FIRST DRIVE: McLaren 765LT: Flat out on track in the latest longtail (4K) | Top Gear

28. sep.. 2020
327 581 Ganger

Watch our first look round the 765LT:
Here it is then, the harder, faster 720S: the 765LT. Sticking to the formula producing (as the name suggests) 765hp, 45hp more than the 720S. It also weighs 80kg less. As a result it’ll do 0-62mph a tenth faster than the 720S, in 2.8 seconds, and 0-124mph in 7.2 - that’s a full six tenths faster and, to keep the marketing department happy, just four tenths behind the Senna and P1. Top speed? 205mph. But what’s it like to drive? Well, Top Gear Magazine’s Head of Car Testing, Ollie Marriage, went to find out.
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Service & Feedback

  • A good video, not a great video.

    Joe Danger FinesseJoe Danger FinesseDag siden
  • I bet this guy is the stig

    Ben LawsBen Laws2 dager siden
  • Where is chris harris

    Yaliema KickassYaliema Kickass2 dager siden
  • Where is Harris?

    Brandon GBrandon G3 dager siden
  • Who Tha Fooook is this guy?

  • looks like crazy panda on the road with that white

    Mugen PowerMugen Power6 dager siden
  • Sounds more like driver ambition overtaken by the car’s adhesion

    Jin BauerJin Bauer6 dager siden
  • Harris should do this alone....... The whole show

    John MontagJohn Montag7 dager siden
  • Wasted time watching some guy complain about a beautiful car he can’t drive. Chris Harris would of done the video better, and not complained either 👍

    Ryan RodriguezRyan Rodriguez8 dager siden
  • So now I know who the stig is.

    Big Summer BlowoutBig Summer Blowout9 dager siden
  • I’ll take the C8 Corvette and save 200K!!

    Craig ScottCraig Scott9 dager siden
  • Sounds to me like he was expecting a Prius

    Satisfy My SoulSatisfy My Soul9 dager siden
  • So which is the best McLaren in terms of looks and drive?

    kamsaini kamaludinkamsaini kamaludin9 dager siden
  • Two questions, what's the reliability and depreciation?

    ava_avatarava_avatar10 dager siden
  • What a shame this review was done by this TOP GEAR crew. Wasted 4 minutes

    Joe VAN DIJKJoe VAN DIJK10 dager siden
  • Okay you can trust the front end, steering. But you can't trust the back in, where the power meets the pavement. Does this mean that the car is overpowered?

    Kelvin WatersKelvin Waters10 dager siden
  • Chris is the one and only -

    tlga eztlga ez10 dager siden
  • Why not Chris ? He reviewed all the other mclarens therefore we need his comparison and his opinions on this one aswell !

    gecomertgecomert10 dager siden
  • You let... someone else... NOT CHRIS HARRIS... show off a car at Anglesey???

    Matthew BarrisMatthew Barris10 dager siden
  • I need to see Chris Harris trashing this car around the track and I’ll be at the wheel judging every corner perfectly as Chris do the narration.🤔

    I know About drugsI know About drugs11 dager siden
  • This guy isn't bad

    David CamposDavid Campos11 dager siden
  • This is guy is boring

    Mel TorresMel Torres11 dager siden
  • Saw it was not chis harris and move on...

    Lui CorderoLui Cordero11 dager siden
  • It sounds like a Honda Civic.

    Peter OliverPeter Oliver11 dager siden
  • replace top gear cast with this guy, id watch all day and viewing numbers wouldnt be so bad

    Howlader RahmanHowlader Rahman11 dager siden
  • Does anyone cares what this guy thinks?

    Patrick RollinsPatrick Rollins12 dager siden
  • need chris harris, this guy has no clue what he is talking about

    Alexander TurkmaniAlexander Turkmani12 dager siden
  • You need a co-pilot calling out the settings from a check list to get going... I'm no McLaren fan, but I think that the 600LT was maybe the best they've done yet visually.

    Dean RoddeyDean Roddey13 dager siden
  • Ollie Marriage Before wedding Ollie Barchelor

    diaz connelldiaz connell13 dager siden
  • Dope mclaren video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV13 dager siden
  • Chris Harris/Top Gear was a big disappointment for me. When you know it's the tires that are garbage don't criticize the car..

    8 W8 W13 dager siden
  • He is bitching about this track focused car behaving like a track focused car while driving it on a track. Chris should've popped the cherry on this.

    godspeedelijahgodspeedelijah13 dager siden
  • This is wild car. Beast!!!

