Driving the £5.4m Bugatti Divo | Top Gear

1. sep.. 2020
905 573 Ganger

Ever wondered how a super exclusive downforce-hungry Chiron drives? Well, wonder no more. Here are eight things you need to know about Bugatti’s bonkers £5.4m Divo.
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  • 1:25 So funny

    medialogicmedialogic2 timer siden
  • idk if anyone has ever seen any of the new A.I. videos with people dancing to Bruno Mars or deepfakes. But at 5:13 in the video it looks like they have artificially used VFX to put that old "divo" car into the video. I wouldnt be suprised if Top Gear with the millions it has uses flawless AI to make videos of cars doing crazy stuff. This is after all entertainment NOT a documentary

    JacobJacob12 timer siden
  • Its my car lol

    Genesis CoupeGenesis Coupe12 timer siden
  • Nice colour

    Shujatur Rehman Shujarur RehmanShujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman14 timer siden
  • Yes this is nice car

    Shujatur Rehman Shujarur RehmanShujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman14 timer siden
  • 4:08 LOOK AT THAT

    Melvin GamingMelvin GamingDag siden
  • Who is here after SSC hitting 331 mph?

    The NerdyThe NerdyDag siden
  • We miss Jeremy q

    Ryan MoukarramRyan MoukarramDag siden
  • 1.8 liters wide? :D

    Ondrej HlavenkaOndrej HlavenkaDag siden
  • Was that drive in Sicily in the Madonie?

    Federico ColaiudaFederico Colaiuda2 dager siden
  • come to my channel.,

    NEWcars UANEWcars UA3 dager siden
  • They nicked the tail lights from the AM Vulcan!

    KangoVKangoV3 dager siden
  • For 6 million you could tune a cheaper car to perform better. Not knocking on the Bugatti’s capability, just questioning its value

    Air-headed AviatorAir-headed Aviator3 dager siden
  • It's not the same without Jeremy, Richard and May. They make Top gear what it is.

    gelemos collarcitosgelemos collarcitos3 dager siden
  • Wonder if you can whip it and whip it good?

    Something VisceralSomething Visceral3 dager siden
  • This is what Batman drives on a track day

    Race RideRace Ride4 dager siden
  • OK THIS GUYS NOTHING LIKE RICHARD HAMMOND! He's a weird annoying guy

    Rishabh ChatterjeeRishabh Chatterjee4 dager siden
  • Who is from india watching

    Ruhaan SaharanRuhaan Saharan5 dager siden
  • You gotta change the way you review cars just like old times like James ,Richard ,and Jeremy Clarkson . It will be aa great hit. The way they present made everyone fall in love with the show, the car

    S JS J5 dager siden
  • ARABİAN CAR ...!!!!

    Fehim MUTLUFehim MUTLU5 dager siden
  • If a car costs millions because it's at the top of everything tech wise then I love it. But a 35 kg lighter chrion with some aero for another 3m over the chiron... Nah I lose interest. Rather get a Koenigsegg jesko pair for that kind of cash haha

    ObviouszObviousz5 dager siden
  • Forget the car its all about that background music

    jkayyjkayy6 dager siden
  • How much did Volkswagen ask for selling Bugatti?

    terastarship2terastarship27 dager siden
  • Now imagine if this thing was a proper lightweight car and had rear wheel steering. Beautiful car however, only modern Bugatti id love to own

    NRNS AyrtonNRNS Ayrton7 dager siden
  • Terrible colour to film

    Tom FTom F8 dager siden
  • Woh thats sick i want one

    iwotubeiwotube9 dager siden
  • 5MILLION lolest

    SAY FAMISAY FAMI9 dager siden
  • What is this fixation to compare everything with a bloody Golf?

    Jorge LastraJorge Lastra9 dager siden
  • Aaah yes, topgear Nvm it's the fake one

    Marijn VisMarijn Vis10 dager siden
  • The Bassline really sells the monstrosity of this car.

