Do UFOs Exist? Tiger King, Fawlty Towers | Top Gear Conference Call (Part 3)

29. mai. 2020
34 109 Ganger

The boys are back with the final instalment of their lockdown video chat and they're talking about what they've been watching in isolation. Chris has been enjoying some oldies like Fawlty Towers, Fred's well into Afterlife, and Paddy's got a theory about UFOs. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • What's been your binge watch of lockdown?

    Top GearTop Gear4 måneder siden
    • Futurama

      Harrys Ferm BywydHarrys Ferm Bywyd4 måneder siden
    • The grand tour

      Ben PBen P4 måneder siden
    • Fast & furious 1 to 7

      Thomas VeenstraThomas Veenstra4 måneder siden
    • Please get Kerry and Kurtan from our country as guests in the next series that would be amazing

      A RA R4 måneder siden
    • Cardinal, Sherlock, Hidden, Waking The Dead, Spooks, Luther, Silent Witness, all on the iPlayer.

      Stewart SmithStewart Smith4 måneder siden
  • How are you going with Australian ninja warrior?

    Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
  • Such fake laughs

    ShadzShadz3 måneder siden
  • Guess I need no give Project Bluebuuuk a try.

    Mc HockneyMc Hockney3 måneder siden
  • I thought that guy in the right upper side was Linus 😅

    Boss PauBoss Pau4 måneder siden
    • Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was Jenson Button for a moment :D

      skr lavioletteskr laviolette2 måneder siden
  • Couple of extras!!! haha done me that did

    James WaldenJames Walden4 måneder siden
  • Jeremy clarkson James may and Richard Hammond are much better than these jokes

    Mohammed ShamraizMohammed Shamraiz4 måneder siden
    • Grand Tour needs to continue to season 50, at least

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • I agree but Chris Harris is fantastic. Him on the Grand Tour would be perfect. Fred and Paddy can do1.

      Kevin EvansKevin Evans4 måneder siden
  • Hey youuu guyyyys...(goonies) 😂

    DoubleDeckerAntonDoubleDeckerAnton4 måneder siden
  • Chris: "I haven't got Amazon"... was that by choice, or because the BBC won't let you watch the Grand Tour? 😆😆😆

    STAG162STAG1624 måneder siden
  • No such thing as UFO's. Someone, somewhere knows what mechanical things are up there, even if most of us don't.

    mrearly2mrearly24 måneder siden
  • Was watching this while looking at T-Shirts saw this one.. Maybe Paddy needs one of these

    Vok StarVok Star4 måneder siden
  • I thought Top Gear died?

    L QL Q4 måneder siden

    Discover VibeDiscover Vibe4 måneder siden
  • OMG too funny. Area 52, Project Blue Bug (I know Paddy said book but it sounded like bug), and Fred schooling fact vs. fiction. An episode for the ages. Fun fact, we have our own two part UFO video coming. The truth, or at least the silly, is out there. ; )

    AeroSpaceNews.comAeroSpaceNews.com4 måneder siden
  • Yes they do

    gaming kid 2020gaming kid 20204 måneder siden
  • Do they ever change their clothing?

    JoeyandLindsayJoeyandLindsay4 måneder siden
  • Was Freddy high when filming this?

    M SM S4 måneder siden
  • these guys have their own chemistry that works well, i was a strong believer the bbc lost their minds picking them but they've captured lightening in a bottle for the second time ! naysayers be damned ! love em all they surpassed the grand tour by quitge a margin !

    CaydeStroke MaxCaydeStroke Max4 måneder siden
    • @G S W Кларксон сделал сериал забавным, так что перестань быть таким чувствительным

      Ben PBen P4 måneder siden
    • @G S W nah, he's better on the grand tour

      Ben PBen P4 måneder siden
    • B-bring B-back C-clarkson

      Ben PBen P4 måneder siden
    • You're entitled to your opinion.... Even though it's wrong.

