FIRST LOOK | BMW i4: 523bhp and a 373-mile range - is this the car to take on Tesla?

2. mars. 2020
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Ok, so it’s just a ‘concept’, but this 530bhp electric saloon closely previews BMW’s production i4 due in 2021. And boring though it is to draw comparisons with Tesla on every electric car story, this one matters. Because like the massive-selling Tesla, this BMW is a compact saloon with superb range and acceleration. But don’t stop there. Let Jack Rix guide you through the design and thinking behind BMW’s next-gen EV, then leave your thoughts on it below.
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  • Could this be Tesla's biggest challenge yet?

    Top GearTop Gear7 måneder siden
    • no this car is a failure just like you

      Sage OwensSage OwensMåned siden
    • No....just a concept

      Simon WebbSimon WebbMåned siden
    • LOL no, look at its grill xD

      CerberusTheSavageCerberusTheSavageMåned siden
    • no, no it wont

      AngeloAngelo2 måneder siden
    • i mean, an electric car that looks like a BMW beats a tesla any day

      philipp Behrendphilipp Behrend2 måneder siden
  • It's all about details. Love it!

    Li JieLi Jie11 timer siden
  • He is sexy!

    Li JieLi Jie11 timer siden
  • By the way, you made the grills much bigger this time. :D

    Li JieLi Jie11 timer siden
  • Time is money honey. Release date?

    Li JieLi Jie12 timer siden
  • The Edsel is back

    DonDonDag siden
  • Don't forget to add your rainbow lgbt logo

    InanitasInanitasDag siden
  • But it's bmw..not interested.

    GG4 dager siden
  • 0-60 4 seconds 😂 Looks a bit of a dogs dinner tbh

    Jason HarryJason Harry4 dager siden
  • - How expensive is it? - Yes.

    Quattordici MontenapoleoneQuattordici Montenapoleone4 dager siden
  • Looks better than a tesla but i still gona wait till they catch up to teslas battery and autonumus driving tech.

    Christian B.Christian B.5 dager siden
  • good lord that is one butt ugly front...

    skodbolleskodbolle6 dager siden
  • so whoever thinks that this can compete with tesla, should try a lobotomy.

    Lio MendonçaLio Mendonça6 dager siden

    Riccardo PRiccardo P6 dager siden
  • This looks more intresting then a Tesla, its quality will be much better and has about the same hp as a model s p100d ludicrous plus but will be lighter. This over a Tesla anyday.

    DexxonGamerYTDexxonGamerYT7 dager siden
  • In the technical you forgot to say that weight like a 2 bedroom flat

    Gec GamingGec Gaming13 dager siden
  • Top Gear is British. Why are they talking about distance in miles?

    Maxx KoggenMaxx Koggen16 dager siden
  • Feels too little too late. Long hood because there is an need for the space for ICE engine in the ICE variant. So it will not be as efficient as it can be. + 150kw is already just in the OK category. It may mean bad in 2021. If they come out with this (and they could have) in 2018, it would have been a great success. Now it will not. Just think about how much better Lucid Air is. And many people will tell me now, that it is expensive. Well they will sell it for a lot of money, but I would not be surprised if it would be cheaper to manufacture than this one. I think it will be shorter as well, because the smaller front. + it will have great range, great performance and 300kw charging speed (about, I forgot the exact number).

    Ferenc TóthFerenc Tóth20 dager siden
  • It reminds me of the pigs from angry birds.

    Mark shazMark shaz21 dag siden
  • 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 كانه ابو شعله

    Kamil HumoodKamil Humood22 dager siden
  • Hopefully these will be more reliable than their conventional cars

    Damon MartinezDamon Martinez24 dager siden
  • This car is gonna make the Tesla’s look old fast.

    jooky87jooky8725 dager siden
  • the grills are so massive that you can land an aeroplane turn it around and take off again

    tma. Mohamedtma. Mohamed27 dager siden

    #buzzofftoxic Blog#buzzofftoxic BlogMåned siden
  • The grill is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

    MyNameIsNotImportantMyNameIsNotImportantMåned siden
  • The german multipla

    Marcus The STARLORDMarcus The STARLORDMåned siden
  • Don't really like the lights on this one but they're Ok. It's an aggressive, edge car so it makes sense Grille looking bold and like a big track bully - nice!!

    netweed09netweed09Måned siden

    Sandor Varga.Sandor Varga.Måned siden
  • If this actually get released like that I'll eat a shoe

    Ilya TIlya TMåned siden

    rozina parveenrozina parveenMåned siden
  • Now back bumper is looking like toyota camry in 2019

    rozina parveenrozina parveenMåned siden
    • Its looks like a Mk5 supra form the rear

