How To Bungee Jump A Car Off A Dam | Top Gear: Series 28

28. jan.. 2020
125 016 Ganger

If you haven't seen Freddie Flintoff's daredevil Metro bungee jump, then head to BBC iPlayer to watch it now:
But if you have, here's a behind-the-scenes gander at the engineering and planning that went into flinging Fred off a 540ft dam.
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  • "dam in Sweden" from the article... that ppl never can know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland 🤣

    DjMiBswedenDjMiBsweden7 dager siden
  • Who else also watches How Rediculous?

    Killian ViehmeyerKillian Viehmeyer8 dager siden
  • No one will ever be the Original Trio. But I have to admit: these guys aren't bad.

    Matt JamesMatt James11 dager siden
  • How much does it cost to do that bc that looks like fun

    Dale YeahDale Yeah11 dager siden
  • Pears dsdrou th cedexbox

    Alan MorsbachAlan Morsbach4 måneder siden
  • This constant attempts to outdo Clarkson, May and Hammond are sad... It's not about cars, challenges or size of the's about charisma, and none of new hosts hasn't got any...and trying to copy them all the time is just pathetic...

    drazenamadeusdrazenamadeus4 måneder siden
  • I just imagine the front end of this thing getting ripped out engine at all everything just gone

    Lavenderfrog520 Or lavLavenderfrog520 Or lav4 måneder siden
  • Faker

    Demetrick SawyerDemetrick Sawyer5 måneder siden
  • He's already saying "oh my god" before start. :D .. I saw it already on your page. Crazy.. Well done. Upvote

    snooker1982 _snooker1982 _5 måneder siden
  • I still can’t believe what they did

    Kuya PinayKuya Pinay6 måneder siden
  • Fantastic and full marks to Freddie Flintoff, Certainly Clarkson, Hammond and May would have wet themselves doing that !! impressive from a Lancashire Lad !!

    Paul WilsonPaul Wilson7 måneder siden
  • They really didnt show the car going down. LAME

    Roman The ExplorerRoman The Explorer7 måneder siden
    • Watch the actual episode. That's where to see the car and Fred/

      Dennzer1Dennzer17 måneder siden
  • Just waiting for How Ridiculous to drop something on top of them... MAGNUS EFFECT!

    Kenneth ButlerKenneth Butler8 måneder siden
  • I think the new people in top gear are shit I love the old people in top gear these people just ruined top gear anyone agree??

    Golden johnGolden john8 måneder siden
  • If only James May did that

    Yung StallionYung Stallion8 måneder siden
  • jezza clarkson is still the best idc

    Kerry LeatherlandKerry Leatherland8 måneder siden
  • If it was Hammond the crane would have fallen off

    Trump’s B757 sucksTrump’s B757 sucks8 måneder siden
  • Excellent. :)

    Louise PlusOneLouise PlusOne8 måneder siden
  • Is nobody else going to notice that this is not real? It is extremely well done but it is not even remotely real.

    jake harveyjake harvey8 måneder siden
    • @jake harvey im the very first to dispute something..heck the Yanks NEVER went to the Moon -that's a fact! but this 'stunt' was real. Stuipt - and give me the original 2 muppets Clarkson and co any day...but this is not faked. Clearly you can see it's real. Don't reply, just accept.

      VERONAVERONA8 måneder siden
    • @VERONA 'clearly this one is not' apart from the fact that it is. Nothing to do with drawing attention to myself, it just isn't real!

      jake harveyjake harvey8 måneder siden
    • ..and you posted this wanted to draw attention to yourself. I totally get that MOST things we see are faked but clearly this one is not.

      VERONAVERONA8 måneder siden
  • So we don’t actually see the car free fall until it catches its bungee? Watching the guy reacting was pretty nothing. Just the thought alone for Freddy doing this is quite extraordinary. I’d love to see the whole thing.

    BalbisianaBalbisiana8 måneder siden
  • how many millions of £'s of the public's money did the bbc spend on this boring stunt; yet another big waste of the licence fee payers money! how about something of some use to the viewers; like traffic lights or parking or good tracks, etc.

    the wizzardthe wizzard9 måneder siden
    • soon very soon bbc liecence is gone. Im not paying subscription for easternders.