      The Cross ExaminationThe Cross Examination4 måneder siden
  • What has Chris done to himself

    GT FanaticGT Fanatic4 måneder siden
    • Pretty sure he dyed it for charity

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst4 måneder siden
  • Focal Cans. Good Taste 👍

    NigelNigel4 måneder siden
  • Eminem joined the chat

    ToniToni4 måneder siden
  • I binged Breaking Bad (agree with Paddy, didn't like it), Better Call Saul (actually a lot better than Breaking Bad), His Dark Materials, After Life S02 (amazing), UK The Office, La Casa de Papel... yeah I watched a lot of shit in lockdown 😂

    Stefan GrubesicStefan Grubesic4 måneder siden
  • Any flying gizmo you can't identify is a UFO. Petrol heads ...

    danmar007danmar0074 måneder siden
  • Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

    One TwoOne Two4 måneder siden
  • Project Blue Book finishes after 2 series, with no prospect of a ends on a cliffhanger!!!

    TJU291NTJU291N4 måneder siden
  • there are no lights on the controller

    MazekiinMazekiin4 måneder siden
  • Dont you love the trolls in these comments like it hilarious to see them waste their time and insult chris for no reason just shows how intelligent they are insulting people they dont know. Chris is the best

    JaSoNjAy 0778JaSoNjAy 07784 måneder siden
    • Exactly, i do wonder if his hair is like that naturally or dye?

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • You do realise you've just insulted people you' don't know, right? What were you saying about intelligence?

      ㅤㅤㅤㅤ3 måneder siden
  • paddy look into rendlesham mate that is properly weird

    ian farnfieldian farnfield4 måneder siden
  • What does this have to do with cool cars? Top Gear hits rock bottom

    gotham61gotham614 måneder siden
    • @gotham61 What's the title of the video?

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
    • LOL Ok drama queen

      One TwoOne Two4 måneder siden
    • @win kerr Top Gear is supposed to be a show about cool cars. Hence the title. On a similar note, I remember when MTV Music Television actually had music.

      gotham61gotham614 måneder siden
    • Did it mention anything about cool cars in the title?

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Who is watching this in memory and commemoration of the true trio?

    Asad Raza RathoreAsad Raza Rathore4 måneder siden
  • No mention of cars Don't act like you've been following rules

    MontyMonty4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris and paddy McGuinness have blonde hair

    Zack InghamZack Ingham4 måneder siden
  • It's really sad what Top Gear has become

    rosmarynrosmaryn4 måneder siden
    • What do you mean?

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Paddy aint being fooled, he knows theres some funny buiseness goin on and he aint affraid to speak out about it.. Fair play to him for being an open minded truth seeker. Saw that Bluebook trailer, may have to check it out sun!.. Yes i meant Sun, not the Moon aka the space station holding us pisoner for experimentation.. no not that big white metalic mass or lack of mass should i say.. But now im getting ahead of myself.. Time to get the tin hat out lads!

    SuNd4wN GamingSuNd4wN Gaming4 måneder siden
    • LOL Crazy is always funny.

      One TwoOne Two4 måneder siden
  • I've been to Area 51, but it was the one in Pattaya Thailand. There was a bit of probing involved though.

    Rude PotatoRude Potato4 måneder siden
  • Chicka-chicka Slim Harris.

    TechMetalRulesTechMetalRules4 måneder siden
  • If this video was the old trio having a conversation it would have a million views already.

    UsmanUsman4 måneder siden
    • Why are you even here?😂

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
    • Yeah and far less entertaining

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
  • Prow-jekt bleww bewwwwk

    kamatmehbrokamatmehbro4 måneder siden
  • Paddy having a go at someone's accent is a bit rich, innit?

    mugdaysmugdays4 måneder siden
  • Only Fools & Horses

    Charles JesudasonCharles Jesudason4 måneder siden
  • What did I see!!!

    Boxuan GuBoxuan Gu4 måneder siden
  • we want the old trio top gear back richard, james, and jeremey

    bruh momentbruh moment4 måneder siden
    • They’re on The Grand Tour, why don’t you go and watch that?

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
    • You can want all you like... they are never coming back.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • "...was on the History Channel originally..." There's your problem. Paddy's going to be regaling us about how the globe Earth is a hoax if you keep him indoors for much longer.

    Markle2kMarkle2k4 måneder siden
  • I'm about to pass out from all the gayness.

    LowBidEverybodyDownLowBidEverybodyDown4 måneder siden
  • C'mon Paddy, be fair. Bolton is still in the 1940s.... No wonder you've only just got to know about Project Blue Book. 😊

    Andy RichardsAndy Richards4 måneder siden
  • Totally unwatchable.

