FIRST DRIVE! New Land Rover Defender Review 4K | Top Gear

24. mars. 2020
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It’s finally here! The all-new 2020 Land Rover Defender. And we've got our hands on a lovely Pangea Green 110, before the smaller Defender 90 comes along next year. But being such an iconic off-roader, we couldn’t just do a humdrum review. So Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix decided to go on an adventure - across Namibia - for a test drive to remember.
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Service & Feedback

  • Did I miss something?? You said at the beginning you were going to be testing it to it’s limits? You took it to Namibia to drive a few dirt tracks, what a con

    O LO L11 timer siden
  • If going to come test drive a car in my country don’t come with false information “We managed to find pretty much the only tarmac road in whole of Namibia” which is a cock and bull story probably the only tarmac road in the Opuwo region you were driving in . Please do your research before you go on camera say falsehoods .

    Mitchie The FarmerMitchie The Farmer5 dager siden
  • This is not a review. It shows and sounds more like an ad. How sad and deeply unfortunate for what Top Gear once was.

    Adam MandlerAdam Mandler5 dager siden
  • 12:11 3d view my ass 😂😂😂

    Rajender JoshiRajender Joshi6 dager siden
  • УАЗ Патриот в принципе бы тоже проехал

    Old BulldogOld Bulldog7 dager siden
  • Sebastian Vettel is making car reviews now...

    Hasean PolutanHasean Polutan7 dager siden
  • I love the intro

    Edward quachEdward quach8 dager siden
  • oh god! when people do reviews on toyota or other cars, they never come accross other cars. but these people literally swearing!

    Vamsi krishnaVamsi krishna9 dager siden
  • Kkkjjn

    Cristina RaileanuCristina Raileanu9 dager siden
  • In case you wanna a real review (subtitles should come soon)

    Marek KremenMarek Kremen11 dager siden
  • Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! And finally, Boring!

    Mohamed MEJRIMohamed MEJRI12 dager siden
  • It looks like a 2012 nissan xterra

    Michael SaxonsonMichael Saxonson12 dager siden
  • Dope Defender video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV14 dager siden
  • I wish you guys had tried out the roof platform tent to. Ive been wanting to see it in action. But dope video, looks fun.

    Mark AnthonyMark Anthony14 dager siden
  • Is the 2020 Land Rover Defender reliable? Defender Reliability The 2020 Land Rover Defender has a below-average predicted reliability rating of 2.5 out of five from J.D. Power.28 apr. 2020

    Mange svenMange sven16 dager siden
  • Had 1 90 year 98 and 9 other 110 s from 98 - 14, charming vehicles but to much problems even from new! But i loved them ! I sold my 14 after 2 years and got the same as I bought it for with 30 000 km on it! Bought a hilux 16 as i i use today ,the defender love affair ended. Hilux is a much better truck for my needs,forrestry and gardening! Call it dull compared to the old charming version of defender but better in all ways for work.its a very safe well built vehicle and reliability is ofcause top notch! The new version of defender here is probably a capable vehicle off road,but again not a vehicle for work,a pure luxury car for someone who wants something different and ofcause has money! I have traveled in africa,middle east,Australia and japanese trucks owns the market for a reason , a harsh invirement needs a harsh vehicle with not to many gizmos!

    Mange svenMange sven16 dager siden
  • Is that an off-roader? I don’t think so.And the tires,no good off-road,maybe in sand?This is an asphalt hugger with very limited ground clearance and more limited suspension travel with the car set in its highest level,it has no suspension travel so don’t give me that salesmanship BS.

    Ingi ÞórIngi Þór17 dager siden
  • Defender is a emperor🔥🔥🔥

    Yadhu krishnaYadhu krishna17 dager siden
  • Tricked me. Not the real Top Gear. Fool me once, shame on you... Here's the link to the proper review with Richard Hammond.

    Eletha DuffyEletha Duffy18 dager siden
  • The car that made Landrover built in Slovakia! Shameful! I hope they go bankrupt!

