EXCLUSIVE: Chris Harris vs the Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 28

25. jan.. 2020
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The boys are back with a new series of Top Gear. Freddie bungee jumps off a dam in a Rover Metro. Paddy has a great time in an old Ford Escort by the seaside. And Harris reviews this brand new Ariel Atom 4 on the track. Here's a little preview.
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  • Honda Power :D

    xpictos777 xxpictos777 x3 måneder siden
  • "It gets your heart going like a triple espresso... with a defibrillator chaser!" lmao -Chris Harris 2020

  • Here's a little comparison on track between the Atom 4 & Atom 3! [noworld.info/video/video/r6W1jblnpr2s19k.html]. Who's fastest you think?

    Paul & Rob AutomotivePaul & Rob Automotive4 måneder siden
  • I drove an Ariel Atom on a trackday, wow it was so good and accessible

    Abc 123Abc 1235 måneder siden
  • Give me five friend. Marveluse time on this car. Excuseme for my English.

    Marco BartocciMarco Bartocci5 måneder siden
  • I like it when it shifts and the car is like achuu And I'm like blessyou

    TuckerTucker5 måneder siden
  • People complaining about not having a Clarkson there. Wake up you cocks, Chris Harris is a masterpiece too. Don't judge just because of something that you were attached to for a long time. And yes, I also like so much that trio.

    Roman KalousRoman Kalous6 måneder siden
  • They should have tested in the same track where the ATOM 3 tested by STIG then compare the time of the new atom 4. Also it will be interesting to know who is a faster and better driver in an atom. Harris vs Stig. My guess the old ARIEL ATOM IS FASTER. Just a guess. I think the old K20 engine far better than the K24 & THE NEW K24C

    zzzzzsleepingzzzzzsleeping6 måneder siden
  • I wish Jeremy was back

    Riley FriesenRiley Friesen6 måneder siden
  • i love this channel, Can i have half the subscribers on my channel to ahahahaha nice video as always

    Passion_for carsPassion_for cars6 måneder siden
  • Too much editing... Too liitle Chris. Come on somebody silent those guitars!

    Paweł F.Paweł F.7 måneder siden
  • A type R engine on nothing but a frame, nice

    Rogue Wave JamesRogue Wave James8 måneder siden
  • You should do a review on utility quad bikes. And pit bikes please

    Bilal BBilal B8 måneder siden
  • Clarkson does it better..... WAAAAAY BETTA....

    Shuai ChenShuai Chen8 måneder siden
  • Old Top Gear is better!!!!!

    Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid8 måneder siden
  • Thought this was the proper Top Gear ... it aint. I'm outta here...

    F. D.F. D.8 måneder siden
  • So when does this show come to America ? I set my DVR to record on Feb 8th 2020 , the recording started like it should and I went to bed thinking I can watch it when I wake up , wrong . For some reason what was recorded was a repeat from the awhile ago , Clarkson was going on and on about the Toyota GT86 . Will series 28 ever be shown in the USA ?

    KenKen8 måneder siden
  • you guys could make a video showing chris review an iphone 5s in 2020 and ide watch it. and if he said "this is a proper piece of kit" i'de probably be inclined to buy it too.

    Nurburgrings FastestNurburgrings Fastest8 måneder siden
  • Top Gear winning formula: Lose the 2 other hosts, the pointless roadtrips/challenges and just have bits like this where Chris goes mental around a track.

    Chin Sau YongChin Sau Yong9 måneder siden
  • Loved Chris Harris content since his Autocar days but the editing on top gear drives me mad for me makes his recent work unwatchable.

    marcus copleymarcus copley9 måneder siden
  • The Chrysler Prowler in steroids

    HonordHonord9 måneder siden
  • Ariel Atom looks like Swizzle Sticks on wheels. I’ll take a Radical or a Praga R1 all day over this cartoon car.

    Zone TelevisionZone Television9 måneder siden
  • I want one now.!!!!

    Mark MillardMark Millard9 måneder siden
  • Needs to drive the Atom 500.

    Najeeb SheikhNajeeb Sheikh9 måneder siden
  • Top gear sucks.

    Greg StewartGreg Stewart9 måneder siden
    • Yet here you are.

      JJ O'RiordanJJ O'Riordan8 måneder siden
  • Chris, either you have no idea how to set up a car (seriously on a 4 screw setup, you can't find how to tune an atom???) or how to find the car's spirit to so it doesn't understeer...

    Xavier BuryXavier Bury9 måneder siden
  • Such an ugly car. They need to have some body work past the rear wheels. Looks like shit and unproportionate

    Follow The GrowFollow The Grow9 måneder siden
  • When I started watching Chris Harris' videos a few years ago, I used to like them. But then I realized that most of them - and most of the time - it's just him sliding around. Boring. =/

    ryvoltzryvoltz9 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where the river crossing bit was filmed in this (1st) episode???

    Chris StephensChris Stephens9 måneder siden
  • I don't care for the style that Top Gear has imposed on Chris Harris's reviews.

    wabbitwabbit9 måneder siden
  • It reminds me of Jeremy ruined his face.

