden
  • It’s sad how far Top Gear has fallen

    Kyle NielsenKyle Nielsen6 måneder siden
  • What the ?!/+-&$#@ has Top Gear done ??????

    Warren KuhnWarren Kuhn6 måneder siden
  • Not top gear

    Jack McFarlandJack McFarland6 måneder siden
  • So this is top gear now?

    Jeroen de HoogJeroen de Hoog6 måneder siden
  • The Grand Tour > Top Gear

    Asami RhavelzAsami Rhavelz6 måneder siden
  • Just really miss Clarkson Hammond and May!!😬😭😭

    Donald EscobarDonald Escobar6 måneder siden
    • Yawn

      paul adamspaul adams23 dager siden
    • Go watch Grand Tour.

      Bitcoin NinjaBitcoin NinjaMåned siden
    • @Ali Arshad fuck off

      GameOver OTWGameOver OTW3 måneder siden
    • @Ali Arshad no bitch

      VEX Cool TechVEX Cool Tech3 måneder siden
    • Ali Arshad no

      Taboo GroundhogTaboo Groundhog5 måneder siden
  • Watching them getting hit in the face made me spit out too..!!!!!

    ItzDanishItzDanish6 måneder siden
  • gotta love the forced laughter

    Al exAl ex6 måneder siden
  • There’s no way that Monkey would have lost that race. No way

    Richard MajorRichard Major6 måneder siden
  • This new top gear is garbage. It should have ended when the 3 OG’s left. No one can fill their shoes

    Tyler OwenTyler Owen6 måneder siden
  • Simply terrible

    Lukas ImpactLukas Impact6 måneder siden
  • Nice! finally a old crap-car test without Jags and aston martin...

    FEGTTTSDHFEGTTTSDH6 måneder siden
  • Release the show in America damnit

    Cousin YuriCousin Yuri6 måneder siden
  • Can someone check the browser history of whoever came up with this idea.

    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)6 måneder siden
    • LOL

      Stigs stupid cousinStigs stupid cousin6 måneder siden
  • Driving an Escort With Lube on Your Face Sounds Legit

    Sponge BobSponge Bob6 måneder siden
  • Wow, I haven't seen top gear since Clarkson and I'll be honest...... PURE GARBAGE!!

    zioncardman18zioncardman186 måneder siden
    • @Playerover One why you watching this then you fool

      paul adamspaul adams23 dager siden
    • Now time to wait for some idiot to defend the New Top Gear presenters and saying that they aren't that bad. I personally don't like the "New" Top Gear.

      Playerover OnePlayerover OneMåned siden
    • Go Watch the grand tour there is the trio making Some cool video’s

      Job HuijbregtsJob Huijbregts5 måneder siden
    • Believe me dude, it was even worse. They had the Friends dude as host

      Victor LimaVictor Lima5 måneder siden
    • zioncardman18 same and agreed new top gear is shit

      ugglyBoogly1234ugglyBoogly12346 måneder siden
  • Top Gear Forever

    Otomobil DurağıOtomobil Durağı6 måneder siden
  • Top Gear jubílense, cansan con lo mismo. 🥱👎🏻

    ferdel82ferdel826 måneder siden
  • I just wasted minutes of my life that I can't get back watching this foolishness

    HappyWelshGuyHappyWelshGuy6 måneder siden
  • Lube cannon read backwards spells desperation.

    Malte SumpfMalte Sumpf6 måneder siden
    • Close enough

      Taboo GroundhogTaboo Groundhog5 måneder siden
  • It looks like they are trying to be Clarkson era Top Gear, but it comes across as a bad parody of itself and its former glory.

    spacecadet35spacecadet356 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who misses Jeremy Hammond and mr slow 🙁

    Ali SaifAli Saif6 måneder siden
    • That's CAPTAIN Slow to you.

      spacecadet35spacecadet356 måneder siden
  • Hahahaha brilliant stuff had a great laugh😂

    R 7000 PR 7000 P6 måneder siden
    • jon doe I think R 7000 P is new to the channel

      Æ JDÆ JD6 måneder siden
  • looks like cum

    karma SJkarma SJ6 måneder siden
  • Bring back old top gear These new instagram weight Lifting frauds need to get of this planet

    yeah dawgyeah dawg6 måneder siden
  • Stop trying to be the old top gear

    quality croissantquality croissant6 måneder siden
  • Paddy rethinks his career choices

    Aile StrikerAile Striker6 måneder siden
  • oh this isn't p*rnhub

  • Chris Harris is the only decent thing about new top gear, the rest is awful

    Connor HaleConnor Hale6 måneder siden
    • cock

      Tonight's Biggest GamerTonight's Biggest Gamer6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe Why do you say that? Any reasons?

      242turbo242turbo6 måneder siden
    • @Connor Hale don't cry mate

      pj trenpj tren6 måneder siden
    • abdulla bashir get your eyes checked

      Connor HaleConnor Hale6 måneder siden
    • This new trio is good

      abdulla bashirabdulla bashir6 måneder siden
  • *Bad Dragon wants to know your location*

    Salahuddin AshiqSalahuddin Ashiq6 måneder siden
  • I watched this on Telly but I’m watching it again on here.

