EXTENDED: Driving Nepal's Deadly Mountain Road | Top Gear: Nepal Special

16. aug.. 2020
223 695 Ganger

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  • It just isnt the same without them😔

    dbdb7 dager siden
  • I thought this is the old top gear but nah so im outta here

    ISU-130 Tank DestroyerISU-130 Tank Destroyer10 dager siden
  • ohhh thanks for visiting Nepal. And cheers for the effort.

    Neplican_RSNeplican_RS11 dager siden
  • Why are you helping each other, that is NOT the top gear way

    Herr MaxHerr Max12 dager siden
  • cinematography.....wow....looks amazing just like a scene out of hollywood road action movie

    Lokesh ChandLokesh Chand12 dager siden
  • Love From NEPAL

    Lokesh ChandLokesh Chand12 dager siden
  • I don't think the BBC should get to spend this much money on something that people obviously don't like

    XavierXavier12 dager siden
  • I like the nonono bit

    Rocco CaccavoRocco Caccavo13 dager siden
  • Putting your life on the line for only 200k views. Wow

    Rat GodRat God14 dager siden
  • Imagine them.

    Vedant AgrawalVedant Agrawal16 dager siden
  • top gear will never be top gear without the original cast

    imagineimagine16 dager siden
  • not top gear they should have abandoned each other while holding knives

    Tsuyoshi HarukaTsuyoshi Haruka16 dager siden
  • *you guys have no idea what you've uploaded!!* This thing's gonna break the internet in Nepal!! Come here after a year; 90% comments would be from Nepal!! Besides Lots of love from Nepa;

    Aayush AcharyaAayush Acharya17 dager siden
  • Scared of this? The new TG staff are soft. Compared to the real TG's drive at the Bolivia Death Road, this is a 6 lane German highway.

    Real MReal M21 dag siden
  • I feel like the producers chose an unnecessarily bad route, whereas in the bolivia special, I think it may have been a genuine accident.

    Octopus OreOctopus Ore21 dag siden
  • These kind of roads are our daily road to our village, it gets even better here in Arunachal. come for an adventure here Top Gear. guys.

    tarak ekhatarak ekha22 dager siden
  • Granted I'm just a keyboard warrior, but I really do think TG would get a better audience if they renamed it. "Top Gear" is such a classic name with a well defined chemistry and these last few years just don't meet the expectation that comes with "Top Gear".

    Kcducttaper1Kcducttaper122 dager siden
  • they're lucky that not india, otherwise there would be traffic too

    Ali Uz Zaman SiddiquiAli Uz Zaman Siddiqui22 dager siden
  • Top gear is like the girlfriend that you begged to stay with you but then comes back on her knees to ask for a second chance

    Bruce SonoBruce Sono23 dager siden
  • I miss the old guys

    Purple creaturePurple creature24 dager siden
  • Jezza already did this, and nearly ACTUALLY died... lame...

    375 Media Group - Video Productions375 Media Group - Video Productions26 dager siden
  • I miss the old top gear

    Don‘t RushDon‘t Rush26 dager siden
  • Oops. Thought it was not the sh*tty new version

    n7xt475n7xt47527 dager siden
  • Keep up the good work. The new series get Better and better

    Russell BRussell B29 dager siden
  • I gotta disagree with almost everybody In the comments. If you guys really wanted to see the old top gear... You wouldn't be here

    Russell BRussell B29 dager siden
  • Well after jumping back here I thought the new top gear might improve, but it's still shit. Back to The Grand Tour then.

    derek suederek sueMåned siden
  • So boring

    0 00 0Måned siden
  • This is not the "real" top gear, see ya!

    Chuck NorrisChuck NorrisMåned siden
  • May literally went stabbing clarkson and their towing each other?????

    Nick LumNick LumMåned siden
  • Only ogs will remember James and them

    JackOfAllTradesJackOfAllTradesMåned siden
  • Why should I watch this? Can someone tell me.

    Kyon_ GoldKyon_ GoldMåned siden
  • Drive safe !

    Krish AslamiKrish AslamiMåned siden
  • I wonder how these guys feels when they read these comments

    Sizwe ShongweSizwe ShongweMåned siden
  • Has anybody noticed the background....that place has some amazing landscapes

    Hank RaiHank RaiMåned siden
  • so boring truly how can you destroy a show

    Do & Be Different FarmilyDo & Be Different FarmilyMåned siden
  • I achualy think they shode have a series were old top gear meets new and meets top gear of america and have a vers off

    Curse were-wolfCurse were-wolfMåned siden
  • Its been a while science i wacht this british series but what happend to the old guys

    Curse were-wolfCurse were-wolfMåned siden
  • Where's the full video?