    Earl GumbanEarl Gumban9 måneder siden
  • don't normally love the editing in these, compared to CHD, but this one was great. a few things i could have done without, but that heel toe shot made up for it.

    runrinrunrin9 måneder siden
  • I feel like it needs an aero package to complete the F1 experience. Massive rear wing and front splitter would probably plant it more in corners, and help it in the looks department (which I think is where it falls short).

    TheVladoooTheVladooo9 måneder siden
  • Those 'chirps' could get rather irritating. They were pissing me off in a 2 minute vid!

    Scott McKenzieScott McKenzie9 måneder siden
  • Bbc really oofed big time. Old boy should have gladly eaten the clarkson knuckle sandwich, then quit for being so rude. Top gear fucking sucks now.

    Stroud RollyatStroud Rollyat9 måneder siden
  • Imagine what it'll do around corners if it had some good aero added to it

    Troy RTroy R9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris as charismatic as a plastic cup , and half as intelligent 🤓.

    Patrick QuinnPatrick Quinn9 måneder siden
  • worst gear evr get rid of Flintoff nd that northern twat nd put tiff in

    Desmond TownsonDesmond Townson9 måneder siden
  • Finally, a Honda that can drift.

    Deadwood21+Deadwood21+9 måneder siden
  • Ok so i could be wrong but wasn't the original ones closer to 2.2. Also was it not a old Atom the other Stig got round the track going toe to toe with a Hayabusa bike? That was going round corners.

    Areyousaying idontknowmynameAreyousaying idontknowmyname9 måneder siden
  • it needs a spoiler

    Hello PeopleHello People9 måneder siden
  • What a treat to see Chris in a car like this!

    foxrowerfoxrower9 måneder siden
  • What would happen if you put the most powerful tesla powertrain in the ariel atom 4 ?? MAYHEM !!!

    Cecil AdrianCecil Adrian9 måneder siden
  • I get they decided to not use a lot of body work to save weight, but man, I feel like it would look so much better if they did. I know some people like the stripped out look, I'm not one of them.

    KB 2020KB 20209 måneder siden
  • It needs wider rear tires, it just looks wrong.

    Kenneth AlbertKenneth Albert9 måneder siden
  • Lacks the whine of the old supercharged unit, but it makes up for that with those whistles and chirps. Glad to see it's retained the characterful engagement that makes Atom's so popular.

    AlanAlan9 måneder siden
  • Nice agility

    Pops & flamesPops & flames9 måneder siden
  • Tonight we throw a chair over a hedge

    Jacojack MerzinoJacojack Merzino9 måneder siden
  • manual transmissions, while funner, are slower.

    Pixel DustPixel Dust9 måneder siden
  • $100,000+

    Kevin SchmidtKevin Schmidt9 måneder siden
  • Biggest load of crap on TV now TopGear and only six episodes why Bother

    Mike MarshallMike Marshall9 måneder siden
  • What are those shades Harris is wearing?

    deathrattlesdeathrattles9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris should have never have been matched with these guys Paddy and Freddie...i'm sorry but they're painfully poor, it's almost impossible to separate them.... the program has descended into something unrecognizable....last of the summer wine without the charm....there are so many great car people out there and we end up with this dross on the premier car programme...several you tubers have better content and that's alarming

    Michael O'SheaMichael O'Shea9 måneder siden
  • Begging for speed .supper game

    AVENGER 220AVENGER 2209 måneder siden
  • Rich people with cool toys 🧸🛹🪀 who cares more than the poor

    human zalezhuman zalez9 måneder siden
  • These are made about a mile from my house, pretty much in a shed.

    Jabber 1974Jabber 19749 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris should do top gear with Henry Catchpole he's wasted with the the two numptys on at present

    Jay BJay B9 måneder siden
  • Pure car porn. Hope my phone camera wasn’t hacked while watching this.

    Vlasis TVlasis T9 måneder siden
  • Amazing car but Chris calm bloody down!

    madpadimadpadi9 måneder siden
  • This thing needs a wing!

    The Operator Of HumanityThe Operator Of Humanity9 måneder siden
  • How old is this actual footage? That is, what is the current status of team racing track? Seems like years since they said it was getting pillocked for a subdivision. . . .

    John LeeJohn Lee9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris: fake, cliches, and garbage.

    eisern kreuzeisern kreuz9 måneder siden
  • I always wonder what BBC stands for...

    0815881010815881019 måneder siden
  • Great to see the Atom again in Top Gear! 😍

    Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin9 måneder siden
  • Helll yeah atom

    Md ZamanMd Zaman9 måneder siden
  • Chris, you're the only one left in the top gear cast who's about the cars as any host of a car show should be. The other two blokes are really not at all suited for the show. I wish you don't leave this show as much as i hope BBC finds better replacements for Reid and Leblanc.

    Bogdan BogdanBogdan Bogdan9 måneder siden
  • Chris can drift a train

    Alex R.Alex R.9 måneder siden
  • If only the price was as scarce as it looks lol

  • 2:17 That's when you really know Chris is a proper driver.

