FIRST LOOK | 310mph+ Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut... Bugatti's worst nightmare? | Top Gear

5. mars. 2020
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Yes, Koenigsegg have done it again. Not only did they land a rather unsubtle mic-drop at the Not Geneva Motor Show with their 1,700bhp four-seat family-wagon - the Gemera - but they threw their metaphorical microphone right in the direction of Bugatti with this - the Jesko Absolut, a top speed oriented version of the Jesko capable, apparently, of 310mph…. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
Top Gear Series 28:
Geneva Online Motor Show:
First Look:
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  • Honestly I doubt if this one can beat the SSC

    Michael GreenMichael Green2 dager siden
  • That man have great down force, that's y he is always stick to the ground

    joyal francisjoyal francis2 dager siden
  • the new top gear sucks :\

    Besart KastratiBesart Kastrati6 dager siden

    Ricardo RomeroRicardo Romero6 dager siden
  • The Jesko (Track Version) Officialy Reach 278mph Imagine the Jesko Absolut!

    It's Cats And DoggosIt's Cats And Doggos7 dager siden
  • I can’t wait to see this car throw the SSC out of the water

    Black RickyBlack Ricky8 dager siden
    • fun fact the ssc tuatara didnt use its 7th gear

      IsThatACreativeName ?IsThatACreativeName ?6 dager siden
    • see the Engineering Explained video, it's projected top speed is 332 mph, SSC still had more to give at that speed

      MABfan11MABfan118 dager siden
    • unlikely, the simulations points to it doing 331mph, the SSC still had power to spare at that point

      bucketslash11bucketslash118 dager siden
  • the simulation top speed of this car is 330 miles per hour

    Malique WilliamsMalique Williams9 dager siden
  • *ssc*

    Frank ConradFrank Conrad9 dager siden
  • I can’t wait to see this monster take on the Tuatara

    will cramerwill cramer9 dager siden
    • Same!!!

      It's Cats And DoggosIt's Cats And Doggos7 dager siden
  • I feel like it’s not the car for the top speed. It’s determined by the bravery of the driver and how far that driver is willing to take it.

    YeahSenseiYeahSensei9 dager siden
  • It doesn't matter anymore because the ssc tuatara hit 330

    Car addictCar addict9 dager siden
    • @Malique Williams I know and I understand because I love koenigsegg just like the next guy. Cristian has worked so hard to beat the likes of bugatti and he has alot of passion for his work. I would love to see him smash, and even surpass his goal, the beat the SSC Tuatara . So far it is only a claim but I hope he get his goal. I understand what you mean about the Agera, let's hope it happens again hopefully his goal is smashed. As I said before, right now it's a work in pogress though, and I know that records come and go. Every time they become harder to beat, right now it is the SSC Tuatara and no, I'm not a fan boy of SSC but right now SSC has the record. I rather stick with the present then the future similar to a dog. We both know that koenigsegg has a future of success. I believe but that Koenigsegg can do it.

      Car addictCar addict8 dager siden
    • @Car addict nope but the koenigsegg simulation are usually correct for example the agera rs simulation was 270 miles per hour it eventually did 284 miles per hour on one run and average was 277 mph

      Malique WilliamsMalique Williams9 dager siden
    • @Malique Williams has it been hit by the jesko absolut yet

      Car addictCar addict9 dager siden
    • this can too did u not watch the entire vid it said it can go to 330 miles per hour

      Malique WilliamsMalique Williams9 dager siden
  • let's see how this stacks up against the ssc now

    Anthony KurtzAnthony Kurtz9 dager siden
  • Well the Jesko has its hands full.

    lowshaylowshay10 dager siden
  • Who is here after SSC Tuatara record?

    CalivaderiaCalivaderia10 dager siden
  • Christian knows that the tuatara will be a conteder because of almost same drag coefficient. Damn.

    Russel BalladRussel Ballad10 dager siden
    • Higher top speed means Lower Acceleration so the Jesko Balance it all! 5700rpm Is Totally A Beast in drag Race!

