Czinger 21C: the world’s first 3D printed hypercar | Top Gear

21. feb.. 2020
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The Czinger 21C is a 1,233bhp 3D printed hypercar complete with a turbo V8 revving to 11,000rpm, a 1+1 layout and $1.7m price tag. Oh, and the big news is it’s 3D printed. Well, large sections of the chassis are, paving the way for a revolutionary new car manufacturing process that could change… everything. It’s mind-blowing stuff, so let Jack Rix be your guide around California’s Koenigsegg rival.
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  • garbage....

    eloy_neboteloy_nebot2 timer siden
  • CGI is amazing - You can blend all the physical characteristics, speech peculiarities, body language, and facial ticks into another boring presenter with a childish script.

    yessromanyessroman2 timer siden
  • ChickenZinger

    Andy ClifftAndy Clifft4 timer siden
  • I, for one, soon welcome our AI overlords.

    LatitudeLatitude5 timer siden
  • When you hand the work to machines, you diminish the man... I agree with the technology, just not the automation.

    b negativeb negative5 timer siden
  • And must be ai owner too

    arang itemarang item5 timer siden
  • Mr. Czinger reminds me of a politician, not a car enthusiast...he doesn't answer a single question directly.

    Ari MouratidesAri Mouratides11 timer siden
  • *legendary*

    Chevy257Chevy25712 timer siden
  • Sometimes is not about market economics, just introducing the concept is good enough for me. Profit is good but Ideas are great too.

    matladi moagimatladi moagi16 timer siden
  • Where's the test drive?

    Michael MacdonaldMichael Macdonald19 timer siden
  • Nice looking car..

    KŹ RRKŹ RR19 timer siden
  • back lights resemble.....Suzuki Alto

    burnz501burnz50121 time siden
  • The end of human work? So the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor. No more hope for change, now even this is going away.

    Poodle In A DoodlePoodle In A Doodle22 timer siden
  • The robots will have to buy the cars since they now have these sweet manufacturing jobs.

    Robin HawkinsRobin Hawkins22 timer siden
  • Jeremy Clarkson made this show. It’s not that same.

    BulkAtomBulkAtom23 timer siden
  • 1.7 million

    The Sheikhi FamilyThe Sheikhi FamilyDag siden
  • hehehe... Its AMERICAN!

    The Sheikhi FamilyThe Sheikhi FamilyDag siden
  • Im really hypped about this car. Not that I can afford one, but for all the tecnology and everything about it. Trully amazing and groundbreaking.

    Joe da CB500XJoe da CB500XDag siden
  • Clarkson would’ve been funnier, but less informative.

    AnonymousAnonymousDag siden
  • We birth ai, ai kills us. F*** you ai !!!!!

    Rx TunezRx TunezDag siden
  • Kinda frustrating how he doesn’t let the guy finish a thought before cutting him off. Poor interviewing etiquette

    Forrest DustonForrest DustonDag siden
  • So much designing tech for at the end mounting a primitive Otto engine instead of a Wankel.

    jupersanjupersanDag siden
  • we are getting closer, *we'll download a car*

    ThePersonaWeebThePersonaWeebDag siden
  • Man does well. Doesnt like whats out there. Spends 150m of his own money on a factory to make his own hypercar.

    James LockeJames LockeDag siden
  • Man does well. Doesnt like whats out there. Spends 150m of his own money on a factory to make his own hypercar.

    James LockeJames LockeDag siden
  • Can't wait to not see it not happen!

    Mike VMike VDag siden
  • Calling BS!!!

    Mike VMike VDag siden
  • The real news is the manufacturing process. Look at those unit numbers, that my friends is HyperCars that are achievable to ordinary folks like us!

  • Awesome vid, does every commentator need to behave like Mike brewer?

  • Is it crash safe, does it have an Air bag, is it reliable, is it functioning well, would it break down on me, how fast does it go, is it stable and well built etc etc so many questions before you throw it to the public. It's not just about speed

    Dick SmithDick Smith2 dager siden
  • The world will change immensely as this grows. Marvelous work, the dedication to quality and development is impressive. Man, this dude just happened to have the name czinger, so cool.

    WideViewWideView2 dager siden
  • It is "economical" with the amount of material... it sound like sugar on a pill.

    WaapRepeatWaapRepeat2 dager siden
  • 3d printed car parts not 3d printed car. !

    miux5miux52 dager siden
  • Looks awesome, but that "this is a $150M of technology", followed by the door at 12:12, made me laugh out loud

    João VitorJoão Vitor2 dager siden
  • The problem with AI constructed organic forms are that the AI doesn't care about the people who are going to work on it later, the AI doesnt care about dirt accumulation in the organic shapes, and the AI only makes the parts tough enough, without margins. If you tell the AI that the spinde should be able to go over a speed bump at 100km/h, it does break at 110, or if the speed bump is bigger then the one used to calculate it. AI's are great, but they don't have imagination, so it is important that the programmer takes that in account.