    Yubraj DevkotaYubraj DevkotaMåned siden
  • I wonder if people years ago would have ever imagined friendship, helping each other, and pc-ness would be the new. Top gear was what it was because they didnt help, they didnt care the car caught fire, and they where so un-'tv friendly' the camper van episode was a thing

    The World Of PandaThe World Of PandaMåned siden
  • Very boring, dull show

    Serhii VasylevskyiSerhii VasylevskyiMåned siden
  • I'm camming here to this channel from time to time to remind my self how much new new top gear sucks

    Sebastian BorawskiSebastian BorawskiMåned siden
  • Christ on a bike, this incarnation TG is unwatchable. I recorded this episode and ended up turning it off and deleting it after 9 minutes.

    infinite monkeysinfinite monkeysMåned siden
  • 6:12 is that a hammer?

    ufster81ufster81Måned siden
  • just wow

    Siddanta ShahSiddanta ShahMåned siden
  • wow

    Siddanta ShahSiddanta ShahMåned siden
  • Heard a voice that I knew not to be clarkson, Hammond or May’s, therefore I clicked off

    Will JacksonWill JacksonMåned siden
  • Hmmmm this feels oddly familiar

    whyareweherewhyarewehereMåned siden
  • Oops, I clicked on the wrong top gear series. No Jeremy, May or Hammond here.

    Siddhant AgarwalSiddhant AgarwalMåned siden
  • Top Gear: Bolivia Special in a nutshell

    Daniel LeitnerDaniel LeitnerMåned siden
  • hardcore fan of the old trio...at least we have a few episodes of the other show plus these new trio are acceptable....the old trio will never be replaced in 100 years

    SMM GoozSMM GoozMåned siden
  • why so few watch top gear in youtube?

    Java HotwheelsJava HotwheelsMåned siden
    • Because the new top gear is shit

      AnonbotAnonbotMåned siden
  • "so close to the edge here"..(acting like hes abt to die) and still have an extra 5+ ft of road.. you guys have never been/seen the north east part of India. I bet you'll laugh at these roads... It ain't that bad lol

    John LalrinlianaJohn LalrinlianaMåned siden
  • which part of nepal is this ????

    Rahul ThapaRahul ThapaMåned siden
  • From Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Man'sinspirational mansinspirationalMan'sinspirational mansinspirationalMåned siden
  • One day, i'd hope TG and GT both plan a trip on the same place at the same time. maybe unlikely but it'd be fun to see. no hate, love them both!

    planarian 19planarian 19Måned siden
  • Lol btec Top Gear

    Kobe BryantKobe BryantMåned siden
  • Just stop top gear it’s just not what it should be

    Joshua RaymondJoshua RaymondMåned siden
  • Still miss the original trio.

    Paleo PHPaleo PHMåned siden
    • You just lost your sense of humor.

      Jordam GuaianesJordam GuaianesMåned siden
  • i miss clarkson and everyone else

    Fortress FighterFortress FighterMåned siden
  • who else remembers the original 3 Jeremy Clrackson Richard Hammond and MR SLOW James May

    Ultra NateUltra NateMåned siden
  • love you from Nepal

    Raju DevkotaRaju DevkotaMåned siden
  • Damn... this series still going without Richard , May and Clarkson

    EXLNC _EXLNC _Måned siden
  • Me: *clicks on this video thinking thinking it's a clip from the original TG.* *Scottish guy starts talking* Me: aight imma head out.

    Sameer ChandioSameer ChandioMåned siden
  • What the heck is this? This bullshit is more fun to watch with muted video! Just be yourselves dudes! Don't make this show more terrible and don't ruin the reputation that Hammond and his team has brought to this show! Just be yourselves, you cannot copy them and make this show any fun atleast realise it after this much criticizm

    Munish SharmaMunish SharmaMåned siden
  • I need to get a 106

    Johnny StanwayJohnny StanwayMåned siden
  • Jesus this is garbage. The music doesn't fit the scene at all or just anything doesn't flow.

    Jackson SandellJackson SandellMåned siden
  • That blue Renault Is more entertaining then all of em

    Ya boi Davjoe123Ya boi Davjoe123Måned siden
  • This is special

    prashant khatriprashant khatriMåned siden
  • First time I've seen these three as I stopped watching once Clarkson, May and Hammond left. Seems to be more pally in some ways. No leaving people behind. But: "You'll definitely need a tug off Flintoff." That made me LOL.

