EXTENDED: Chris Harris vs the Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 28

12. april. 2020
252 591 Ganger

Back in January, Chris Harris took to the Top Gear track in, what looked like, an old Ariel Atom. Except it wasn't an old Ariel Atom. It was the all-new Ariel Atom 4. So here he is, finding out just how 'new' said Ariel Atom 4 really is.
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  • Enclose the driver. Put the Honda Insight engine and batteries inside. Bam: 100+ MPGs...

    TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!10 dager siden
  • Uh, given how quick it goes, even as a track toy, I'd rather have paddle shifters on that thing... This way you can concentrate more on steering the beast! And have an auto mode to drive to and back from the track too :p

    Francis GaliegueFrancis Galiegue11 dager siden
  • can i hitch up a caravan to it ?

    jz35jz35Måned siden
  • Sounds like an old bus in traffic pumping the air brakes.Thought it would be a bit raspier.

    NS SherlockNS SherlockMåned siden
  • I like the car, but I love the Rolex on your hand 🤫

    Roman LimousineRoman LimousineMåned siden
  • It's pretty awesome, but still think I'd take a Caterham.

    Chad LewisChad LewisMåned siden
  • Man I miss the old crew

    Craig StoreyCraig Storey2 måneder siden
  • Is The Stig still a thing?

    sephiroth127sephiroth1272 måneder siden
  • It's not as fast as MY PEUGOT 208

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW082 måneder siden
  • Where is the background music from? Universal production music?

    Joe TsuiJoe Tsui2 måneder siden
  • I think this series is over-produced. The effects are busy...

    Clarence 13XClarence 13X2 måneder siden
  • 4:08 is orgasmic, look at the way he drives it. Proper car guy Mr Harris and the only good thing about Top Gear now

    James GunnJames Gunn2 måneder siden
  • I NEED to be sorted right out.

    Altern 8Altern 82 måneder siden
  • Ariels are crazy lol

    Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-93 måneder siden
  • I need one

    adrianarchieadrianarchie3 måneder siden
  • Who the hell cares what people think about you based on what you drive... or anything for that matter? And why is it always a "mid-life crisis?" Can't someone just love driving and think this is badass? Which it is. That Type R motor is a beast in the CTR, and now in this... sheesh! I want one.

    William Bellis IIIWilliam Bellis III3 måneder siden
  • I am not understearing, I am cornering. Take that, as a fact ❤️😘2:59 >>

    Tyfon 44Tyfon 443 måneder siden
  • Wild Bro. I want one 🤗

    Tyfon 44Tyfon 443 måneder siden
  • Tim Schrick didn’t talk about understeer in the old atom...?

    YTisDangerousYTisDangerous3 måneder siden
  • I wonder which is actually better, the K20c in this car or the K24z7 with a turbo in the Atom 3s?

    B-Conn66B-Conn664 måneder siden
  • 2:03 HOW THEY DO THAT???

    Old Man JohnOld Man John4 måneder siden
  • what's with all the weird sound effects and overlays of not the actual audio of the video?

    EichelkompressionsspinneEichelkompressionsspinne4 måneder siden
  • Here's a little comparison on track between the Atom 4 & Atom 3! [noworld.info/video/video/r6W1jblnpr2s19k.html]. Who's fastest you think?

    Paul & Rob AutomotivePaul & Rob Automotive4 måneder siden
  • Would they ever consider making one with a V10 or V12??

    FreaKyFreaKy4 måneder siden
  • Sounds like it has a mad turbo

    Matthew KirkMatthew Kirk4 måneder siden
  • Like how the tyres cambered in a bit by the suspension system

    Matthew KirkMatthew Kirk4 måneder siden
  • But... but.... but... are there BEES in your epiglottis??

    ThrockmortonThrockmorton5 måneder siden
  • Hammond, Clarkson and May... Man, Top Gear has never been the same since

    Remington BradleyRemington Bradley5 måneder siden
    • Go watch older videos and Grand Tour then.

      Fason HengFason Heng4 måneder siden
  • The sound of that shift wuufff

    Munni SharmaMunni Sharma5 måneder siden
  • It's life affirming!

    Wissenkraft GamingWissenkraft Gaming5 måneder siden
  • My goodness Chris can drive an auto. Kudos.

    Scottie LambertScottie Lambert5 måneder siden
  • We also need a fresh young crew those guys (JJR) were getting too old to be driving like how Chris Harris drives. NICE ONE TOP GEAR. You guys got me back to liking TG. More realistic too and more informative

    momomomo5 måneder siden
  • Hi, I can smell the tires and brakes from here.

    Toronto2lifeToronto2life5 måneder siden
  • I bet the whine of the supercharger was deafening, but it kinda made the car in my experience..

