FIRST LOOK TRAILER: All New Top Gear | Series 29

12. sep.. 2020
261 741 Ganger

Top Gear is back for a brand new series with Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris. Here's a peek at what we've got in store...
Top Gear Series 29... coming soon to BBC One and BBC iPlayer
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Service & Feedback

  • This should have been killed when BBC got rid of Clarkson, or at least they should've changed the name of the show. From international, immensely popular series to a show targeted mainly at British audience. Hosted by Chris, whom I actually like, and two other guys with crappy accents painful to the ears of non-natives, and again, probably funny mainly to the British. As long as it remains "Top Gear", the new hosts will be constantly compared to the previous cast and you know who the winners are. Sorry, but I was so disappointed watching this. BBC will prolly still make some money out of it but it won't last long. You'll say: "you don't like it, then noone is making you watch the show..." and to be honest, I don't feel like I want to. Sorry.

    Kamil DospialKamil Dospial3 dager siden
  • This Top Gear presenters the worst bunch of idiot picked up by BBC CDs to make people laugh no clue what they doing just ruin the TV show the meaning of Top Gear is just disgusting I think Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson cannot be replaced and then they replace it with Matt LeBlanc which is not bad as Top Gear ear and then replace it with the worst one my God what are you doing BBC stop the show no disgusting

    How Dj LHow Dj L3 dager siden
  • This looks very good

    George BoothGeorge Booth4 dager siden
  • what's the name of the song ?!

    _ xXPEGASUSXx __ xXPEGASUSXx _8 dager siden
  • People wanting the old trio back: Me: Oh no. Anyways.

    MackisLifeMackisLife9 dager siden
  • What aload of crap they are not even funny and paddy is a wet wipe himself biggest let down ever

    Lisa NicholsonLisa Nicholson11 dager siden
  • You need to have a top gear episode we're Jeremy drives the reasonably fast car! just so we can have 1 last top gear with jezza!

    Mdog ByrneMdog Byrne12 dager siden
  • The only reason I'm here is to A: find out when this is airing so I can figure out when the new grand tour episode is airing and B: to see just how bad the new top gear is. And well it seems to be trying to appeal to a younger audience but there just isn't one for car people. Young people don't care about cars. Anyway wasn't particularly surprised by this and I don't think im suddenly going to be watching it frankly I'd rather watch 5th gear. Good luck to the bbc for holding on to the show but I just don't think its my cup of tea. Have a great day or night.

    rhonan Astillrhonan Astill16 dager siden
  • I suppose now that one of the 3 presenters is so disproportionately able and informed, they felt the need to balance things out with two utterly clueless spanners.

    colin5577colin557718 dager siden
  • Since Jeremy, Hammond and May left, top gear really is not good, that is worst top gear I've seen. But things are better since season 27 with paddy, hilarious Flintoff and harris. Paddy and Flintoff are really fun to watch because they really are comedian to watch. In Top gear Flintoff doesn't look like a cricket legend but he looks like a comedian daredevil who crack jokes no matter the circumstances he is in. Still no one can replace Jeremy, Hammond and May in top gear.They are legends.

    Oswin BrownOswin Brown18 dager siden
  • Every new Top Gear episode since the departure of the original cast has been crap. These presenters have ZERO charisma and they seem awkward together. No chemistry. Someone needs to smack Chris Harris and tell him to stop dressing like a hobo.

    ohaleceiffelohaleceiffel18 dager siden
  • Sad....

    Phone UserPhone User19 dager siden
  • Absolutely love top gear with these 3. There were a few tough seasons but I genuinely think that with these 3 they've nailed it. It's not the same as the old 3, but it doesn't have to be in order to be good. I'm sure when Jeremy, Richard and James started, people were saying it's not right without Quentin Wilson and Tiff Needell 😂😂

    Jack ChallisJack Challis20 dager siden
  • These guys are trash

    LONG LIVE X RIP XLONG LIVE X RIP X20 dager siden
  • Fakoo top geer

    Erto BęåskoErto Bęåsko21 dag siden
  • Oooh what version of the song (Express Yourself) is that?

    Love ByströmLove Byström21 dag siden
  • This seems like the bbc has finnaly got a trio that could be comparable to the old trio. Oblivious they arent as good but they look like they are having fun. And that's what og tg tg was all about ! I'm exited for tomorrow!!

