Freddie CRASHES and ROLLS The Overtaker | Top Gear: Series 27

27. des.. 2019
154 763 Ganger

Freddie Flintoff had a 'bump' or two this series. Here he is having a 'moment' in The Overtaker in an off-road race against a Land Rover Discovery. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • This feels so wrong without Clarkson Richard and May

    Bjarni ReinBjarni Rein2 dager siden
  • Can we get Top Gear? We’ve got top gear at home Top Gear at home:

    JimE901JimE90112 dager siden
  • Rip over taker 2019 - 2019

    Elliot YeeElliot Yee16 dager siden
  • I came for the Stig 🥱

    Rajan SinghRajan Singh19 dager siden
  • All they did was roll it the act like it was slammed by a train the new top gear is so half assed how many hosts have the been threw since James May Jeremy clarkson and Richard Hammond

    Justin HicksJustin Hicks22 dager siden
  • I can already tell who is trying to be who in the first 45 seconds of seeing this new crew and it sounds so much more scripted. SMH my head

    Joey G.Joey G.24 dager siden
  • These guys just dont have the same good energy that Clarkson, May, and Hammond brought to the show. These guys are doing good, but this show just feels so much more downgraded from the original

    Jackson GouldJackson Gould29 dager siden
  • 0:21 *Family Stig* "it seems today... that all ya see... is rolling hearses, bad drivers and breaking a clutch..." "but where are those good old fashioned classics..." "on which we use to show off!!!!!" "Lucky theres a family stig who, positively can do all, things that make us-" "Speed and spin outttt-" "HES. A. FA-MILY. STIGGGGGGGGGGGGG" *Vroom*

    SkydiveSkydiveMåned siden
  • Old top gear is better

    Allen AkbarAllen AkbarMåned siden
  • You shitty new top gear

    DanielDanielMåned siden
  • Please remove these people and bring back the legends

    MaouMaouMåned siden
    • It isn't possible unfortunately we miss the OGs though

      BadassRooster11BadassRooster119 dager siden
  • God I miss the old trio

    S8RQS8RQMåned siden
  • He’s got a really heavy accent I can barely understand

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Måned siden
  • I love the stig family 😂

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Måned siden
  • Eww why are they trying to act like the original?

    Akotski1338Akotski1338Måned siden
  • Wait is Andrew Flintoff hosting this show?

    000xgage1000xgage1Måned siden
  • what a load of rubbish

    raksoenraksoenMåned siden
  • I was promised Top Gear.... so where is it?

    Mr DictatorMr DictatorMåned siden
    • You were bamboozled

      Lahav MorrisLahav Morris2 dager siden
  • Lub dese guys

    HeyItz HannahHeyItz HannahMåned siden
  • Chris Harris is the only thing keeping this still alive, but it’s still not the same without the holy trinity

    Michal BurdaMichal BurdaMåned siden
  • Interestingly the video cut as it flipped at 03:08 so we could not see if the opposite side wheels had been made intentionally larger. as TG did on the reliant robin flips

    Steve TerrySteve Terry2 måneder siden
  • I'll use Tesla Cybertruck

    We Need More MilkWe Need More Milk2 måneder siden
  • Hmmm why there is Stig family....

    We Need More MilkWe Need More Milk2 måneder siden
  • Love the wind turbines

    Aidan FouracreAidan Fouracre2 måneder siden
  • Hahaha

    deeez00deeez002 måneder siden
  • Well.. The main reason i stuck around these years were the irreplaceable trio of absurd, quirky and likeable characters of Jezza, Captain Slow and Hamster. It was a time of mystery and laughter. Nobody knew for years who The Stig was. And Dacia was a laughing stock on the regular. This is far from a replacement, and I despise BBC for not letting the TopGear brand die greacefully. This is bland, boring and characterless.

    BrewDiePieBrewDiePie2 måneder siden
  • The over taker looks like the front of an old jag

    StonksStonks2 måneder siden
  • Can this comment get 1 like for no reason

    FakelessFakeless3 måneder siden
  • The discovery is not wide enough

    Sheldon ScottSheldon Scott3 måneder siden
  • The stigs rout was getting “ stigy “

    Exploding_creeperExploding_creeper3 måneder siden
  • Is paddy ok?!

    clare barnhillclare barnhill3 måneder siden
    • His bank balance is doing fine with this crap, only going to cost over 75's a slice of their pension

      Steve TerrySteve Terry2 måneder siden
  • 3:05 here

    Big SmokeBig Smoke3 måneder siden
  • This does not deserve to be given the title of Top Gear.

    Robert UrquhartRobert Urquhart3 måneder siden
  • is this who's on top gear now ?

    ihategoogleplusihategoogleplus3 måneder siden
  • 3:07 Is the part you are probably looking for.

