Ferrari SF90, F40, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini Diablo & Audi RS6 | Cars of Series 29 | Top Gear

27. sep.. 2020
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As Series 29 of Top Gear approaches, here's a glimpse at some of the motors the boys have got their hands on. From retro exotica like the Ferrari F40 and Jaguar XJ220, to the all-electric and totally desirable Honda e city car - there's a plethora of goodness to eyeball this series. What are you excited to see?
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    Ashton InstrumentalsAshton Instrumentals3 dager siden
  • Much better with clarkson / james / n sir hammond

    YAKUZA95YAKUZA953 dager siden
  • G

    Tria SariTria Sari4 dager siden
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    Jakubek KacperJakubek Kacper4 dager siden
  • Whenever I see this I get sad

    Bad WordBad Word4 dager siden
  • Bring Jeremy Hammond and may back now or ima protest

  • where i can see this season? i´m from Mexico

    G CALG CAL6 dager siden
  • Clicked on the video to see jeremy clarkson james may and richard hammond but instead i got odly disappointed

    Luis ListLuis List9 dager siden
  • 0:30 Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift !!!

    B&MB&M11 dager siden
  • This isn’t top gear? What happened to Richard James and Jeremy?

    TheAnusIsntTheOnlyHoleIProbeTheAnusIsntTheOnlyHoleIProbe12 dager siden
  • Music? Trac?

    Andrei OrlovskiAndrei Orlovski13 dager siden
  • I Just Wanna Hear The Click Of The Audi RS6 Startup Engine

    Меня зовут Арья БрамантёМеня зовут Арья Брамантё17 dager siden
  • f40 and XJ220... wow

    iloperiloper18 dager siden
  • That XJ220 is class. Looks similar to a Diablo with its timeless design.

    DoubleDeckerAntonDoubleDeckerAnton18 dager siden
  • Clarkson, Hammond ve May olmadan Top Gear asla Top Gear olamaz.

    Fatih SaldoğanFatih Saldoğan18 dager siden
  • The bgm of 0.13sec's because of that bgm i'm watching the video

    Abhiramkrishna V SAbhiramkrishna V S18 dager siden
    • Y

      Tria SariTria Sari4 dager siden
  • I didn't realise Paddy and Freddie were qualified motoring journalists.

    NozyspyNozyspy19 dager siden
  • Thumping soundtrack, brilliant cars, lots of shouting, and it's still boring.

    ThewayICitThewayICit20 dager siden
  • If I'd want to watch muppets, I'd watch the Muppet Show.

    ThewayICitThewayICit20 dager siden
  • did anyone buy an urus? its been out for ages and you'd never know

    burnzy3210burnzy321020 dager siden
  • Really cannot wait to see Paddy and Harris reviews the Urus and RS6 Avant respectively. And btw, what happened to his hair?!

  • Harris ain't that bad. He's actually good In my opinion. Still not as good as Clarkson Hammond and may but still good

    Joel McWhinneyJoel McWhinney21 dag siden

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist21 dag siden
  • Music by Boys Noize???

    Gabriel KamachiGabriel Kamachi22 dager siden
  • That RS6 is so sick seeing it sliding in such a boss style! 🥵

    Floris KievietFloris Kieviet23 dager siden
  • That sf 90 😍

    Karim HajjabKarim Hajjab23 dager siden
  • Jeremy Clarkson funny moments

    Ketan SharmaKetan Sharma23 dager siden
  • Get back Hammond

    Nikita FootballNikita Football23 dager siden
  • Imagine if Clarkson tested all thses cars 🔥

    L. TamerL. Tamer24 dager siden
    • He would just go on about how it's not like the old ones..

      OrcawhaleOrcawhale15 dager siden
  • Guys what happen to the 3 others

    Jesse 12Jesse 1224 dager siden
  • ma quanto è stato bello quel "mamma mia" ???

    JustLukeeJustLukee24 dager siden
  • Boy, do I miss Jeremy, Richard and James

    Ron De RosaRon De Rosa24 dager siden
  • Can we get Jeremy James and Richard back pls

    Caitlin MorleyCaitlin Morley24 dager siden
  • Chris wouldn't be so good if it wasn't for his full supporting cast.

    Laurie WrightLaurie Wright24 dager siden
  • Hehe.. 😊👍

  • When’s the new series out?

    AA25 dager siden
  • Need reviews for the Roma, SF90, and Urus from Chris Harris.Only watch the channel for Chris Harris.