    AristocrafiedAristocrafied5 måneder siden
  • Chris at it again ))

    Jim ClarkeJim Clarke5 måneder siden
  • So if you get depressed just drive it

    Daniel RoqueDaniel Roque5 måneder siden
  • Chris is the coolest nerd on the planet

    L BL B5 måneder siden
  • Did people complain about the understeer in the originals? I don't have a photographic memory but I don't recall any reviewer complaining about it.

    Greco CondurisGreco Conduris6 måneder siden
  • NOworld, why are you trying to get me to buy one of these, would you like me to die?

    Judd OttoJudd Otto6 måneder siden
  • OMG The quality of the video

    Leho LucasLeho Lucas6 måneder siden
  • A052 along way from a048

    kuku6 måneder siden
  • I dont watch Top gear anymore...but I'll watch Chris Harris...

    pollumGpollumG6 måneder siden
  • ‘You can’t get a faster car for this kind of money’ *Tesla Model 3 has joined the chat*

    The Jade Blade YTThe Jade Blade YT6 måneder siden
    • I think Chris mean't around a track.

      AT10M4AT10M46 måneder siden
  • I drive this car daily Heard about Real Racing 3

    Abrar ShaikhAbrar Shaikh6 måneder siden
  • What's that quirky sound while shifting gears?!

    Amal GeevargheseAmal Geevarghese6 måneder siden
    • Turbo blow off valve

      C BrooksC Brooks6 måneder siden
  • Shit

    Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson6 måneder siden
  • I miss Clarkson...

    Fun Haver_117Fun Haver_1176 måneder siden
  • show needs the crazy trio

    jubilee boyjubilee boy6 måneder siden
  • Fantastic editing

    drsupremo88drsupremo886 måneder siden
  • Id love to put Exotruck up against one of those.

    ExotruckExotruck6 måneder siden
  • Rolex Submariner ... nice choice there Chris.

    Lb CoLb Co6 måneder siden
  • I am so desperately want one of these. I have a middle age life crisis 😢

    AnatoliyAnatoliy6 måneder siden
  • No matter what they try old trios can't be toped top gear suck now. I was a huge fan of the show back when Jeremy Clarkson, James may and Richard Hammond were hosts, I haven't watched a single episode since they left :(

    BaylockBaylock6 måneder siden
  • There's no one better than our Chris. Also this is shot and edited Fantastically.

    Andrew TregoningAndrew Tregoning6 måneder siden
  • Hit like for the old team! Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    UsedBOXUsedBOX6 måneder siden
  • Waste Gated Shift

    Josh RinleeJosh Rinlee6 måneder siden
  • Could've used the 2.0 from the Veloster N and used a faster dual clutch, or a Ford Ecoboost turbo, but let's use the Type R. Can't overheat if it doesn't use body panels.

    eljoel89eljoel896 måneder siden
  • There not as good as clarkson may and Hammond 😡🤣

    nathan Cunninghamnathan Cunningham6 måneder siden
  • More comfortable than what, being stabbed?

    limyohwanlimyohwan6 måneder siden
  • This show dies when the 3 originals went to grand tour

    Gas TrollGas Troll6 måneder siden
  • Call me a heretic, but anyone else want to see the return of the V8 ATOM?

    Preetam DasikaPreetam Dasika6 måneder siden
  • This has about 130 000 views as I’m watching it whereas James and Hammond drinking shots and building Lego cars has around 2 500 000 views, we weren’t watching it for the cars

    jetfirehi5jetfirehi56 måneder siden
  • Italy: 'We have made the most beautiful and powerful supercars in the world' Germany: 'We have designed the most scientifically advanced supercars ever made' England: 'We made a weird go-kart lol'

    Josh PolhillJosh Polhill6 måneder siden
    • @Anthony 0 Every vid I've seen recently was a McLaren destroying a German car.

      RRMåned siden
    • Germany: 'We cheat and rip-off innocent consumers'

      RRMåned siden
    • England: We made the F1 and now the T50. Enough said!

      Ricko KellyRicko KellyMåned siden
    • @Dallas Mellsop It's not built in America, you nonce. The real Atoms are built in the UK, and the shitty licenced US version is mass produced rubbish.

      Josh PolhillJosh Polhill2 måneder siden
    • Apart from it has a japenesse engine and is built in america

      Dallas MellsopDallas Mellsop2 måneder siden
  • "You get to the end of the straight younger than when you started it": should get into the funniest automobile quote hall of fame.