    Munahid ShahMunahid Shah3 måneder siden
  • Alright, Chris, I've got this. *4 Seconds later the car rolls*

    Munahid ShahMunahid Shah3 måneder siden
  • Old top gear>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    CrossiantCrossiant3 måneder siden
  • Imagine this with the original 3

    Jam BobJam Bob3 måneder siden
    • The original Stig was black stig, whole the second one got fired in the 2010s.

      Lahav MorrisLahav Morris2 dager siden
    • HAMMOND!!!!!!

      BodgemiesterBodgemiester9 dager siden
    • Be about the same really although everyone would look older.

      CycolacFanCycolacFan19 dager siden
    • James May in a weeless Fiat Panda would be more interesting and even funnier than this. Anyway was nice meeting Stigs family..

      solountipomassolountipomas25 dager siden
    • It would just be better in every way.

      Connor BroomConnor BroomMåned siden
  • Discovery capable family off roader? So why have I towed a few out of shit situations with my capable (stock) off roader. My Toyota Prado.

    Greg MyattGreg Myatt3 måneder siden
  • We've graduated from The Stig's oddball cousins to an entire *family* of Stigs.

    DrXshockDrXshock4 måneder siden
  • Why can’t they even put slightly longer episodes

    MarcoRP -MarcoRP -4 måneder siden
  • A new Toyota would destroy the Land Rover.

    ham and cheeseham and cheese5 måneder siden
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but bring back Matt Leblanc and the other guy... or just don’t ruin a great shoe and keep what worked for 22 years 🤷‍♂️

    Caleb KopitskyCaleb Kopitsky6 måneder siden
    • @Bosnia he didn't fit in at all

      InvictusInvictus4 måneder siden
    • Caleb Kopitsky Matt Leblanc was trash

      BosniaBosnia5 måneder siden
  • ‘Cack-handed idiots’ Best phrase for total incompetence

    DangerDeanDangerDean6 måneder siden
  • 2:18 "Jesus (beep) (beep)" Ha ha. 3:08 OMG. 3:30 "That's f***ed."

    The Cartoon ManistThe Cartoon Manist6 måneder siden
  • Garbage

    X9IKY2XX9IKY2X6 måneder siden
  • Are these guys friends on the outside like. Clarkson, Classical and Hamster

    Unmistified 22Unmistified 227 måneder siden
    • Yes

      dianediane6 måneder siden
  • 3:35 what the hell was Freddie’s face 😂😂

    Daisy HousegoDaisy Housego7 måneder siden
    • He was probably getting a bollocking from Paddy and wanted to rip his head off but couldn't.

      Sarah WhiteheadSarah Whitehead2 måneder siden
    • >:D

      Denis aka hydratedwig4607 is stupidDenis aka hydratedwig4607 is stupid2 måneder siden
  • Yo, this show is terrible

    Evan WhiteEvan White8 måneder siden
  • So much swearing.

    ValentinValentin8 måneder siden
    • @Bosnia Ye is she meaning the jokes the old 3 made?

      Jam BobJam Bob3 måneder siden
    • Rebecca Otter As opposed to what?

      BosniaBosnia5 måneder siden
    • Less racism, homophobia and violence though.

      Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter7 måneder siden
  • No no I have all 1 can imagine you what that work at WORK! Scale classes 10🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄⚡⚡⚡⚡🎯

    大才大才8 måneder siden
  • 3:07 when you try to drift offroad but you didn’t tune the car correctly

    lil chad 1147lil chad 11479 måneder siden
  • This one looked hilly😂🙄😂

    skunkymonkey13skunkymonkey139 måneder siden
  • ... and he kept rolling, so far that he didn’t make the series 28 trailer. And there was much rejoicing!

    Chris MilesChris Miles9 måneder siden
  • i still can't watch top gear without the old trio

    DanieleDaniele9 måneder siden
    • @Ilham Rizkyawan ofc i watch it, it's a lot better than this

      DanieleDaniele9 måneder siden
  • Who miss the old top gear?

    Maseh JDMMaseh JDM9 måneder siden
    • Daniele me too

      Maseh JDMMaseh JDM9 måneder siden
    • me

      DanieleDaniele9 måneder siden
  • "You will race to atop that hill", fh4 freeroam rush in real life commence.

    Close but no cigarClose but no cigar9 måneder siden
  • Rubbish

  • Don’t like paddy

    Datsun RobertsonDatsun Robertson9 måneder siden
  • I actually dig the new crew more than the last

    danbssfck61danbssfck619 måneder siden
    • @Rebecca Otter And ye he does need to grow up a bit.

      Jam BobJam Bob3 måneder siden
    • @Rebecca Otter Wait Snowflake is offensive?

