FIRST LOOK: New 2020 BMW M3 & M4 feat. 4WD, 503bhp, 'Drift' Mode & *THAT* Grille | Top Gear

22. sep.. 2020
259 449 Ganger

The BMW M3 Saloon and M4 Coupe are back... and you won't be able to miss them. Both feature BMW's controversial new vertical grille, but stick to a familiar mechanical recipe: 503bhp, 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight six producing 503bhp in the 'Competition' versions - the only models coming to the UK. Offered first with rear-wheel drive, switchable 4WD will follow in 2021, as well as a cabriolet and estate later. Is this the sweet-spot M-car or has the M2 stolen its thunder? Watch our full walkaround to find out. Now, about that grille...
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Service & Feedback

  • Ugliest cars ever!!!

    Martin ForesterMartin Forester3 timer siden
  • want better review then watch carwow

    SLOGOSLOGO2 dager siden
  • BMW falling off

    Levi GuwapLevi Guwap3 dager siden
  • Finally over here 👇

    James BondJames Bond3 dager siden
  • Just clear your mind guyz. It's going through some design changes. But believe me u will surely be blown by this amazing machine. It has got more power and grunt to make u smirk. It's beast, it's wild.

    Kiss LayyKiss Layy4 dager siden
  • Pig nose. You won't see them back in 2022.

    Paul PPaul P6 dager siden
  • Successfully turned a shark into a rabbit! ??

    Kasim IpekciKasim Ipekci7 dager siden
  • That M3 is awesome

    PlayEatSleepPlayEatSleep8 dager siden
  • BMW don't care what people think about these horrible grills.

    Krithik csKrithik cs8 dager siden
  • He keeps saying the BMW grilles are’s are not aggressive, it’s SILLY! LOL Lexus has an AGGRESSIVE predator grille!

    Boom boomBoom boom9 dager siden
  • Nice

    Rehan GulzarRehan Gulzar9 dager siden
  • if they don't get it together there brand will be history.

    Daniel MahmoudiDaniel Mahmoudi11 dager siden
  • Ok... that's terrible ! Can't believe it will hit production 😥.

    Alin LutaAlin Luta12 dager siden
  • You know Hitler would drive one of em. . . . . . . (Yes cuz of the grille genius, that's the joke.)

    Sahil SanilSahil Sanil13 dager siden
  • They lost the plot..

    Zac YoungsonZac Youngson13 dager siden
  • BMW's Lan Evo X

    Henry TangHenry Tang14 dager siden
  • This is Beaver not Beamer! The ugliest BMW ever. Also ruined the M3 with atrocious front design. Engineering team should sue the design team. Anyone who thinks this looks like CSL is simply blind. Lost my business. BMW is competing with audi and Lexus to see who can design the ugliest and the biggest grill. It’s like who’s has biggest crap!!!

    Ahsan AliAhsan Ali14 dager siden
  • Bmw Gopher

    ootoot15 dager siden
  • i love BMW, but that awful, ugly front grill is a total deal breaker

    Tactical TrexTactical Trex16 dager siden
    • when its blacked out with m performance it looks way better

      savininsavinin15 dager siden
  • man that m4 is gorjus

    Hugh JanusHugh Janus16 dager siden

    Kuda95 MKuda95 M18 dager siden
  • People complaining about the design don't realize they are not the target market for this price range.

    RomulusRomulus18 dager siden
  • Could those colors be more aweful?

    Saman KhaledianSaman Khaledian18 dager siden
  • Hideous

    George FGeorge F19 dager siden
  • The front is actually okay, but I believe most of the places in the world requires a front license plate, which destroys the front look.

    MROKJIA [Mike]MROKJIA [Mike]19 dager siden
  • At this point BMW doesn’t care because they know ppl will buy the name anyway regardless of how it looks🤷🏽‍♂️

    justen ramirez Lackeyjusten ramirez Lackey19 dager siden
  • cant wait to see it on the track!!

    robert tarantinorobert tarantino20 dager siden
  • all the dislikes are coming from current M owners, I dig and i would totally get this.

    Rick KatsRick Kats21 dag siden
  • If you merge the grille it almost looks like an Audi from the front

    I luh u MyyykeI luh u Myyyke21 dag siden
  • I'd take the e46 if you gave me the choice...

    ElltielleElltielle22 dager siden
  • First BMW M car I've seen and not wanted....Chris Harris has it right when he says it looks like a beaver

    Ben WalkerBen Walker22 dager siden
  • All of a sudden, it's 2001 again, and your nice looking BMW has suddenly become an ugly monstrosity that you wouldn't be caught dead in. At least now, it looks ok from the rear.

    geoffk777geoffk77722 dager siden
  • 0-60 3.9 secs????? I'll stick with my M2. This is the ugliest redesign.

    djknucklez1djknucklez122 dager siden
  • Hideous!

