Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 28 | Top Gear

14. aug.. 2020
599 655 Ganger

Series 28 saw some rather rapid machinery piloted by one Mr Chris Harris. We had the bonkers VW I.D. R which accelerates faster than an F1 car, through to a £72k hot hatch in the shape of the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R. Here's some of our favourite moments. Which was yours?
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Service & Feedback

  • Why would you even race a car against a jet fighter? The car can't even break 300 mph.

    Here There EverywhereHere There Everywhere4 dager siden
  • new presenters seem so cringy

    Saulius NoreikaSaulius Noreika5 dager siden
  • No one: Me: ......but what about the slowest cars?

    Peter SubramanianPeter Subramanian5 dager siden
  • Once again..this ridiculous example with a car Vs an aircraft..

    Giorgos GiorgosGiorgos Giorgos5 dager siden
  • This shows are so scripted so fake so acted !!! Horrible !

    Silviu StefanSilviu Stefan6 dager siden
  • Greeting to Harris from Mansory😉

    Jo MaJo Ma8 dager siden
  • Anyone know what that PsyTrance track is during the megane part? At least the damn Frenchy car got a cool soundtrack xD

    Robin JansieRobin Jansie9 dager siden
  • Good luck at Pikes Peak shatter that time record

    Mario MonclovaMario Monclova12 dager siden
  • Never thought I’d say this.... Damn that IDR is insane!

    Lester CombsLester Combs13 dager siden
  • 5:21 Song name?

    9thbigfoot9thbigfoot13 dager siden
  • F35 went full afterburners at the last straight

    mozaarrjuhhmozaarrjuhh13 dager siden
  • so much money spent for this lol

    TheDriftingsmokeTheDriftingsmoke14 dager siden
  • Chris Harris has the best job in the world!

    MarkoTianoMarkoTiano15 dager siden
  • @0:47 - "where's the jet, where's the jet, OH MY GOD!!!!" the look on chris's face priceless

    Rik Ver MarRik Ver Mar15 dager siden
  • Literally Forza Horizon

    Xingchi SuXingchi Su17 dager siden
  • Eh... new top gear just isn't the same...

    Phil McPowerPhil McPower18 dager siden
  • i got an ad for the Porsche Cayenne watching this. the irony.

    XShadowCatzXXShadowCatzX19 dager siden
  • I’ll take the imprezza

    Chev PrestonChev Preston20 dager siden
  • This is just Forza

    Look Out-KnivesLook Out-Knives21 dag siden

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist21 dag siden
  • Year 2040 Tog Gear. Still comments about missing old Top Gear! There was no replacement for that crazy trio.

    Mr Bean BeanMr Bean Bean22 dager siden
  • There’s a reason that forza ai run this thing

    Varique YouelVarique Youel22 dager siden
  • If you wanna get really high electricity is the way to go 😚🤣🤣🤣

    vice 21vice 2122 dager siden
  • Heh, this is not Top Gear, but Drive.. Only three men on this planet can make Top Gear and it's not these two.. Chris is a good driver for sure but never has been much of a showman. Just a passionate car guy.

    Michael MadsenMichael Madsen23 dager siden
  • Warning massive earrape

    ToXIc_ ØTAKUToXIc_ ØTAKU24 dager siden
  • I hate new flop gear

    Sniper furySniper fury29 dager siden
  • Jezza, Hammond, May? You were the best

    Sniper furySniper fury29 dager siden
  • Nope

    Lincento53Lincento5329 dager siden
  • This is dumb, where is hammond

    dylan plowsdylan plows29 dager siden
  • If you look at the McLarens plate, it says 69 on it... Only the dankest for the fastest

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki BakugouMåned siden
  • Was that a joke?

    The Peculiar IndianThe Peculiar IndianMåned siden
  • *I miss the old top gear it was more funny and creative* *Edit:No hate/Offense tho*

    Kaneko69Kaneko69Måned siden
  • The McLaren Speedtail vs the jet is like a showcase event on forza horizon 4

    PoggsPoggsMåned siden
    • Complete with annoying voiceover

      466rudy466rudyMåned siden
  • 30 seconds in and I already hate it. No one can top old Top Gear

    Thomas ValvoThomas ValvoMåned siden
  • "If you want to get really high, electricity is what you need." Forget heroine. Stick a fork in the toaster.