      It's Cats And DoggosIt's Cats And Doggos7 dager siden
  • here watch this :

    Gjarne YandocGjarne Yandoc10 dager siden
  • i have watch crazy supercars i saw this concept car the name is koenigseeg saga and i was like HUH NANI !!!??? CAN CHRISTIAN VON KOENIGSEGG CAN MAKE THIS MORE FASTER THAN THE ABSOLUTE AND THE GEMERA !!!!??? oh and yes also the legera :)

    Gjarne YandocGjarne Yandoc10 dager siden
  • The crazy part about this is that they know they can take it further they just just won't though cause its too extreme

    Damarcus HodeDamarcus Hode10 dager siden
  • Finally a more realistic comeback then a big winged track car with aero wings now the 5 year olds can finally learn what helps cars in high speeds

    Gabe GamerGabe Gamer13 dager siden
  • Bugatti is still the fastest and at show room you can 1000mph no issue

    Do every ThingDo every Thing15 dager siden
  • My favorite part is when the dude in the background is struggling to put the carry-on into the Gemera

    matthew zawadzkimatthew zawadzki16 dager siden
  • The tuatara is slepry guys Chris said it

    Pepsi DonPepsi Don21 dag siden
  • Jesko absolut:499 kph Ferrari f80: 500 kph Hennesey venom f5: 501 kph Chiron ss: 516 kph Ssc tuatara: 533 kph

    《RLX》FLEXIBLE Yt《RLX》FLEXIBLE Yt25 dager siden
    • @bucketslash11 yeah bro, i saw, crazy car

      《RLX》FLEXIBLE Yt《RLX》FLEXIBLE Yt8 dager siden
    • SSC Tuatara: 532kph, with room for more

      bucketslash11bucketslash118 dager siden
  • This car can reach 330 miles They just dont want it

    Jeremy Tracy GutayJeremy Tracy Gutay28 dager siden
  • This car can reach 330 miles They just dont want it

    Jeremy Tracy GutayJeremy Tracy Gutay28 dager siden
  • Even if another car overthrows it, all they have to do is add more horsepower

    Yaseen Ait SimmouYaseen Ait Simmou29 dager siden
  • This is my favourite car period

    Yaseen Ait SimmouYaseen Ait Simmou29 dager siden
  • Going fast is one thing. But are these cars actually good to drive? Because as far as I've seen, nobody has ever done an actual 'review' of a modern Koenigsegg.

    Jake PittmanJake Pittman29 dager siden

    Dylan CarrekerDylan CarrekerMåned siden
  • Bugatti uses w16 8 liter engine this is not even v12 this is V8 so conclusion power doesn't matter design & utilisation of everything

  • I am not sold by the hype. I have not seen this car in motion till date.

    necromancerismenecromancerismeMåned siden
    • the track version jesko can search it driving on youtube

      Malique WilliamsMalique Williams26 dager siden
  • WoW that's an ugly car!

    Greg MatherGreg MatherMåned siden
  • I knew I would be alive to see the first car to pass the mark of 500kmph!!!

    White RabbitWhite RabbitMåned siden
  • Volvo and Koenigsegg best cars in the world

    NiPpleTwister Prima eSportNiPpleTwister Prima eSportMåned siden
  • He is the only one who can talk trash about buggati 😂😂😂

    Muhd Ikram MustafaMuhd Ikram MustafaMåned siden
  • "By sanity" hahahahahahahahahah.....nice one Christian!

    mike stangmike stangMåned siden
  • Nah we want faster top speed 400mph cause you can baby

    10,000 hrs10,000 hrsMåned siden
    • 0 0 ahhh thats why we need it to reach 400 in little time as possible before we can even reach another car faster speed in less miles

      10,000 hrs10,000 hrsMåned siden
    • I bet you no manned road legal car will ever reach 400mph. There is no point.

      0 00 0Måned siden
  • I love both buggati and koenigsegg

    Gud BoiGud BoiMåned siden
  • this is insane. its a same to compare this monster with that 300+ chiron. it absolutelly shitt on that bugatti

    Samir VidicanSamir VidicanMåned siden
  • F bugatti chiron super sport 300

    Junior TorresJunior TorresMåned siden
  • MAN I wish I could afford that bad boy 👍🏾

    PleromaPleromaMåned siden
  • So car brands are named after their last name. I googled:>

    EthanYTEthanYTMåned siden
    • General motors

  • 310 smiles per hour

    EnergyB005TEnergyB005TMåned siden
  • WOw what a cheap ass show, banging in the back ground really?

    7071t67071t62 måneder siden
  • till its shown doing over 310+ miles per hour on a track then the world will believe in it otherwise its all marketing thats it full stop, bugatti has done it and they hold the world record to date, so get moving koenigsegg Jesko owners?