    Joshua SnowJoshua Snow25 dager siden
  • Hammond you idiot

    PrimePrime25 dager siden
  • It looks like a Lamborghini

    PrimePrime25 dager siden
  • Indeed

    AlexBoyScoutAlexBoyScout25 dager siden
  • R

    iZacxiZacx25 dager siden
  • Those cars look so sick

    RowanGamer85RowanGamer8525 dager siden
  • Ferrari should be more worried about their F1 Team than cars like this.....

    Cricket EnglandCricket England25 dager siden
    • Genki De but Ferrari only started making street cars to pay for its F1 team....

      Cricket EnglandCricket England24 dager siden
    • I once heard a long time ago... When Ferrari's making great F1 cars its street cars are not great. When they make great street cars their F1 cars are not great.

      Genki DeGenki De24 dager siden
    • Cricket England no

      AppleApple24 dager siden
  • 1000 hp like the multiplAMG!

    skyrunner37skyrunner3725 dager siden
  • if the entire show of top gear was just chris harris, i would be entirely happy with it

    Lil Kars VlogsLil Kars Vlogs25 dager siden
  • Meh

    Paweł F.Paweł F.25 dager siden
  • All about the Diablo! Such a timeless design

    Faraz MianFaraz Mian25 dager siden
  • so top gear has finally rised up?

    NonActiveNonActive26 dager siden
  • Fake top gear

    Levi WillemanLevi Willeman26 dager siden
  • Chris Harris is the only good thing the bbc has done with this show

    Sam TunksSam Tunks26 dager siden
  • There needs to be a sister show with Norris, Albon and Russell. A creative running joke can be inserted for why they can't do the dangerous stuff and why they prefer certain brands. However, most things on a car show shouldn't be an issue.

    Temporal SolitonTemporal Soliton26 dager siden
  • And Paddy damaged the Diablo

    FixxxeR208FixxxeR20826 dager siden
  • BBC we don't care about the new presenters

    Craig AllenCraig Allen26 dager siden
  • 2 of my all time favorites, Xj220 vs F40

    Greg PetersonGreg Peterson26 dager siden
  • Ferrari sf90 Stradale best of the best.

    Ahmet KartalAhmet Kartal26 dager siden
  • Really cool video, poor title. Either way, keep theses cool vids coming!

    Nick MkNick Mk26 dager siden
  • Clarkson Hammond and May haven't aged a day

    The Balding SparrowThe Balding Sparrow26 dager siden
  • Lovely! Hopefully you get an EB110 on the show.

    Joel DJoel D26 dager siden
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PADDY'S HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bob BobbertonBob Bobberton26 dager siden
  • Is that hair dye, or did Patty age like a US president since the last series?

    mry82mry8226 dager siden
  • Sorry, but Chris Harris is the only one worth watching on the show.

    sarniekensarnieken26 dager siden
  • Still take the f40 out of all of those put together

    Jamie FosterJamie Foster26 dager siden
  • Chris Driftd

    Tim MackyTim Macky26 dager siden
  • The music selection is childish at best come on guys nobody listens to that crap. Engine noises are better

    Mark NopeMark Nope26 dager siden
  • The front of that ferarri reminds be of the late 90's Camaro's. And it has the same feel/design as the Corvette. Also has that 90's prototype car look. It's a weird mix of design. Ferrari trying to be something it's not. And what it's not is a good looking car. That XJ220 though...!

    Francis GrabetzFrancis Grabetz26 dager siden
  • Would like to see the cool wall come back🤷‍♂️

    Tyric RichardsTyric Richards26 dager siden
  • I hope the Diablo doesn't end up in a ditch......

    andrew grantandrew grant26 dager siden
  • McLaren GT is my favourite McLaren

    RRR 98RRR 9826 dager siden
  • My favourite car is a Jaguar XJ220.

    Donna GoudeDonna Goude26 dager siden
  • Now that’s how you introduce a new season. (:

    ricky vricky v26 dager siden
  • If the headlights were the eyes, the car in the thumbnail would be squinting. It looks like it’s having a hard time seeing on the track.