      Jam BobJam Bob3 måneder siden
    • I’ve seen every episode and grew up watching them all. The trio everyone loves, I also loved. But Clarkson is now falling in public favour and other celebs can’t even stand him. Not long until he crumbles into retirement, refusing personal growth. Other elderly celebs have far more class and sophisticated humour and banter than he could ever muster. May and Hammond even say they don’t agree with his attitude and views anymore. He’s racist, sexist, homophobic, classist and violent. The same people who call us snowflakes and say people don’t care when men are victims. Are the same ones who are up clarksons arse now. I used to idolise him too, but sometimes we outgrow things. These new three are the breath of fresh air the show needed. Some modern, funny, decent lads.

      Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter7 måneder siden
    • You started watching this what, 5 years ago? Saw the last 2 seasons with the original top gear? Are you telling me that you've seen every season, episode, and special all the way back to 2002 with the original 3, and think that this new Top Gear is better? The only credit I can honestly give the show is the graphics and colors. Its very nice to look at. That's it. Every word that comes out of their mouths makes my ears melt into a puddle of agony.

      Ryan CooperRyan Cooper9 måneder siden
  • Go amazon prime

    Sacha KapturSacha Kaptur9 måneder siden
  • The still functional wiper is priceless!!!

    Mr Ol SkülMr Ol Skül9 måneder siden
  • Chris is once again correct it's a terrible looking car

    Dan KedDan Ked9 måneder siden
  • Omg ! What happened to top gear ??

    David TurleyDavid Turley10 måneder siden
  • hej, look at us, we are so funny 👎👎

    lucianlucian10 måneder siden
  • Lol mini stig

    Pete HouserPete Houser10 måneder siden
    • Aka Stiglet

      Lahav MorrisLahav Morris2 dager siden
  • biggest load of wallies out there.

    TheFokker03TheFokker0310 måneder siden
  • Mean while Discovery left the chat Overtaker is now admin

    Ankush d.kulalAnkush d.kulal10 måneder siden
  • Man that thing really went over. Dug in and rolled over. Amazing

    Dragon ButtDragon Butt10 måneder siden
  • No Offence to these 3 blokes but the BBC needs to give this up.. Its flogging a daed horse.

    Ross LuxtonRoss Luxton10 måneder siden
    • Ryan Cooper so why don’t you unsubscribe and stop being bothered? Why watch if it’s so bad? Let people enjoy things, imagine being this miserable you just have to be negative so much.

      Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter7 måneder siden
    • I'm waiting for Win Kerr to comment on this cuz I know he will lol. He's obsessed with the new top gear. But I'm with you. They should have killed off the show when the old 3 left. I swear if they try to revamp grand tour I'm gonna loose my head

      Ryan CooperRyan Cooper9 måneder siden
  • Queen fans: see ‘Freddie’ Also Queen fans: 👆

    Cockatoo MusicCockatoo Music10 måneder siden
  • "turn right ~~don't cut!"

    Jordan ThomsonJordan Thomson10 måneder siden
  • This was so much fun to watch haha you guys are doing great and by the way, am i the only one who thought the overtaker sounds very good? Amazing video and amazing show! :D

    R 7000 PR 7000 P10 måneder siden
  • I want to see the Grand Tour in top gear. Just the two shows arguing about cars

    Story TimeStory Time10 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the only reason I still watch

    eichler721eichler72110 måneder siden
  • I rolled in a Polaris RZR once... never was the same

    JonDavid TatorJonDavid Tator10 måneder siden
  • 👍😀

    Robert Bailey 369Robert Bailey 36910 måneder siden
  • I really hope that was a midget.....

    Eugene SEugene S10 måneder siden
  • Ooh Top Gear, how low can you go?!

    Naythan VazNaythan Vaz10 måneder siden
  • Okay, but tiff, jason are race car drivers. Clarkson is a great auto journalist, you can't just compare them with Flintoff.

    suv geosuv geo10 måneder siden
  • Dogger? *looks up dogger* LOL by himself?

    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)10 måneder siden
  • It just needs washing

    Enver DashdemirEnver Dashdemir10 måneder siden
    • Ay 😂😂

      RJB 05RJB 0510 måneder siden
  • 🤩😀

    عمر العريقيعمر العريقي10 måneder siden
  • Rubbish

    Jet BlackJet Black10 måneder siden

    Sandra KarnerSandra Karner10 måneder siden
    • win kerr they aren’t going to stop. Their racist and violent idol has his own show and the grand tour but they literally cannot handle the channel change can they! 😂

      Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter7 måneder siden
    • I don't think that's possible 😔

      RJB 05RJB 0510 måneder siden
    • How long are you going to keep crying for?

      win kerrwin kerr10 måneder siden
  • Sad to see how bad top gear has become. Just let it die in dignity BBC, It has been dead since the special three have left.

