FIRST LOOK | Bentley Bacalar: the £1.5million, 200mph two-seat drop-top Conti GT | Top Gear

3. mars. 2020
416 690 Ganger

This is the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar - the first project from the luxury manufacturer’s coachbuilding division, Mulliner. Only 12 of these £1.5million, 659bhp speedsters will ever exist. They won’t all be this yellow, but they are all sold. So let Jack Rix be your guide to this crazy Conti GT.
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  • What a beautiful beautiful car

    Kenny Kent KenkenKenny Kent Kenken9 dager siden
  • Supa-ugly

    Karim HajjabKarim Hajjab18 dager siden
  • Beautiful Car

    Ernesto Eduardo DobarganesErnesto Eduardo DobarganesMåned siden
    • Ikr most people thought it's ugly

      Kenny Kent KenkenKenny Kent Kenken9 dager siden
  • Really loving that background music, what's it called ?

    Arun V.GnanachchenthanArun V.GnanachchenthanMåned siden
  • Baca

    Asphalt boomerAsphalt boomerMåned siden
  • What a waste of 5000yr old wood.

    Frederick MaloufFrederick MaloufMåned siden
  • A car for the Minions.

    ChuckTheNoris1ChuckTheNoris12 måneder siden
  • Beautiful car

    Yomar DCYomar DC2 måneder siden
  • But it's so ugly...

    wirefortysevenwirefortyseven2 måneder siden
  • Ugly piece of shit....

    Donald DuckDonald Duck2 måneder siden
  • straps for door pools what is this a GT2RS

    Thomas GreeneThomas Greene3 måneder siden
  • A collector's dream

    Akmal Ali JasminAkmal Ali Jasmin3 måneder siden
  • Rear looks hideous

    Bibin ThomasBibin Thomas3 måneder siden
  • The only place you can drive this is some place where it doesn’t rain because there’s no roof, how about Dubai?

    dazzaburgerdazzaburger3 måneder siden
  • This is now added to my dream car list I want this exact one

    TommyTommy3 måneder siden
  • No coupe ?

    Raj NibhaniRaj Nibhani3 måneder siden
  • Very soon we'll be able to name the people in the world who'll be able to afford exotic things.

    TakebackTruthTakebackTruth4 måneder siden
  • 3:18. No peasant material to be found here 😅

    Lufefe NgilanaLufefe Ngilana4 måneder siden
  • Is this really a convertible...?

    karthik kumarkarthik kumar5 måneder siden
  • Ugly!

    Mr LadMr Lad5 måneder siden
  • Sounds like salt fish.

    Evocati MediaEvocati Media5 måneder siden
  • This matches Post Malone's beerbongs and Bentleys albulm art. :)

    Chr0nicLTChr0nicLT5 måneder siden
  • Soon this big prices and cars will be taken down from a small car company,makes only 12 rest of the world dies from hunger,waste of money and people who have them,yeh try giving some food for a person in need,SHAME

    Thusitha wedisingeThusitha wedisinge5 måneder siden
  • The gravity of the super-sized rewards involved in simply turning one’s head, as society crumbles under the weight our own greed. This car is an icon of everything that’s wrong with people today.

    SD ClevelandSD Cleveland6 måneder siden
  • 0:09 'The Face' at the Back of the Car tells that you can't afford it

    YC!YC!6 måneder siden
  • "Baal-car" then, Bentley?

    Gregory AmbresGregory Ambres6 måneder siden
  • Interesting. I just don't like that forward spoiler/scoop/whatever-thingy (lower intake).

    Gregory AmbresGregory Ambres6 måneder siden
  • 'There's actually more to this story than meets the eye'. There certainly is. All these special edition supercars are just tax avoidance vehicles for the wealthy. Buy it at 1.5m,put it in storage for a few years, now it's worth 5m (Or whatever your mate agrees to pay you for it, on the understanding that you will in turn buy one of his/hers) and bam, you've just made 3.5 m on an item that does not attract capital gains tax due to its moving parts (even though they may not have actually moved). These cars could handle like an Austin Allegro and have the same top speed as a classic tractor and it wouldn't matter, as they're bugger all to do with motoring.

    Johnny BrownJohnny Brown6 måneder siden
  • He’s pale white like man not a lot of gingers like that I have seen.