      VERONAVERONA8 måneder siden
    • the wizzard LOL, yeah right!! BBC do the potholes outside my front garden! And my neighbour’s hedge needs cutting! 😄

      Angus ThomAngus Thom8 måneder siden
  • Utterly ridiculous. Loved it. Well done Fred. Well done everyone who made it happen; and well done Chris for taking the piss at every opportunity. That's proper Top Gear.

    Andras ZoltanAndras Zoltan9 måneder siden
  • Who miss the og's

    hashim Alsharifhashim Alsharif9 måneder siden
    • very much. The ogs' team invented it these chumps are just copying.

      VERONAVERONA8 måneder siden
    • Angela Rippon, Noel Edmonds and Barrie Gill? Not really, tbh.

      JJ O'RiordanJJ O'Riordan8 måneder siden
  • You wouldn't even get me on the dam.

    John HughesJohn Hughes9 måneder siden
  • Stupidity at its finest !

    Xiang Rong EoXiang Rong Eo9 måneder siden
  • Incredible to watch a real challenge

    Philippe ChaudharyPhilippe Chaudhary9 måneder siden
  • top vid thanks for sharing , keep up the good work

    Joe TeeJoe Tee9 måneder siden
  • The How Ridiculous channel has been throwing stuff off this bridge for years! (Not a car) go check them out!

    stick004stick0049 måneder siden
    • VERONA, if figure if people enjoy seeing this stunt because of it’s height, they might want to see more from this beautiful dam.

      stick004stick0048 måneder siden
    • WHY! are you giving them a name check!! throwing rubber ducks, rubix cubes and beach balls is NOT in the same league!

      VERONAVERONA8 måneder siden
  • Anyone else surprised the crane didn't topple over from the weight of his massive balls.

    sirchicken foodsirchicken food9 måneder siden
  • Alright. I'll watch the series now.

    AliAli9 måneder siden
  • Although this is cool, it will never be old top gear good

    Alexander ShuttAlexander Shutt9 måneder siden
  • Don’t get me wrong I love the OG’s, but I’m starting to also love these threee presenters too!

    FMJAYFMJAY9 måneder siden
    • Takes time they have a chemistry to build on but with time

      Doug RussellDoug Russell2 måneder siden
    • Trump’s B757 sucks what makes you call him that?

      XelousXelous4 måneder siden
    • Tory

      Trump’s B757 sucksTrump’s B757 sucks8 måneder siden
  • So we don’t get to see it? Seriously?

    Tim RameyTim Ramey9 måneder siden
  • sss....seriously stupid shit

    cullou tolteccullou toltec9 måneder siden
  • newfound respect for this absolute lunatic

    shoryuXE10shoryuXE109 måneder siden
  • No camera angle from the bottom???

    Brandon CBrandon C9 måneder siden
  • Total respect to Fred for doing this. No way in hell you’d have got me up there 😆 I think you three are developing a good rapport and there’s some genuinely funny and entertaining moments in the last and now this series. The off the cuff banter works best. Ignore the haters I say and keep going. I think it’s improving episode by episode.

    Andrew MoorhouseAndrew Moorhouse9 måneder siden
  • chris harris have done a great job bringing the series back to life...

    1a2b3cman1a2b3cman9 måneder siden
    • @Frédéric Guignabaudet I'm not saying it's better, but I'm still looking forward to 8pm tonight

      Matt SlipMatt Slip8 måneder siden
    • @Matt Slip the difference id that for Clarkson, Hammond and May, Top Gear was their passion ; they carried out the show like it was their baby. With the new guys, it is nothing more than just their job.

      Frédéric GuignabaudetFrédéric Guignabaudet8 måneder siden
    • @Frédéric Guignabaudet it's still a great show, and we have the Grand Tour and Drivetribe now

      Matt SlipMatt Slip9 måneder siden
    • It's not like it is nearly as good as what the real Top Gear used to be with Jezza

      Frédéric GuignabaudetFrédéric Guignabaudet9 måneder siden
  • Where is Matt Leblanc 😢

    Oof JohnOof John9 måneder siden
    • @tazno2 did you not watch the last few series??

      william armstrongwilliam armstrong9 måneder siden
    • No Americans allowed to be presenters on UK top gear

      tazno2tazno29 måneder siden
  • step one, remove the drivetrain

    jdwelbornjdwelborn9 måneder siden
  • He’s a legend that boy ....