    MaverickFor44MaverickFor44Måned siden
    • 😂😂

      BlueBlueMåned siden
  • Chris, "That hurts my kidneys." Not good. It's not the car. See your GP.

    MaverickFor44MaverickFor44Måned siden
  • All good choices. Cheers from Florida.

    kanyediankanyedianMåned siden
  • Hell yee.

    kanyediankanyedianMåned siden
  • You forgot Evija.

    Salvador JoseSalvador JoseMåned siden
  • Chris Harris Fooken Rocks! Can he just do the whole hour Please???? We Love You Chris... Please Keep What You are doing 👍👍🤜🤛😜

    stuart jarmanstuart jarmanMåned siden
  • Did anyone else not understand what was going on? 😂

    420BudNuggets420BudNuggetsMåned siden
  • Clarkson!

    Daniel FernandesDaniel FernandesMåned siden
  • U thought Jeremy and his team are old top gear becomes old 2 shame on u bbc

    Hany Black SeriesHany Black SeriesMåned siden
  • 7:56 - LOL. Finally admitting he has a small brain. LOL.

    Team33Team33Måned siden
  • I think Hollywood will come up with new ideas for making movies,that's hot,really.

    Crystal LisaCrystal LisaMåned siden
  • The Renault Megane comes with yeeted seats

    Emppu T.Emppu T.Måned siden
  • Ah the Porscha... It's PORSCHE !!! Get it right!

    Martin KišMartin KišMåned siden
  • A natureza é maravilhosa

    Kameia RayKameia RayMåned siden
  • I miss the old top gear

    Phat phrogPhat phrogMåned siden
  • Speedtail looks more like successor of jaguar xj220 instead of mclaren f1

    Salman ShahidSalman ShahidMåned siden
  • not bad. but yah miss the old crew. rip top gear.

    Stephen BoskoStephen BoskoMåned siden
  • I know Chris Harris, but who are these other horrid hosts?

    RicochetrabittRicochetrabittMåned siden
  • Bring back rory reid

    Mfumo MthimkhuluMfumo MthimkhuluMåned siden
  • The flyboy was on it, Squeeze the burn. . GC8 the skills to pay the bills. "I want one of these" Best ever,Top Gear. Cars!!! Festival of Speed WRX back to back. GC8 set to rise

    Freedom keyFreedom keyMåned siden
  • How could they ruin top gear so badly

    David C PDavid C PMåned siden
  • Man Forza 5 is looking good

    Jace WJace WMåned siden
  • Clarkson and his Theo sidekicks have had their time. Old school prejudiced toads

    Dan ADan AMåned siden
  • These cockheads are not top gear

    Simon ChantSimon ChantMåned siden
  • Speedtail looks as good as Holden or Ford Falcon Ute

    Michael JosephMichael JosephMåned siden
  • Watch out, fake acount. There is no top gear here

    Victorias OxygenVictorias OxygenMåned siden
  • Who on earth (with £2m or so) would ever want to buy a McLaren Speedtail? Essentially it's just like any other McLaren - with a massive premium to pay for different bodywork (before you consider how reliable it's going/not going to be, poor sales and after-sales experience, and that it'll probably halve in value once you've bought it.... Why would you? Having seen Gordon Murray's T-50, which really is a special car, and likely to at least retain its value (but more likely increase drammatically) and who will likely give a s**t about the people that buy it......

    Grant ChallinorGrant ChallinorMåned siden
    • I would buy the speedtail it looks amazing

      Muhammed BarakatMuhammed BarakatMåned siden
  • I want one of each but I only have $10,000 cash how can I get one LOL

  • Nobody: Literally nobody ever: Chris Harris: right Mr PoRScHe

    Sashreek ChettriSashreek ChettriMåned siden
  • So glad I didn't grew up with this version of top gear

    Pickle JoePickle JoeMåned siden
  • 10:51 - Thank you for showing the Rev matching, this is the best example of Chris driving for a job and presenting as a hobby

    MM93GAMINGMM93GAMING2 måneder siden
  • ...that's one expensive race....

    Sigma IntegraleSigma Integrale2 måneder siden
  • Rockstar should add the mclaren speedtail or the VW I.D. R in gta online in the next update (DLC)

    Martell GutierrezMartell Gutierrez2 måneder siden
  • The first race will break your ears.

