Ken Block remembers Colin McRae | Top Gear

10. mai. 2020
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In the latest series of Top Gear we took a look back at WRC legend Colin McRae and his journey to becoming the World Rally Champion. If you haven't seen the film yet, go and check it out on iPlayer:
And here's some bonus footage of Ken Block reminiscing about Colin, including his first memories of Colin's driving in the WRC, and a ludicrous roll McRae recovered from at the X Games.
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  • Good driver I was watching him while I was a kid I remember him like a hero to me the good people passing away fast in the life's sorry to his family for who the that person.

    silent shadowssilent shadowsDag siden
  • Its always sad to hear a legend pass away im sorry for your loss Ken, you should do a tribute run for him right here on NOworld

    420 710420 710Dag siden
  • Colin was never behind you Ken... It is like comparing Maldonado to Senna. You were NEVER ahead of him!

    NetfocusNetfocusDag siden
  • For me it as all about seeing them getting it sideways in the corners. That was rallying at its best and he was the very best at. No contest!

    Paul VisagePaul Visage7 dager siden
  • so, Ken Block is a cool dude and all... but will anybody tell me why his neck is so *THICC*?

    Luke De BoerLuke De Boer8 dager siden
  • I miss playing that game now to think of it I'm going back on my 360 mabey my old friends will still be playing

    Kade HarveyKade Harvey13 dager siden
  • Colin McRae pure legend, would of loved to of seen Colin and Ken in a Gymkhana together.

    [F4H] Heatseeker[F4H] Heatseeker13 dager siden
  • you know you are a bad rally driver when they take you on tv to see clips of colin instead of talking about your races hahahaha

    Blitzki benito diezBlitzki benito diez18 dager siden
  • Colin McRae was my idol no fear and how he entered a bend going flat to sideways to first gear U turns was magic I drive like him I brake with my left foot, pull handbrake U turns while shifting from 3rd to 1st and spinning the front wheels before releasing the handbrake

    [ FOOKAYOU ][ FOOKAYOU ]19 dager siden
  • Thanks man!

    Colin McraeColin Mcrae21 dag siden
  • Colin mcrae Just the greatest ever rally off our generation there's many generations of rally but our generation colin mcrae put it on the map makes me feel to go start rallying 🤘💯💯

    ALI 13ALI 1328 dager siden
    • Cheers

      Colin McraeColin Mcrae21 dag siden
  • You say it all Ken, he is the legend for everyone who love this sport. R.I.P COLIN

    menjivar76menjivar7629 dager siden
  • Seen Colins Ford Focus in the Lakeland motor museum in the Lake District. Awesome driver and many a lads Hero.

    Lance StancliffeLance StancliffeMåned siden

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
  • 'legends never die' You know that minecraft song, that started playing in my head haha 😂

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
  • Great to hear they had a relationship away from the rare races they had together, in europe and probably elsewhere Colin made subaru what it became for all people not just rally followers

    SteveSteveMåned siden
  • Ken, you’re making me feel old. You’re looking like we used to be kids.

    Mike RascoMike RascoMåned siden
  • well said Ken.. A true legend the sport misses even to this day.

    Andy LordAndy LordMåned siden
  • Possum Bourne?

    Antikom AktionAntikom AktionMåned siden
  • can you clean up the audio pls? reverb from the room is very annoying

    ThomasSkinnerThomasSkinnerMåned siden
  • colin McRae was the BEST

    Simon C BroadleySimon C BroadleyMåned siden
  • Ken block remembers when he won a rally *crickets*

    EndZiielEndZiiel2 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae was and always wil be THE best rally driver ever. he pushed that car beyond its limits and always drove flat out. there will never be a rally driver as great as Colin McRae

    McNappaMcNappa2 måneder siden
  • Cheltenham Showground we saw it all and met CM, Richard burns ..

    Mr SMr S2 måneder siden
  • Top quality BBC levels of production values. Oh, how the great have fallen.

    HoverbikeHoverbike2 måneder siden
  • Legend says that the only one to ever rival Colin McRae was a Finnish perkele boy in an EVO

    YamatoYamato2 måneder siden
  • Great video. Says a lot about KB. Colin was brilliant to watch. Thank you.

    Stephen FlanaganStephen Flanagan2 måneder siden
  • Колин Макрей the best

    subaaa 100subaaa 1002 måneder siden
  • I JUST saw that race! That was mind-blowing! How did he do that!?

