23. feb.. 2020
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It's KSI vs Freddie in the Top Gear Airbag Football Challenge. The game? Get a football, get an airbag, fire it at Paddy McGuinness. JJ picks fellow boxing enthusiast Freddie Flintoff. But who'll score the most goals?
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  • omg this new crew in top gear is so boring :|

    Adam BAdam BMåned siden
  • Ksi will take over BBC, and name it NBC (Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation)

    IndirectFeverIndirectFeverMåned siden
  • On old top gear: he’s a British rapper and he makes rap

    XDShadowXDShadow3 måneder siden
  • Man JJ would’ve been mad with the other lads would’ve been jokes

    Polygraph EyesPolygraph Eyes4 måneder siden
  • this is summer in Lancashire it really is

    will rigbywill rigby5 måneder siden
  • Imagein what this would sound like if it was just JJ laughing

    Irvinz GamesIrvinz Games5 måneder siden
  • This has to be the most annoying video I've seen all month

    Remington BradleyRemington Bradley5 måneder siden
  • Imagine JJ With Clarkson...

    Nikola VNikola V5 måneder siden
  • Can i have the rest of the airbag?

    Kennard EdmundKennard Edmund5 måneder siden
  • This is the kind of shit top gear does now? What a joke!!! Way to completely ruin what was an amazing show

    500sls500sls5 måneder siden
    • 😞

      Alpha eAlpha e3 måneder siden
  • All that fake laughter. Jeez

    AlexAlex5 måneder siden
  • New top gear is shit

    A. BazziA. Bazzi6 måneder siden
  • I thought they would be shooting at the airbags. Disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    Mohyi MMohyi M6 måneder siden
  • Babatunde has moved up in the world

    sophie milligansophie milligan6 måneder siden
  • Ugh ksis laugh makes me wanna die

    Riz playsRiz plays6 måneder siden
  • Top Gear has really gone downhill huh

    michael m8michael m86 måneder siden
  • This isn't top gear

    Owain Lloyd DaviesOwain Lloyd Davies7 måneder siden
  • 2:33 now imagine him fighting logan. 1ste round KO

    reza van tilborgreza van tilborg7 måneder siden
  • How come everyone is watching the non official video

    Dmitrij PopovichDmitrij Popovich7 måneder siden
  • It's the first time I've seen airbags actually working in my entire life

    Aynaan KhanAynaan Khan7 måneder siden
  • what is JJ doing here m8

    Louie MarvellinoLouie Marvellino8 måneder siden
  • KSI really the 🐐

    Kool GamezKool Gamez8 måneder siden
  • KSI really the 🐐

    Kool GamezKool Gamez8 måneder siden
  • Flintoff and JJ wow

    Abhishek c bAbhishek c b8 måneder siden
  • This video weren't very good 😂😂

    Alex FloreaAlex Florea8 måneder siden
    • was not

      the thethe the8 måneder siden
  • I like this new trio, Flintoff is an absolute scoop for the show

    Mads møllerMads møller8 måneder siden
  • why so short ? it was so funny

    Lorenz F1Lorenz F18 måneder siden
  • Should've at least go for one Japanese auto maker that has the deadly Takata airbags lol

    MyLifeAsLouisMyLifeAsLouis8 måneder siden
  • Finally gonna watch it again 😂

    Kyle MersonKyle Merson8 måneder siden
  • Next sidemen video - Sidemen does airbag football

    JackyJacky8 måneder siden
  • one of my all time favourite episodes tbh love the new gear

    • @retard alert mate paddy, flintoff and chris are a great trio, the top gear after jeremy clarkson was fired was shit, with matt lablonc and the other chris, but after they where swapped out, the past 2 seasons have been good

    • -_-

      retard alertretard alert3 måneder siden
  • Now I really wont be bothered to watch this series... thanks to the original top gear this one is now shit.

    Randy LynchRandy Lynch8 måneder siden
    • watch the grand tour

      BosniaBosnia8 måneder siden

    Callum RICHARDSONCallum RICHARDSON8 måneder siden
  • British ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    NUKENUKE8 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris and KSI... this is the weirdest crossover episode I never asked for.