    Michael IvanovMichael Ivanov10 dager siden
  • A cow in a tracksuit comes to mind

    Mini Mead3Mini Mead311 dager siden
  • Their is millions of limited edition products out their this is just another lump of trash to add to the forever growing portfolio of 💩

    Big Summer BlowoutBig Summer Blowout11 dager siden
  • The 80k dodge demon goes 0-60 faster

  • 8 seconds faster per lap than a Chiron.....sheesh

    Brendan Fitness and MoneyBrendan Fitness and Money11 dager siden
  • this isn't top gear sorry

    Vane GabrijelVane Gabrijel11 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍

    SVrebuildsSVrebuilds11 dager siden
  • tuner cars for billionares/ rice for millionares teenage sons

    wah panda1wah panda111 dager siden
  • 1,8 litres wide?

    peter jurkovicpeter jurkovic12 dager siden
  • Batman’s ‘run around’

    BareJokes TVBareJokes TV12 dager siden
  • Does anyone know the song in this video?

    J2MotoJ2Moto12 dager siden
  • 8 things you need to know cuz you probably gonna buy one

    stefchiistefchii12 dager siden
  • This car presented by these guys is not good, we want old top gear back

    Cristian AlionteCristian Alionte12 dager siden
  • bragging about the price that's what the new top gear is about bruuh

    LckerLcker12 dager siden
  • Twice the price of a Chiron but a 40 km/h lower top speed.

    Alex K.Alex K.12 dager siden
  • Where is the proof in the puding? Show us how fast it is pls...

    jacquesf fouchejacquesf fouche12 dager siden
  • Can't see a thing how made this video!!!!!

    ALI SAMERALI SAMER12 dager siden
  • Its hilarious how he says it handles well at low speed right when he understeers and probably shit his pants 4:08

    BlaseBlase13 dager siden
  • Dope video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV13 dager siden
  • When Bugatti unveils a new model, it would cost 10 times the money on Elon Musk's bank account lol.

    Dimitri WinckelDimitri Winckel13 dager siden
  • You get 7 Ferrari SF90 for the price of this car. And every single one is better than this 5.4mil shitbox

    R.T.9.2R.T.9.213 dager siden

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist13 dager siden
  • This is a Bugatti Chiron but on 10 tons of crack

    MemerLORD10MemerLORD1014 dager siden
  • How did they make such a cool car so boring?

    Jskan MemeJskan Meme14 dager siden
  • whats the song?

    big dingusbig dingus14 dager siden
  • I'll have the little blue one, please...

    Muddy BootsMuddy Boots14 dager siden
  • Dude his voice sounds like james

    αλεξης πεγιαδηςαλεξης πεγιαδης14 dager siden
  • For me it's just ugly.. It's cool but not a beautiful or aggressive for me

    Vincent RhyzerVincent Rhyzer14 dager siden
  • So the Pur Sport produces more downforce, is lighter, accelerates faster and is less expensive than this. So whoever buys this is basically paying for the bodywork and those fancy taillights.

    hari gopalakrishnanhari gopalakrishnan14 dager siden
  • It MADE For God.

    I BE GodI BE God14 dager siden
  • ok, fr? is this top gear now? lmao

    Stijn M.Stijn M.15 dager siden
  • Bro i like the intro

    Zael brown7Zael brown715 dager siden
  • I will probably never see a Bugatti Divo against a Dallara Stradale on closed track

    Marcello MartinelliMarcello Martinelli15 dager siden
  • Why the goddamn music overlay??!!??