    NytemareOkoyeNytemareOkoye2 måneder siden
  • What exactly changed in the cars that brought an end to the "flat-out style of the 90s" when going sideways was actually the fastest way to swing a car around a corner?

    Anto RyanAnto Ryan2 måneder siden
  • I watched Colin McRae putting the Subaru impreza 555 to its limits around 1995.. I was fascinated by him .. Years later after owning 4 scoobys 2xsti 1xRA 1x mcrae edition all down to this Legend.. Now got an 8 seater SUV..

    xyla aqsaxyla aqsa3 måneder siden
  • was it not travis pistrana who made him roll the car???

    Jus TimJus Tim3 måneder siden
  • Adam Sandler

    ParramattaParramatta3 måneder siden
  • Well said, sir

    Wm TarrWm Tarr3 måneder siden
  • shitty audio

    daniel yeroshalmidaniel yeroshalmi3 måneder siden
  • I miss Colin McRae. Ive been using CM Dirt on windows10, the game that still Rocks and is just as much fun today as it was 13 years ago, Great video Mr Ken Block

    woody Vallallellalungawoody Vallallellalunga3 måneder siden
  • 4:02 look at Ken's tiny little hand hahaha reminds me of the Trump meme.

    Pre MalonePre Malone3 måneder siden
  • Evo's are red, Subaru's are blue. Both good for rally, Braaap stututu.

    Pre MalonePre Malone3 måneder siden
  • Colin for me is when I got to see how going off-road can be fun, thrilling and amazing with a car to make it more powerful and it's a great feeling to have the car still there as the memory of the legend himself who made the Subaru Impreza look cool. Rest In Peace Colin, we're going to miss you. Even though I wasn't in the 90's, I still feel thrilled to see what they do onboard their greatest car in history.

    Team RetroTeam Retro3 måneder siden
  • Such a good rally driver and truly colin and your son

    alex duncanalex duncan3 måneder siden
  • Lovely words from a modest man, well said mate.. Regards from Solihull, UK. G.T.

    ben tremben trem3 måneder siden
  • Why does no one mention him amongst greats like senna I lost both my hero's from the track and the gravel Road, I see Ken as colins like erm yano the guy who learned then took over gave me the same buzz rip Colin bless up Ken

    BigMc 0161YTBigMc 0161YT3 måneder siden
  • Rip Colin Mcrae and Richard Burns

    Waseem AhmedWaseem Ahmed3 måneder siden
  • In the x games ken actually knocked a barrier towards Colin and he made the turn and didn’t have enough time to steer out the way and rolled and landed on the roof as ken pelted away without a second thought

    Wee LennyWee Lenny4 måneder siden
  • Colin to Ken is like Ken to me

    INSANE BRAD 500INSANE BRAD 5004 måneder siden
  • watched in person since 2001, mcrea's really gd

    3010010823010010824 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae and Possum Bourne are the 2 greatest drivers Subaru ever had.

    Dynamite DingoDynamite Dingo4 måneder siden
  • Why is it always a stupid airplane or helicopter (think musical artists Otis Redding, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ritchie Valens) or amazing sports icons and athlethes. Colin McRae, recently Kobe Bryant. I think they should just all stop flying!

    John Van BuurenJohn Van Buuren4 måneder siden
  • Like all the greats he lives on in those he inspired like Ken Block and the other greats of rallying

    Chuck Speigner JrChuck Speigner Jr4 måneder siden
  • Subaru never did a "McCae" Verison did they? 22B is the rarest I've been in

    Dice StrikeDice Strike4 måneder siden
    • 1996 Series McRae Special Edition - 200 were made to celebrate his 1995 WRC win.

      DaveDave4 måneder siden
  • I always saw Ken Block's stunts and crazy clips. First time I see the person. Loved it. I'm sure he is going to be the inspiration for plenty of new kids, just as McRae was to him.

    Infamous G7Infamous G74 måneder siden
  • I know both Ken Block and Colin McRae from Dirt 2. Was a great game.

    the_pandathe_panda4 måneder siden
  • Ken Block is a man you could have a beer with !!!!

    Gregory KillenGregory Killen4 måneder siden
  • rest easy m8 coilin Scotland finest

    Ryan KerrRyan Kerr4 måneder siden
  • I'm glad I got to see Colin sending it Sideways in the Rally of NZ. Also RIP Possum Borne.

    MajesticDemonLordMajesticDemonLord4 måneder siden
  • People dont understand that each project build, is a reflection on that person. It is self expression, a metallic piece of your personality. And the way you drive, is also self expression.