    Paul CraigPaul Craig9 måneder siden
  • Fred earned his Top Gear stripes with that one.

    Stephen O NeillStephen O Neill9 måneder siden
  • 👍😜😜😜👍

    John FJohn F9 måneder siden
  • What the hell? where is the footage of the bungeeing?

    Smitty Werben Jagger Man JensenSmitty Werben Jagger Man Jensen9 måneder siden
    • @Jack Richardson its not real.

      jake harveyjake harvey8 måneder siden
    • This is behind the scenes?? Watch the goddamn episode why is everyone asking this. It's implicit if you're watching this you've already seen the jump

      Jack RichardsonJack Richardson9 måneder siden
    • Fake

      Ben JamiesonBen Jamieson9 måneder siden
  • Classic,best line on TG ever... got the handbrake on? Mr Flintoff,maximum respect,you sir,your 2 gears short of a 6 speed gearbox!!!

    Neil ThomasNeil Thomas9 måneder siden
  • Dayum lad

    HazardOHazardO9 måneder siden
  • It's weird that using an angle grinder with no guard is probably the least safe part of this entire stunt.

    MintyGTMintyGT9 måneder siden
  • Jee didn’t even get the jump on camera

    tony detwilertony detwiler9 måneder siden
    • tony detwiler Dude, did you not watch the episode?

      Angus ThomAngus Thom8 måneder siden
  • Useless video

    Uddipta SarmaUddipta Sarma9 måneder siden
  • That would be an awesome way to die.

    Talentless Commenter MDXXVIIITalentless Commenter MDXXVIII9 måneder siden
    • @Diego El Manya Maybe not that part.

      Talentless Commenter MDXXVIIITalentless Commenter MDXXVIII9 måneder siden
    • In a Rover Metro ???

      Diego El ManyaDiego El Manya9 måneder siden
  • Really? We just get to barely see the drop with homedude's ass in the way? These guys are no How Ridiculous.

    Cartoon RaccoonCartoon Raccoon9 måneder siden
  • How ridiculous dam?

    Thomas StablerThomas Stabler9 måneder siden
    • yep

      Mackenzie FMackenzie F9 måneder siden
  • *dam* that’s crazy

    Armando GonzalezArmando Gonzalez9 måneder siden
    • Ba dum tss

      Wait WhatWait What9 måneder siden
    • Lol

      Marley LyshemMarley Lyshem9 måneder siden
  • I wouldn't strap it on it's bumper...

    The FBIThe FBI9 måneder siden
  • We did not see him falling I feel like it was a waste of my time.

    Payton RehmerPayton Rehmer9 måneder siden
    • --It was.TOTAL WASTED.

      ABC IABC I9 måneder siden
    • This is behind the scenes it takes two secs to search the video where he falls

      Aaron MAaron M9 måneder siden
  • Some say this is shit.

    jenson sennajenson senna9 måneder siden
  • Wet a minute

    Koalemos LiKoalemos Li9 måneder siden
  • Fall clip missing

    eM KayeM Kay9 måneder siden
  • whats the point ? except of wasting money ...

    Sasha GilgurSasha Gilgur9 måneder siden
  • Is this a car show or a re - run of Noels House Party. Plonkers that can bearly read a teleprompter are now hosting this toss of a kids play time for adults.

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty9 måneder siden
  • In the episode I like how Chris didn't fuss and just took the big man down. Born mud wrestler.

    CloxxkiCloxxki9 måneder siden
  • The BBC lecturer us about climate change in Doctor Who, and then spend how much flying the crew and everyone involved to film a car bungee over a damn... great use of the licence fee you bunch of hypocrites.