    Jonathan ArenaJonathan Arena8 måneder siden
  • What was the point of this shite

    ken youngken young8 måneder siden
  • Icl top gear is getting better again. These donnies r doing good and they’ll thrive but it’s gonna take a really long time for the viewers to get used to it since clarkson may and Hammond were the face of the show

    Kuba TomasiakKuba Tomasiak8 måneder siden
  • I waited for this thinking it will be at least 10min long then I come here waiting after 4 days for a 3min vidéo of shit.

    LOL lots of love.LOL lots of love.8 måneder siden
  • This new series of top gear is really good enjoy all series has well.

    Super BobSuper Bob8 måneder siden
  • please no...

    FunkyBearFunkyBear8 måneder siden
  • People alway moaning it still top gear with fast cars don't understand why people moaning about change.

    Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
    • Randy Lynch 1. No it doesn’t suck 2. The other trio were childish yet tens of millions of people watched them

      BosniaBosnia8 måneder siden
    • What the fuck you guys. 1 Learn how to English. 2 this show is fucking WACK it's like a bunch of grown ass men acting like kids. It. Sucks.

      Randy LynchRandy Lynch8 måneder siden
    • I alway think the same thing too.

      NightdriveNightdrive8 måneder siden
    • Agree with you people alway moan about anything now.

      Super BobSuper Bob8 måneder siden
  • Can’t believe this is what top gear has turned into ☹️

    alex kuzneralex kuzner8 måneder siden
    • Still is top gear.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Electricity Car was fast only problem with that car battery don't last.

    Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Enjoy the new top gear with Chris and Fred it more fun watch now he funny paddy.

    Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • He hardly said anything. Perfect.

    TacosForJesusTacosForJesus8 måneder siden
  • I mean, did they run out of talented people?

    James ChrisJames Chris8 måneder siden
    • Stop bloody moaning get over it new top gear.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • tbh, ksi probably did it for the money

    BLZ ZemBLZ Zem8 måneder siden
    • no you mean he would do an appearance to get paid cant be lol

      the thethe the8 måneder siden
  • Paddy’s reaction to Flinty getting the Volvo Wheel 🤣🤣

    DrFartiwartieZDrFartiwartieZ8 måneder siden
  • I bet real petrol heads are like : Who’s KSI????

    BezerkMasterBezerkMaster8 måneder siden
    • I don’t think petrol-heads watch this top gear anymore.

      IndirectFeverIndirectFeverMåned siden
    • @j Mc Personal opinion and all that But the man has go albums that have got on the top 50 so I think he is a recording artist

      Roadman TylerRoadman Tyler8 måneder siden
    • Roadman Tyler recording artist lol fuck up the cunts a wankstain

      j Mcj Mc8 måneder siden
    • Roadman Tyler I know about the sidemen but not the sidemen beef

      TyRacing88TyRacing888 måneder siden
    • He's not a niche, he has surpassed the realm of NOworld and become s serious professional boxer and a recording artist Plus if you say you don't know about the sidemen beef your Lying

      Roadman TylerRoadman Tyler8 måneder siden
  • Would’ve been cool and pertinent if JJ started to sing: “LA-LAMBOHGHINI LA-LAMBOHGHINI!”

    VylkeerVylkeer8 måneder siden
  • Very creative video 👌🏽

    1The1Shadow11The1Shadow18 måneder siden
  • They didn't mention his crashed lambo during the interview😂😂😂

    Aled DaviesAled Davies8 måneder siden
  • Awesome

    D4 bricksD4 bricks8 måneder siden
  • I always watch too gear then straight away I went on ksi new vidioes then I saw this

    Kelly WilliamsonKelly Williamson8 måneder siden
  • ahh the fake top gear

    MIDDL33ASTMIDDL33AST8 måneder siden
    • Don't like change.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • This isnt even Top Gear anymore. I much prefered the old version

    EwanEwan8 måneder siden
    • This new top gear is better than old top gear it verygetting boring watching dinosaur clarkson.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • And it is, with the appearance of KSI that the shark was officially jumped.