    Daniel PriestDaniel Priest4 måneder siden
  • Colin was not a good teammate and at Subaru everyone saw him at the rally in Spain. he was a great pilot who always forced to the maximum there is his legend

    C darkC dark4 måneder siden
  • He was a legend!!!! Bit like yourself Ken!!

    Miserable MongooseMiserable Mongoose4 måneder siden
  • His helicopter crashed near my grandparents house in Lanark. If my dad knew him any better, I wouldn’t be here today.

    Fullspitfire discordFullspitfire discord4 måneder siden

    colin devinecolin devine4 måneder siden
  • One word Colin Mcrae LEGEND

    Trooper73Trooper734 måneder siden
  • Whene in doubt, flat out, a freaking legend

    Lonewolf SWELonewolf SWE4 måneder siden
  • Big respect to you Ken. Thank you for remembering Colin..

    Random PatternsRandom Patterns4 måneder siden
  • Colin is why i run an impreza. . . . . . .

    jthemad1jthemad14 måneder siden
  • I remember playing his ps1 game.

    R33C3R33C35 måneder siden
    • Codemaster lol the graphics at the time where unlike any rally game

      Jerry HelmetJerry Helmet4 måneder siden
  • anlamaya çalışıyorum ama keşke tr altyazı olsa

    Emirhan YıldızEmirhan Yıldız5 måneder siden
  • ‘If in doubt, flat out’ Colin McRea

    AK exe GamingAK exe Gaming5 måneder siden
  • owning a focus mk1... the 2ltr is such a nice package... cant sell it... well you know why... grew up with colin mcrae and the sport... its in the shed forever... i always felt like a million bucks driving this car... and i always will

    inside33inside335 måneder siden
  • McRae is still massively overrated to this day... Vatanen, Kankkunen, Makinen, Salonen, Mikkola, Alen, Rohrl, Biasion, Sainz Sr. and Stig were all better drivers than McRae.

    JohnDaWhale3JohnDaWhale35 måneder siden
    • yeah, sure there better rally drivers. but this video is about colin. Someone doesn't need to be the best at something to be preached a lot. Kobe wasn't the best basketball player in the world, Senna was good but didn't win every single race and Paul walker wasn't the best car movie actor. But we still love them because they were just really good. not everything has to be perfect to be loved. I bet your parents (just like mine) were not the greatest at parenting in the world, but you love them nonetheless.

      Mr_mustacheMr_mustacheMåned siden
    • Vatanen on par kankunnen up there makkinen's service crew won him his 4 title's sainz mcrae smashed him in Spain and rally GB to win his title in the same car head to head last stage decider mcrae would come out on top rhorl was quite boring to watch as he prefers an understanding car

      How's ThatHow's That4 måneder siden
  • Thanks Ken. You held it together well, as you spoke about the great Colin McRae.

    roconnor01roconnor015 måneder siden
  • He was a real man behind the wheel Rip colin

    Mike T ChaukeMike T Chauke5 måneder siden
  • Ken is awesome and respectful gotta love that man truly shows his human emotion side of him nice

    deez nutsdeez nuts5 måneder siden
  • colin mcrae and his amazing driving will never be forgotten

    Music TunerMusic Tuner5 måneder siden
  • Colin too passed away in an helicopter accident along with his son similar to Kobe and his daughter, both tragedies took away two legends of their sport.

    HeavyLikesSandwichHeavyLikesSandwich5 måneder siden
  • Does somebody still watch this show without The Holy Trinity?

    Peter NiepelPeter Niepel5 måneder siden
  • The American top gear is shitttttt

    Ayoub JaberAyoub Jaber5 måneder siden
  • Colin McRae and Richard Burns , biggest legends of WRC ever and forever !

    7677675 måneder siden
    • Don't forget Tommi Makinen! :D

      PocketStation ManPocketStation Man3 dager siden
  • I bet Ken just pushed and rolled him with pure greed, he's such an attention w

    AykutAykut5 måneder siden
  • Thumbs up 👍

    AdventurerAdventurer5 måneder siden
  • When he rolled in that beautiful gold Hawkeye it was like he didn’t lose any time. Was so insane. Maybe I should like him because he’s the reason I wasted so much money on Subarus over the years, but damn was he awesome to watch.

    FirestarterFirestarter5 måneder siden
    • he was racing pastrana in that race. ken has it all wrong here

      Jus TimJus Tim3 måneder siden
  • Fuuuuuhhhk dude... you’re a multi hundred millionaire... get your teeth fixed. Looking like Lloyd Christmas.