    Oscar CarusoOscar Caruso22 dager siden
  • 😄

    Bradley ThirumurthiBradley Thirumurthi23 dager siden
  • mantap

  • Love the M3, hate the M4. Am I crazy?

    TheStallion234TheStallion23423 dager siden
  • The fact that every reviewer is trying to defend this ugly look just tells you even they find it ugly. They just need access to future BMW events. So you hear these pathetic arguments to defend this ugly look.

    manseesmansees23 dager siden
  • The grill looks like two coffins. Very ugly!!!!

    manseesmansees23 dager siden
  • At some point, there will be a day when "grill on the car" become "car on the grill"

    avia _torzavia _torz23 dager siden
  • on the bright side, 3 series owner wont be sticking any M badge to pass it as an M car soon...

    KELVIN T.HKELVIN T.H23 dager siden
  • I suddenly feel the need to buy some lottery tickets. And as for the front, it's NOT nearly as bad as the new VW GTI MK8, which is not in the same class anyway.

    Ricky BobbyRicky Bobby23 dager siden
  • Maybe it looks better in person? Love the interior.

    Med ConnectMed Connect23 dager siden
    • Yeah, we can't say but those grills are ugly tho

      Veno FIRSTVeno FIRST22 dager siden
  • Completely hideous. Hold on to you e46.

    marquise9bmarquise9b23 dager siden
  • lol I think they look cool

    Adam SobhAdam Sobh24 dager siden
  • This car looks great as long as you never leave the interior.

    Chris GrosserChris Grosser24 dager siden
  • The first car in the world to look better with a number plate 🤣🤣

    Jason FisherJason Fisher24 dager siden
  • When i8 came everyone happily thought that this sexy sleek grille design is where BMW is heading towards. Who knew they will kick us in the nuts.

    Shivek DharShivek Dhar24 dager siden
  • I would pay to see Jeremy review this monstrosity

    Shivek DharShivek Dhar24 dager siden
  • 0:20 Poor Jack doesn't realise that it is 2020 and its not mainstream television and people can actually skip the "slow burn" he's trying to titillate us with

    Shivek DharShivek Dhar24 dager siden
    • Hahaha... Ill laugh to my own comment cuz i wanna keep it up and let my brethren enjoy this masterpiece

      Shivek DharShivek Dhar24 dager siden
  • Crazy how the completely ruined the 4 and 3 series. I’m praying they leave the m340 without this ugly grill

    Super Saiyan God VegetaSuper Saiyan God Vegeta24 dager siden
  • The ugliest bmws that bmw ever made i thought the f80 f90 looks really still modern looking didnt think they needed a redesigned

    Tory RhodenTory Rhoden24 dager siden
  • Car grille designs are going from bad to worse.. and BMW probably leads it.

    Sunil TGSunil TG24 dager siden
  • Cool.....

    S.P _2464S.P _246424 dager siden
  • That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.....

    Alfie 38Alfie 3824 dager siden
  • The ugliest BMW ever. You’re right it’s a statement and the crappiest statement ever. Also ruined the M3 and atrocious design. Engineering team should sue the design team. Anyone who thinks this looks like CSL is simply blind. Lost my business. BMW is competing with audi and Lexus to see who can design the ugliest and the biggest grill. It’s like who’s has biggest crap!!!

    Ahsan AliAhsan Ali24 dager siden
  • Disgusting

    Varun S KumarVarun S Kumar25 dager siden
  • Can't wait to order mine and piss off all you haters when I absolutely rinse your 2003 Honda Civics. Every single one of you commenting on the Grilles, either can't afford one anyway, or you're just a BMW hater. Either way, you'll all look like absolute fools when these two beasts come out and you see how aggressive these look. Keep hating morons, as these M3' and M4's will sell like hot cakes (as usual)

    British BrokerBritish Broker25 dager siden
  • Is Chris Bangle back at BMW?

    jonny5777jonny577725 dager siden
  • Stupid grills. They completely ruined the cars! If they wanted to evolve the kidney grills, they should have got the ones form the csl 3.0 concept.

    fredericoamigofredericoamigo25 dager siden
  • We want Chris talking about new M cars... and all other cars.

    Patrick RollinsPatrick Rollins25 dager siden
  • BMW is dead to me.

    david oramadavid orama25 dager siden
  • One word :Very ugly

    Lanz GustaLanz Gusta25 dager siden
  • Remember how apple defended their decision to remove the headphone jack? Their answer was "courage" . Hahaha, this is probably how BMW will defend this atrocity.

