FULL FILM: Chris Harris drives The Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Top Gear

8. mai. 2020
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Amidst Tesla's domination of the performance EV world, here's Porsche's answer - the Taycan Turbo S. With a back-thumping 761bhp and four-wheel drive it's definitely quick, but just how well does it do the twisty stuff?
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  • 1:25 So funny

    Elizabeth PaganElizabeth Pagan7 timer siden
  • Excellent video!

    Peter CeteraPeter Cetera9 timer siden
  • Still 20 minutes to charge? People are excited about this?

    Kurt WomackKurt Womack11 timer siden
  • Whenever we see sir Chris review we know its going to be top notch

    ruben subbaruben subba12 timer siden
  • Hahae so good

    andrea camataandrea camata13 timer siden
  • Yes, but would you rather have a Tesla?

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc22 timer siden
  • can anyone tell the soundtrack from 3.30 to 3.40?

    Mahmoud NowazMahmoud NowazDag siden
  • I watch anything about cars when Chris Harris’s name is onit! Get him is own show!!!

    JJ3 dager siden
  • Safe and sound

    chaby forrôforchaby forrôfor3 dager siden
  • Only 20 minutes to be able to travel 200 miles. Amazing technology. #dogshit

    Alex MilletAlex Millet3 dager siden
  • Mt. Everest-sized hurdle called........ the battery.

    Lifted_AboveLifted_Above3 dager siden
  • Damn I need this car!!!!!

    Mark VillarMark Villar3 dager siden
  • It doesn't have a turbo it's electric. Stupid to name it Turbo S

    DriggyDriggy4 dager siden
  • SOLD.

    Igor MelekhineIgor Melekhine4 dager siden
  • Such a great video ! Excellent Chris Harris you could have made an 1 hour video and we all enjoyed it.

    Stephano LStephano L5 dager siden
  • The fire hose thing was cringy

    James KeeleyJames Keeley6 dager siden
  • Excellence Was Expected. 🏁 A philosophy and a great book series on racing Porsches. Of course they used Le Mans winning tech in the Taycan. Natürlich.

    Dave auf dem BMWDave auf dem BMW6 dager siden
  • Can Chris Harris just be alone in Top gear? Coz this guy is on top of his game. I have always loved his reviews

    mark murimimark murimi7 dager siden
  • Much faster ... and killed the battery in the process. Poor little shark. You get the idea.

    anbu999anbu9997 dager siden
  • How the hell can you review an electric car without mentioning the "range" word even once? Even if it is the BS manufacturers figures!!!

    esuohdicaesuohdica7 dager siden
  • More pressure in your pipe.... sounds a bit suggestive 😅

    S BS B7 dager siden
  • Chris Harris is the absolute best car reviewer. Keep it coming. Love this porsche - just get rid of that silly turbo name.

    T HOFFT HOFF7 dager siden
  • Ah Chris Harris...proper car porn....model doesn't matter...

    Ludolf EbnerLudolf Ebner7 dager siden
  • Tesla!!!

    Style 93Style 938 dager siden
  • Great EV but I prefer my 997 CS any day.

    Frank LyFrank Ly9 dager siden

    Stephan LazarzStephan Lazarz9 dager siden
  • Non mi piace il muso , più bella la 911 turbo.

    Giuseppe FanoGiuseppe Fano9 dager siden
  • This was the best review of the Taycan I've seen!

  • Cars with 1000+ miles in the future with fully autonomous features would rule the automotive industry.

    wright vcxwright vcx10 dager siden
  • Does it self drive?

    wright vcxwright vcx10 dager siden
  • I'm so ready for the future. Can you guys imagine ?? The time when used 10-15 year old electric cars will be on the 5k price ??? I'm so ready for this.

    Gytis PranskunasGytis Pranskunas10 dager siden
    • ...... and it needs a new battery costing $20k

      esuohdicaesuohdica7 dager siden
  • What does the "turbo" do on an electric motor?

    Jim MathesonJim Matheson11 dager siden
  • Turbo?

    LM AOLM AO11 dager siden
  • Reall fast, luxurious, and good looking. But its not an M5.