    MarkMark6 måneder siden
  • imagine this car with the Koenigsegg Gemera's 3 cylinder freevalve 600hp it's gonna fly

    NabiLNabiL6 måneder siden
    • NabiL that’s just a fully build 3 cylinder that cost way to much ,you can rebuild the type r engine and get 800hp if you have the money , pack it up .

      corone2018corone20186 måneder siden
  • You had me at Ariel Atom.

    Dirk DwippleDirk Dwipple6 måneder siden
  • I wish Ariel made a new Atom V8

    Sam FlemingSam Fleming6 måneder siden
  • Hey Top Gear, when is the series coming out in the US???

    Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez6 måneder siden
    • Never

      kuku6 måneder siden
  • If there's one thing I love about Chris Harris is His attitude during videos. As for the Atom I would buy, enjoy, potentially race it. (:

    ricky vricky v6 måneder siden
  • Or you just get a motorcycle, which also happens to be more involving, at a fraction of the price.

    MamoMamo6 måneder siden
  • Btw, a Caterham is a closer competitor to the Atom than a BAC Mono.

    MamoMamo6 måneder siden
  • I could do without these fast and furious effects.

    Antonio DiasAntonio Dias6 måneder siden
  • Gove it up top gear your absolute shite without jezza hammond and may absolute dog shit

    Noodle Neck Rat RibsNoodle Neck Rat Ribs6 måneder siden
  • Lets be real, it looks like a f1 car thats not done yet

    SweetCoekie5501 xDSweetCoekie5501 xD6 måneder siden
  • I would much rather listen to James May Richard Hammond and well, CLARKSON!!!!!

    Farmall FanboyFarmall Fanboy6 måneder siden
    • Boring

      Kuldeep Colt UppalKuldeep Colt Uppal6 måneder siden
  • Don't get the mid-life crisis thing, wouldn't that be like a flash sports car or something? Don't think this really says anything about the owner other than they can afford to spend 40 grand on a fun track car.

    Jam DevJam Dev6 måneder siden
  • Why don't they put a roof on with mechanical gull wing doors? If you could keep dry, they'd sell thousands.

    Bob DobalinaBob Dobalina6 måneder siden
  • Neutral gear would help us tide over corona pandemic.

    Food Tech IndianFood Tech Indian6 måneder siden
  • Hey TG when are you banning Jon Doe tho?

    Sourav MishraSourav Mishra6 måneder siden

    Richard DuBoisRichard DuBois6 måneder siden
  • Bring back Jezza....that’s what I think

    Paul DashwoodPaul Dashwood6 måneder siden
  • Like sempre

    SputinickSputinick6 måneder siden
  • Can we toss that on Dakar?

    ApexPredator_ApexPredator_6 måneder siden
    • Yessir.

      Sourav MishraSourav Mishra6 måneder siden
  • It's still 129 hp too low. It may do 0-100kph in 2.9s, the Atom 500 did it in 2.3. It's also missing the front and rear wings.

    Torrey JonesTorrey Jones6 måneder siden
  • You can buy a Ducati Desmosedici for that and it will only accrue value (assuming you dont smash it up)

    graham smithgraham smith6 måneder siden
  • Chris is best on the show.got big mouthed paddy.justvruined the show.i watched it once never again

    David CaslingDavid Casling6 måneder siden
  • New top gear all they do is follow the old top gear.

    David CaslingDavid Casling6 måneder siden
  • When he said 'when the state of the world is ever getting you down' I felt that.

    Vedant AgarwalVedant Agarwal6 måneder siden
  • Why did they stop doing Chris Harris Drives?

    Dragos PahontuDragos Pahontu6 måneder siden
  • Honda Power!!!

    Logλn LLogλn L6 måneder siden
  • The want is strong for this one.

    AmazezingerAmazezinger6 måneder siden
  • I was wondering why this felt so groundbreaking in terms of cinematography and feel. Then I saw it was uploaded 7 minutes ago. Chris is my favorite presenter thus far

    symbolresolutionsymbolresolution6 måneder siden
  • Chris really makes you go through the ride

    Farooq MirFarooq Mir6 måneder siden
  • Pure RacingCar

    산타페산타페6 måneder siden
  • When does the X2 come?

    Lucky LukeLucky Luke6 måneder siden
  • They really at least need a windshield.

    mack cummymack cummy6 måneder siden
  • I've had the pleasure of meeting one of the TMI Autosport on-site track engineers and a sales manager at Virginia International Raceway. They were both super cool people who are VERY passionate about what they do.

    DrewDrew6 måneder siden
  • What in the hell took the video between 2:05 and 2:11

    Elvis IgwiloElvis Igwilo6 måneder siden
  • Always great to see Harris behind the wheel. What a great car.

    Arctic 92xArctic 92x6 måneder siden
  • I wonder if I could get approved for Ariel Atom therapy? 🤔

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance6 måneder siden