    Ike The kidIke The kid6 måneder siden
  • made specially for dubai . . . . . . . . bc no taste / high price only works there.

    mplewpmplewp6 måneder siden
  • Not as good as it looks

    Hamad QatarHamad Qatar6 måneder siden
  • If I can get my hands on one I will make it like a modern Duesenberg II SJ think of modern day gatsby and use it as a daily driver.

    Blue the MustangBlue the Mustang6 måneder siden
  • What has happened to top gear? WHY is he not driving the car?

  • The BACALAR front 😨😂💩🤣🤮 I wouldn't be cought dead in it...

    SC 03SC 037 måneder siden
  • The front is hideous, those headlights are an affront to the elements and principles of design.

    Kylie ManureKylie Manure7 måneder siden
  • I rented that camaro at the airport

    Little Viking coachLittle Viking coach7 måneder siden
  • this top gear sucks. we want jeremy

    Leo WangLeo Wang7 måneder siden
  • Bentley Mulsanne

    Trap Sound PerformanceTrap Sound Performance7 måneder siden
  • remember when top gear was about driving the cars? lol

    Tommaso IannicolaTommaso Iannicola7 måneder siden
  • I much rather get a Koenigsegg. Cheaper, faster, just better in every way......but above all else, it has a roof

    SoloSolo7 måneder siden
  • And the winner of ugliest car of the year goes to Bentley...

    markmark7 måneder siden
  • Some Audi+Porsche+Bugatti+Lamborghini=Finally Bentley Bacalar

    Arif çelikArif çelik7 måneder siden
  • I’ll take two

    HEAVYWALL 70HEAVYWALL 707 måneder siden
  • I'll take any racing Bentleys from the thirties instead this thing, whatever that is!

    Riva 40Riva 407 måneder siden
  • ugly

    Seb AbrilSeb Abril7 måneder siden
  • This banana made Koenigsegg Gemera look like a bargain. The infotainment is not even showing the exact car. Failed for 1.5M

    RealAvusRealAvus7 måneder siden
  • imagine you scratch your wheel on the curb, you are giving the gold back to the earth.

    Jam ZhouJam Zhou7 måneder siden
  • Imagine using this car in the winter without a roof😂😂😂😭

    Gentil ByiringiroGentil Byiringiro7 måneder siden
  • Arab prince: "I'll add this to my trash bin."

    John DoeJohn Doe7 måneder siden
  • I can’t understand how coupes are dying. Even people who can afford two vehicles buy two SUVs.

    Gotta GoGotta Go7 måneder siden
  • So when it rains then we go swimming?

    Zakariah LaFreniereZakariah LaFreniere7 måneder siden
  • When to use... Dubai. What??

    Arif Bitis EntertainmentArif Bitis Entertainment7 måneder siden

    MICHGO1MICHGO17 måneder siden
  • That is one ugly front end.

    Jay CeeJay Cee7 måneder siden
  • what...... the baklava

    TwoTwo7 måneder siden
  • Baccalar is just an ugly piece of shit, that's all...

    Alex Air ConditioningAlex Air Conditioning7 måneder siden
  • Looks like a damn pokemon. Come on. If I hid the badge and told you it cost 40k you'd say it's ugly and to get an Audi.

    Gadjo XGadjo X7 måneder siden
  • This car is like floral wallpaper or gold-leaf accented furniture; ugly and gaudy.

    Noah BarkelewNoah Barkelew7 måneder siden
  • Wish the design was more updated

    Butterfield 8Butterfield 87 måneder siden
  • look how huge is it ! or this guys is super small

    Szymon DzSzymon Dz7 måneder siden
  • The back of this looks like manta ray

    HacimHacim7 måneder siden
  • Looks tacky but I love that it's a two seater.

    Giant RuntGiant Runt7 måneder siden
  • Is that what “top gear” is nowdays??? Shame good old times with Capitan Slow aka. Mr slowly, 🦧 and 🐹

    wstrzasdlamaswstrzasdlamas7 måneder siden
  • This is nice, oh la la

    TheHornetTheHornet7 måneder siden
  • they can charge 2.5 million and still sell them all--cause the world is a sick place

    bela katootzbela katootz7 måneder siden
  • Wow,1.5 mln for this shit?