    D WilderD Wilder9 måneder siden
    • @jon doe lol what a wanker

      The best BladerThe best Blader4 måneder siden
  • wonder what happen if you put a electric motor in this car

    Ablute GoogleAblute Google9 måneder siden
    • the handling would be horrible as the weight would balloon

      T CroftT Croft9 måneder siden
  • atom or bac mono??

    TheTonicroTheTonicro9 måneder siden
    • Different cars really. And diff price brackets.

      T CroftT Croft9 måneder siden
  • 4:00 am

    Average forza playerAverage forza player9 måneder siden
  • Is that a brake bias dial in yellow?

    goatee01goatee019 måneder siden
    • Bottom left yellow is BB.

      T CroftT Croft9 måneder siden
  • I remember driving this in NFS Most Wanted, the acceleration...

    Hagen L.Hagen L.9 måneder siden
  • 0-60: 2,8 0-100: 7,0 Ok...

    wololo10wololo109 måneder siden
  • or you could maybe just, you know, ride a bike

    Kevin SanduKevin Sandu9 måneder siden
  • On an Atom you needn't spec A/C as an optional extra. They're one of the few manufacturers where it's a mandatory fitment.

    manos3790manos37909 måneder siden
  • see this test without stig lap time is a hole

    stig greystig grey9 måneder siden
  • This is COPY/PASTE of the very first Atom... i have spoken... its laaaazzzzyyy...

    Nashmann JangoNashmann Jango9 måneder siden
  • What does it cost doe

    Tristan BlikmanTristan Blikman9 måneder siden
  • Can't wait for the i20 WRC!!!! 🤩

    DiederikDiederik9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris, you sir are a legend! Super excited to see you hooning around on TopGear tonight👍 Also , 123 people who disliked this... move on

    The_ Druid00The_ Druid009 måneder siden
  • Amazing !! But that's not how time dilation would work.

    Swapnesh RanaSwapnesh Rana9 måneder siden
  • I'm literally scrolling through the comments just to read all of the salty 'John Doe' replies

    Tom DesbiensTom Desbiens9 måneder siden
    • Same

      TheKirbyLemon TKLTheKirbyLemon TKL5 måneder siden
    • Facts he's pissed

      Josue MingoJosue Mingo9 måneder siden
  • So...same accel than the Tesla cybertruck 🤣 that has 1milion tons and a roof 😜

    GROMarchGROMarch9 måneder siden
    • @Jabber 1974 many things do for that kind of money...

      GROMarchGROMarch9 måneder siden
    • GROMarch but this goes around corners.

      Jabber 1974Jabber 19749 måneder siden
  • The blow off valve sounds like a camera shutter.

    JoeySorrenJoeySorren9 måneder siden
  • Visceral.

    MarkMark9 måneder siden
  • The good news is that the $60K USD Corvette C8 will be able to pull the 0-60 for 2.9secs without compromising yourself with an exoskeleton body and exposure to the environment.

    Nhat TranNhat Tran9 måneder siden
    • You're missing the point if you think thats a good thing.

      T CroftT Croft9 måneder siden
  • 2:17 They're stationary. The wheels aren't moving. Just tryna show off some heel and toe xD

    ironyirony9 måneder siden
    • @SvenZerx it's really not

      ironyirony9 måneder siden
    • see the track, it's moving

      SvenZerxSvenZerx9 måneder siden
  • That’s all you need

    EDGEDAZZAEDGEDAZZA9 måneder siden

    TheMacLife 1TheMacLife 19 måneder siden
  • who is this fool

    Mark DMark D9 måneder siden
    • @DEBU SINHA if the cap fits were it. guess it tickled your ass. now b a dot head and run along for your dipper change

      Mark DMark D9 måneder siden
    • You mean the one who didn't read the title but clicked and commented on the video ? if so it's Mark D...

      DEBU SINHADEBU SINHA9 måneder siden
  • I wish the whole new top gear was just Chris Harris reviewing cars instead of those other two bigger guys who try to be funny and know nothing about cars.

    William ShaughnessyWilliam Shaughnessy9 måneder siden
  • Sehr verrückt, es hat mir gefallen!

    AlelAlel9 måneder siden
  • Fastest gocart on the planet

    Mauricio RomeroMauricio Romero9 måneder siden
  • Think about the 919 evo 0 to 186 in 8 seconds , thats mind bendy fast .

    I like frogs .I like frogs .9 måneder siden
  • Atooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!!

    ・ Rei_529・ Rei_5299 måneder siden
  • needs 1000 more hp

    Tuc LanceTuc Lance9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is great but I wont watch top gear because of those other two tosspotts. The format is tired and has had its day, much like the old presenters. You need genuine enthusiasts for a program like this to work, not d grade "celebrities" who dont have a clue about the subject matter. Thats why NOworld car channels are thriving; #throttle house #the straight pipes etc

    Mark AdamsMark Adams9 måneder siden
  • So CHRIS, when are you buying one then

    Vansh VaruVansh Varu9 måneder siden