    Slu Is SleepySlu Is Sleepy2 måneder siden
  • New top gear fans will say this is the original top gear and they are wrong very wrong

    Lovro KovačićLovro Kovačić2 måneder siden
  • 1:50 jet cloud formation

    GuiFoxYTBRG7GuiFoxYTBRG72 måneder siden
  • Vw polo classic extended limousine

    LOVER REXLOVER REX2 måneder siden
  • I miss old top gear. It was so much better😖😢😭😭😭

    Asher RamalyAsher Ramaly2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris Drives Chris Harris is so much better than Top Gear Chris Harris.

    liverpoold8liverpoold82 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the best MOTORING Journalist out there at the moment.

    Brian BloomfoeldBrian Bloomfoeld2 måneder siden
  • How about comparing Porsche Taycan Turbo S with Hypercar Rimac C_TWO? I think, balance will shift in favor of Rimac car.

    Boris MitendorferBoris Mitendorfer2 måneder siden
  • Idk why but I feel like I alr watched this A long time ago

    Joshua LopezJoshua Lopez2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris more of a race or rally driver than a proper host cant even remember the other two .. Can't match with good old Top Gear days in my childhood..

    Promoth JPromoth J2 måneder siden
  • Sorry but.... this still not being top gear

    Jaime Palacios GarcíaJaime Palacios García2 måneder siden
  • i miss the old top gear jeremy where r u

    RP - 08LJ 750844 Green Glade Sr PSRP - 08LJ 750844 Green Glade Sr PS2 måneder siden
  • You guys need to review bikes

    SUB-ZEROSUB-ZERO2 måneder siden
  • My friend made me laugh over here. He said comparing the speed of a jet to that of a car is a complete madness.

    youme1414youme14142 måneder siden
  • Oh, another rehash. This is why Doug owns this segment of NOworld.

    S BS B2 måneder siden
  • Taycan ❤️

    Waqas RasoolWaqas Rasool2 måneder siden
  • It's like all the remakes of the classic films. It can't be done.

    John DeardenJohn Dearden2 måneder siden
  • 1st car: pure propaganda bullshit.

    tylerbelgradetylerbelgrade2 måneder siden
  • Buuut. After doing it again and again ( and again) A conventional car can then drive home ... Can this?.

    simon hoaresimon hoare2 måneder siden
  • I can’t stop laughing when I watch the New Top Gear!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Mary ThiessenMary Thiessen2 måneder siden
  • that was rigged to ensure we worship the military properly. Pure propaganda. Actually, jets are fast. True!

    munnypoltricmunnypoltric2 måneder siden
  • Miles per hour please on the Speed tail

    Saul EspinoSaul Espino2 måneder siden
    • @Saul Espino agree but one NOworld comment isn't going to change anything unfortunately :(

      bob rossbob rossMåned siden
    • @bob ross yes Google it , but when one watches an entertaining video and has to stop it and google something it messes up the flow. Get it? Got it Good!

      Saul EspinoSaul EspinoMåned siden
    • Google

      bob rossbob rossMåned siden
  • Commercial advertising...

    Anes MahiAnes Mahi2 måneder siden
  • Bugatti ALL DAY EVERYDAY . Nice but eeeeeeh yea no. P1 yea

    rideordieguy rideordieguyrideordieguy rideordieguy2 måneder siden
  • Can you please put the McLaren Speedtail & the Volkswagen ID.R around the Top Gear test track?.

    Brandon MeridethBrandon Merideth2 måneder siden
  • The STOVL is also the heavier version

    Derek WhitmanDerek Whitman2 måneder siden
  • Let’s be honest we would rather be in the F35

    Benyamin PintoBenyamin Pinto2 måneder siden
  • Ahhhh man ... missed CH, he himself is a masterpiece of the motoring world ... looking forward to getting back to business! 😃

    Cameron LiversedgeCameron Liversedge2 måneder siden
  • Love the long tail design without the tail they must make short tail version

    Laltluangkima TluangaLaltluangkima Tluanga2 måneder siden
  • I think the Top Gear should be Chis with Doug DeMuro and Guy Martin, that would be fun trio

    runningwithshemprunningwithshemp2 måneder siden
  • 4:43 nice v8 sounds from a taycan lmao

    Mado BAMado BA2 måneder siden
  • If test drivers blacked out driving the VW IDR. Then how many did they lose?

    NyjawonderNyjawonder2 måneder siden
  • Don’t care how fast that speedtail is, it’s hideous...

    ckneaselckneasel2 måneder siden