    Oldskool RaverOldskool Raver10 måneder siden
    • @win kerr what are you defending here? Fake smiles and laughs? Scripts (and I mean like "let's copy the original 3" scripts)? The ratings says it all. The viewers are far and few from what they used to be. Half the people that stick around only watch this because they're mentally strong enough to suffer through the whole thing, and be able to report to everyone else how terrible it is.

      Ryan CooperRyan Cooper9 måneder siden
    • But you still click on the videos as soon as they are uploaded...

      win kerrwin kerr10 måneder siden
  • 1:20 “worlds most capable family off-roader” have they never seen a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? 🤔

    Daniel GDaniel G10 måneder siden
    • Nah what you need is a plucky Suzuki Jimmy XD

      Ryan CooperRyan Cooper9 måneder siden
    • 4x4cRiSpY plus, every car that’s the “most capable” at something has its compromises. All those things you listed like the solid axles are what make it the most capable so idk what your point is

      Daniel GDaniel G10 måneder siden
    • 4x4cRiSpY must’ve never been in a JL

      Daniel GDaniel G10 måneder siden
    • Jeep has most capable offroader, but family off roader? with ancient solid axles and unless it's the huge, lumbering, slow Unlimited; almost no trunk space at all? Not even close.

      4x4cRiSpY4x4cRiSpY10 måneder siden
    • Discovery way better

      daveandmerlindaveandmerlin10 måneder siden
  • That hurt when the overtake got injured

    King cobraKing cobra10 måneder siden
  • It's the Undertaker for the Overtaker.

    Maggi TMaggi T10 måneder siden
  • What’s a car?

    曽我宥介曽我宥介10 måneder siden
  • Started with happiness and end with sadness.... oh there

    Tochukwu EzinwaTochukwu Ezinwa10 måneder siden
  • I love the look of the Discovery, at first I hated and now I love it. It's very unique in its on way

    Bhavdeep JanduBhavdeep Jandu10 måneder siden
  • This still works...look! 😂

    TorseeTorsee10 måneder siden
    • that comin handy

      Blark DextureBlark Dexture10 måneder siden
  • This could be easily improved and a lot more enjoyable to watch if it had a bit more sense of humour

    Pav 1Pav 110 måneder siden
    • @UTDspiritF1 Virk I actually like paddy but he shouldn't be on top gear, he should stick to take me out where he was bloody hilarious. Flintoff would genuinely work well with the original three of Clarkson, may, hammond.

      InvictusInvictus4 måneder siden
    • @Paul Wade umm no they don't We Brits adore Flintoff And not just for the laughter (he's capable of so much more as shown by LOTW)

      InvictusInvictus4 måneder siden
    • Paul Wade no I live in England and I’m a car and cricket fan soo... he’s awesome it’s the other guys I don’t like

      UTDspiritF1 VirkUTDspiritF1 Virk7 måneder siden
    • It’s the type of humour they have. Lots of irony and sarcasm. They say humour doesn’t translate well. They’re hilarious to us northerners.

      Rebecca OtterRebecca Otter7 måneder siden
    • @UTDspiritF1 Virk You must be a Pom, because the rest of the world hates Flintoff

      Paul WadePaul Wade10 måneder siden
  • Not a patch on the old top gear

    TedddTeddd10 måneder siden
  • Just scrap the whole cast

    DeclassifiedDeclassified10 måneder siden
    • @win kerr the Chinese have a car called FO, I think it would suit you well XD PS: I learned that back in season 18 when Top Gear was good ;)

      Ryan CooperRyan Cooper9 måneder siden
    • Joe Mengler I thought they might have improved, they haven’t, so I don’t watch it.

      DeclassifiedDeclassified9 måneder siden
    • Why watch it?

      Joe MenglerJoe Mengler9 måneder siden
    • I would say Chris is good, but he needs to go back to automotive journalism instead of acting like a fool for what ever show this is trying to be.

      Carter retraCCarter retraC10 måneder siden
    • @win kerr amazing...

      DeclassifiedDeclassified10 måneder siden
  • Whatever it is, this gen disco is just too ugly, whoreish for me to own.

    AlofzicoAlofzico10 måneder siden
  • Cahhhr

    Marty MichaelMarty Michael10 måneder siden
  • No more mat?

    WoogieboogieWoogieboogie10 måneder siden
  • Omg Stig family.

    godlyboygodlyboy10 måneder siden
    • It's soo pretty

      Haz wizZRblxHaz wizZRblx20 dager siden
    • I have no clue why I love it so much

      Shawn ParadoxShawn Paradox10 måneder siden