    CRoffeyCRoffey6 måneder siden
  • When do we get full episodes in the States?? Hurry please!!!

    Michael LeechMichael Leech6 måneder siden
  • Come on top gear, how slap stick are you going to get. Are they getting a pie in the face next? Get back to cars.

    Bill BBill B6 måneder siden
    • Monkey The original was a far better idea, it was so much more than just a squirt in the face with some goo! This was just cringey and not funny. All imho, as some people (the easily amused) might find this "hilarious" 😐

      JamesJames5 måneder siden
    • Come on, the old boys drove around in cars filled with water. This isn't different, you're just biased.

      MonkeyMonkey5 måneder siden
    • Bill B Don't give them ideas...this was bad enough

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • The new cast is horrible, grand tour is 1000000000000000000000000000000000 times better

    Shabbeer ShaheerShabbeer Shaheer6 måneder siden
  • northerner here. laughed til it hurt. brilliant! still prefer 2005 but this is close Fred!. Thanks for big big laugh

    lizardywizardlizardywizard6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe once you done a few lasses with it you'll understand son x

      lizardywizardlizardywizard6 måneder siden
    • lizardywizard Easily amused! This was so cringey it hurt, not funny in the slightest

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • What a load of rubbish. The programme should die along with all the top gear wannabe crappy car shows

    JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • Jeebus that could end horribly wrong so quick haha

    M DawsonM Dawson6 måneder siden
  • Looks like they went to a pub and just grabbed the first 3 guys they saw

    Brandon VargasBrandon Vargas6 måneder siden
  • Hammond: We are at the cutting edge of cocking about. (Current presenters): We're gonna act like we're at the Summernats. 😏🇦🇺 I've said it before, but as presenters it just looks too forced. There's no chemistry. Doesn't look natural at all.

    STAG162STAG1626 måneder siden
  • What a stupid show. Pay the other 3 goofs off and bring them back.

    S JS J6 måneder siden
    • S J Absolute dross! 😂

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • We want May Hammond and Clarkson back

    Knallhase 656Knallhase 6566 måneder siden
    • @Admiral_Awesome Top Gear is actually moving to BBC One because the BBC is struggling to maintain an audience and keep itself relevant with the growth of online streaming services. They are hoping (in vain) that by this move to the bigger channel they can attract more younger viewers, and justify the license fee which has been under scrutiny as of late. The move has absolutely no relevance to whether they are better or not. Edit: But I agree jon doe is a 12 year old troll.

      Cla55ic FanaticCla55ic Fanatic6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe ugh it is. Try again

      Admiral_AwesomeAdmiral_Awesome6 måneder siden
    • @Admiral_Awesome He's a 12 year old troll, and probably needs help. I think we should probably leave him alone to avoid him wasting his life. Because he's not taking no for any answer, even if it's true.

      242turbo242turbo6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe its not my opinion. it is facts. why else would top gear be moving to BBC one? That proves its better. Facts trump your opinion. You've lost. Get over it.

      Admiral_AwesomeAdmiral_Awesome6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe Again, incredibly ironic. The same applies for you.

      242turbo242turbo6 måneder siden
  • I have never gone so fast from laughing to wanting to vomit and back!

    drew wrobeldrew wrobel6 måneder siden
  • Is this Top Gear or Nickelodeon?

    SmashGhostSmashGhost6 måneder siden
    • Nickelodeon is funnier than this crap!

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • Would be funnier if Jeremy didn't punch that producer

    Yak 141 FreestyleYak 141 Freestyle6 måneder siden
    • Would be even funnier if Jeremy punches the guys while they’re driving

      Taboo GroundhogTaboo Groundhog5 måneder siden
    • Yak 141 Freestyle Couldn't get any worse than this dross!

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • Top gear has gotten.... weird... and thats saying a lot considering it was already weird with Clarkson and the bunch.

    ronnyek4242ronnyek42426 måneder siden
    • ronnyek4242 Shit...more like

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • What is this trash unsubscribed

    poodlelordpoodlelord6 måneder siden
  • How come we don't get Top Gear in America anymore?

    rustyz8rustyz86 måneder siden
    • You actually want this crap? You should be glad you don't have this on your screens

      JamesJames6 måneder siden
  • Who are those people? i'm not watching this.

    Kris tianKris tian6 måneder siden
  • Where did he crashed ?

    Sudarshan Singh AshiyaSudarshan Singh Ashiya6 måneder siden
  • I’ve got a bit on my T shirt 😂😂

    Poo NinjaPoo Ninja6 måneder siden
  • Honestly I think Chris and Andrew are pretty funny but McGinnis kind of ruins it

    MrtampsMrtamps6 måneder siden
    • @jon doe hmm flintoff is the best to me tho for sure

      MrtampsMrtamps6 måneder siden