    JBJB9 måneder siden
  • I really wish they did a Nurburgring 24hr, Spa 24hr or Bathurst 12hr special. Harris and Schmitz on one team fighting for overall honours (paired with Leh Keen and a factory driver), the other two are on tyre-swap duty or something.

    closedcl8closedcl89 måneder siden
  • Los verdaderos fans ven grand tour

    Alexis_ UriAlexis_ Uri9 måneder siden
    • La verdad pongo a los autos en primer lugar.

      Diego El ManyaDiego El Manya9 måneder siden
  • Bring back Jeremy ,Hammond and May. It's just not the same,struggling to watch with all the fake laughing.

    jenson sennajenson senna9 måneder siden
    • 😪

      Just a YouTube UserJust a YouTube User9 måneder siden
  • What a waste of time eh

    Alex FAlex F9 måneder siden
  • They show everything but the fall

    wzup77ifywzup77ify9 måneder siden
  • They're still butthurt that they're in the shadow of the old crew

    YoungManDubYoungManDub9 måneder siden
    • Ah, they're getting there. Good new is the old crew still do their travel vlogs.

      CloxxkiCloxxki9 måneder siden
  • These three genuinely seem like good mates. Much more natural chemistry than in the Leblanc era, and even better than last series

    Jack RichardsonJack Richardson9 måneder siden
  • When I lag in forza

    Professor PhilipsProfessor Philips9 måneder siden
    • Rubber banding lol

      Jackson BoyleJackson Boyle9 måneder siden
  • I like to see professional people working their trade as much as the next guy but honestly, bungee jumping a car? Wow. Pointless.

    ChicomacheenoChicomacheeno9 måneder siden
  • Stupid

    Mot KhMot Kh9 måneder siden
  • Just what I wanted to see, the reaction of a guy watching his friend bungee jumping off a dam in a car

    Adrian TrejoAdrian Trejo9 måneder siden
    • -They did not show the car going down,So big deal.All i saw was a bunch of drunks laughing at nothing.Waste of time. Out of here.

      ABC IABC I9 måneder siden
  • It's crazy, but cool👍👍

    Olga אולגה אפקינהOlga אולגה אפקינה9 måneder siden
  • This is where your licence fee goes

    pewpewdiepewpewdie9 måneder siden
  • Fred really has balls of steel and very dare devil bungee jump.

    Gautham PrabhuGautham Prabhu9 måneder siden
    • The Un-Known Musician I think I have Alzheimer’s coz I don’t remember asking

      Sahd QasimSahd Qasim9 måneder siden
  • u dont eveen see him fall wth

    LucasLucas9 måneder siden
    • There’s another clip of it actually happening it’s on their uploads

      Arjan SinghArjan Singh9 måneder siden
    • Oh dear, you're a bit thick haha.

      Stevie VStevie V9 måneder siden
    • It's a bts video. You want to see him fall watch the episode

      Jack RichardsonJack Richardson9 måneder siden
  • I could never 😂💀

    Jack ConnollyJack Connolly9 måneder siden
    • Not sure I could do any kind of bungee jump, never mind one where I'm strapped in a car! (My first skydive was already a proper shock!)

      ZeHoSmusicianZeHoSmusician9 måneder siden
  • ok cool but its stll not the same

    LucasLucas9 måneder siden
  • Привет из, России!

    Белый КотБелый Кот9 måneder siden
  • why is the audio recorded on a potato?

    Philip StarkPhilip Stark9 måneder siden
  • Bruh

    Joey LongJoey Long9 måneder siden
  • Fifth😂

    Anthony Edward StarkAnthony Edward Stark9 måneder siden
  • Bruh

    JsonytvsJsonytvs9 måneder siden
  • Woot 7th

    Paul FreemanPaul Freeman9 måneder siden
  • Crazy stuff ✌️

    • What's the project cost ?

      YASH SHARDULYASH SHARDUL9 måneder siden
  • Fourth

    cadillac 1cadillac 19 måneder siden
  • I’m third

  • Yippeeeee

    Just_AmeyJust_Amey9 måneder siden
  • I'm first

    Just_AmeyJust_Amey9 måneder siden
  • first

    Muddy4x4Muddy4x49 måneder siden