    FirestarterFirestarter5 måneder siden
  • you can tell there is still a fair bit of pain in his voice when he talks about it all

    David CanfieldDavid Canfield5 måneder siden
  • You like S', C's, or Jazzes?

    James SongJames Song5 måneder siden
  • Do you like AWD, 4WD, FF, or FR drive-trains when it comes to rally?

    James SongJames Song5 måneder siden
  • I never saw anything about rallying as kid. Not on TV, not in any movie, not in any magazine, not even on the internet. Didn’t know it existed until one day I saw DiRT 2 in a video game store.

    NGC 7635NGC 76355 måneder siden
  • "When in doubt, flat out"

    TommioRSTommioRS5 måneder siden
  • I look up to ken, id love to have his mindset and driving skill.

    S shiggy YS shiggy Y5 måneder siden
  • Colin isn't gone. He just finished the stage faster than we did.

    Nitrocyde GamingNitrocyde Gaming5 måneder siden
    • @Caroline Marley Most welcome :)

      Nitrocyde GamingNitrocyde Gaming5 måneder siden
    • I love that phrase !! Thank you

      Caroline MarleyCaroline Marley5 måneder siden
  • Is this the same Colin that didn’t have a helicopter license when he crashed whilst showing off killing himself and 3 others including 2 youngsters? Not really the hero he’s thought of, rather a complete idiot who thought he was above the law. Shame, he was a great talent but thought he knew better.

    Martin BennettMartin Bennett5 måneder siden
    • Honestly all racing drivers have a certain level of stupidity when it comes to dangerous stuff like that. It’s why they’re so fast

      Takumifuji86Takumifuji865 måneder siden
  • Ken block can’t rally he’s just a show boater Iv beat him 12 times

    THE STIGTHE STIG5 måneder siden
    • bing binger I beat him last year lapped him 9 times got bored and went to buy tiles

      THE STIGTHE STIG4 måneder siden
    • I beat him in Forza all the time

      bing bingerbing binger4 måneder siden
  • Ken Block such a noble gentlemen

    Richard CruickshankRichard Cruickshank5 måneder siden
  • Senna, McRae and Lauda must have interesting races up there...

    ATVwayofliveATVwayoflive5 måneder siden
    • Don’t forget about ken miles!

      Fog BoatFog Boat14 dager siden
    • @ATVwayoflive IM no Boomer mate

      MercyReaperMercyReaper20 dager siden
    • MercyReaper ok boomer

      ATVwayofliveATVwayoflive20 dager siden
    • Where, the freezing cold thin air clouds? There is no heaven... never has been.

      MercyReaperMercyReaper21 dag siden
    • ATVwayoflive yeah just noticed when someone else replied I meant miles not block

      Lewis DysonLewis Dyson28 dager siden
  • RIP Colin

    imtiaz ahmedimtiaz ahmed5 måneder siden
  • When he could of won the Championship! And lived by his code!! "IF IN DOUBT FLAT OUT" and smashed the car up what an absolute legend !!!

    micky finnmicky finn5 måneder siden
  • If Colin could watch this from heaven, he would probably say: what the hell is with that microphone? Sounds like ass!

    Plast HattPlast Hatt5 måneder siden
    • Watch my videos and subscribe my channel my buddy

      HmHm5 måneder siden
  • R.I.P. Collin McRae

    monibstarmonibstar5 måneder siden
    • Watch my videos and subscribe my channel my buddy

      HmHm5 måneder siden
  • Love it 😍😍 😍😍 😍

    Bangash Android GamesBangash Android Games5 måneder siden
    • Watch my videos and subscribe my channel my buddy

      HmHm5 måneder siden
  • *BBC: Please make this available for purchase on iTunes!* Otherwise, I'll never see it. I live in the U.S., and I don't do subscriptions. I've already purchased all of them you've made available in the U.S. iTunes Store, but that is missing a few of the first series and currently ends with series 27. (Plus, if you use iTunes on the new Mac OS, it screws up some of the early series/episode numbers and descriptions, and you even get the wrong episodes if you purchase some of them. If anybody from the BBC actually reads this, you should get them to straighten it out. I told them, and I got a refund, but they never fixed it.)

    Dan BlackDan Black5 måneder siden
    • Watch my videos and subscribe my channel my buddy

      HmHm5 måneder siden
  • McRae is the Senna of Rally.

    Blake RichardsonBlake Richardson5 måneder siden