    Steve SproulSteve Sproul20 dager siden
  • I love the look of it, 100% a fan it looks amazing, I want one, It should be added to forza horizon 4

    EGG HEADEGG HEAD21 dag siden
  • No one was like Defender...No one is like Defender....No one will be like Defender

    gamers arenagamers arena21 dag siden
  • this is a selling commercial, not a top gear video

    MrGuyTsurMrGuyTsur22 dager siden
  • Yes it's a capable off roader but what happens when all that technology fails? How many of those 80 plus ECU's can you afford to lose before it becomes a giant paperweight?

    Riley AnoidRiley Anoid25 dager siden
  • Never mind you will likely break down in a muddy field / motorway - Will make you look cool waiting for the recovery service right? 🤮 #Reliable like a British Spy........ 🤐

    Sam JSam JMåned siden
  • Shame on you. I actually stopped watching when you said that you are on the only tarmacked road in Namimbia. Shenzi wewe.

    Eliud MainaEliud MainaMåned siden
  • i should have been hammond

    Lucas MontgomeryLucas MontgomeryMåned siden
  • Let’s see how quickly it’s loses value I have lots of friends that are in to defenders they won’t be buying the new one

    Dog Pro 2000Dog Pro 2000Måned siden
  • Extra petrol. Thought it was a diesel.

    foo man 70foo man 70Måned siden
  • Funny I've off roaded series 2s .and worked on them since the 80s.and the high air in take is to stop water going down When it's up to the screen. Not dust...dust will go down wherever you put it.

    foo man 70foo man 70Måned siden
  • Baby wipes. Wimp.. get the SAS TO TEST IT.

    foo man 70foo man 70Måned siden
  • I miss the proper top gear crew

    FOXYBOY PlaysFOXYBOY PlaysMåned siden
  • Thank God a decent man is representing and describing the car, and not those 3 stooges.. 3 stooges,. J.H.J

    Sam DavinchiSam DavinchiMåned siden
  • Jack Rix had forgotten to invite Bear Grylls on the Tour

    PadmaNaidu PayavulaPadmaNaidu PayavulaMåned siden
  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    ebelin guevaraebelin guevaraMåned siden
  • I'll be honest that was an awesome video well done from south africa

    Naurichen BooysenNaurichen BooysenMåned siden
  • It's not meant to be an "SUV" it's mean to be an off road beast and a work horse. I knew from the moment it was rumoured they'd make another defender it'd just be another city crawler (compared to the original).

    Ryan ScatesRyan ScatesMåned siden
  • Hate what it represents, Branco is a hit this certainly a miss. and waiting for Richard Hammond to give a proper review.

    8402freestyler8402freestylerMåned siden
  • This was so enjoyable to watch, like watching a nature/adventure documentary.

    JonJonMåned siden
  • Fokof man... that Namibian for hello, just wanted to say we have proper roads here 😒 better than some uk roads

    Willi SchmidtWilli SchmidtMåned siden
  • Nothing special here... Subaru Forester can do the same job with the x mode system

    Roy ShamayRoy ShamayMåned siden
  • Very nice vehcles

    Yohanis JacobYohanis JacobMåned siden
  • A other review paid by lans rover. How much They paid top Gear to say what you said?

    abazdarhonabazdarhonMåned siden
  • awesome trip

    pakhi prathikpakhi prathikMåned siden
  • new TopGear is doo doo, what is this a new Land Rover commercial?

    SF DoinksSF DoinksMåned siden
  • Is this guy for real??? He needs to get back to reviewing vehicles he understands say a Peugeot or a Skoda !!

    Swish SwishSwish SwishMåned siden
  • It's the Discovery all over again. What was the point? Land Rover just doesn't understand the Defender's market at all. Just make a tough, reliable, capable and maintainable off-roader at a sensible price. This new Defender is too techy. It is laughable to be demonstrating it in Africa, when it is far too fiddly and tech-sensitive for proper off-road use in Africa. Top Gear was taken in by the nice jolly to Namibia and didn't do a proper review at all. Disappointed.