    DexxonGamerYTDexxonGamerYT11 dager siden
  • "Turbo" does not mean "Turbo" anymore, instead, it means "Bullshit" Amazing car with a stupid name, just shows you that generally speaking, engineers are much more clever than the marketing idiots !

    Jamie R.Jamie R.11 dager siden
  • The original drift clown. It's sliding!

    dacid kapuradacid kapura12 dager siden
  • Make NO mistake the whole concept of an Electric car is totally WRONG because at the end of the day you come home and plug it into the socket powered by the coal burning power plants. And here is a couple of questions to think about: 1. What will happen if 50% of all vehicles are electric and they need to be charged /think of power/ 2. Few of those 50% have a garage where to park it means that on each parking space it must be provided the possibility of charging /think of infrastructure/ 3. in terms of travelling what kind of stations will be needed with how many spaces for charging and what kind of power.

    Tossa RTossa R12 dager siden
  • Twin turbo flat 12 and this would have been the best super saloon. Batteries meh...

    Mark XMark X12 dager siden
  • Dope taycan video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV13 dager siden
  • This costs 140,000!!!!! *Mclaren F1: May I introduce myself-*

    Riyadh AhmedRiyadh Ahmed13 dager siden
  • I can add 500 miles of range to my Range Rover in 3 minutes. It costs me £120 but 3 minutes is amazing

    John NewmanJohn Newman13 dager siden
  • It's already selling more than any other Porsche model

    Blaxtain KrankyBlaxtain Kranky13 dager siden
  • The way this man was talkin shit bout Tesla even tho some of their stuff is jus as good

    Tom BobTom Bob13 dager siden
  • I can say for me and many others the Porsche taycan was the car that got us into electric cars , this car will go down in the future as the first best electric car ever made

    zorpiozorpio14 dager siden
  • One day I'll watch this video on Porsche Inflight Entertainment driving my own Taycan.

    Desirable JodieDesirable Jodie14 dager siden
  • You can give an electric car all the turbocharges you want to install. They just won't do anything.

    Easy DuzitEasy Duzit14 dager siden
  • How would someone living in a block of flats charge an electric car? The infrastructure just isn’t there to support electric cars.

    Broken ToyBroken Toy14 dager siden
  • calling a electric car "turbo" is like calling your dog a cat. it's just rong.

    MorturiomMorturiom14 dager siden
  • "Turbo S". Not fake news but "Kitch"

    Marcus AllenMarcus Allen14 dager siden
  • the shooting and editing of this video is INSANE

    Web UserWeb User15 dager siden
  • When Chris Harris says it's fast, it is. When Chris Harris says it's awesome, it is. When he says that he loves it, everybody else would, too. Respect that Harris gives it straight about vehicles. Knows his stuff. Still think that calling them "turbo" and "turbo S" is ridiculous.

    John MalloyJohn Malloy15 dager siden
  • Drove one at an auto cross event. Was like like driving an old Buick. It also didn’t accelerate as hard as I expected. It’s an overhyped car IMO and I would not buy one. One day I will, but not now. It’s just too heavy.

    Jason NorrisJason Norris16 dager siden
  • It is actually a Turkish name. Tay(young horse) Can(soul) - mechanically it is a better sports car HOWEVER EVs are more software than just nuts and bolts so Tesla and its self driving technology is still Miles ahead of German cars. Killer combo would be a German car + Silicon Valley ❤️💪🏻

    EE EEEE EE17 dager siden
  • Tie can or Tay can?

    Adam PowersAdam Powers17 dager siden
  • Awful

    LastName LastNameLastName LastName17 dager siden
  • Safe and sound

    dark niwadark niwa19 dager siden
  • Bad visibility.

    Dustin HoffmanDustin Hoffman20 dager siden
  • I must admit; I wasn't a fan of the new top gear, but as I see more and more, Chris Harris provides quality, thorough information, the production value is still there, and the ridiculous examples live on

    E PE P20 dager siden
  • Porsche nailed it.