      Nf oxNf oxMåned siden
  • How much expensive cost bmw 2021 sports car

    rozina parveenrozina parveenMåned siden
  • It's pretty nice

    rozina parveenrozina parveenMåned siden
  • Yo that car is insane

    rozina parveenrozina parveenMåned siden
  • The interior looks beautiful! In my opinion the exterior color isn’t attractive at all! 🙈

    Gusto JGusto JMåned siden
  • Is there a supercharger network for this car? No? Then it's not as good as a Tesla.

    mutaween464mutaween464Måned siden

    Rajin M LinusRajin M LinusMåned siden
  • Love this video

    Zayveon RedmondZayveon RedmondMåned siden
  • After all..........God Dammit today's BMW brand

    Valerian PantsuliaValerian PantsuliaMåned siden
  • 373마일이면 600km 간다는건가? wow

    googlerain bowgooglerain bowMåned siden
  • "airy and friendly" this car looks like wants to f evyone else's girlfriend.

    Albus RegnumAlbus RegnumMåned siden
  • bmw designs always the best in auto industry.

    Albus RegnumAlbus RegnumMåned siden

    SlegnaSlegnaMåned siden
  • Kaç para lan bu araç

    emin_kaan06emin_kaan06Måned siden
  • Why can't we just get a series 3 exterior EV? This looks ugly.

    AndrewAndrewMåned siden
  • Looks like that BMW only wants to sell the front grill as the car in the future..

    Muhammed SalmanMuhammed SalmanMåned siden
  • Lame. Dear BMW you don't have to make electrical toys. Just make your grills bigger and you will be fine. Your customers are dumb enough to like it that way. They don't need electric they just want BMW. And why the hell u think people need automatic doors? U think pushing a door is difficult. If u keep doing this shit you are gonna be like Nokia.

    Felix CulpaFelix CulpaMåned siden
  • its a mistake , it looks nice but its a copy of a car , it has centre bulk bit in-between front seats like cramped in , electic car we want bigger open feeling inside , its like a engine car design inside , mistake it is

    Learn ProgressLearn ProgressMåned siden
  • Another concept that’s never gonna be made. If it does get made. It’s gonna end up looking like another basic BMW. Why waste people’s time? This car will most likely never see the light of day

    Servo Motion StudiosServo Motion StudiosMåned siden
  • This is a beautiful car. The interior is much better than the Polestar's ipad look. The grill ruins the car's proportions. I'm sure there are dissenting designers at BMW saying throwing F-bombs at the managers.

    TriusTriusMåned siden
  • I’ve got a ‘concept car’’s called the i’have no idea how we are gonna make all the batteries’..... it has a range of a ‘Tesla plus a few’......but like I said it’s just a concept.....

    Simon WebbSimon WebbMåned siden
  • It does not accelerate with the wheels, it sucks in air through the grill to get from 0-60 in 1second.

    m mm mMåned siden
  • To su priserne sracky. Vobec sa to nepredava. Chodte s tym do riti!

    Ludovit KanikLudovit KanikMåned siden
  • get that Chief Designer at BMW fired, he is murdering the brand.

    IanmundoIanmundoMåned siden
    • Why? It looks amazing, and the final car will look even better.

      Kostas TKostas TMåned siden
  • This car looks like it was designed by Walt Disney.

    StoatsackStoatsack2 måneder siden
  • God... not tired of fake exhausts? I mean it could be reason why I dont buy this seemingly very nice car... those stupid design features

    Piotr MyszkorowskiPiotr Myszkorowski2 måneder siden
  • Blimey, and some people think Tesla’s are ugly!

    Phil RPhil R2 måneder siden
  • is there anything this car can do that my cyber truck cant do at a far cheaper price?

    mike allenmike allen2 måneder siden
  • They should change the front grill look

    Abdul HamidAbdul Hamid2 måneder siden
    • No, it's cool, it gives that aggressiveness that BMW has.

      Kostas TKostas TMåned siden
  • spoiler: it is not!

    Max KrügerMax Krüger2 måneder siden
  • This car is beautiful, what's the price and how do I get the thing charged on the road?

    Jesus TJesus T2 måneder siden
  • True beauty.

    Fin MoucFin Mouc2 måneder siden
  • They all exaggerate the range in the Proto-type stage.

    supertevsupertev2 måneder siden
  • “Being an electric car, it doesn’t need cooling..” Errr, how much do you know about high capacity/high output batteries?

    PaulPaul2 måneder siden
  • You had me at 373mi range.

  • Looks nice but as to the question "is this the car to take on Tesla? It has to be in production and on the street to do so. A concept unfortunately can't take on anything but maybe another concept or dream. Not a Tesla owner by the way. Just calling it as I see it.

