FASTER THAN AN F1 CAR: Volkswagen I.D. R vs Chris Harris (EXTENDED) | Top Gear: Series 28

1. juni. 2020
1 160 552 Ganger

Here Chris Harris drives the stabbed-rat quick, all electric Volkswagen I.D. R. A prototype that breaks almost every rule in every motorsport book - but that doesn’t matter. This creation isn’t designed to go head-to-head with other cars. No, this car is designed to go head-to-head with physics and the clock.
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  • *not including top speed 👀

    Top GearTop Gear4 måneder siden
    • Fun fact: The top speed is only 169.6 mph (272.945 km/h).

      The CsizsorThe CsizsorMåned siden
    • @Cuki Yud. And you're seriously doubting that? If F1 went to Pikes Peak, it'd beat the record.

      R-V0LR-V0LMåned siden
    • Little Light where do you find this information? Can you point to it please? Sounds cool. Thanks

      LeeLee2 måneder siden
    • SKELFER911 can you point me to where you going this info please? Sounds pretty interesting... thanks.

      LeeLee2 måneder siden
    • Shreyash Anand whete did that info come from Shreyash? Is any more of this data available? Thanks

      LeeLee2 måneder siden
  • Very fast for 2 laps. Ok. Formula one 😂😂😂😂

    Akim NubiAkim NubiDag siden
  • A bit too of video editing and effects...

    Jérôme ChatillonJérôme ChatillonDag siden
  • This thing sounds like a UFO

    UberphatUberphat2 dager siden
  • faster than f1 car? bullshit

    Diego PanzaDiego Panza2 dager siden
  • I believe one day people would travels pass the light years away.. & touchdown a new planet 🌎

    Jello DumplingsJello Dumplings2 dager siden
  • did he have a stroke..?

    Dave CooleyDave Cooley2 dager siden
  • bruh

    TortuexTortuex3 dager siden
  • 5:42 The best drug as stated by a random IDR driver. 😎

    Udaiaditya BaruahUdaiaditya Baruah3 dager siden
  • F1 was 340kph .. This is joke or prank. Nvm.

    Yadi AchoYadi Acho4 dager siden
  • If it had a gearbox - a two speed - its range would significantly improve as well as its top speed.

    First StepFirst Step4 dager siden
  • But it remains just a Volkswagen

    Greg Von HaanGreg Von Haan5 dager siden
  • Now this is the type of RC car i want

    Sub if u want To lolSub if u want To lol5 dager siden
  • drive it on a track i bet F1 car will beat it easily.

    Jack ReacherJack Reacher6 dager siden
  • Kinda reminds me of when Jeremy Clarkson was testing the Ariel Atom. Not really comparable in specs, and that was an open vehicle. But I see the same face distrortions.

    Rune Andre BergtunRune Andre Bergtun6 dager siden
  • how you control it its like a go kart

    STRIKE-__-STRIKE-__-7 dager siden
  • Now put it up against the p1d..(on takeoff that is)

    musikman337musikman3378 dager siden
  • hate the sound

    JakubJakub8 dager siden
  • Sounds like in indipendence day.

    SulosSulos8 dager siden
  • Wow, a car that follow no rules is faster than an F1...shocking! 😬

    Mattias FilanderMattias Filander8 dager siden
  • check out the czinger 21c, pretty cool. claims 0-62 in 1.9

    Dan W.Dan W.8 dager siden
  • If you saw this thing fly up Pikes Peak when it competed, you would have an idea of how insane it is.

    Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson9 dager siden
  • Faster than a F3 car maybe !!

    Manu14SmokeManu14Smoke9 dager siden
  • It sounds like Guardians in Minecraft

    MarvTMarvT9 dager siden
  • Phe, my civic also can do front wheel spin :D

    Nutak AizmirstiNutak Aizmirsti10 dager siden
  • Use they rear wheel to break on corners little bit so you can stick in the corners? They use active wings. Maybe active suspension next year? Great car, love those new all electric hyper cars, and it's just the beginning.

    ElectrodudeElectrodude10 dager siden
  • Funny how Chris tries to show the "silence" of an electric car and then came the water pumps sounding like a jet engine... :D

    sidewalkeresidewalkere10 dager siden
  • Faster than an F1 What a lot of bullshit it's top speed is 169.9 MPH slower the an Aus V8 supercar

    leongt1954leongt195410 dager siden
  • I think it's only faster than current F1 at 0-100km/h and that'll be the 4WD. Rosberg just did a video in it at eiffel GP and it was sub 2s apparently. The Renault RS20 F1 car was logged at Silverstone this year off the start grid managing 0-200km/h at 4.2s apparently which is pretty mega.

