FIRST LOOK | Apex AP-0: the 650bhp electric supercar designed to be a cyber dragon | Top Gear

21. mars. 2020
169 114 Ganger

The Apex AP-0 is a fully electric, 650bhp supercar from the man behind the mad Elemental RP1. Designed, engineered and set to be built in Britain, could this be the Lotus Exige of the future?
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Service & Feedback

  • Marussia b2 ? Is that you

    Rajat ThakurRajat Thakur24 dager siden
  • A new name for British motoring would love a 4 door saloon version that could compete with Teslas Model S

    Eddy JawedEddy Jawed25 dager siden
  • It already on Asphalt 9

    Mr KARMr KARMåned siden
  • The light weight is a big selling point. Lightest electric out there

    Allen SaundersAllen SaundersMåned siden
  • That secret car from asphalt 9 british season.

    Gia HuyGia Huy2 måneder siden
  • Dragon is a symbol luck? Really?! If you see a dragon, that's the end of all luck. You run all out of it. You are destined to be eaten. What an idiot. He tried to hard to sell his design philosophy.

    Faku AccountFaku Account2 måneder siden
  • that is a serious vehicle indeed, but you can only really use that on a track, unless it has a 25cm lift mode hyrdaulics for commuter mode? because it is way too low Also please update on that supposed hellenic ultracar 3000hp? is that only for underground tunnel driving at 520km/h and maybe joy riding on Jupiter?

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo2 måneder siden
  • but will it come in at 200k? in real life? though safety may be a question, I mean that is a serious vehicle for the price??? Built in the UK or China? so this is a lotus partnership with china. That other lotus 2 million Euros and this performs at least 60% of a 2000hp monster EV?

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo2 måneder siden
  • whaaaaaaatttttttt????????

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo2 måneder siden
  • Overt description of aesthetic inspiration to sell cars to the Chinese. I see what you did there.... wink wink.

    Beam ReachBeam Reach2 måneder siden
  • I want one now

    dany villondany villon3 måneder siden
  • Beautiful car not that expensive for a sports car

    KATTUK3R TMKATTUK3R TM3 måneder siden
  • How do u measure HP when it's electric?

    Eddy JeanEddy Jean3 måneder siden
  • We want the legendary top gear!!

    spoiledquesadilla OwOspoiledquesadilla OwO3 måneder siden
  • Yep, can definitely afford this car. Will purchase one when it comes out at Toys R US Hot Wheels section :P

    Eugene ChinEugene Chin3 måneder siden
  • So much less weight and price then i anticipated i like it

    Allen SaundersAllen Saunders4 måneder siden
  • Hey,that car looks like a character in power battle watch car

    Fareed AminuFareed Aminu4 måneder siden
  • At this price point , its light weight 200 thousand dollars price wow. Most cars like this are a million plus because they can

    Allen SaundersAllen Saunders4 måneder siden
  • going full lightweight is just wrong in an electric car, weight is not an issue.

    John SmithJohn Smith4 måneder siden
  • 86 meets Miata on steroids...... electrically

    Quarter MileQuarter Mile4 måneder siden
  • So can I drave it to work or get some morning coffee

    BeepBeep InJeepBeepBeep InJeep5 måneder siden
  • I think this is the future cars

    Vincent SergiVincent Sergi5 måneder siden
  • Gorgeous looking machine, really edgy look

    MrbigolnutsMrbigolnuts5 måneder siden
  • It is a Kick-Ass for people who hate electric cars well excluding Tesla

    skconstructions Sskconstructions S5 måneder siden
  • Car "Back to Future" is real facts

    Asyrap KhirudinAsyrap Khirudin6 måneder siden
  • For a low volume car, it looks solid. And the interior doesn't like it was assembled by Neanderthals in a cave

    Shawal AliShawal Ali6 måneder siden
  • 4:14 a hygienic divide between the driver and the passenger. Did everyone else get that? Social distancing.

    Omar ChausOmar Chaus6 måneder siden
  • Jack is pretty good, they should give him a go in S29

    Ayush ApoorvaAyush Apoorva6 måneder siden
  • The silhouettes looks like an SUV lol.

    OkOk6 måneder siden
  • Naaaahh Roadster 2.0 FTW

    IridiumIridium6 måneder siden
  • all respect to the designer but its isn't pleasant to look at.

    mrfreeferrarimrfreeferrari6 måneder siden
  • how much $$$$$$ is it

    Daniel krofchikDaniel krofchik7 måneder siden
  • อย่างนี้มันถึงจะขับสาใจอรงเกินพิกัดผมชอบคาวมเร็วในใจอยู่จากเจเค

    เกรียงไกร บุญสิงห์สอนเกรียงไกร บุญสิงห์สอน7 måneder siden
  • ราคาสถูกเลยจากเจเคโอเคสวยชอบคงขับอร่ิยนะ

    เกรียงไกร บุญสิงห์สอนเกรียงไกร บุญสิงห์สอน7 måneder siden
  • What is called soundtrack?