    John LJohn L26 dager siden
  • This RICER thing is horrible! 🤢🤮Looks like a split grilled Audi/Kia/Hyundai/Mazda in the front, and a Lexus RC F in the rear🤦🏻‍♂️! No originality, No imagination! ALL IMITATION! Get rid of this pig snout 🐷🐽! Bring back the shark nose 🦈🦈🦈! Make BMW great again!

    carrier7676carrier767626 dager siden
  • That front end is super ugly and makes me want to puke

    MrJerdinMrJerdin26 dager siden
  • In two years, will it be the same "car"?

    Frank StassenFrank Stassen26 dager siden
  • Trendsetter

    dino mujicdino mujic26 dager siden
  • Sorry BMW I don´t like the design

    1 21 226 dager siden
  • I very much love and welcome this bold grill/lungs move...I badly want one

    Les MothibediLes Mothibedi26 dager siden
  • I hate the regular 4 series, I hate the 7 series. But these look sexy.

    Efka eEfka e26 dager siden
  • Team :"We gotta design the new car any ideas?? Stoned designer : "🐽"

    booptidyscoopbooptidyscoop26 dager siden
  • If BMW is going to make the grill that big they might as well shape them as a M instead of two giant ugly “kidneys”

    Bryant R.Bryant R.26 dager siden
  • Sooo ugly

    minimale85minimale8526 dager siden
  • UGLY! Cant believe BMW is going in this direction, I used to be a big fanboy of their brand but that's changed over the past couple of years. Major heartbreak!

    Sanjay KazaSanjay Kaza26 dager siden
  • I hate this

    Luciano CaramagnaLuciano Caramagna26 dager siden
  • Jeremy has really changed

    EskuEsku26 dager siden
  • This is what happens when companies are run by sales & marketing and not by engineers. Doesn't bother me, a 500-600 mile range Tesla Model3 performance is just around the corner, BMW is old tech now.

    Jon JenningsJon Jennings26 dager siden
  • When i saw the thumbnail i actually thought it was a joke.

    Alvin Widov ÅstrandAlvin Widov Åstrand26 dager siden
  • Ugly ugly grilles,how much ever you try to gloss over.Fails all organising principles of design !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praveen TharammalPraveen Tharammal26 dager siden
  • Look at all that plastic under the hood that will fail the day after the warranty runs out lol

    Sahil MSahil M26 dager siden
  • I really like that green color!

    TheBaconTheBacon26 dager siden
  •, Mercedes, Audi but be having a right laugh

    Stevie LoweStevie Lowe26 dager siden
  • I do not welcome Lung Grille.

    Azan AliAzan Ali26 dager siden
  • Looks more like alfa romeo

    ausaf aliausaf ali26 dager siden
  • ROTFL it looks so stupid, even more with licence plate across this shit...

    sykipejasykipeja26 dager siden
  • Think I'll stick with my E92 🙌

    b.kiddob.kiddo26 dager siden
  • Less gopping now

    dan hug hesdan hug hes26 dager siden
  • Disgusting

    Tiny WrasherTiny Wrasher26 dager siden
  • **BREAKING NEWS** BMW are redesigning both cars and have cancelled the launch

    KingsWorld2015KingsWorld201526 dager siden
  • He forgot to use the hand sanitizer before he entered!

    KingsWorld2015KingsWorld201526 dager siden
  • I’m laughing because BMW have always acted high and mighty (with Audi) about keeping their performance models RWD but now it’s clear that Audi have fought them a few things. When Audi does AWD, it’s their DNA. When BMW do it, it’s admission that they failed to design a proper rear end and diff for the current models

    Eüro NastyEüro Nasty26 dager siden
  • Thank the lord I own a F80 CS. The front end looks like a overgrown camel toe/ beaver. I see why older M3’s are in demand and those two front ends and all that talk of gadgets just added to there demand.

    jon cheatrjon cheatr26 dager siden
  • Love the 70s Pontiac muscle car grill. It will grow on you boys, mark my words. As scary as that might sound :D its already the size of a small planet.

    carlos costacarlos costa26 dager siden
  • I'm trying to like the grill.. I just can't..

    Msd SmtiMsd Smti26 dager siden
  • An M3 that doesn't come with a manual? The ultimate driving machine is dead

    Dalton KlinkenbergDalton Klinkenberg26 dager siden
  • I wasn't a fan of the out going M3/4s. These I like and I will be going to demo them for sure. (:

    ricky vricky v26 dager siden
  • Too many conflicting feelings

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith26 dager siden
  • Why.

    Thomas MrozovichThomas Mrozovich26 dager siden
  • Dodge magnum coupes? Ohhhhhhhhh the estate version....... Standard dodge magnum then

    Ian KlingensmithIan Klingensmith26 dager siden