    SomeoneelseSomeoneelse2 dager siden
  • is it a two seater? I never got to see though I probably missed that detail. Edit: ahh I see it's a two seater (I literally found out a minute after lol)

    Eddie MarohlEddie Marohl2 dager siden
  • Wasn’t the latest car parts analyzed by computer? I mean they do come computer modeling and testing to show weakest points of specific design

    TungstenCarbideTmpr.TungstenCarbideTmpr.2 dager siden
  • Why 2 doors ?

    JCisJDJCisJD2 dager siden
  • Designed by HUMANs with Optimization from AI...

    tehdreamertehdreamer2 dager siden
  • were two years away from nike 2022

    The Furry With no moneyThe Furry With no money2 dager siden
  • I know ots been a min but I'm still not use to watching Top Gear for the cars... miss the original duo. They were a little informative and very entertaining. Many other channels for car reviews unoe...

    AbzerzAbzerz2 dager siden
  • A.I. is already proving to be better than humans, step by step. That's the future.

    Pratik ParijaPratik Parija2 dager siden
  • I agree on 7:20, a shame these components aren't visible. I want Ariel to get on this. Imagine the next gen Atom/Nomad printed like this.

    ZesPakZesPak3 dager siden
  • 3d printed parts to save weight and material costs. Produced in a factory run by AI machines. All fantastic, however, who's wet dream is a $1.7M price tag ?. That AI is going to be laughing to itself. " look at what these meat sacks will pay".

    Wild On 2 Wheels, 4 wheels and sometimes skis !Wild On 2 Wheels, 4 wheels and sometimes skis !3 dager siden
  • Backwards towards the future? ICE engine in a future vehicle is an oxymoron.

    Michael GatiMichael Gati3 dager siden
  • Why would they name a car after a KFC burger..???!?

    VivekVivek3 dager siden
  • "Imagine the sound of the 1k power motor", oh...ok....Is this mean I have to imagine driving it instead of really driving it??? Instead of really paying 1.7million over price price tag, can I just imagine paying for it??? Instead of imagining buying is crap, I'll just buy 370z or mustang 5.0 and put some coil overs and intake and call it a day and really hear the engine sound and really drive it!!!;p

    Song KimSong Kim3 dager siden
  • 12:14 he has trouble opening the door and is actually surprised that it opened. I lol'd! A new fuel with zero emission he is claiming. Has he ok'ed that with big oil? Then to top it all off he claims you can put whatever fuel you want in it? I lol'd again.

    Bubba BongBubba Bong3 dager siden
  • That hub is wow, looks alien

    Pat BaiPat Bai3 dager siden
  • Yeah I get it's cutting edge unlike other manufacturers, it's body contains Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Aluminium. BUT, I thought it won't exceeds $600.000...

    Vnm 04Vnm 043 dager siden
  • Only Zinger I can afford is KFC zinger burger 🍔🙇

  • nice chariot, Diesel would be proud

    George ZahariaGeorge Zaharia3 dager siden
  • 3D printed with the reliability of British and American cars 💩

    Ms Betty is back...bitches!Ms Betty is back...bitches!3 dager siden
  • I miss jeremy :(

    Nanduik GamingNanduik Gaming3 dager siden
  • I wonder if the UAW is sweating balls right now.

    TontoGoldstein81TontoGoldstein813 dager siden
  • yeah nice👍 3d printing more of accelerated growth sturdy optimally etc

    Casius CBUCasius CBU3 dager siden
  • Has the design of the street-legal version been optimized by critical failure analysis under crash conditions?

    shrineboxshrinebox4 dager siden
  • I can feel the hard on that the US military just got while looking at this

    Anarchy And EmpiresAnarchy And Empires4 dager siden
  • That’s an exciting car.

  • Now i would like to see a consumer class car designed and manufactured

    OvAeonsOvAeons4 dager siden
  • 270mph, pissshhhhhhhh. I heard an SSC Tuatara blow past it. But the 3D printing part, that blows past everyone.

    rusty grayrusty gray4 dager siden
  • Body: rigid, aggressive, aerodynamic, fluid, stunning Engine: preheat oven to 450 degrees, cook for 10-15 minutes till golden brown

    TheWutangclan1995TheWutangclan19954 dager siden
  • I want a family sedan

    Connor HansenConnor Hansen4 dager siden
  • amazing car great youtube channel will subscribe for sure!

    Zakk AustinZakk Austin4 dager siden
  • 🐵🍰🎖️🆎Perfect Speed Cart to Stirring Lovers.Computed Carcass.

    Valdis FreibergsValdis Freibergs4 dager siden
  • While this is super impressive, it seems to be taking the artistry out of car building (unless I’m misunderstanding, which is possible). If the ai does all of the designing, then what will be preventing them from making cars uniform in a pursuit of aerodynamic and performance perfection? This is a cool car (it reminds me of the Gumpart Apollo a whole lot), but those are the questions and concerns I see in the car industry going forward.

    MurfitizerMurfitizer4 dager siden
  • I like the minimalist engineering, use only the amount of material that is necessary.

    Chris LChris L4 dager siden
  • I'm more interested in the manufacturing tech. Think of all the space you could save with that. Of course, you would also cost a bunch of people their jobs, but then you would have excess capital to retrain them to do whatever repairs.