    Yure SamaYure Sama7 måneder siden
  • Who's voice is this, this is not top gear

    Lil YeetLil Yeet7 måneder siden
  • Cool car, still miss the old guys

    BrettBrett7 måneder siden
  • He's talk about oriental dragon not western dragon btw

    Ari AgastyaAri Agastya7 måneder siden
  • This guys voice is just not dramatic.

    DaltiraDaltira7 måneder siden
  • Just another hypercar that will never do anything except generate hype every fake hypercar that claims it will break records always has this edgy angular design even though it's not aerodynamic they all look the same if you squint your eyes a bit

    lil oveRdose666lil oveRdose6667 måneder siden
  • don't want the AR tech...craptastic if you want to win the driving diehards

    P. SethiaP. Sethia7 måneder siden
  • i'm sure with the dragon shit they'll be selling it in china.....felt very made up though

    P. SethiaP. Sethia7 måneder siden
  • Why has the Top Gear narrator become a NOworld review channel voice?

    TimonTimon7 måneder siden
  • Dragon's head

    bimbisar waghmarebimbisar waghmare7 måneder siden
  • All of a sudden in the world of any price ultra performance cars we get the C8 corvette, the Ferrari sf90 and this car. All much lower in price then most would imagine

    Allen SaundersAllen Saunders7 måneder siden
  • At this price point i would like to know more. I figured the usual million plus price nope

    Allen SaundersAllen Saunders7 måneder siden
  • I think you had me at "It can charge from nought to eighty percent in 15 minutes". I'm glad you lot are FINALLY on the electric bandwagon. I've had to wait YEARS for this moment.

    learn a language with leslielearn a language with leslie7 måneder siden
  • That's a sexy car.

    Håvard RosvoldHåvard Rosvold7 måneder siden
  • This looks like Mean Metal's concept design

    Dhanush AcharyDhanush Achary7 måneder siden
  • T tg😅😅😅😅😆😆😅🏩🏨🏰

    Edjane EdjaneEdjane Edjane7 måneder siden
  • Why am I looking at something that I'll never be able to afford in my lifetime?

    Giovanni IacolettiGiovanni Iacoletti7 måneder siden
  • Reminds of DEVEL 16

    Matthew ShirleyMatthew Shirley7 måneder siden
  • The weight is fairly impressive, to be fair. 1200kg minus the 550kg battery means the entire rest of the car weighs 650kg. That's hardly more than an Ariel Atom. Alas, that is almost definitely a full-size model we're seeing, not a real car. So, it's still difficult to care overall.

    Mikeado66Mikeado667 måneder siden
  • Just imagine hammond drive this and crash it like he did the rimac

    ComfyComfy7 måneder siden
  • So the car looks like a card from a card game? What?!? A cyber dragon is something from a card game. I looked it up because I didn’t know what a cyber dragon was. So how does this look like a card again?

    dahjo13dahjo137 måneder siden
  • Bring back the old top gear ⛮

    Ronald McdonaldRonald Mcdonald7 måneder siden

    JasonJason7 måneder siden
  • This is what the Tesla Roadster should've been.

    TheFolding GamerTheFolding Gamer7 måneder siden
  • Sangat mempesona sekali 👍

    Evita_Sari_ 24Evita_Sari_ 247 måneder siden
  • James may, I want you back

    CatWith ABatCatWith ABat7 måneder siden
  • *when i got this notification,i clicked,hoping to get some laughs. I forgot it isn’t Jeremy,Hammond,James anymore*

    DannDann7 måneder siden
  • The silhouette made it look like a family hatchback.

    Optimus PrimeコンボイOptimus Primeコンボイ7 måneder siden
  • 190000 is a lot cheaper than I thought

    kek lordkek lord7 måneder siden
  • Nope

    Homie HomieHomie Homie7 måneder siden
  • Doesn’t seem anything special to me. 👎💩

    ONE LOVE AFCONE LOVE AFC7 måneder siden
  • Is the presenter blind? This car does not look good at all

    Chris FatseasChris Fatseas7 måneder siden
    • you're blind then.

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke7 måneder siden
  • I’m sorry, it’s kind of ugly.

    Gabriel PdlGabriel Pdl7 måneder siden
  • why do people watch this without the boys its so sad

    Chris GattiChris Gatti7 måneder siden
  • stupid electric car stupid tv show

    Filipe SantosFilipe Santos7 måneder siden
  • Lines do not require basic commentary. We can see beyond it. TV license. Fear != required. BBC was great. Shame. Who likes boobies? Simple shit.

    fourdee4dfourdee4d7 måneder siden
  • So cheap comapred to others

    Good ReasonGood Reason7 måneder siden
  • Carbon fibre wheels is the new trend.