    JOSIPJOSIP14 dager siden
  • For those of you whining, Chris Harris didn't like it either.

    I'm MikeyI'm Mikey15 dager siden
  • So if you ran this thing 'nanny free' (like a euro fighter) would it crash before the first corner?

    newtona1newtona115 dager siden
  • 911 killer!!!

    Jerod LewisJerod Lewis15 dager siden
  • Shocking review..obviously Ferrari have him.

    MR. D.MR. D.15 dager siden
  • He’s drifting that car like he doesn’t know it’s happening 🔥🤣

    Kool ManKool Man15 dager siden
  • First time watching a top gear video in years and this dude says this car is good not great? Lmaoooo okay I’ll see myself out again, what a joke.

    Quentin SandersQuentin Sanders15 dager siden
  • To be honest, I'd rather have a mc20 than a 720s

    Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 6916 dager siden
  • It takes being bold to say your opinion and not any bold guy can replace Harris

    Frensh fuckeryFrensh fuckery16 dager siden
  • Asian top gear by BBC

    I am boredI am bored16 dager siden
  • I want Clarkson

    Noro ArdantoNoro Ardanto16 dager siden
  • this guy can drive too

    GLRGLR16 dager siden
  • 3 Lt’s from McLaren.... How can you forget the F1 Longtail?????

    Stephan BurgerStephan Burger16 dager siden

    eric nicholseric nichols17 dager siden
  • Seems like he nails this. I do enjoy Chris Harris but there are other people who have valid opinions with regard to cars. If there were not, who would Chris drink beer with?

    Easy DuzitEasy Duzit17 dager siden
  • Great, now can we see the real test with Chris Harris please ?

    RVSM AirspaceRVSM Airspace17 dager siden
  • He is the stig

    Luke BlaydonLuke Blaydon17 dager siden
  • It looks very futuristic.

    DoubleDeckerAntonDoubleDeckerAnton17 dager siden
  • Bald guy: This is McLaren's 3rd LT F1 GTR Longtail: I a joke to you?

    Maxim DiouskineMaxim Diouskine17 dager siden
  • I’m sorry, the show kind of sucks without Chris Harris

    Tony CarastroTony Carastro17 dager siden
  • I think the 765lt design kind of grows on you.

    Aditya BanerjeeAditya Banerjee17 dager siden
  • Chris 😢

    Shawsie 57Shawsie 5717 dager siden
  • Why trash the car? I can't see a down side to this car.

    gmax876gmax87617 dager siden
  • That's not Chris!

    Brett GaldieriBrett Galdieri17 dager siden
  • Where f#&K is Chris Harris?!?! lowkey don't even wanna watch anymore

    Break the WebBreak the Web18 dager siden
  • TG is the only media org that says it's a disappointment. All other media orgs loved it whether written or video media just TG says otherwise

    Martin CronjeMartin Cronje18 dager siden
  • Ouch!

    PO GPO G18 dager siden
  • Dear BBC, We ALL want Chris Harris on Cars. You've done lost Clarkson, Hammond and May. K Thanks Bye.

    invaderzim7890invaderzim789018 dager siden
  • This guy just comes off snobbish and spoilt.

    Horse*Head*NebulaHorse*Head*Nebula18 dager siden
  • Beautiful McLaren😉😻🚀🚀

    Zanvi MarshallZanvi Marshall18 dager siden
  • the virus is a HOAX get real

    Evgeni AleksievEvgeni Aleksiev18 dager siden
  • wheres chris

    jack savagejack savage18 dager siden
  • Yeah , get Chris to drive that beast . Not a great car ? Who are you Koenigsegg, you can make better car than that? Comon mate be real .

    DRIVER46DRIVER4618 dager siden
  • Still slow in Asetto Corsa Competizione

    Adhie Sathya WicaksanaAdhie Sathya Wicaksana18 dager siden
  • This dude a hater, that car is firrrrrrreeeee 🔥🔥🥴

    65memphis65memphis19 dager siden
  • "A good car, not a great Car?"... sorry but if Chris Harris told me that, I might take that on account. ";-)

    TONYTONY19 dager siden
    • TONY there are other automotive journalists equally as good or better than Chris Harris. Matt Prior Henry Catchpole Harry Metcalfe Jethro Bovingdon All the above are miles better than Harris

      th3b0untyhunterth3b0untyhunter6 dager siden
    • Chris Harris doesn't even think it's a good car, he say's save your coin and get a 720.