    7071t67071t62 måneder siden
    • Yeah, but the Agera RS still holds the record since the Chiron used a roll cage that isn’t in the productikn car, because of that the car they used isn’t a production car and the record doesn’t count :)

      JustViggo 64JustViggo 64Måned siden
  • In every koenigsegg video, i always see that man (i know he's ceo of koenigsegg)

    c EMSINAc EMSINA2 måneder siden
  • Christian is a real genius... I am wondering if anybody can compete with his performance and passion.. extremely impressive...

    Eric PeanutsEric Peanuts2 måneder siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bugatti Killer >:D

    Juandel MejiaJuandel Mejia2 måneder siden
  • Rockstar should just add either the jesko, gemera or regera to gta online in the next update (DLC)

    Martell GutierrezMartell Gutierrez2 måneder siden
  • So great to see christian respecting other brands as well ...

    SIRROMON MandiSIRROMON Mandi2 måneder siden
  • Can't wait to drive GTA 6

    Farren AmarahFarren Amarah2 måneder siden
    • Just get an actual car game that has this car...

      JustViggo 64JustViggo 64Måned siden
  • Just amazing and inspiring.

    Everything VideosEverything Videos2 måneder siden
  • Eu dei o like mais não gostei. Não estar aqui comigo.

    Elienai Galvão RamalhoElienai Galvão Ramalho2 måneder siden
  • I made a drawing of the Normal track type.

    Nandani AthapattuNandani Athapattu2 måneder siden
  • CVK would probably dominate F1 with his innovations if they decide to have their own f1 team.

    Aj AbilleraAj Abillera2 måneder siden
  • The back is sooooo coooooool

    Asphalt boomerAsphalt boomer2 måneder siden
  • Definetly the chiron worst nightmare lol

    Konrad GrabowskiKonrad Grabowski2 måneder siden
  • @Koenigsegg Automotive Still POINTLESS to flex on others about its top speed if you DIDN'T TEST it. Hell, you didn't even test the track-focused Jesko (and probably didn't finish it either). I smell compensation.

    MDDeGrande1994MDDeGrande19942 måneder siden
  • Damn I would do the top speed run.

    K1LLA1986K1LLA19862 måneder siden
  • Top Gear, please help koenigsegg to find a runway..

    yamahaevoyamahaevo2 måneder siden
  • The Super Swede has arrived 🇸🇪👍🏻

    Petter !Petter !2 måneder siden
  • I know I'm a wee bit late with this comment, but surely the best place to do a top-speed run in this car would be either the Black Rock Desert, Bonneville Salt Flats or Hakskeen Paan? I mean, those places are suitable for seven-hundred-plus miles-per-hour World land-speed records, so surely they would be perfect for maxing-out hypercars? Just thinking-out-loud...

    Richard PierpointRichard Pierpoint2 måneder siden
  • no matter what you say this is the cooleat car ceo of all time

    Dan GramDan Gram2 måneder siden
  • Koeningseng agera 457.5 kmh bugati cheron 490 kmh... New car koeningseng jesco bugati lost faster.. Koeningseng the Best faster in the wolrd

    Mahlok 82Mahlok 822 måneder siden
  • Find a straight and a driver with a huge heart and slam that accelerator.... Im waiting for it...

    Charles KoushikCharles Koushik2 måneder siden
  • I don't know who I like most Christian, john Hennessy or Gordon Murray.

    samuel fitzpatricksamuel fitzpatrick2 måneder siden
  • Koenigsegg: this as far as we will go........... Someone* creates a faster car Koenigsegg Whomst has summoned the ancient one?

    Ninja RaidNinja Raid2 måneder siden
  • it is not proved that jesko absolut has breaked the speed of bugatti chiron ss. there is not video of it. it is just imaginary.. just cu,z of its changed spoiler.

    AFROZA LipyAFROZA Lipy2 måneder siden
  • konigsegg will be the new buggatti

    JustinJustin2 måneder siden
    • It’s already been for ~5 years lol

      JustViggo 64JustViggo 64Måned siden
  • They keep saying 310mph+ Koenigsegg but I can't find any video of the Jesko doing over 300 ANYWHERE on the internet, so they can't just slap it on there as a prediction when Bugatti have already set a RECORD. Koenigsegg need prove their claims or stfu because BUGATTI own that record, NOT Koenigsegg despite they're constant 310mph bullshit.

    SamSam2 måneder siden
    • Bugatti hasnt set a record

      Manfredas ManfredasManfredas Manfredas2 måneder siden
    • you know caculated estimations are a thing right ?

      J CJ C2 måneder siden
  • Man I would hate to be this thing's brakes

    meep 1478meep 14782 måneder siden
  • Can I see one actually drive?