    Richard OsborneRichard Osborne4 måneder siden
    • Don't watch it then.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Grand Tour is my favorite ..….......

    varun kumarvarun kumar4 måneder siden
    • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • Cool story, bro.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • but on the real side .... its real! US government confirmed two years ago that YES UFOs are REAL REAL REAL!!!!!!!!

    The RavenThe Raven4 måneder siden
  • I thought the guy with the black t shirt was Cassano see hahahahah

    Gabjriele PerroneGabjriele Perrone4 måneder siden
  • Prow-Ject Blew Bewk

    Mr Dayum FineMr Dayum Fine4 måneder siden
  • Pentagon releases footage from the most advanced country in the world confirming UFOs.. meanwhile in the UK: are UFOs real? 🥱

    NIc KNIc K4 måneder siden
  • Best boxset to binge to for me is 24.

    Smokey StonerSmokey Stoner4 måneder siden
  • Your Best thing on you tube lads in this lockdown !!

    Terry JonesTerry Jones4 måneder siden
  • Those jorts Paddy had on were rascals!

    Carl AinsworthCarl Ainsworth4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is brilliant but the other two are just clowns who know nothing about cars, car industry, motorsports. TG ruined.

    Rafal KarwackiRafal Karwacki4 måneder siden
    • @Joel Schembri the fact that someone owns a GT3 only means that they can afford one, not necessarily that they know how to drive it at full capacity. I own a fancy laptop, doesn't meen I know how to code. I'm not running a laptop review show, these clowns shouldn't run a car review show.

      Rafal KarwackiRafal Karwacki4 måneder siden
    • So salty 😭. Their car histories would say otherwise. They’ve had some proper drivers cars between them.

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
  • awesome

    Ortus AutomotiveOrtus Automotive4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear at any other day: Here We got tThe Most Exclusive Ferrari's Competing Against The Most Expensive Porche's Top Gear at fridays: Do UFOs Exist?

    HonordHonord4 måneder siden
  • I want more of Richard Hammond , Jeremey Clarkson , And James May

    Biin sssyBiin sssy4 måneder siden
    • Why are you here then? Are you crazy or just slow?

      One TwoOne Two4 måneder siden
    • The Grand Tour

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
    • Well, you're not going to find anything new with them on this channel.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Isn't that Freddie Flintoff?

    Neil DasNeil Das4 måneder siden
  • These three guys make a great trio. Hope Top Gear don't change the presenters again. The previous ones, after the "event", where just horrible. These guys are great.

    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaАуто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia4 måneder siden
    • Freddy is on Australian Ninja Warrior and i know because am Down under

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • I don’t like Chris or paddy

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • 😂😂😂 ya the only person I have a sliver of respect for is Chris Harris

      GT FanaticGT Fanatic4 måneder siden
  • Why isn't everyone talking about aliens? ✌

    Sir Dave Of SpaceSir Dave Of Space4 måneder siden
    • A surprising amount are, it's just getting censored to stop the spread of misinformation.

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
  • That guy looks like Andrew Flintoff to me.

    Ankit KalavadiyaAnkit Kalavadiya4 måneder siden
  • Freddy looking like a heroin addict who is 2 weeks clean

    Zaf MoZaf Mo4 måneder siden
  • Where is part 2?

    The Average Retro GamersThe Average Retro Gamers4 måneder siden

    Kam SinghKam Singh4 måneder siden
  • Breaking bad is amazing you didn’t give it a chance but this from ppl who think Monty python is funny when it’s not at all

    SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSSSNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS4 måneder siden
    • Get a life and stop watch tapes

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • I watched the first 6 episodes of Breaking Bad and gave up. I was bored out of my mind. Monty Python however is brilliant.

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
    • Monty Python is funny, it's just not to your taste in comedy.

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
  • What happened to being a car channel, where’s the talk about cars?talk about your first about the new car news ect

    _Generation_ Youth_X_Generation_ Youth_X4 måneder siden
  • I was sooooo glad we didn't see these two idiots for a while. Ahhhhhhh.

    Keith WhittyKeith Whitty4 måneder siden
  • haven't watched them in a while got a whole stash of their vids now

    ethan hornby -Abandoned-ethan hornby -Abandoned-4 måneder siden
    • ethan hornby -Abandoned- ? Well, in iso

      Zach DavyZach Davy2 måneder siden
    • Wow how did u get a lot of subscribers?

