FIRST LOOK | McLaren 765LT: could McLaren's latest Longtail be quicker than a Senna? | Top Gear

3. mars. 2020
657 984 Ganger

Welcome internet, to the McLaren 765LT, the latest Macca to get the Longtail treatment and a car that produces a whopping 45bhp more than the already-ballistic 720S. But that’s not all. Increased downforce and reduced weight - some 80kgs less - makes you wonder: just how much could this new McLaren trouble the Senna?
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  • Well then, Senna or 765LT, which would you take home?

    Top GearTop Gear7 måneder siden
    • I was 720s from the start so a 765 now? totally the longtail

      BeanTubeBeanTube22 dager siden
    • The 765LT no doubt!

      joe bananasjoe bananas25 dager siden
    • 720s spyder

      krispy kremekrispy kremeMåned siden
    • 765LT

      Great TB88Great TB88Måned siden
    • Can’t afford any of them but if they gave one to me I wouldn’t be picky at all 😊. Landslide, one of THE best looking cars made..!

      Eric ZipproEric Zippro2 måneder siden
  • Why no carbon wheels

    Mountain Bike ClipsMountain Bike Clips25 dager siden
  • The 720s was a lambo killer and this thing is more powerful. Damn.

    R33C3R33C325 dager siden
  • Well then, how does _not speccing a/c in your own car_ give you pleasure from harming others ie. _sadist??_ You meant _masochist,_ and I'm not even going to mention the '675' gaffe and 'four quad' ie. 16 exhausts. Perhaps consider getting an editor.

    NemesisNemesis29 dager siden
  • His enemy is the new 911 turbo s

    Kong yanhuaKong yanhuaMåned siden
  • P1 is still the big daddy of Mclarens

    Andre S.Andre S.Måned siden
  • 00:45 I think he confused 765LT with the 675LT.

    RuchirRuchirMåned siden
  • Why the music? Why?

    mvmallinsonmvmallinsonMåned siden
  • Zzzzz

    Andrew EAndrew EMåned siden
  • This car looks better now than it did when I first saw it.

    AjayAjayMåned siden
  • Both.... But in lego

    Antoine REYNEAntoine REYNE2 måneder siden
  • It looks like such an exotic and gorgeous supercar. Nicely done Mclaren.

    cardude1992cardude19922 måneder siden
  • Not the Senna but it's probably faster than the P1…!

    cardude1992cardude19922 måneder siden
  • P1 is king

    Uros AndricUros Andric2 måneder siden
  • Cant wait to see this vs a 911 turbo s

    Samuil HristovSamuil Hristov2 måneder siden
  • Asthetically this thing looks amazing

    Gibbet HoskinsGibbet Hoskins2 måneder siden
  • Can't wait to own one(in forza)​

    Thanison NoisuwanThanison Noisuwan2 måneder siden
  • "Macca"? ew

    DominicDominic2 måneder siden
  • Can someone please answer me this. This is a massively quick car, but what I've noticed about mclaren is that they dont have 4wd in their cars which would make them even more faster to sixty.

    real yard manreal yard man2 måneder siden
    • @[Removed] ok

      real yard manreal yard man2 måneder siden
  • Old top gear makes boring car exciting New top gear makes exciting car boring

    SportNutSportNut2 måneder siden
  • Please can someone tell me the background music

    Cbreazie NutzCbreazie Nutz2 måneder siden
  • i was a fan of the 600lt design... And i can say im satisfied with the 765lt design

    Charles KoushikCharles Koushik2 måneder siden
  • Well considering the 720s has like 800 hp this should have about 900

    Viktor KolekeskiViktor Kolekeski2 måneder siden
  • 754hp 590 torque

    Create Something GreatCreate Something Great3 måneder siden
  • Um, no its not McLaren’s first quad exhaust system, remember the 1992-1998 McLaren F1 had 4

    Drucker RichardDrucker Richard3 måneder siden
  • It's deff gonna be a little faster then the Senna but not by much .It's probly a little slower then the p1 and just a tick faster then the Senna it's gonna be like in the middle

    lexusrcf loverlexusrcf lover4 måneder siden
  • Such a gorgeous vehicle, looks better than any lambo imho

    War ChildWar Child4 måneder siden
  • You'd wanna hope so. The senna isnt that quick in a straight line. Its not what its made for, its all downforce and corners

    Brady MacneilBrady Macneil4 måneder siden
  • Porsche 917 for the road. With full 21stC upgrades. Drives comfortable when you want it takes your scalp when pushed. Just as I imagined it would be back in the '70's. Thanks McLaren.

    Terminus EstTerminus Est4 måneder siden
  • If this depreciates as much as the 720s that'll be 👌

    PC Mike BowersPC Mike Bowers4 måneder siden
  • I'd rather wish the vehicle a bit heavier that use polycarbonate materials for some parts of it.

    reyshin tokzreyshin tokz4 måneder siden
  • 0:46 ouch

    Cypher RaizenCypher Raizen4 måneder siden
  • Daniel - the cooler Daniel

    mnlytemnlyte4 måneder siden
  • The back of the car looks cheap with those honeycomb design 😔.