    dale sammutdale sammut8 måneder siden
  • This is the only part/episode of the new Top Gear that i liked

    VS ModelsVS Models8 måneder siden
  • Boring KSI. Boring program . Good match

    Fraser McleodFraser Mcleod8 måneder siden
  • Unsubscribed

    Mr BrownosMr Brownos8 måneder siden
  • sidemennnn remake this already

    christofer bhpchristofer bhp8 måneder siden
  • Ma loool

    Alessandro BogoniAlessandro Bogoni8 måneder siden
  • Personally I think the new TopGear with these three works. I've always been a fan of the show when it was Jeremy, Richard and James I've seen every episode 50 times over but I am genuinely liking this again. I watched the episode where James May was introduced as the new host on it was boring, it took years for their friendship to form and that's what made the show so great. All these negative comments on the new show are pointless when you haven't even give it a chance! But then again some people are just stuck in the past

    thelegendthatismattthelegendthatismatt8 måneder siden
  • Ah so this is what it’s come down to... RIP to our once favorite motoring show Tbf, these lot do look entertaining, but goddamn are they shouty Sigh...

    K4rthik 5789K4rthik 57898 måneder siden
    • Why do watch it.

      Super BobSuper Bob8 måneder siden
    • It better now top gear it boring with old fart clarkson.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Paddy is too cringe.

    Olly OvertonOlly Overton8 måneder siden
  • What does this have to do with reviewing cars? Top Gear has become an inane variety show.

    ArfdogArfdog8 måneder siden
  • What a shit show

    Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden8 måneder siden
    • @Robert Anthony Burrows i didnt watch it robert i came on this video to look at the comments

      Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden8 måneder siden
    • Why do watch it.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Sad state of affairs when even the BBC have to resort to clickbait thumbnails for Top Gear

    HolyGoatOfSteelHolyGoatOfSteel8 måneder siden
    • Chill out.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • The new top gear sucks

    Tyler ryanTyler ryan8 måneder siden
    • It good top gear.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • KSI on top gear.....hell naw

    Jakob VarpeJakob Varpe8 måneder siden
  • What has Top Gear become. I'm not watching any further

    Durandt StormDurandt Storm8 måneder siden
    • Bye than✋

      Rob BRob B8 måneder siden
  • This is an interesting collab 🤨

    Dylan JDylan J8 måneder siden
  • I love how the like/dislike bar and the comments section have two completely different reactions to this video.

    HammerschlagHammerschlag8 måneder siden
    • Well we don t like ksi but i suppose we don t hate him either. We just dislike him, thats all.

      x 3x 37 måneder siden
    • @F3AR X TIT4N 70k views and 400 dislikes? Not that much.

      Rafael MendesRafael Mendes8 måneder siden
    • I was wondering the same thing , why so many dislikes tho? 🤔

      F3AR X TIT4NF3AR X TIT4N8 måneder siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    AdamJustEditsAdamJustEdits8 måneder siden
  • Top gear copying @chrisfix

    Arhan ShahArhan Shah8 måneder siden
  • Is this real?

    Channa DeraniyagalaChanna Deraniyagala8 måneder siden
  • Just when I thought top gear couldnt get ANY worse without Clarkson, Hammond, and May.... Also.... shouldn't he be training for the fight with jake paul.. If KSI was the goalie in this video he wouldve let every ball in the net since he's so good at ducking people..

    SUPERKITTY 9000SUPERKITTY 90008 måneder siden
    • DudekBeats music lol that wit ye call it sad shite

      j Mcj Mc8 måneder siden
    • Super kitty Stop moaning.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
    • @DVDEK lol another fight? I mean.... if you actually consider that match with Gib a fight lmao...

      SUPERKITTY 9000SUPERKITTY 90008 måneder siden
    • do u think Jake is gonna have another boxing fight after a month? lmao, KSI is working on music, he had a fight not a long time ago

      DVDEKDVDEK8 måneder siden
  • That ksi dude seems pleasant to hang out with

    Lewis HatcheryLewis Hatchery8 måneder siden
    • I'm a gran and I know who he is lol

      RMCRMC8 måneder siden
    • Lewis Hatchery you mean you don’t know him??? 😶 my mum knows who KSI is how do you not know him?