      Biin sssyBiin sssy4 måneder siden
  • C.Harris becames a youtuber..and the other two with wired accent killing my young taste for TG..

    Anthony R.Anthony R.4 måneder siden
  • UFO existing, so they come on earth but *bye* that going in their place, because see people with covid-19 →(° ۝ °)┗

    Alush PlayAlush Play4 måneder siden
  • 0:04 Dinosaurs among us

    Alexandru TimişAlexandru Timiş4 måneder siden
    • Diplodocus is my favorite

      Luciole DizerotLuciole Dizerot4 måneder siden
  • Was shit weren’t it paddy lol

    d dujid duji4 måneder siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I love this guys!

    Mary CrossMary Cross4 måneder siden
  • Why is Chris's hair blonde?!?!

    Robert HullRobert Hull4 måneder siden
    • Chris did his for charity. Don't know why paddy did it

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst4 måneder siden
    • I just sprayed some anti mold spray in the kitchen,and some of it got on my orange hoodie, and in that spot it changed the color to the exact same yellow as his hair! So, I am guessing he used the same anti mold agent to treat his hair. :p

      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaАуто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia4 måneder siden
    • He dyed it blond

      RJB 05RJB 054 måneder siden
  • PrOOOject BlOOO BOOOOk! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Samurai SnowboarderSamurai Snowboarder4 måneder siden
    • Amazingly the auto-generated subtitles understood. I just put them on to see if it could figure out Paddy’s accent.

      SparkySparky4 måneder siden
  • Did they have a bet? What's with the blonde locks? 😂😂😂

    Orang3 MonkeyOrang3 Monkey4 måneder siden
    • Think Chris did his for charity. I don’t know what Paddy’s excuse is. May have said in part one but I forget now.

      SparkySparky4 måneder siden
  • Strict absence of content can take you places... Ancient aliens facing competition from Top Gear..2020 is really a weird year

    Anshuman SinghAnshuman Singh4 måneder siden
  • Now the science begins with flat earth’s

    Ankush d.kulalAnkush d.kulal4 måneder siden
  • I am with Paddy on this one! They mock the fool but the fool is trying to you something! Play the game Paddy. Play hard or go home!😁

    Simon 33 you cant handle the truth 33Simon 33 you cant handle the truth 334 måneder siden
  • LOL :D

    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaАуто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is so forced these days Prefer to watch Clarkson, May and Hammond on Dave tbh

    Janjua __Janjua __4 måneder siden
    • win kerr I think you are the snowflake In your feelings because some has a valid opinion

      Janjua __Janjua __4 måneder siden
    • win kerr 😂 Correct

      Joel SchembriJoel Schembri4 måneder siden
    • @Janjua __ I'm not the snowflake here...

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
    • win kerr I can still have an opinion can’t I ? Snowflake

      Janjua __Janjua __4 måneder siden
    • No one's making you click the video

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • I’ve seen ufo. What’s so special about it? How stupid do you need to be to think we are the only living creatures in the universe. We still have not discovered what’s going on in our oceans, granted we probably are going to destroy everything first in them. Humans are really beyond dumb.

    10secondsrule10secondsrule4 måneder siden
    • @Sir Dave Of Space Farting is a small, insignificant event that means nothing. UFO sightings are something big that needs brains to figure out. That's like saying you learn to walk by yourself, so why do you need to be taught how to fly a plane? And what do you mean by the other half of your comment?

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
    • @Joseph Brown if you farted would you need a scientist to tell you what is was? you are assuming that you're the only one that farts, it might be true

      Sir Dave Of SpaceSir Dave Of Space4 måneder siden
    • The thing is, what evidence is there to support that these are extra-terrestrial beings? There's about as much evidence to say they are Earth objects, which is why they remain as Unidentified flying objects. There is just no evidence here, and even if there is a scrap of supporting evidence, it needs to be held from the general public (which is the dumb part of the human race) so as not to cause public confusion and spread of misinformation. We may not be the only living creatures in this universe, but what's to say that any other beings are so close to us? If said species is intelligent enough to not show up on any form of human identification, why would it suddenly make itself visible to us, despite not being visible for the whole journey here? Why would aliens use human technology like lights, ships etc? The whole alien conspiracy theory is what's dumb here. We, the dumb general public, have no place to identify such things. This needs to be left to people with the unbiased knowledge and intelligence on the subject, who won't just jump to fancy conclusions of aliens, which is what we are doing. Just leave this all to the scientists and researchers who actually know what they're doing. The "object" released by the Pentagon was only claimed to be a UFO, an Unidentified Flying Object, an object that hasn't been identified, and not alien activity at all.