    Nandagopal SNandagopal S4 måneder siden
  • another thing I noticed my 720's when it reaches very high speeds it bounces on the roads where I live I live in the Northeast.My Lamborghini performante feels way more planted even though it is slower in a straight line.I actually prefer I have your car so it doesn't bounce so much it is quite terrifying at high speeds already in a 720's. I can't imagine how much this car will be bouncing all over probably very much like a turbo S

    Robert LulekRobert Lulek4 måneder siden
  • no thanks I'll just keep my 720's spider why should I pay all that extra money for almost the same performance after all I am not going to be on a racetrack. The comfort is way better in the 720's I'm sure that is 7 6 5

    Robert LulekRobert Lulek4 måneder siden
    • @[Removed] I don't know about that look at the 675 they said the same thing about that

      Robert LulekRobert Lulek2 måneder siden
  • But Motorweek said it does 0-60 in 2.7; the old 2019 720S does it in 2.8

    Dean ScottDean Scott5 måneder siden
  • Looks amazing 😍

    David HuntDavid Hunt5 måneder siden
  • The 765lt doesn't have all panels made of carbon. You can get the rear quarters (pretty sure this is what the option refers to), the hood and the wing in full carbon and the trim. That's it.

    Cut de Pie FailsCut de Pie Fails5 måneder siden
  • Should we get 1 for the public to experience?

    Denver Exotic Rental CarsDenver Exotic Rental Cars5 måneder siden
    • @[Removed] ?

      Denver Exotic Rental CarsDenver Exotic Rental Cars2 måneder siden
  • this is nice

    dolan plsdolan pls5 måneder siden
  • We're are the test drive

    OliverOliver5 måneder siden
  • Forget real life, I can't even afford this car in NFS/Asphalt.

    Rajender JoshiRajender Joshi5 måneder siden
  • Your title is grammatically incorrect, please fix it! Even though you are referring to a car, In motorsport language "Quicker than Senna" are three words that can not logically co- exist together in the same sentence, because nothing will ever be quicker than "a Senna" ;)

    Georgi StefanovGeorgi Stefanov5 måneder siden
    • ​@[Removed] gfy

      G SG S2 måneder siden
  • I really dont understand how this cool a$$ video can get dislikes

    Jean BondJean Bond5 måneder siden
  • Both 765LT and 720S are damn sexy.....

    Jefferson HoJefferson Ho5 måneder siden
  • The car is nice but the interior has no comfort or any color its just mad black

    PhoenityPhoenity5 måneder siden
  • McLaren CEO: How do we mess with so called "Car Gurus"? Marketing Group: Let's give this new car a name that's so similar to the older version or other cars in the line that everyone will get tripped up at least once. 😂

    Driving EnthusiastDriving Enthusiast5 måneder siden
  • Would definitely rather have a Ferrari 488 Pista though.

    AMG3320AMG33205 måneder siden
  • 918 kiler

    BLACK MAXBLACK MAX5 måneder siden

    Aby MathewAby Mathew5 måneder siden
  • This is probably going to destroy the gt2rs on the track.

    quick mathsquick maths5 måneder siden
  • mclaren 720s vs its big bro

    S. KooS. Koo5 måneder siden
  • It looks a bit like a P1

    Ollie C YTOllie C YT5 måneder siden
  • Very nice but how many miles will it do before it brakes down ?

    PJS C4SPJS C4S5 måneder siden
  • Yours for £160k in 18 months and 5000 miles

    Mark JonesMark Jones5 måneder siden
  • Not bad. I rather get a Roadster 2.

    CallandorCallandor5 måneder siden
  • the 720S ran quicker numbers than you already said about the 765 LT. on DRAGTIMES, it ran 9.8 @ 144mph Stock in FL heat. that being said, the 765 should beat that. and the 720 put out a bit over 700RWHP. the newer 765 should exceed that. i am guessing mid 9's in the 1/4 mile. this car will be an incredible Beast.

    brian centibrian centi5 måneder siden
  • Customer: what if it breaks? Mclaren: Don’t worry sir, our warranty covers you!! Customer: How long will you take to fix it? Mclaren: How long is a piece of string!!! Customer: Damb that, I’ll buy a Porsche

    central timecentral time6 måneder siden
  • When does Chris drive it??!!!

    Dave LewisDave Lewis6 måneder siden
  • I really loved it but the 600LT is still my favorite McLaren.

    amj 2019amj 20196 måneder siden
  • Every hypercar brand: We need huge door scoops to get air into the engine, intercoolers, radiators, oliecoolers... McLaren: Nope

    CarChrisMCCarChrisMC6 måneder siden
  • 5:41 looks like a shark

    yujirorasy rushyujirorasy rush6 måneder siden
  • Who cares? The speed is effectively unusable. “Let’s just keep deprecating our customers purchases by releasing cars every 2 hours.”