    Because I was InvertedBecause I was Inverted10 dager siden
  • Ihme ettei sähkövikoja ole.

    Tero TuomelaTero Tuomela11 dager siden
  • Could this be a VoltzWagen?

    Paul GoosenPaul Goosen11 dager siden
  • How to separate your body and your soul? Drive an ID.R. Yes, your body's already 100 meters away while your soul is still at the start point.😂

    Jackie LanJackie Lan12 dager siden
  • I thought my vacuum cleaner was still on.

    h vdsh vds12 dager siden
  • Electric cars should have the same kind of aerial as the Delorean has in Back to the Future, to give it a lil boost. It might melt the engine, but it’ll make the car break the sound barrier.

    Armchair HistorianArmchair Historian12 dager siden
  • Dope Volkswagen video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV13 dager siden
  • yuk electric

    James SavorJames Savor14 dager siden
  • I wish they would just show some more raw footage of him driving, not all this dramatic effect.

    R TR T14 dager siden
  • I mean there's a reason why people keep trying to go faster than a F1 right ?

    Tommy GKVTommy GKV14 dager siden
  • Fastest powerbank in the world

    Muhammad FakhriMuhammad Fakhri14 dager siden
  • It is Not faster than a top tier F1 Car. Both the Ferrari and Mercedes were faster at Spa I believe in 2019 !

    N ZN Z15 dager siden
  • if it can dump all the energy it can carry and use it for one lap no its not faster than F1 that does 40 or 60 laps without refueling

    2 Stroke Diaries2 Stroke Diaries15 dager siden
  • What kinda top gear is this? Wrong guys here pretending to be hosting the show.

    disadadidisadadi16 dager siden
  • Tesla be like (;

    DigitalTiaraDigitalTiara16 dager siden
  • incredible! They need charging but the future is here.

    Bash LoveBash Love16 dager siden
  • ...a car even too fast for Chris Harris...

    Sigma IntegraleSigma Integrale17 dager siden
  • Combustion engines are old school. All petrol heads driving gay FeRaRaS can go eat their shoes now.

    sK3LeTvMsK3LeTvM17 dager siden
    • yet, combustion engine still faster and reliable.

      Jack ReacherJack Reacher6 dager siden
  • The name I.D.R means I dont roar 🚫

    Jayadeb PradhanJayadeb Pradhan17 dager siden
  • Smells like an VW sponsored content. Should compare to a tesla

    Laurentiu TomaLaurentiu Toma17 dager siden
  • For a drag race? Yeah! For a great track, No

    M2JM2J18 dager siden
  • All the hype comparing a car built with NO restrictions to a F1 car with a bunch of restrictions and a street car with massive restrictions makes for a great video but, kinda not reality.

    yipe222yipe22218 dager siden
  • When Tesla Roadster come out Thor gonna come out in the background

    DeinDein18 dager siden
  • Seb or Nico Rosberg thei need to teste this amazing Car

    Haxhe HaxhajHaxhe Haxhaj19 dager siden
  • Editing made this unwatchable

    MrBjorntscMrBjorntsc19 dager siden
  • *If they can make electric cars like this then how come they cannot make a mobile phone battery last much longer?*

    Starfish_centralStarfish_central20 dager siden
  • it's sound remind me of bat-mobile

    Susetyo AribowoSusetyo Aribowo21 dag siden
  • I would prefer watching Richard Hammond try to drive the Renault F1 car.

    A.J. GreenA.J. Green23 dager siden
  • it sounds like a rc car

    Fisken789Fisken78923 dager siden
  • It sounds like a Star Wars podracer

    Martin MarinovMartin Marinov24 dager siden
  • the new top gear trio is extremely unfunny, but the quality of the show has improved a lot and I want the comedy back

    BleachBleach25 dager siden
  • I wish that didnt shake the camera EVERY time it passed them, its making me sick.

    A AlexandrouA Alexandrou27 dager siden
  • haha Volkswagen go nyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

    SpectxreRBLXSpectxreRBLX28 dager siden
  • 5:45. Who ate all the pies.

    stevesteve28 dager siden
  • You can't beat the power of electricity.