    RJMRJMMåned siden
  • @ top gear... Please don’t lie about the amount of surfaced roads in Namibia!

    Wilhelm GenisWilhelm GenisMåned siden
  • Hahae so good

    Matt and Andrew Calvey and BittakerMatt and Andrew Calvey and BittakerMåned siden
  • Well his not as comedic as Jeremy Richard and james

    emmanuel kamangaemmanuel kamangaMåned siden
    • But his getting there

      emmanuel kamangaemmanuel kamangaMåned siden
  • Beast.... 😍😍😍 range rover

    ShivamShivamMåned siden
  • It's not a 110, more like 119. a bit like a Mini is not a Mini

    Phil EarlPhil EarlMåned siden
  • yea.. with reliability of LR for sure entire world is open... Sadly no, but i like this car very much. It looks great and has interesting features. But also some fake covers which look stupid on that kind of a strudny car. It depends on a version i think, cause i don’t saw them on this vid. I hope with this new model come new kind of realibility cause markest need LR and that type of car especially in downsized EU.

    urbanacjeurbanacjeMåned siden
  • You want to visit Africa, you just don't know it yet

    Eloka BensonEloka BensonMåned siden
  • "single thing broken" that's enough for me, because I know what land rover is.

    creactive89creactive89Måned siden
  • Why have they put a defender badge on a Range Rover? Land Rover have turned their back on the loyal customer base.

    Chris JohnChris JohnMåned siden
  • I had to to playback and and make sure you actually said " I DONT REALLY GET OFF ROADING" Are your freaking serious? Should you really be reviewing this car? I really miss the old defender, and I think Landrover really cocked this one up, 'they had one job!' Looks like we will all be buying the Grenadier..Oh like most of the folks that have commented - I too really miss the old top gear..

    Kevin JohnsonKevin JohnsonMåned siden
  • Looks a good motor but its not a defender, this isn't going to appeal to the agricultural and military market that has been landrovers bread and butter, this is aimed at the same folk who buy discoverys who will probably opt for the disco

    davemoores mooresdavemoores mooresMåned siden
  • 🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺

    Boss GamesBoss GamesMåned siden
  • That's not off roading, I used to be in Buxton and District and that top gear review was more like a beginners greenlaning trip on a Sunday !!!

    adie Shadyadie ShadyMåned siden
  • The old top gear is better than the new top gear bite me

    Simon MuliSimon MuliMåned siden
  • The animated map shows Day 1, Day 2 and again Day 2

    Sajan Narasingh SuwalSajan Narasingh SuwalMåned siden
  • the first recommended vid on the left for me is hamster's review, even youtube knows what you are supposed to watch

    肖博诣肖博诣Måned siden
  • Wooow nice 😍😍😍😍

    Hasni HussainHasni HussainMåned siden
  • this is my dream car, please god give it 🤲

    badung bocahbadung bocahMåned siden
  • Tata grp... From india

    hrikshant thakurhrikshant thakurMåned siden
  • Clearly journalist integrity went out with Clarkson, Hammond and May. @1min42 sec the BBC perpetuates ignorance about Africa. Namibia has some of the best and well maintained roads in Africa. An utter disgrace!

    Rodney ManyandoRodney ManyandoMåned siden
  • And the resale value **ZERO**

    murraysanders7779murraysanders7779Måned siden
  • What a piss of garbage... the level of marketing bs in reviews these days only makes me wants more used old cars, at least I know what I am buying!

    Felipe MachadoFelipe MachadoMåned siden
  • otro fiasco mecanico,estoy seguro fiabilidad 0

    TXIDO DOTXIDO DOMåned siden
  • 20:11 no flat? 17:06 flat tire -> low level review...

    Marius ChiriacMarius ChiriacMåned siden
  • Half the world is burning... ...but hey, guys, let's fly a whole crew and a car to Africa, even though we have enough off-roading terrain in the US! So sustainable.

    AvtomatAvtomatMåned siden
  • Looks crap. Ford Bronco.... Is waaay better.