    Daniel BrooksDaniel Brooks4 dager siden
  • Annnd they never drive it.

    chivalrychivalry4 dager siden
  • well i hope they didn't use windows os to build this car cause all the parts will have to be updated as they

    Jim ManJim Man4 dager siden
  • This car deserves to star in a movie, wraith or a new knight rider 🤔

    Sylb FantomSylb Fantom4 dager siden
  • Skynet is now online

    riujithetechnicianriujithetechnician4 dager siden
  • Those 3D printed parts look like tendons. I'd almost expect that car to be alive!

    TattorackTattorack4 dager siden
  • Artificial intelligence design has received lightweight but sacrificed durability. It should be difficult to achieve perfection

    Kokkeong LeeKokkeong Lee4 dager siden
  • Sales pitches are always amazing, but the car does look beyond great! Can't wait to see how it performs and if any issues pop up.

    Ron SimonsRon Simons4 dager siden
  • Looks like Ballistic , from Acceleracers.

    VISHAK MNVISHAK MN4 dager siden
  • looks ok i guess, still rather have a tesla.. the combo between ai and 3d printing here is insanely awesome tho

    Valkor SimpsonValkor Simpson4 dager siden
  • Ridiculous, for that price i'd buy the AU for myself.

    Iuri Carvalho PeixotoIuri Carvalho Peixoto4 dager siden
  • Of course its fast. The tests were doneusing methanol (racing fuel) as the fuel. Between that, and its gocartesque size- its obviously gonna fly. As for longevity? I wouldnt count on it because methanol is very damaging to all engines.

    G PetroG Petro4 dager siden
  • 'the future of the car manufacturing" for who? what clientelle? Most of people will be working like slaves for crumbs extracting materials and building necessary machinery involved in the manufacturing process!

    hurgur HurGHuTHFnhurgur HurGHuTHFn4 dager siden
  • Why don't they ever start this thing? Don't get me wrong it's a pretty remarkable car. Manufacturing is where the money is at. Why is every new concept car millions of dollars? Who the hell can afford that? I will buy a 90k Corvette and have the same experience. You can only go so fast on the streets.

    Indy Custom MadeIndy Custom Made5 dager siden
  • yes methanol is energy dense, but its also extremely poisonous and theres nothing that makes it un-poisionous. If someone got it on their skin or ingested it they would get sick or die. plus its not like you can practically power a portable grill or washing machine with methanol, unlike a battery which could be used for multiple things. My cousins tesla gets used like a big powerbank to

    G PetroG Petro5 dager siden
  • Why nobody mentioned that 21c was made by ai

    Octane DemonOctane Demon5 dager siden
  • A.I. invented it. A.I. made it. A.I. will drive it. #obsoletehuman

    Michal GordMichal Gord5 dager siden
  • Czinger C21 Made of aluminum,titanium and carbon fiber.

    Randy L MacWhiteRandy L MacWhite5 dager siden
  • Thank you. That was very interesting and enlightening. check me out. i have a channel about ufo and other conspiracies the government tries to hide.

    Paranormal Activity and Mysterious StoriesParanormal Activity and Mysterious Stories5 dager siden
  • Can’t wait to hear all the german car fanboys crying about how the car sucks because it’s not german

    Veriso CAVeriso CA5 dager siden

    Vladimir KozlovskyVladimir Kozlovsky5 dager siden
  • Who wrote the learning code for the machine?

    CapNCapN5 dager siden
  • One day 0-60 times will be measured in millisecond improvements.. Up until the point where it’s actually impossible to make a car get to 60 any quicker.

    andyz bakandyz bak5 dager siden
  • Where is the proof in the pudding on the performance specs. How fast can the parts be printed? What is the critical path on parts - i.e. slowest moving? How are carbon fibre made robotically? Parts seem insanely expensive. Cool looking car. Looking forward to the actual proof.

    Gerhard KuttGerhard Kutt5 dager siden
  • Looks like a rip off of the Divergent Blade body style.... Like exactly the same. (Edit) Just looked it up and it's made by the same guy haha.

    James AllenJames Allen5 dager siden
  • How with a combustion engine you can havé 0 émission ?

    IgarIgar5 dager siden
  • All that beauty and streamlining destroyed in seconds by screwing a shitty number plate to it

    Preview43Preview435 dager siden
  • Beautiful car it's got a look of the LFA

    Nathan MeltonNathan Melton5 dager siden
  • Vaporware unfortunately. Elon will perfect it.

    gareth5000gareth50005 dager siden
  • So this is how Humanity Ends.

    The Great NewsThe Great News5 dager siden
  • Then the story begins, Tesla roadster shows the same performance for only a fraction of 21C's price.

    novra hadinovra hadi5 dager siden
  • Wow the car looks amazing and I think it can easily give lambos , bugatti and ferraris run for there money

    Eishan GuptaEishan Gupta5 dager siden
  • This car has no soul its passion is calculate to the lowest possible value. What makes most cars special is ther story from paper to flesh the trial and error. This is 100 years of of auto manufacturering squeezed into one minute

    Adrian RamriezAdrian Ramriez5 dager siden