      BezerkMasterBezerkMaster8 måneder siden
  • Epic cross over

    Its RusoIts Ruso8 måneder siden
  • KSI is a POS

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson8 måneder siden
  • I love top gear and ksi.

    KutobanKutoban8 måneder siden
    • Why on earth would you love ksi lol

      ZagisaZagisa6 måneder siden
  • Whose that guy?

    theeroomtheeroom8 måneder siden
  • And unsub

    BifrostdecayBifrostdecay8 måneder siden
  • That f#@king annoying ksi laugh. I just want to rip his voicebox out

    Steven DavisSteven Davis8 måneder siden
  • You don‘t need that people, i‘d watch top gear as it is and i love it. If it was available in germany literally anywhere, that is.

    20000plus Rpm20000plus Rpm8 måneder siden
  • Jeremy Clarkson must be laughing his arse off on how low Top Gear has come to. Seriously, KSI??? Tog Gear has been dead for long, but I didnt think the rotting corpse would stink so badly.

    Classic NumismaticsClassic Numismatics8 måneder siden
    • Classes numis so don't like change it could moving with time it very boring watching clarkson he two old now. .

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Can you guys sink any lower?

    Just HarryJust Harry8 måneder siden
  • Gotta get rid of those recalled Takata airbags somehow. don’t mind the metal shrapnel...

    ckgtimk2ckgtimk28 måneder siden
  • The amount of awkward hand slaps there were between JJ and freddie XD

    suck peensuck peen8 måneder siden
  • What's a "KSI"??

    Peter ÖkvistPeter Ökvist8 måneder siden
    • Knowledge Strength Integrity Your welcome

      It's Pretty GoodIt's Pretty Good8 måneder siden
  • KSI on top gear confirms the show is now dead

    dazzaburgerdazzaburger8 måneder siden
    • No is not.

      Liverpool OneLiverpool One8 måneder siden
  • Seriously? KSI? Oh Top gear... Just cant stop falling, huh..

    David BDavid B8 måneder siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Mary CrossMary Cross8 måneder siden
  • Oh no, they've hit rock bottom

    J GJ G8 måneder siden
    • Why do watch it.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden
  • Imagine KSI with the old trio. But this was hilarious still

    BruhBruh8 måneder siden
    • jr Hell nah Platinum, coated in sapphire, in a hall of uranium

      TheLolinatorYTTheLolinatorYT2 måneder siden
    • The old trio is just gold

      jr Helljr Hell2 måneder siden
    • Wasn't hilarious, just want the old cast

      TheLolinatorYTTheLolinatorYT4 måneder siden
    • I wish man

      DJ DRIZZYDJ DRIZZY4 måneder siden
    • Jezza,Hammond and captain slow

      The box V5The box V54 måneder siden
  • What's an urrbag?

    RW163RW1638 måneder siden
  • watch Logan Paul pull up

    slimeonnabigmacslimeonnabigmac8 måneder siden
  • Put one under sofa cushion and get paddy to sit on it ,best fun ever I promise you 👍🤣

    Alan CobbinAlan Cobbin8 måneder siden
  • good old top gear

    xvm conlex_xvm conlex_8 måneder siden
    • Excuse me?

      YodaYoda8 måneder siden
  • Brilliant The mainstream media is starting to recognize NOworld

    Lenny HardsLenny Hards8 måneder siden
    • "The mainstream media" Im pretty sure youtube is more mainstream than TV watching nowdays.

      ZagisaZagisa6 måneder siden
    • Because they'll have no choice... they need the next generation of viewers who aren't watching tv

      I3INARY_I3INARY_7 måneder siden
    • j Mc you mean hard working lol

      Sxshi BeatsSxshi Beats8 måneder siden
    • @James Chris what's your talent then genius

      Franco Vargas LopezFranco Vargas Lopez8 måneder siden
    • @James Chris Stop moaning if don't like why do watch it.

      Robert Anthony BurrowsRobert Anthony Burrows8 måneder siden