    Jack CarlineJack Carline21 dag siden
  • Hey guys, I really dig everything about Top Gear except the use of sub-titles when Freddie or Paddy are excited and talking to fast.

    KenKen22 dager siden
  • Yep. Im loving this. I cried with laughter for days when paddy's rear axle came off. More of the same please chaps. Loving your work.

    appleZacappleZac23 dager siden
  • I came here to watch top gear, not whatever this is. Did you really think we came here for the cars? The only reason I watched top gear was the people in it. The Grand Tour is MUCH better.

    CrabbyTheDevCrabbyTheDev24 dager siden
    • @Birb Well sorta lol

      CrabbyTheDevCrabbyTheDev20 dager siden
    • Mate it is called top gear did you expect them to be talking about their favourite food?

      BirbBirb20 dager siden
    • Agree

      D4 bricksD4 bricks21 dag siden
  • Everone that see producer that fired Jerremy punch hin in the face again

    David SosnakDavid Sosnak24 dager siden
  • I miss Clarkson, Hammond and May, but even they've admitted they're too old for studio work any more and the recent GT Seamen special just felt like three old men being grumpy. I like this trio and their chemistry, even if the format is unoriginal.

    Jack RichardsonJack Richardson27 dager siden
  • Can't wait :)

    Urban StrenčanUrban Strenčan27 dager siden
  • I lOve ThE oRigINAl prESentERS. Who's here in 2020 looking for the Noel Edmonds? Me, Quentin Wilson and Tiff Needell need answers. RIP Angela Rippon - legend

    That's it KenThat's it Ken28 dager siden
    • Love the new presenters though. But need a presenter who is equally home presenting prime time motor shenanigans and a shape up and dance LP like Angela Rippon. Cant see Harris, Flintoff and McGuiness doing 40 leg raises to Buck Fizz's classic "The Land of Make Believe" Arseholes

      That's it KenThat's it Ken28 dager siden
  • As much as I love how this looks, it almost feels wrong to enjoy something that was entirely built by somebody else

    Daniel LimachDaniel Limach29 dager siden
  • This 3 guys have such a laugh , when they first started filming together I felt sorry for Chris because he seemed to be the Butt of most of the jokes, but now they all seem to give as good as they get. Always makes me laugh when I watch it now, I got fed up of boring Jeremy James and Richard to the point of not bothered if I saw top gear or not.

    Red RainRed Rain29 dager siden
  • 0:32 "You are such a wally!" XD 0:36 "Don't tell me not to worry. I'm very worried!" XD

    The Cartoon ManistThe Cartoon Manist29 dager siden
  • I just wanted Clarkson, May and Hammond back

    FnokFnokMåned siden
  • october 4th.....

    That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Yes, I miss May, Hammond and Clarkson also. Now, it s not the same...

    Jan Peter QuastJan Peter QuastMåned siden
  • song?

    Luke MalatinskyLuke MalatinskyMåned siden
    • labrinth - express yourself

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Not a car show any more, just a bunch of overacting actors.

    Arslan AhmadArslan AhmadMåned siden
  • Remember when top gear was actually good

    Jean CruzJean CruzMåned siden
    • it still is

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • 0:37 Tesla Model 3😆

    guesswhatbroguesswhatbroMåned siden
  • Personally, I don’t like their accent, beside that I have no complaints

    Jiarui ZhangJiarui ZhangMåned siden
    • James Goldsworthy Yes because Jiarui Zhang is your typical American name.

      ColonelRogeColonelRoge23 dager siden
    • Americanise the world 🙄

      James GoldsworthyJames Goldsworthy26 dager siden
  • This just looks like Jackass, but with cars.

    djcarkhuffdjcarkhuffMåned siden
    • omg it does, super excited

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Tonight on BhottomGear...

    FrankieOnSBSin144p!FrankieOnSBSin144p!Måned siden
    • james commits arson

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • I miss the old top gear

    gael stratogael stratoMåned siden
  • А дє Кларксон?

    богдан ивановбогдан ивановMåned siden
  • I'm so hyped for this

    Terrier661SuttonTerrier661SuttonMåned siden
    • yeessss same!!

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Get the old crew back please. No offense to the new guys but I liked Clarkson, Hammond and James better.