    Gregg BGregg B15 dager siden
  • Looks a bit like a fiat from the front

    Yaser AhmedYaser Ahmed16 dager siden
  • Looks pretty ugly to me... I'm glad I don't have the 6 million bucks to buy one :)

    nevarrannevarran16 dager siden
  • So it is actually a refined suspension wise and coachbuilt bodied Chiron

    SKYDRIVERSKYDRIVER16 dager siden
  • oh so you gotta pay 3 million extra to have ferrari front lights. I see. Logical

    RobertRobert16 dager siden
  • #3 “A Divo Drive-By Looks and Sounds Like This” *proceeds to show footage from the car and a chase car, not a stationary vantage point*

    JklmnopskiJklmnopski17 dager siden
  • Wait till Manny shows up with Hermes edition of this😅😂

    Dev VermaDev Verma17 dager siden
  • SIP

    Lilik Sri SetiawatiLilik Sri Setiawati17 dager siden

    Lilik Sri SetiawatiLilik Sri Setiawati17 dager siden
  • SIP

    Lilik Sri SetiawatiLilik Sri Setiawati17 dager siden

    Lilik Sri SetiawatiLilik Sri Setiawati17 dager siden
  • Thumbs down for not poking it with the stick of truth.

    Erick PalaciosErick Palacios17 dager siden
  • Oh look, another garage queen.

    Reuben SandwichReuben Sandwich18 dager siden
  • Spanish place👍

    Abraham АвраамAbraham Авраам18 dager siden
  • Lights are so ugly

    Colby MoormanColby Moorman18 dager siden
  • ‘Top Gear ⚙️’ more like ‘Revers Gear’! It has really gone down hill, lately. It’s brilliant on NOworld but on telly it’s just not right ☹️. No supercars and the completely wrong hosts! Com’on, get it right!

    Kerri McAlisterKerri McAlister18 dager siden
  • I can barely see the damn thing

    Tony SalazarTony Salazar18 dager siden
  • He’s trying to be Richard Hammond. Don’t trick us BBC everyone wants the old top gear back

    MJones 10MJones 1019 dager siden
  • That W16 is the weight Culprit

    Sooraj Kumar JhaSooraj Kumar Jha19 dager siden
  • thats your ending ? come on

    Lapsus RevealerLapsus Revealer20 dager siden
  • In 2030 car get 60 miles/hour in 0sec

  • No interior 😭

    xAzyinxAzyin20 dager siden
  • The grandad and the grandson :)

    Xiva LloraXiva Llora21 dag siden
  • You need an oil well to keep that beast running.

    yunkillubeatsyunkillubeats21 dag siden
  • how could some people on this planet be soooo filthy rich.

    fdjw88fdjw8822 dager siden
  • This is not interesting. Where are the old legends. (James , Hamond and Jeremy)

    Valentina IlijovskaValentina Ilijovska22 dager siden
  • man i miss the og trio

    Aqeel Abdul KareemAqeel Abdul Kareem22 dager siden
  • From the front it kinda looks like the Ferrari FXX K

    Indian ScammerIndian Scammer23 dager siden
  • Top gear ? 😂🤣 that is some thing you should leave to experts . After 30 seconds u got thumbs down from me . This is the job for jeryy team .

    rusty doorbillrusty doorbill23 dager siden
  • the new top gear sucks so bad

    SpLitzSpLitz23 dager siden
  • Its trash

    MD MAMUNMD MAMUN23 dager siden
  • pleeeeaaaase stopped the hammering 🔨 stupid background noise (music)

    angelo Ortizangelo Ortiz24 dager siden
  • Talking about turn in while it understeers through a corner under throttle....

    Andy GAndy G27 dager siden
  • Id take the granny bugatti feels like much more fun to drive

    MrLoose26MrLoose2627 dager siden
  • It's not a McLaren F1 though is it?

    Bongo BagginsBongo Baggins27 dager siden
  • 4:25 *Cody Ko has entered the chat*

    MekayleMekayle27 dager siden
  • People complaining it’s not the same as the trio days. But I can see why Top Gear went down the serious car road. You can’t relive or recreate them. They’ve tried. And no one would match up.

    Skoll _Skoll _28 dager siden
  • Just buy a new 911 porsche turbo for a fraction of the price and. 1 second slower to 60, I can't afford any tho 😂

    Shane NewsomeShane Newsome28 dager siden