    Marcus HinesMarcus Hines6 måneder siden
    • Why would making them slower help? Oh dear, the poor rich people who lose money on car brands they should know about.

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke6 måneder siden
  • Finally right side sterring wheel...😁

    rizky subi pradanarizky subi pradana6 måneder siden
  • We need turbo s vs 765lt drag race ASAP

    Abc AbcAbc Abc6 måneder siden
  • How does Mclaren afford to develop and launch so many cars after only a decade of coming back?

    Yossavin SombutpanichYossavin Sombutpanich6 måneder siden
  • How's the quality this time? If I buy this will I need to fix transmission at 1500 miles?

    pete mamapete mama6 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the background soundtrack

    Vae MoheVae Mohe6 måneder siden
  • Beautiful and very fast machine!

    Chris M.Chris M.6 måneder siden
  • Now if only Mclaren can get their horrible build quality, customer service and depreciation addressed they would have a winner !

    Howard CHoward C6 måneder siden
  • I believe this thing will beat everything but the Senna around tracks.

    Tyran MathurinTyran Mathurin6 måneder siden
  • Bring back the real top gear

    Mohamed amine AmaraMohamed amine Amara6 måneder siden
  • The first ever LT that excites me❤️

    Akinola GbolahanAkinola Gbolahan6 måneder siden
  • The 675…? 0:45

    Jesper HenriksenJesper Henriksen6 måneder siden
  • This car is quite a beauty

    Down ShiftsDown Shifts6 måneder siden
  • Did he say 675LT in the beginning?

    720S Goals720S Goals6 måneder siden
  • McLaren have diluted their brand with so many models and such short product cycles. I see this and I'm bored.

    scribble127scribble1276 måneder siden
  • 0:46 - "The 675LT sticks to it." I am at the wrong video.

    4n6design4n6design6 måneder siden
  • Aww no roof scoop, not buying it just because of that

    • You can get a roof scoop as an optional extra.

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke6 måneder siden
  • 这就是大舅他妈妈给他买的。(*≧ω≦)哈哈哈哈😂

    熊星熊星6 måneder siden
  • It looks very clean, sharky and really fast. The design of their machines become more and more wellrounded.

    Tristan TheuerkornTristan Theuerkorn6 måneder siden
  • Sign me up daddy

    JREVY22JREVY226 måneder siden
  • Wow! Really awesome.

    Review BanglaReview Bangla6 måneder siden
  • Only thing I don’t like is the ‘ bug like ‘ front light fittings.. could of been made a lot sleeker perhaps? Apart from that it’s stunning

    Slim PickingsSlim Pickings6 måneder siden
  • Says the car isn’t for grocery runs. Based on the seats. Aren’t there seat options?

    Ricky PRicky P6 måneder siden
  • Anyone else drooling?

    Utopian AudioUtopian Audio6 måneder siden

    Steve RentoulisSteve Rentoulis7 måneder siden
    • 720s Faster around hockenheim willow springs than the 918 so the 911 has no chance

      scoobydoo99scoobydoo996 måneder siden
  • Why McLaren tell lie to people 720s already in straight line Faster then senna

    Nima YarahmadiNima Yarahmadi7 måneder siden
  • @0:46 "the 675LT producing as the name suggests... 765HP". ??? whoops...

    Justin SorkenJustin Sorken7 måneder siden
  • This car has the best side profile

    NoddlesthealienNoddlesthealien7 måneder siden
  • Man oh man...Im not a McLaren fan buh(Just a regular Audi fan) I've been watching lots of NOworld videos about the 720S beating supercars like its not a contest now this with more power....Ohh Lord

    Kevin GaineweKevin Gainewe7 måneder siden
  • When is it comeing to Forza?

    NathantheOG5NathantheOG57 måneder siden
  • Tenths, that’s all we’re talking about here, the Senna isn’t vastly faster in all areas of performance or handling, and, from what I’ve read on other sites, they ain’t that reliable, service is poor, cars can wait weeks to get sorted, whose going to put up with that?!🤨

    Peter CavelliniPeter Cavellini7 måneder siden
  • Those cutouts in the wheel spokes are pure trypophobia

    VACbOYVACbOY7 måneder siden
  • Loathsome bgm.

    Rick CRick C7 måneder siden
  • any mclaren is sexy, except for the senna...what happened there?

    Mateo Ceballos QuerolMateo Ceballos Querol7 måneder siden
  • Thank you for the introduction. It’s coming on the cusp of a worldwide recession which will be incapable of moving as quickly as the 765LT.

    MyOneBlack FriendMyOneBlack Friend7 måneder siden
  • I think he meant 765 Ps(british) not hp

    markmark7 måneder siden
  • I'd love one of those 😍

    Black TylerBlack Tyler7 måneder siden