    Danny 000Danny 000Måned siden
  • Clarkson, May and Hammond are way better top gear is rubbish now

    ini inithanini inithanMåned siden
    • @That One Car Guy Top gear is shit now

      ini inithanini inithanMåned siden
    • your point is?

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Those three were best Hammond's,may,jermy

    Vijaya Krishna KVijaya Krishna KMåned siden
  • It isn't the original 3 but the show is definatley getting closer to how it used to be and less like the rubbish immediately after James, Richard and Jeremy left!

    ToasterFaceToasterFaceMåned siden

    HenryBowen101HenryBowen101Måned siden
    • hell yeah!!

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • So this is what bottom gear looks like

    SeanSeanMåned siden
  • Only Clarkson top gear

    Escape the world ShowEscape the world ShowMåned siden
  • TERRIBLE Go to amazon prime for better entertainment No wonder the BBC current top gears ratings aren’t even in the Millions

    EPIC DAN ProductionsEPIC DAN ProductionsMåned siden
    • They rarely make anything good now

      EPIC DAN ProductionsEPIC DAN ProductionsMåned siden
    • BECAUSE THE BBC has lost all the good programmers

      EPIC DAN ProductionsEPIC DAN ProductionsMåned siden
    • idk mate they've moved to BBC One

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Wow wonderful adventure

    zw dejenezw dejeneMåned siden
  • RIP Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May. The good old days

    bruh momentbruh momentMåned siden
  • Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming

    Filip GjorgjevskiFilip GjorgjevskiMåned siden
    • ...what?

      That One Car GuyThat One Car GuyMåned siden
  • Top Gear: Were not getting enough views, Time to get new people again.

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingRyan StonedOnCanadianGamingMåned siden
    • Can you blame them?

      Fareedh SalavudeenFareedh SalavudeenMåned siden
  • Know what's funny, I think the old top gear videos get more views still.

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingRyan StonedOnCanadianGamingMåned siden
  • Top gear test tesla roadster 2.0 sec. 1,9 250mph and 400km

    Σρεε ΤέστΣρεε ΤέστMåned siden

    Szymon SzymonSzymon SzymonMåned siden
  • They've got the chemistry. Won't be as good as the OG trio, but is still bloody good.

    Viper TheLegendViper TheLegendMåned siden
  • No Clarkson, no Hammond and no May = No viewers. Or at least, no viewers who aren’t feckless morons.

    A Wyatt WomanA Wyatt WomanMåned siden
  • By far the best top gears these 3. Love every episode. Original 3 so close but honestly these 3 are brilliant

    Andrew BatesonAndrew BatesonMåned siden
  • i miss the old top gear ):

    help mehelp meMåned siden
  • As usual, comment section is full of "oh no, old TG was sooo much better". Getting ridiculous. The current TG trio is really good. Chemistry is fine. You have the best driver/presenter (Chris) and good fun. Stop whining. If you miss the old trio, go over to Amazon/BBC iPlayer and watch replays. I for myself am looking forward to this. Good job lads!

    lanista78lanista78Måned siden
  • We're not interested.

    Alexander PopovAlexander PopovMåned siden
  • Yea nah the old crew is the best and that’s the end of it. they were intelligent and made the show very interesting to watch otherwise it would just be a show about cars..

    Jason SuttonJason SuttonMåned siden
  • there’re better youtube channels

    nomer440nomer440Måned siden
  • honestly

    nomer440nomer440Måned siden
  • guys give up

    nomer440nomer440Måned siden
  • I am sooo excited that I wont watch this.

    AG CoarsemanAG CoarsemanMåned siden
  • Can you collab with Mr.Beast he said that he will test if that can stop a train by crashing them hope to see it.