    Kyle LangleyKyle Langley26 dager siden

    PeacePeace26 dager siden
  • Did anyone else hear Jeremy Clarkson at 0:30?? 😦

    bachology101bachology10126 dager siden
  • I can’t be happy till I get my hands on that Audi. I’m sure with consistent good stock trading by the year, I’ll be able to buy it. Lol

    Vincent GreyVincent Grey26 dager siden
    • Such a bizarre ad

      Daniel MouraDaniel Moura23 dager siden
    • yo wtf are these ads. theyre getting too powerful

      Yeshwant DasariYeshwant Dasari26 dager siden
    • Lol, what a shill, just look at the replies. Nice try though

      LagasticLagastic26 dager siden

      Pengu PWPengu PW26 dager siden
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      Rage Trading ServicesRage Trading Services26 dager siden
  • Shame, they couldn’t get their hands on the new C8 Corvette?

    JJ AJJ A27 dager siden
    • gjoko petrushev Wow!! 😆 It’s brilliant bang for the buck.....except for the steering wheel. Lol

      JJ AJJ A26 dager siden
    • It’s too ugly to get on the show 😂

      gjoko petrushevgjoko petrushev26 dager siden
  • Some beautiful cars but it makes me wonder where the homeless children are sleeping tonight..

    Flaming HedgehogFlaming Hedgehog27 dager siden
  • we are still waiting put it on tv (Australia)

    Jordan ThomsonJordan Thomson27 dager siden
  • I see no diablo and my heart weeps

    MurfitizerMurfitizer27 dager siden
  • I've been watching old Top Gear lately and I really miss the non PC jokes and chemistry of the hosts

    DanDan27 dager siden
  • Can't wait to see that Škoda Octavia @0:21

    A Stick & 3 PedalsA Stick & 3 Pedals27 dager siden
  • They are still there.... But at least Chris Harris is as well, the only reason to still be watching Top Gear

    DominicDominic27 dager siden
  • Well, the cars are amazing. How it’s filmed, sounds and etc are great. But that guys act ridiculously stupid again. Why do they still keep trying to look like Jeremy Richard and James?

    Dimka ChehoffDimka Chehoff27 dager siden
    • Orcawhale If somebody needs to take either some glasses or new eyes here it is only you. I wrote they’re TRYING to look like them. It doesn’t mean they look like them. On the contrary, they’re pitiful imitators with no sense of humor, fresh ideas and common sense acting like children. I watch Top Gear now only because of new car’s presentations.

      Dimka ChehoffDimka Chehoff15 dager siden
    • You need some new glasses or eyes, because none of them look remotely like them..

      OrcawhaleOrcawhale15 dager siden
  • Took you guys long enough, welcome back.

    DisonLYDisonLY27 dager siden
  • When is the next episode of the Grand Tour on? Only one episode so far this season?

    Dr. Ho Lee PhukDr. Ho Lee Phuk27 dager siden

    Mr MuxicMr Muxic27 dager siden
  • top gear gen 2 - single handedly keeping next generation of young men interested in cars. your doing GODS WORK boys ...keep it up - without you we are all doomed to ride public transportation :)

    Danial HoweDanial Howe27 dager siden
  • Yeah

    ES PlayerES Player27 dager siden
  • The Ferrari f40 will forever be my dream car.

    Toby Won KinobyToby Won Kinoby27 dager siden
  • Ferrari and red goes like Chris Harris and Top gear.

    Automotive AnatomyAutomotive Anatomy27 dager siden
  • Nice Corvette

    Daniel GrowsDaniel Grows27 dager siden
  • Here just for cars nothing else

    Yogesh PatilYogesh Patil27 dager siden
  • Don’t like Chris Harris, so I don’t watch anymore.

    Ma HuMa Hu27 dager siden
  • We're finally getting the cars of the future.

    kode3kode327 dager siden
  • That RS6 🖤🏁🖤

    The EricThe Eric27 dager siden
  • Chris Harris and epic cars. Great combination

    eichler721eichler72127 dager siden
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    Gulaleks2017 WOT BLITZGulaleks2017 WOT BLITZ27 dager siden
  • It certainly looks good than the comedy show grand tour..

    SAMARTH kSAMARTH k27 dager siden
  • 0:50 mclaren looks sick 💯

    Bhanu ch.Bhanu ch.27 dager siden
  • SF90 looks like a corvette. 🤦

    TheIndulgersTheIndulgers27 dager siden
    • Looks like which corvette? It got released before the c8

      Matze PizzaheldMatze Pizzaheld24 dager siden
  • I don't think I've ever seen an XJ220 or Diablo pushed to its limits.

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance27 dager siden