    Fredriks MuneneFredriks Munene7 måneder siden
  • Yes, but can this protect me from covid-19?

    psixakiaspsixakias7 måneder siden
  • just another guy sitting in his garage thinking about making supercars. We can start talking about this when they really start selling

    Roshan SrinivasRoshan Srinivas7 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or ya'll also see the Quake logo when they showed the rear end?

    Shivansh ShuklaShivansh Shukla7 måneder siden
  • its horrible

    MACEMACE7 måneder siden
  • Game of throne has no fans... this was long ago...

    Abs quatulateAbs quatulate7 måneder siden
  • Interesting. It looks as if Renault has finally made its decision of producing an EV supercar

    Erick RoldánErick Roldán7 måneder siden
  • My dream car 🤩🤩 Dreams are coming true

    Raunak DuttaRaunak Dutta7 måneder siden
  • It looks like a modern interpretation of the cars from Ridge Racer Type 4 on playstation 1.

    PLDSRPLDSR7 måneder siden
  • "Plenty of time to get saving." 👌🏿

    abnormal dudeabnormal dude7 måneder siden
  • 650bhp doesn't seem like a lot

    Sum CreationsSum Creations7 måneder siden
    • you haven't been in anything close to that.

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke7 måneder siden
  • soon a corona virus car then

    god forgedgod forged7 måneder siden
  • Enough of those disgusting gta looking cars from some "manufacturer" who makes his car in a shed

    Oliver QueenOliver Queen7 måneder siden
  • dragon is image of China from the west but nowadays is quite old style from the east point of view

    John LawJohn Law7 måneder siden
  • Another unicorn, to much new unicorns, that want to get easy money, and disappear, to much blah blah, as all new prototypes scam

    Lordoftartaros blasLordoftartaros blas7 måneder siden
  • Rear lights make a Tesla badge. Hideous space ship . What on earth happened to creative design?

    Colin BremnerColin Bremner7 måneder siden
  • Should've been shaped like a bat. Just sayin'

    A MA M7 måneder siden
  • It is not that expensive. I hope it will be mass-produced like the Taycan. I would definitely buy it.

    Dennis3RunDennis3Run7 måneder siden
  • The annoying and interesting thing about electric supercars ist the following: They "feel" all the same!!! Because electric power gives you always the same experience, 500 KW electric are the same from whatever Supercar it is. Design changes, got it. The power, the higher the demand (and possibility) of 4 wheel drive - done. IMHO EV supercars are getting boring. They are fast, very fast. But where is the un-synchron wobble of a big block? Where is the turbo whistle? Where is the screaming V8 or the concert of a real straight r6? The kick when you pull in the next gear, the KLACK? Bring us REAL EV cars for the mass, like an i3, no EV Gold that looks and feels like all Golfs. ... Sorry I forgot - brings no money.

    der Jackder Jack7 måneder siden
  • 5:05,Looks like a wagon in dark🥴

    Hrishikesh SabdeHrishikesh Sabde7 måneder siden
  • Did anyone else see that dinosaur of a phone in the centre console?

    Nick WightmanNick Wightman7 måneder siden
  • you the best thing in this car,it wont rust cause its all carbon and fiber glass

    Ege AyvalaEge Ayvala7 måneder siden
  • Wow. The times they are a changin kids, do you think we will see a day when internal combustion is only for special, one off type cars that may actually be, god forbid, illegal?. Only to be driven on track or with costly special permission? What about competative racing? Twenty, fifty years? Surely a technology will save us. Some fandangled way of removing the carbon dioxide from the exhaust and catchment at the drains for the rubber off the tyres and whatever else the greenies come up with to try and spoil it for all. Still it is great to see the results of brilliant minds pushing the limits.

    Whatdoiknow SmithWhatdoiknow Smith7 måneder siden
  • Cyber dragon? Yup i read that right. This reminds me so much of the modded takes on games such as Sleeping Dogs/GTA etc.

    Aizat ShamAizat Sham7 måneder siden
  • Hong Kong apex!!!

    FongShingLam GamingFongShingLam Gaming7 måneder siden
  • Sounds like good value for money. If this is real and not a fraud then I applaud these guys.

    Terrible Username Amirite?Terrible Username Amirite?7 måneder siden
  • Just me or does it look rendered in like 50% of the shots? I mean Jack is reduced to a voiceover in this segment.

    LOTUSELISE340RLOTUSELISE340R7 måneder siden
  • no hate here,. but IMO, the proportion a lil bit off..

    Stigs stupid cousinStigs stupid cousin7 måneder siden
  • Oh that is gorgeous and that interior is a work of art.

    Anthos LykosAnthos Lykos7 måneder siden