    James RoiJames RoiMåned siden
  • Bruh thought this was grand tour

    Dumbass HackerDumbass HackerMåned siden
  • 0:13 🤔🤔🤔

    JL-1070JL-1070Måned siden
  • New Top Gear wont be the same as 7 year ago old Top Gear

    Ardika SaputraArdika SaputraMåned siden
  • This is shit, old top gear was better

    Triple allianceTriple allianceMåned siden
  • richard hammond james may jeremy clarkson what i expected to see here but it was an utter dissapointmen for me

    dymas kpsdymas kpsMåned siden
  • Starting 4th October -

    TR1PLE_6TR1PLE_6Måned siden
  • Bottom Gear * wheezes*

    MysticalOdinMysticalOdinMåned siden
  • This is nothing like the old episodes and it’s sad

    Scoutz Marks24Scoutz Marks24Måned siden
  • The new top gear will never beat the original and that's a fact

    ComedicComedicMåned siden
  • Haven’t watched any top gear since the trio left us! Who r you ppl

    AlxsdairAlxsdairMåned siden
  • Chris Harris saved Top Gear! Thanks Chris!

    andreidoimetriandreidoimetriMåned siden
  • Most of what I'm seeing is taken directly from season 3 of The Gran Tour...can't beat them so join them, seems to be the mentality of the BBC...

    Arkham KnightArkham KnightMåned siden
  • Just scrap top gear and give chris harris his own show.

    0 00 0Måned siden
    • he might be the most knowledgeable of the three but you need paddy there as well cause people just want to see someone crash a vintage lamborgini and having the BBC pay for it. That's top gear to. Chris crashing that lambo would ben unthinkable.

      JVVJVV21 dag siden
    • Yes

      ColonelRogeColonelRoge23 dager siden
    • AGREED 100%

      petepeteMåned siden
    • @nadak47 i love matt and yianni on carwow but the bbc would be too restrictive. Id reccomend matt, yianni and some others to make a car programme of their own on youtube, where they already are. Carthrottle is great as well.

      0 00 0Måned siden
    • What about Chris with matt from carwow and yani

      nadak47nadak47Måned siden
  • there's no reason to call it "Top Gear" if Jeremy Clarkson isn't part of it!

    Nathan WestNathan WestMåned siden
  • honestly, its garbage

    Gleb KlovanichGleb KlovanichMåned siden
  • 0:37 TESLA????????

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
  • 0:32 And that Chris, is why you should just stick to Drifting.

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
  • Everyone in the comments section: *starting to soften, and except the new top gear ME: happily smiling, because I knew that after the old trio left, people would just complain about the new top gear and criticize it, and it would take years for people to realize it was good all along. ALSO ME: WONDERING WHY NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
    • Its wasnt good all along. I dont think anyone liked evans. And the new trio is mediocre at best, humour is lacking and it just seems forced. Chris harris is a good reviewer though.

      0 00 0Måned siden
  • Watching this, is like watching a rich nerd trying really hard to be cool. (the nerd is the BBC in this example).

    Vladimir StefanovVladimir StefanovMåned siden
    • Stop complaining and watch the grand tour 🙄

      James GoldsworthyJames Goldsworthy26 dager siden
    • Indeed. Top Gear, the real TG is dead.

      AG CoarsemanAG CoarsemanMåned siden
  • Just when i tough, it can't get worse. 🤮

    George GeorgiyGeorge GeorgiyMåned siden
  • Was about to subscribe. But when I saw that you kicked the master of the show, I realized that I didn't give a shit anymore about Top Gear. Some snowflake made you make the worst choice of your life. That is what I believe. I will go and follow the master in his new show. Bye Top Gear.

    DaedrakeDaedrakeMåned siden
  • These new three guys seems to more acting

    K93 GAMINGK93 GAMINGMåned siden
  • Just think of it as a rebirth

    Jam SandiwchJam SandiwchMåned siden
  • Looking great

    Flaw3dGeniusFlaw3dGeniusMåned siden
  • Dead series old tog gear was much better

    Obaid Al MaktoumObaid Al MaktoumMåned siden
  • Why do they sound Australian.

    PePaPePaMåned siden
  • They still have those crazy "Top Gear" ideas

    num2sonnum2sonMåned siden
  • Tonight on bottom gear:

    OminousOminousMåned siden
  • These guys are doing there best to ruin topgear

    Manish KumarManish KumarMåned siden
  • This is so bad

    Susjka xxxSusjka xxxMåned siden
  • Some say he left with the original trio, and that he pays a man $10.50 a week to play his part on the show. All we know is HE’S CALLED THE STIG!

    Jordan BarkerJordan BarkerMåned siden
  • New top gear is kinda lame

    kenzo de neefkenzo de neefMåned siden
  • It's never going to be as good as it was with the old cast.

    Erick KonopErick KonopMåned siden