    Bobby JayBobby Jay20 dager siden
  • I love the fact that "Taycan" sounds like the Latvian word for kettle

    the Georgethe George21 dag siden
  • The ideal would probably be Porsche's Taycan chassis with Tesla's software and batteries

    Oliver HoffmannOliver Hoffmann21 dag siden
    • @flim Basically, but with Porsche's manufacturing quality and control and dealer network too

      Oliver HoffmannOliver Hoffmann18 dager siden
    • So basically the roadster?

      flimflim19 dager siden
  • Lose the rear doors and we’ll talk

    Ian HIan H23 dager siden
  • 20 mile range? Teslas can do 1000 miles and never need a charge with wireless bumper car roads

    AckzaTVAckzaTV23 dager siden
  • just strap a battery between your legs

    Rings CirclesRings Circles25 dager siden
  • overpriced, looks like a puss*y inside, not for a real man

    MM27 dager siden
    • @John Bacon You clearly havent seen pussy inside. So I am telling you - it looks the same as porsche taycan...only less wet

      MM23 dager siden
    • Ok 13 year old. You clearly havent seen one in real life.

      John BaconJohn Bacon24 dager siden
  • Oh, dear Chris - same uninformed BS about charging that TG continues to get wrong... 99% of the time you simply plug in when you get home and do a top-up charge overnight. If you are 'caught short' or need to do a longer trip, there are hundreds and hundreds of 100-150KW chargers around. Even more 50KW chargers. Just like a petrol/diesel car, you don't wait until you've completely run out of fuel before refilling. And bitching about the back seats (which other reviewers don't seem to have an issue with) and rear view in a sportscar is idiotic - buy an SUV if that's what you need... As an aside, in the last six months I have spent precisely AUD $12.03 at charging stations and travelled 4629.4Km - the rest was all on solar. Tell me an ICE that can run 0-60mph in 4.5s and offer that kind of economy.

    Zaphods BlueCarZaphods BlueCar28 dager siden
    • He lives near me, I’m pretty sure he’s driving a Taycan at the moment.

      Saxman tSaxman t28 dager siden
  • "we just did a smoker!" "We just did a Smoker in a Porsche!"*woooosh*

    numb7rnumb7r29 dager siden
  • Go to the Porsche site and see how they pronounce the name Taycan. Its hard to believe people get on the net to review a car and can't even say the name right.

    Scott UlmerScott UlmerMåned siden
  • Gorgeous 4 door

    ViperViperMåned siden
  • Really nice job for a first attempt Porsche - but that price is just too high???

    g rideg rideMåned siden
  • And people are still stuck on liquefied dinosaur bones why...? This blows the doors off any gas based vehicle and it's just the beginning.

    leftyfourgunsleftyfourgunsMåned siden
    • Becuase electric cars still lose performance over time.

      John BaconJohn Bacon24 dager siden
  • 1:11 love this momment

    Steve GiardiniSteve GiardiniMåned siden
  • Top gear never did a 8 minute high end advertisement with this high level production for Tesla. What is their deal? Tesla revolutionized the industry and TopGear tried their best to undermine the technology by pretending the car broke down. Then Porsche comes out and its literally an advertisement.

    Jason_the_AustralianJason_the_AustralianMåned siden
    • Ok Tesla shill

      John BaconJohn Bacon24 dager siden
  • 6:57 do i hear topgear adding fake engine noise?

    ramaramaMåned siden
  • Looks so good in the metal they need to get a rival to the supercharger network.

    Kev BKev BMåned siden
  • Do they have any charging stations in Scotland like far out in the middle of nowhere? Or do I need to take a really long cable with me?

    Elliot TheBraveElliot TheBraveMåned siden
    • @Saxman t That sounds great... what about super chargers like those used by Tesla, are the around yet?

      Elliot TheBraveElliot TheBrave27 dager siden
    • The government backed ‘Chargeplace Scotland’ has about 1000 chargers. More with other companies are available too.

      Saxman tSaxman t28 dager siden
  • 1:02 what is it?

    jaad fuddajaad fuddaMåned siden
  • Any ideas on the location of this video?

    Adnann AhmedAdnann AhmedMåned siden
  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan HernandezMåned siden
  • I see a electric car and I feel nothing other than utter annoyance. Regardless of how fast it is. Now think of that Audi R8 V10 Plus or Lexus LFA engine rev noises..

