Chris Harris vs 2020’s Best Performance Cars | Top Gear Magazine Speed Week

7. okt.. 2020
276 470 Ganger

16 contenders, 8,553bhp and a festival to remember: this is Top Gear Magazine’s Speed Week 2020. The music is experimental and based (mostly) around pistons and tortured tyres. The food is bad, the toilets worse, you’ll feel deeply grubby by the end of it and you might get a non-specific infection. But your name is on the guestlist, you have backstage passes and there are a couple of surprise guests on the bill. Welcome then, to Top Gear’s Festival of Fast. A Fastival, if you will...
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  • Piqued your interest? Get your hands on the new copy of Top Gear Magazine to witness all of the magic from Speed Week 2020

    Top GearTop Gear17 dager siden
    • If this is your life what the fuck we are living for ? Omg best camp ever and also you guys are making money on that. I can not accept this. You guys need to hire me I`ll work free I promise.

      ilhan halil seyhanilhan halil seyhan3 dager siden
    • I like Fred and paddy but the fundamental problem is they know fuck all about cars .

      Sir Wilhelm SteinwaySir Wilhelm Steinway13 dager siden
    • Please more of this and less of the cringey laddishness in the terrible Bolton episode. Please. Really. Thanks.

      eleyckieleycki16 dager siden
    • the editing of this video is just pyschotic. it gives me motion sickness and im sure bound to give some people epliptic fits. fml

      robbyjairobbyjai16 dager siden
    • Brilliant top gear

      D4 bricksD4 bricks17 dager siden
  • Just art

    Imtiaz AhmedImtiaz Ahmed3 timer siden
  • Will a long version of this film be available?

    MrLundefaretMrLundefaretDag siden
  • Hahae so good

    courtney hinescourtney hines2 dager siden
  • @4.55 Who let Clarkson in the 917??

    JamesJames3 dager siden
  • I thought this was a forza trailer at first

    Dutch972Dutch9723 dager siden
  • Banger of an issue, been reading it since Friday and it hasn't dissapoint, mint read, props to the editors, the writers and the drivers, good job all round

    rapid nismorapid nismo4 dager siden
  • Chris surely you had a brush on your head in the Aston for 1.8 sec :))

    Tomi STomi S4 dager siden
  • Not one shitty muscle car, nice

    Kyle LiKyle Li4 dager siden
  • So, why don’t they make Christmas DVDs of these?

    Martijn KöstersMartijn Kösters5 dager siden
  • lol the 765LT looks like a killer.

    gmax876gmax8765 dager siden
  • i remember doing things he told me to do in forza horizon 4 lol

    DwipertDwipert5 dager siden
  • Yea i miss all of them

    Jesse 12Jesse 126 dager siden
  • Probably the funnest 5 min I had this week.

    JohnnieJohnnie7 dager siden
  • I want the car at the end.

    300zxdriver300zxdriver8 dager siden
  • There should be an extended version of this video

    richboy900richboy9008 dager siden
  • 911 Turbo S wins hands down

    99 HAK99 HAK8 dager siden
  • whats makes top gear still alive and fresh as always? its their editing team who makes everything awesome!

    rez rezaxrez rezax8 dager siden
  • It’s like watching an intro video to a Forza Horizon game 😁

    bpowickbpowick8 dager siden
  • i think this is the forza horizon intro

    limyohwanlimyohwan9 dager siden
  • Chris is a hero and best element of TG. German cash and tech will win. I would still want to be grinning sideways in a lightweight rwd with manual gears.

    Pete StuffPete Stuff9 dager siden
  • Love this video

    scot bleichnerscot bleichner9 dager siden
  • Where’s the sf90 stradale?

    anosh oholanosh ohol9 dager siden
  • Great footage, but can we have a bit less *CRUNCH* *WHOMPH* *CRACK* from the foley track when changing gear please?

    ZadsterZadster10 dager siden
  • Is it ever not raining in 🇬🇧!?

    Frank LyFrank Ly10 dager siden
  • M2CS FTW!!!!

    TheDAKARMTheDAKARM10 dager siden
  • Hello from the USA and to the 2% of people looking at this, live life how you want to live it embrace every day like it is your last

    retralretral10 dager siden
  • Love that he’s wearing a Vulfpeck shirt!

    Charles PringCharles Pring10 dager siden
  • looks like a forza horizon update for next gen console

    BrownieBoyBrownieBoy10 dager siden
  • Intro is so bad...makes me wanna vomit...

    Van NVan N10 dager siden
  • The intro was so cringe but so good

    Max’s Food and travelMax’s Food and travel11 dager siden
  • I actually enjoy the top gear with this trio, ik it’s nowhere near as good as the original but that’s impossible to beat although it’s very good

    Matthew WoodMatthew Wood11 dager siden
  • Chris Harris, driving the best cars in a Vulfpeck shirt. 2020 isn't so bad after all.