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
  • Project Bluebook. Great show

    MichaelaltunMichaelaltun4 måneder siden
    • I think you mean "Bloo Boook" as in the words of Paddy McGuiness.

      Rewindz 41Rewindz 414 måneder siden
  • Tiger King was so disappointing considering all the hype.

    xrptoxrpto4 måneder siden
  • Aliens series, Terminator 1-2, Space Odyssey 2001, Project Blue Book, The Outsider, Twin Peaks complete, DEVS, and one of the best Tales from the Loop!!! Chek these out and then we'll talk

    serpex77serpex774 måneder siden
  • Ayy, Chris shadys back 😂

    Faizaan AhmedFaizaan Ahmed4 måneder siden
  • Where are richard, hammond and james?

    DavisThe. LittleOneDavisThe. LittleOne4 måneder siden
    • Hmm. Richard and Hammond is the same guy. :p

      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaАуто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia4 måneder siden
    • Dead.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • wow so early

    Touhid RahmanTouhid Rahman4 måneder siden
  • First

    Vlad PelepcoVlad Pelepco4 måneder siden
    • Vlad Pelepco ....and sad enough to comment on a video you didn’t watch before commenting 🤣

      S GS G4 måneder siden
  • Yall gotta search in mageufo on twitter or youtube, actual ufo footage frm brazil and these videos were released at the same time by diff youtubers and in diff angles. These videos are getting deleted too!

    _kentaccis_ 69_kentaccis_ 694 måneder siden
    • @Joseph Brown Exactly.

      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams SerbiaАуто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia4 måneder siden
    • @Joseph Brown perhaps the truth is in the middle

      Sir Dave Of SpaceSir Dave Of Space4 måneder siden
    • By UFOs, you do mean Unidentified Flying Objects. That means just objects in the air that haven't been identified yet, like if your neighbour throws a Frisbee and you don't know what it is, it's a UFO. Most of the clips are either obviously doctored or what look like regular planes/objects. UFO conspirators are just too wrapped up in their pet theories to see anything outside of what they immediately believe. This is all being censored because it very much encourages misinformation and stupidity on an enormous scale.

      Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
  • O may gad

    Mojgan JafariMojgan Jafari4 måneder siden
  • What about richard, hammond and james?

    Just another huskyJust another husky4 måneder siden
    • I know what happened now so one of them punched a producer in the face cos he fucked up his lunch so he got fired and then the other 2 quit cos they are mates and now they are just in the grand tour

      Just another huskyJust another husky4 måneder siden
    • One Two ikr

      Just another huskyJust another husky4 måneder siden
    • Someone needs to tell him... He must have been under a rock for a few years...

      One TwoOne Two4 måneder siden
    • @Just another husky 🤷‍♂️

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
    • win kerr you don’t know who they are

      Just another huskyJust another husky4 måneder siden
  • 20 something?

    Harry TagaraHarry Tagara4 måneder siden
  • 21 likes 3 views.

    • Point? Hit like before you watch the video mate.

      Robert HullRobert Hull4 måneder siden
  • It has been porn.

    GabrijelBro BosnjakGabrijelBro Bosnjak4 måneder siden
  • 27 seconds ago,i dont want to see this im only subbed for tge old tg

    YamenYamen4 måneder siden
    • Don't forget you're also subbed so you can leave pointless comments seconds after a new video is uploaded.

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Нихрена не понятно, что говорят, но смотреть их обожаю

    ДаняДаня4 måneder siden
  • Just thinking this is Clarkson+Hammond+May

    Chao JoshuaChao Joshua4 måneder siden
    • They were the best 👍🏽

      Original TOriginal T4 måneder siden
    • Who?

      win kerrwin kerr4 måneder siden
  • Rip

    Economic OffbeatEconomic Offbeat4 måneder siden