    MARCO COCCOMARCO COCCO7 måneder siden
  • This car is a fine design and perfect trim to give Bentley continental GT that exotic look. But wait a minute, why is it so expensive ??🤔 A mansoori edition can be better option with more to give on the exterior and interior of any luxury car.

    MoizMoiz7 måneder siden
  • Your voice sounds like ALI G !

    The RedsanThe Redsan7 måneder siden
  • Doesn't have a roof at all? Wow! So it's made for collectors? lol Beautiful car though.

    Kenny SKenny S7 måneder siden
  • Who else is broke but enjoys watching videos about fast cars?

    Entony KaguEntony Kagu7 måneder siden
  • Nice car why u don't go for test drive ? They not allowed to drive it

    nash al- nashnash al- nash7 måneder siden
  • tedpol inspired headlights.....😂😂😂

    Chandresh RevankarChandresh Revankar7 måneder siden
  • This is the most ginger of the ginger folk.

    •Panscopia••Panscopia•7 måneder siden
  • We are upon the 3rd “golden era” of automobiles

    Luke SalazarLuke Salazar7 måneder siden
  • I feel it looks very American apart from the rear that has Italian look

    Alan CurrieAlan Currie7 måneder siden
  • You spelled Mustang wrong...

    RICARDORICARDO7 måneder siden
  • Hideous

    Eisenfaust 0380Eisenfaust 03807 måneder siden
  • Hes trying to sound like the Hamster

    Pringles The MoviePringles The Movie7 måneder siden
  • They should had kept the traditional front headlights.

    Ex RodriguezEx Rodriguez7 måneder siden
  • 生涯賃金と等価の車

    hisagi UMEhisagi UME7 måneder siden
  • Orange auto Orange hair

    Aleksandar MitrovicAleksandar Mitrovic7 måneder siden
  • Rear lights are cool. The rest is too much

    EuanEuan7 måneder siden
  • No good for England then with no roof

    David GreenwoodDavid Greenwood7 måneder siden
  • Does this car have an engine?

    debendra gurungdebendra gurung7 måneder siden
  • After seeing the new Koneigsegg, everything else is redundant

    Dodo MDodo M7 måneder siden
  • It's an ugly car in an ugly color. For the rich guy with bad taste.

    Thomas casidyThomas casidy7 måneder siden
  • Remember when Bentley used to make elegant cars for people with taste not sporty nonsense for drug dealers.

    Levani ChubinidzeLevani Chubinidze7 måneder siden
  • Drop-top? Wrong! It's a NO-top!

    ToddtheExploderToddtheExploder7 måneder siden
  • I've got news for you mate, the decade we're now living in is the 20s! If you are referring to Bentley building classic designs from the 1920s then you can't just say "the twenties" any more! I wasn't sure if you meant 1920s when you mentioned bentley "bringing out a range of classic cars from the late 20s", or if you meant they had a range of classic cars coming that were going to be released towards the end of this decade!

    lxdimensionlxdimension7 måneder siden
  • Mayweather will buy six.

    Christopher ParsonsChristopher Parsons7 måneder siden
  • This is waste of resources I see climate controls but how does climate control work where its got no roof

    chinedu ezemonyechinedu ezemonye7 måneder siden
  • Nice car, British craftsmanship never disappoint me.

    Ivan SamuelIvan Samuel7 måneder siden
  • даже если ты богат ты всеравно ездиешь на уродлевом авто) забавно))

    Real ZloebunReal Zloebun7 måneder siden
  • this is bmw?

    Real ZloebunReal Zloebun7 måneder siden
  • So useless in the rain....brilliant !!! And still has plastic buttons....piss off !!!

    Visual CandyVisual Candy7 måneder siden
  • Now everyone makes a million dollar car. Get out of here.

    Fernando BusciglioFernando Busciglio7 måneder siden
  • if it had a roof it would be the perfect car

    nothingbeatsawoodienothingbeatsawoodie7 måneder siden
  • The Bacalar is perfect, the two things I'd change are the wheels and the tail lights

    Polo MysterPolo Myster7 måneder siden
  • 0:49 back of the car looks so ugly like a burger

    tm ktm k7 måneder siden
  • The soundtrack will sell the car

    uy sküťZuuy sküťZu7 måneder siden