    SneeuwwolfSneeuwwolfMåned siden
  • Sorry but Namibia has more tarmac roads than one.

    MtbDiyShed.comMtbDiyShed.comMåned siden
  • Why bother getting someone who hates off roading to do an off road review. Waste of time. Also this is not a defender.

    Joe GaffneyJoe GaffneyMåned siden
  • I can’t help but fall asleep when I watch the new show. I want to enjoy it but it’s not really happening...

    Brendan KeenBrendan KeenMåned siden
  • name of the intro song please? that was epic!

    corban simphiwecorban simphiweMåned siden
  • The only car in their new lineup that looks even remotely like a land rover.

    per arne Wingeper arne WingeMåned siden
  • Sound is terrible on this video

    Lee DobbsLee DobbsMåned siden
  • A defender is a real car, this defender is a computerised nightmare that in any adventurous country will break down and die.

    Tone CrayTone CrayMåned siden
  • Pero dónde estuvo el camino difícil??

    camilo Mendozacamilo MendozaMåned siden
  • So basically it's a landrover discovery.

  • I don't really get off-roading ... watches sunset from roof of Defender in amazing location ..

    Mark CoombesMark CoombesMåned siden
  • 11:52 I heard an interesting noise under the car :)

    Cagri SarapCagri SarapMåned siden
  • tedtalks

    Михаил ПекшМихаил Пекш2 måneder siden
  • That “defender” was just tested to the max by a hairdresser 💇‍♂️??? Not even a spec of dust inside it after 3 days of “safari” lol really.... so tuff......

    WillsWorldWillsWorld2 måneder siden
  • What a boring guy , couldn’t even watch the whole thing

    S DS D2 måneder siden
  • how have you managed to strip all enjoyable elements from the show and still keep the episodes over 30 minutes?

    hartwjam001hartwjam0012 måneder siden
  • why the heck is he driving on lowered pressures when he could of reduced them AFTER he got of the bitumen ?? Lame.

    Biker BytesBiker Bytes2 måneder siden
  • Go on the. Do a camel challenge route then ...

    Fire FoxFire Fox2 måneder siden
  • This guy knows shit about off roading.

    Seamus O DoyleSeamus O Doyle2 måneder siden
  • its the usual for landrover if you want to go in the bush desert or jungle take a landrover if you want to get home get a Toyota

    Colin BairdColin Baird2 måneder siden
  • No techical detail or comment on how it compares to Ineos.Grenadier. Seems to be a Landrover disappointing.

    Mikey PalmerMikey Palmer2 måneder siden
  • He talks more about the ground than he does the car

    Simon DraperSimon Draper2 måneder siden
  • Where is the fun ?! That's vry boring 😣😖😫😪😪😪 I couldn't finish z video

    saad al agbashsaad al agbash2 måneder siden
  • Maybe for the wife but I think I'd still prefer a Series II.

    kunekunekunekune2 måneder siden
  • if any of y’all want the truth then here it is! the thing is just as shitty off road as every other post 2000 land rover is and was🙃

    Grayson DuBoseGrayson DuBose2 måneder siden
  • This is not a Off Road Test, This is an Advert By Land Rover for Land Rover and Apparently this is the perfect Off Road 4x4, Actually it is a new vehicle that is as yet Unproven, Lets see in 4 years time what the are like if it is like "Most Land Rovers" something will have gone wrong ( And Yes i speak from experience having had quite a few new and second hand they are money pits) and it does not matter whether it`s a Range Rover, Discovery or a defender LRJ seem to be more obsessed with style over substance but time will tell

    brian throupbrian throup2 måneder siden
  • My god, starting from 40.000 GBP? In my country it starts at (around) 89.000 GBP..

    V-twin KevinV-twin Kevin2 måneder siden
  • I live in sub Saharan Africa. You won’t find any of us venturing too from the tar without a Japanese 4x4.

    Crispin Swainston HarrisonCrispin Swainston Harrison2 måneder siden