    Ef RaEf Ra2 måneder siden
  • beauty is only skin deep! otherwise beentheredonethat. by tesla.

    rajiv shahrajiv shah2 måneder siden
  • In the words of Forest Gump “And that’s all I have to say about that” 🤢🤢

    christopher bateschristopher bates2 måneder siden
  • I’m holding off buying a new car until these ‘smart’ cars become the norm. Next 2-5 years

    Fehad BilgramiFehad Bilgrami2 måneder siden
  • Every company trying to dethrone the Tesla have always come up short on either Pricing or eMPG. Porsche is the latest example. If BMW thinks they can price higher then a Tesla just because its a 'BMW', they will fail. The larger grill doesnt justify the extra 100k either, sorry.

    Jose MendozaJose Mendoza2 måneder siden
  • The interior is the only thing i like about this car

    AngeloAngelo2 måneder siden
  • Quick answer is No

    paulgrantpaulgrant2 måneder siden
  • They F:d the front up

    Balubish TechBalubish Tech2 måneder siden
  • 🤮

    HiaaaFullpowerHiaaaFullpower2 måneder siden
  • The front looks like the pigs from angry birds 🤦‍♂️

    Mark shazMark shaz2 måneder siden
  • The lovechild of Pontiac Aztek and Predator

    jonnectionjonnection2 måneder siden
  • Umm... it's an electric car. What's with the gigantic Hitler-mustache grille?

    ganymede3141ganymede31412 måneder siden
  • ugly

    theo wainwrighttheo wainwright2 måneder siden
  • What a gorgeous interior... shame about the grill

    TheLutefiskGODTheLutefiskGOD2 måneder siden
  • "non reflecting glass" so why i can see reflections ? XD

    RIP[*]inpepperoniRIP[*]inpepperoni2 måneder siden
  • Ugly as shit

    cj2020cj20202 måneder siden
  • Petrol car design please Designer ok "sick and aggressive" Electric car design please. Designer "ok friend airy and light cartoon Betty boop design"

    Anijin UkAnijin Uk2 måneder siden
  • Dump that concept in the bin Looks like Betty boop with big cartoon lips wanting to kiss every other car on the road

    Anijin UkAnijin Uk2 måneder siden
  • Result of playing too much angrybirds.... The guy absolutely loves the pigs...

    Charles KoushikCharles Koushik2 måneder siden
  • And the bigger grill does...what? I hope it is a better quality than most of the BMW vehicles.

    ReynardusReynardus2 måneder siden
  • It doesn't even need a grill Why is it so big?

    MyNameJeffMyNameJeff2 måneder siden
    • It's for design perspuse and for sensors.

      Kostas TKostas TMåned siden
    • BMW really is lost

      CallMeJediaelCallMeJediael2 måneder siden
  • He goes on about the new 2 D BMW logo , camera then Zooms in on the wrong area of the Boot Lid , and you see nothing of the new Logo, great editing guys . Remember this is a concept , and the production model will only have a few design touches , plus costs will be eye watering , M4 M5 territory, plus real life range will be at least 40% less as per other electric cars .

    Stratking 57Stratking 572 måneder siden
  • do like honda remake the og 3 serie but in electric

    Mathieu MansireMathieu Mansire2 måneder siden
  • Looks like BMW is fulfilling the ugly grill prophecy meme..

    Maxc NgcoboMaxc Ngcobo2 måneder siden
  • No. Taycan is the standard now. And sad to see how far Top Gear has fallen.

    Bob BobersonBob Boberson2 måneder siden
  • This BMW has the nicest ass, and there I say it- the grill is growing on me 🤩

    Dominic Ah Chong- Vitamin DDominic Ah Chong- Vitamin D2 måneder siden
    • @Kostas T I didn't hate it at first but it was a little hard to take, now I like it. And I think there is a larger amount of people that are still getting use to it. So you liked it when you first saw it?

      Dominic Ah Chong- Vitamin DDominic Ah Chong- Vitamin DMåned siden
    • The grill is amazing, like always was.

      Kostas TKostas TMåned siden
  • The car looks way better than a Tesla except that grill. That part is pretty ugly.

    Carlos Fontenot JrCarlos Fontenot Jr2 måneder siden
  • Ewwwwwwwwww

    cybersleepcybersleep2 måneder siden
  • bmw seems to appreciate merc's dash interior

    Steve MSteve M2 måneder siden
  • No because its ugly af

    Nomad CarpenterNomad Carpenter2 måneder siden
  • Fake grill? This days only stupid people buying bmw. This is why fake grill is not a problem

    Man From SofiaMan From Sofia2 måneder siden
  • I will gave 100 Mark's for designer ✌👌

    Altaf khanAltaf khan2 måneder siden
  • Experts says that in a few years it will not be a hood anymore,just a grill.

    vstvst2 måneder siden
  • That grill is a crime. This car is atrocity.

    Jesse PinkmanJesse Pinkman2 måneder siden
  • "Gone is the radical design..." Yea, very conventional, for a new BMW 🤣

    ThriftybyNatureThriftybyNature2 måneder siden