      NS SherlockNS Sherlock15 dager siden
  • "A good review, not a Great review"! #chrisharrisplease🙏 Thanks😁

    Isaiah RIsaiah R19 dager siden
  • Who is this guy? Harris is top gear

    nazartnazart19 dager siden
  • Did this guy just say the 675lt was better than the P1? That along gets a down vote.

    Shady BradyShady Brady19 dager siden
  • Does McLaren have a transmission that will go longer then 20,000 miles?

    Robert CraigheadRobert Craighead19 dager siden
  • where is Chris???

    Antonio DiasAntonio Dias19 dager siden
  • Think McLaren will not lent another car to this leprechaun ever again

    René KoenesRené Koenes19 dager siden
  • Top gear just don’t get it do they. Stuck in the past. Chris Harris?

    Dan ADan A19 dager siden
  • I echo every other comment - Chris Harris or nothing. Frankly - I understand his point about it being angry and as a driver you have to be prepared for that. Chris Harris went full ESC off in the SF90 video. Balls to the wall - he also explained WHY he was having a challenge handling the Ferrari. Chris Harris not only takes the car to their max potential but he also explains how he is needing to adapt to accommodate to tame whatever beast he is driving.

    Kevin EdwardsKevin Edwards19 dager siden
  • A software update can fix those minor issues you're talking about.

    Richard HRichard H19 dager siden
  • What a horrible review 😪 😞

    Hulkmania21Hulkmania2119 dager siden
  • This should always be Chris Harris

    Nathaniel BrownNathaniel Brown19 dager siden
  • Chris Harris was fun when he was doing his own production (on cars). This guy wrapped it up real good, while sending hard. Show some respect!

    Mátyás WolfMátyás Wolf19 dager siden
  • 675 will forever be the goat

    ToughKookieToughKookie19 dager siden
  • Leave Chris to review the cars and keep these B rate drives in the studio!!

    Jason ProuteJason Proute19 dager siden
  • Seriously James May is the one who should be in the driver seat presenting the car

    Blark DextureBlark Dexture19 dager siden
  • Fawx Chris Haris. The look alike wont do!

    cannabasedcannabased19 dager siden
  • Pp

    Skye LeciasSkye Lecias19 dager siden
  • who the heck is this boring guy? where is Chris Harris?

    SteungLeapSteungLeap20 dager siden
  • Which music did you use for this video ? Thank you

    N4REKN4REK20 dager siden
  • Pretty sure there are 4 LT models in Mclaren line up first the Mclaren F1 LT then as follows, F1 LT was/is the magnum opus of Mclaren

    L3TH4LL3TH4L20 dager siden
  • All ima say ain't no way in hell does 675lt beat the p1 on a track or street. I just can't see it

    Via ShadowVia Shadow20 dager siden
  • Maybe the car is just Demanding More from You as a Driver... thats Not a bad thing

    Skip741 xSkip741 x20 dager siden
  • No idea who this guy is but I thought he did a reasonable job. I love Chris Harris but not the Top Gear version. Too false. When he just does normal Chris Harris he's great.

    Matthew SawMatthew Saw20 dager siden
  • You can see the power in his face. It’s pulling his skin back. That’s no acting...

    Tjz25Tjz2520 dager siden
  • wow, how dare

    makein jhonsonmakein jhonson20 dager siden
  • “Make it Angry” means make it like Lamborghini

    RED1CarbonRED1Carbon20 dager siden
  • Wheres Chris Harris?

    ODi7 MathibeODi7 Mathibe20 dager siden
  • Chris or nothing!

    Kevin CapoKevin Capo20 dager siden
  • Although I’m expecting Chris Harris behind the wheel this is still a very good and honest review! Liked

    Andy LuoAndy Luo20 dager siden
  • You're just not that good of a driver

    Algman AlgmaniaAlgman Algmania20 dager siden
  • You're a good presenter but not a great presenter

    Patrick ChongPatrick Chong20 dager siden
  • Journalists drive a car like the F40 and they worship it as a driver's car. But when a modern car has just a hint of the same qualities, like this one, it gets dinged? Lag? The thing does 150 mph in the quarter mile but you're complaining about a tiny bit of lag? This has 1/10th the lag of the F40 and a huge amount of additional performance. Oh well. Maybe he's right that the car isn't great. I guess if I swallow that assessment it will make it easier for me, since I'll never be able to own one of these anyway, lol.

    traindtraind20 dager siden