    Ogeid ZepolOgeid Zepol28 dager siden
  • I wanna see Max Verstappen drive this around spa after pounding 3 Red Bull’s

    Casey ClarkCasey Clark28 dager siden
  • It sounds like the mosquito you’re trying to catch at 3am

    XlucacooljxXlucacooljx29 dager siden

  • nope. not top gear for me.

    Fábio MaiaFábio MaiaMåned siden
  • Sounds like king ghidorah from godzilla

    sAm_Xtreme767sAm_Xtreme767Måned siden
  • This car looks so much like the Austin martin valkyrie

    timothy boskotimothy boskoMåned siden
  • "faster then an F1 car" forza horizon 4: 164 mph max speed b r u h

    Charles C.Charles C.Måned siden
  • The doge demon am I joke to you

    Indiana HenschellIndiana HenschellMåned siden
  • I'd like to see how close this would be against the drag times 720S that ran high 8 seconds runs. I know one is a drag build and the other is a circuit racer...but the fact that you can buy that 720S and actually build it to be that fast and still drive it on the road is very interesting.

    BBBBMåned siden
  • the mclaren 720s is the fastest car in the world? Are you dump or dump?

    TGDxDrakoonTGDxDrakoonMåned siden
  • Who the hell wants to watch a car race with electric squeak's as only theme sounds and when you sit in the audience you can hear others farting and belching when the car's pass by. It will be like going to the cinema without sound's.

    gurra63ablegurra63ableMåned siden
  • Video editing team has to work overtime to make electric car videos looks and is poop.

    Soul MachinesSoul MachinesMåned siden
  • U should race against a demon and a hell cat

    Felix RodasFelix RodasMåned siden
  • They have to do something about that sound - at least baseball cards or balloons in the spokes???

    Nofer TrunionsNofer TrunionsMåned siden
  • He's sound like he's copying Clarkson

    Aditya AcharyAditya AcharyMåned siden
  • Range 50KM!!! _Stupid

    Adrian BaronAdrian BaronMåned siden
  • Electric cars have come a long way.... But I'd like to see how they hold themselves against an F1 car over a 50 lap race under the same rules.... so no refueling for either car!

    sarin82sarin82Måned siden
  • Most definitely not faster than an F1 car. Tops out at 270 lmao.

  • far behind on every f1 track so not faster

    Piotrek FPiotrek FMåned siden
  • Tesla roadster 1.9s

    The Tosh brothers showThe Tosh brothers showMåned siden
  • I hope we get a race version from the Tesla roadster in a few years. That would be awesome competition.

    Daniel WlodawerDaniel WlodawerMåned siden
  • This would be 100x times better if Jeremy was here instead of him

    Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem OsasOvuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem OsasMåned siden
  • Still a volkswagen tho ...

    Alecu CiapiAlecu CiapiMåned siden
  • I own three IDR's in Forza Horizon 4

    Jar Jar BinkzJar Jar BinkzMåned siden
  • What's the point of comparing a highly regulated and full of limitations F1 car, with an unrestricted prototype? I can answer that: Cheap publicity.

    Mik SMik SMåned siden
  • faster than F1 my ass.

    RatheeshRatheeshMåned siden
  • Chris....stay with your collection, and let real cars by themselves, don't play a game that is fake like Santa Claus...

    John RockatanskyJohn RockatanskyMåned siden
  • With all the respect to anyone here and anyone that runs that mountain in my opinion there is not a better driver than this the man is a CRAZY driver

    Dimitris TassidisDimitris TassidisMåned siden
  • Good thing it earth friendy

    Super OMEGA LOL Roblox [-]YT[-]Super OMEGA LOL Roblox [-]YT[-]Måned siden
  • 8 miss the original producers

    bl4de chipmunkbl4de chipmunkMåned siden
  • Faster than Rimac no way .

    Selman ThaciSelman ThaciMåned siden
  • You could of wheeled out its Nemesis, the 208 T16 and then it would of been a good match.

    Mikey GTiMikey GTiMåned siden
  • sure, but we will want you to get your hands on the hype cars: Ariya, Lucid, Xpeng

    Victor HugoVictor HugoMåned siden
  • What are they comparing it too? Williams or something? I just don't understand.

    mayank rajmayank rajMåned siden
  • I tried getting realy high on electricity as this video suggested. I ended up spending 2 nights on the emergency ward.

    Gresse TheGreatGresse TheGreatMåned siden
  • It's a VOLTSwagen !

    Sal GSal GMåned siden
  • 5:42 Chris can you please repeat that?

    Carlos AntinoeCarlos AntinoeMåned siden