    Kelly TKelly T2 måneder siden
  • The absolut and the chiron are the countach and testarossa of this generation

    Farren AmarahFarren Amarah2 måneder siden
  • Oh just built it cuz i could😏

    aka_just_mattaka_just_matt2 måneder siden
  • This car needs dimples. I would be more than interested, how good it would perform if the surface would cause less laminar flow and less friction drag. ( Under conditions which still allow the aerodynamic advantages of down force. Of course will million dollar hyper cars be made from experts, but has anyone ever though of creating a baked surface with golf ball dimples? Or punctured surfaces from which air comes through? I´m sure it would also look insanely good.

    COALA CHAOSCOALA CHAOS3 måneder siden
  • This show transformed from 'Top Gear' to 'Walking Around Cars' ... Drive the car, or don't do a show at all.

    comfortablesofacomfortablesofa3 måneder siden
  • I would like to work with @Christian Koenigsegg even if it’s for free.

    Ride or Dive KerryRide or Dive Kerry3 måneder siden
  • Just saying but a car that fast is pure luxury like if you want to go 400kmh buy a ticket for an airplane or maybe a private jet haha

    let's illuminatiHDlet's illuminatiHD3 måneder siden
  • Bugattis nightmare? 🤣 It's a different very different built than the perfect Bugatti.

    Ryu TsuchiyaRyu Tsuchiya3 måneder siden
  • 😒 Bugatti : kids these days 😆😅😂🤣 🤔My cars in NFSMW 2005😛😝😜 : wow ! humans & cars these days😏 FYI, VW-Bugatti stopped focusing on top speed !

    Imperator WingnutImperator Wingnut3 måneder siden
  • Who the hell employed this "journalist"

    Mikica PavlovicMikica Pavlovic3 måneder siden
  • cant stop looking at the car

    Mihir RaoMihir Rao3 måneder siden
  • Christian just making a new car for a cameraman to chase the next bugatti top speed video clips. Always 10 step ahead zis guy.

    Wn SfwnWn Sfwn3 måneder siden
  • Does that mean that you can change it into a standard Jesko even when you buy an absolute, meaning that the same car could part time be an absolut and part time a Standard Jesko.

    Rohan DhotreRohan Dhotre3 måneder siden
  • 310mph-498kmh😶

    Dutch Van der LindeDutch Van der Linde3 måneder siden

    Ronald RutsitoRonald Rutsito3 måneder siden
  • 404.87mph : 😆😅😂🤣

    Imperator WingnutImperator Wingnut3 måneder siden
  • Top gear died years ago. The magic three moved on. Let it rest. Find a new name for the pathetic impersonation your attempting and stop insulting true gear heads.

    Dan HurleyDan Hurley3 måneder siden
  • What is the difference between the Jesko and Jesko Absolut?

    ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ3 måneder siden
    • jesko track focused and jesko absolut top speed

      Malique WilliamsMalique Williams26 dager siden
  • Great respect to Christian he is always so polite and talkative and a great contributor to automobile industry I really admire his work and how he builds those cars in that small old airport space in Sweden 🇸🇪 love his work 🥰🥰

    Aziz KareebAziz Kareeb3 måneder siden
  • i didnt know that the spoilers `reduce top speeds...

    GameplaysOf Minecraft JavaGameplaysOf Minecraft Java3 måneder siden
    • What did you think spoilers do?

      Jonas LarssonJonas Larsson3 måneder siden
  • 前澤様の車だ

    もぐもぐモグラ.もぐもぐモグラ.3 måneder siden
  • Man this guy looks like Gru of course he's making the craziest car in the world

    Ferd TheTerdFerd TheTerd3 måneder siden
  • Koenigsegg yesko and hanessey venom f5 is same

    Toro GamersToro Gamers3 måneder siden
    • You can’t even spell the name.

      Jonas LarssonJonas Larsson3 måneder siden
  • In km=498.8967051359538216😲😲😲

    Din JerDin Jer3 måneder siden
  • Yea so the Chiron that broke 300+ had 100 extra hp. 1600 hp the regular Chiron is 1500hp but there maybe a 1600 hp special edition I’m thinking

    SneakerHeadSneakerHead3 måneder siden
  • So this is the fastest they are ever going to dare to make a they will be on rails

    Big JumboBig Jumbo3 måneder siden
  • When will they finaly make a Video with someone driving that car?

    MLJR 7MLJR 73 måneder siden
  • I call it Koenigsegg "Jetko"🏞️🧐

    Films worldsFilms worlds3 måneder siden