    David DaviesDavid DaviesMåned siden
  • #bringbackoldtopgear

    Conner HarrellConner HarrellMåned siden
  • You guys are like a VW up compared to Jeremy Clackson who is a Bugatti Chiron.

    Jamie MthembuJamie MthembuMåned siden
  • What a bs.

    Josip MJosip MMåned siden
  • have you ever driven on a normal street in Pakistan?

    Phantom DragonPhantom DragonMåned siden
  • Welcome to asia

    Aashish SinghaAashish SinghaMåned siden
  • Cool vibrations

    Janardan ShivashankarJanardan ShivashankarMåned siden
  • The problem is that it’s trying too hard to be like Jeremy, James, and Richard. If the show had the cast simply appear as... themselves, it would be far more enjoyable. On a side note, though, I still much prefer old top gear even if the episodes are 5-10 years outdated, nothing will beat the old ways... “and now it’s time to do... the news!” “Clarkson you imbecile!!” “POWWAAAA!!!” “Hammond you idiot you’ve reversed into the sports lory!” “Well as you know, we’re not the U.S. marines we leave a man behind.” “I have a policy here... speed and power because in my mind... speed makes you lighter.” “I’ve got a Jaaaaaaag.” “I’ve been on the internet and I found this...” Those were good days, and it’s probably why the Grand Tour did so much better than this.

    Refuse Kid15Refuse Kid15Måned siden
  • I love how every comment is on the old trio 😍👏👏

    Harvey StolyciaHarvey StolyciaMåned siden
  • I agree with every comment I've read so far... This is crap, fake, forced and not funny or entertaining.. Its 3 random people driving up what, to me, looks like just some quarry track.The closest thing they could try and get to being funny was saying his life was in their hands. Top Gear should pack in, BBC should pack in. TV license should pack in, especially when its funding this.

    RoboFarmerRoboFarmerMåned siden
  • I enjoy driving and all. But no way in hell I would drive this "road".

    trademarkTMtrademarkTMMåned siden
  • They are just trying to relive the old specials but no one can beat them not even the specials self

    ExplosiveKrakenExplosiveKrakenMåned siden
  • poor old Top Gear better stary top gear lepszy ;((

    NowkNowkMåned siden
  • i miss the times when top gear was actually funny..

    Julek UznanskiJulek UznanskiMåned siden
  • Why he doing the clutch ? Tf

    LateNight RitualsLateNight RitualsMåned siden
  • Yeah to hell with this, sorry boys but you ain't Top Gear. That ship sailed already, cancel the show and let it die in peace.

    Dean FordDean FordMåned siden
  • what is this?? OMG it's horrible

    Manos ChalvatzopoulosManos ChalvatzopoulosMåned siden
  • Only og's remember: *Choose what videos come to you*

    joe's channeljoe's channelMåned siden
    • I remember that at the end of their videos

      Alex ByrneAlex ByrneMåned siden
  • Esses caras são doidos, quem vai pra uma montanha dessas mano...

    Melissa FariasMelissa FariasMåned siden
  • Old top gear was great the this one.

    Rock uRock uMåned siden
  • this guys ain't top gear GET OUT

    EkheeeEkheeeMåned siden
  • i meant jeremy

    Colin RyshafColin RyshafMåned siden
  • who are these twits-where are jemmy et al?

    Colin RyshafColin RyshafMåned siden
  • That us how Top Gear is supposed to be!!

    florence sugutflorence sugutMåned siden
  • oops, wrong Top Gear !! Bye........

  • watafak is this

    Fadžo badžoFadžo badžoMåned siden
  • The new top gear makes me want to watch 5th gear

    Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinMåned siden
    • In communist Russia even 5th gear is 6th gear

      J MJ M8 dager siden
  • Couldn't pay me enough to do that. Ridiculous idea.

    Theodore OlsonTheodore OlsonMåned siden
  • clarkson, may and hammond look different F

    ErikkkErikkkMåned siden
    • clarkson may abd hammond of my childhood vs yours

      Ahoy PcAhoy PcMåned siden
  • Being a Nepalese I think I recognise that road. It looks like the road to Mustang and yes it is difficult road to drive on but not as much as its being shown here. BBC are clearly exaggerating all this for the sake of the show.

    Indra ChaudhariIndra ChaudhariMåned siden
  • I want Hammond and clarkson back

    CatWith ABatCatWith ABat2 måneder siden
  • so much fake drama. tv shows are so damn cringe.

    R32inthaSIXR32inthaSIX2 måneder siden