    Pietro SammarcoPietro SammarcoMåned siden
  • all taycan turbo and turbo s should have an overclock mode just like cpus to be worth of the name "turbo"

    Nick ZhuNick ZhuMåned siden
  • This is just sinful 😭💔

    Nana OhemengNana OhemengMåned siden
  • Although for about 16k extra you’d get a 992 turbo s

    Phillip CollinsPhillip CollinsMåned siden
  • Прошлые ведущие были легендарными!

    Solijon VosidjonovSolijon VosidjonovMåned siden
  • nice, but Xpeng has the same chassis, and Nissan getting carbon fiber resin structure = half the weight

    Victor HugoVictor HugoMåned siden
  • Such a damn shame it doesn't come as a 2-door!

    Stian HegglundStian HegglundMåned siden
  • 0:45 what a full of crap....

    Michael JosephMichael JosephMåned siden
  • Coolest job in the world

    arash zarrabiarash zarrabiMåned siden
  • 3:30 apparently that firefighter got the idea

    肖博诣肖博诣Måned siden
  • Hate to say this as a Tesla owner but having now driven one in Germany at the Frankfurt dealership, The Taycan is a superior car in every way except for the charging network which Tesla still owns hands down. That being said- there is apparently a revamped Tesla model S Plaid mode coming but the car I am really excited about is the Lucid Air with a 1000hp plus which insiders say will eat both the Taycan and model s for breakfast. Now that will be a challenge for Tesla and Porsche

    TheLambo2TheLambo2Måned siden
  • Finally, a proper electric car.

    NPowa99NPowa99Måned siden
  • great engineering work but it got beaten by the new 911 turbo s at what it is supposed to be the best: acceleration.

    TTGT2000TTGT2000Måned siden
  • Porsche is trying to get the jump on the Turbo name. At some point turbo will mean fast like they want. Unfortunately until around 2050 Turbo means Turbo. Forced Induction. We bit early Porsche. Guess we will see if it stays. I do sorta of like the car. Still way to Panamera-ish. Would have liked to see more of the concept make it through production. Very hard to do.

  • Another unneeded dishonest EV. And Porsche has succumbed to being just another car maker chasing politically correct brownie points. Turbo S? No convenient charging stations...for years and years? This is just another vehicle designed to turn you into a digital car couch potato.

    John IrelandJohn IrelandMåned siden
  • I'll stick with the Nissan GTR that Chris drove in 2017. Save 150k for a holiday, get back from that holiday, just in time for one these to finish charging. 🍺👍🏾

    Meeean AzzMeeean AzzMåned siden
  • Turbo S is Fake News lolz

    narong molyvannarong molyvanMåned siden
    • You mean CNN, MSN, MSBC..est

      narong molyvannarong molyvanMåned siden
  • korrektion audi makes best porsche IC engines on the planet. ja ja u brits need Korrektion

    Bryan PaesBryan PaesMåned siden
  • Taycan is the Tesla killer... the Tesla from 8 years ago that is :( By the time this hits the streets, new model of Tesla Model S and the brand new Lucid Air will be out, and they both beat the Taycan in every one of the benchmarks mentioned: - acceleration 0-60 mph for Tesla and Lucid at below 2.4 seconds in normal mode while Taycan is at around 2.6 seconds, - top speed of 163 mph for Tesla Model S, Lucid air touching 230 mph!, while Taycan is still 155 mph (ok Turbo S reaches 162), - range above 400 miles per charge for both Tesla and Lucid while Taycan is still 290 miles, - maximum charging speed capacity for Taycan and Model S at 10 miles per minute, while Lucid Air is touching 20 miles per minute. All while BOTH Tesla Model S 2020 and Lucid Air 2021 are A LOT cheaper than the Taycan (Lucid Air targeting US$70-90K,Tesla Model S US$80-99K, against US$150K for Taycan Turbo S without all the bells and whistles), all with self-driving ready technology, air-suspension, noise suppression and ridiculous luxury. Not impressed, Porsche.

    sampharo76sampharo76Måned siden
  • This sort of dilemma conflicts me to the core. I simply love the smell of burning dinosaurs through my Holley650 fed through a Hurst shift top-loader to a 9-inch rear. And the sound of the Pacemaker 2.5 inch exhaust is truly a symphony. But the future is coming...and every time I see a bit more, it looks amazing.

    RtB68RtB68Måned siden
  • The fire hose was a pisser! hehe

    First StepFirst StepMåned siden