    Stephen StrussStephen Struss11 dager siden
  • It's like they're living a real life video game. Chris Harris is a Legend.

    Nick BaerNick Baer11 dager siden
  • Ferrari F8 tributo the best car... But the Aston Martin retro' sooooooo coolll 😍

    Marco TudiniMarco Tudini11 dager siden
  • Christ the overproduction is cringey

    chris brinkleychris brinkley11 dager siden
  • you shouldn't be allowed to call this Top Gear

    Revolvin GoattRevolvin Goatt12 dager siden
  • Forza? Great video tho

    Wusi Beaumont MahoneyWusi Beaumont Mahoney12 dager siden
  • If I had 1 track drive, I would still pick the Nomad :)

    NicoFNicoF12 dager siden
  • Amazing intro 👍

    Barry MakariouBarry Makariou12 dager siden
  • Yes Flames, no Electric.

    Karl JJKarl JJ12 dager siden
  • Can you do a video of wat would happen if you keep on driving wen your engine is very hot

    TGtoonsTGtoons12 dager siden
  • Where is the AMG GT Black Series? When will you stop giving Porsche's No.1 competitor the middle finger and include them?

    Will JolliffWill Jolliff12 dager siden
  • 🤯😳 editing

    Telegram GdriveTelegram Gdrive12 dager siden
  • A 5 minute ad... tease!

    J BJ B12 dager siden
  • FH4 vibes I like it

    々Rahul77 YT々Rahul77 YT12 dager siden
  • Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

    Matthew DorseyMatthew Dorsey13 dager siden

    bikeznbikerz .combikeznbikerz .com13 dager siden
  • If somebody gave me the option to have any woman I want or drive any car I like, I would choose to be Chris Harris!

    George QuattrovalvoleGeorge Quattrovalvole13 dager siden
  • Real life Forza Horizon, plus some dudes drinking beer after a hard day "at the office!"

    2G J2G J13 dager siden
  • I want that little 917, LOL

    DukeDalingtonDukeDalington13 dager siden
  • Forza horizon festival is born

    Stephen PughStephen Pugh13 dager siden
  • The camera and drone work is out of this world! Very funny at the end too with Stig in little car

    marco pinheiromarco pinheiro13 dager siden
  • Chris is so bias with Lamborghinis when the Lamborghini to me is the best there because of emotion

    Basel Al MantheriBasel Al Mantheri13 dager siden
  • I was seriously just watching Joe Dart solos and then I come here and see my favourite motoring journo wearing that T-shirt.

    Julian GutierrezJulian Gutierrez13 dager siden
  • Best. Go-Cart. Ever.....

    Gene ArkoudisGene Arkoudis13 dager siden
  • Where and when can I buy this game

    Michael LenochMichael Lenoch13 dager siden
  • Slow motion, sideways tyre smoking shots...So repetitive and boring.

    Colin PercyColin Percy13 dager siden
  • Where do I apply for this job? I take any of those cars. Thank you

    Francisco LançaFrancisco Lança13 dager siden
  • Love the Vulfpek t-shirt. My two worlds collide!

    Connor HammondConnor Hammond14 dager siden
  • Can't believe you included the Mach E but not the Shelby GT500! What a crock of sh*t. Well done Chris. That really makes sense. Let's include a car that NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY meanwhile let's leave out the best Mustang ever made and one of the best cars of 2020 hands down! Nice one. Not.

    Stuart GordonStuart Gordon14 dager siden
  • It's fun to watch Chris driving all these cars but Spoiler warning: The winner will be the Ferrari or (for not angering McLaren Porsche fans) the BMW. It always is :)

    Real MReal M14 dager siden

    the Sunthe Sun14 dager siden
  • Harris for President!

    Nrvous 30Nrvous 3014 dager siden
  • I watch top gear just because of Chris Harris, once again the talentless Paddy makes money off the back of other talented people, fair play to him first Peter Kay know Chris Harris, the cricketer is a bit wooden also if i'm honest.

    Billy BigboyBilly Bigboy14 dager siden
  • I must say, the RS6 really stands out with its presence! 🔥

    Jason LuJason Lu14 dager siden
  • Chris Harris equals click! Chris Harris is the gold standard! Chris Harris is the bar!

    Queens_WolfQueens_Wolf14 dager siden
  • Anyone else get goose bumps when the Tycan turbo S launched?

    Gene MounceGene Mounce14 dager siden
  • I felt seasick after the first two mins,calm down with the edit lol

    daveybaby10daveybaby1014 dager siden
  • We get it you have a drone

    Braden SammyBraden Sammy14 dager siden
  • Look forward to the full version but what a brilliantly edited teaser

    1991julez1991julez14 dager siden
  • Why is there someone else in the car drifting the old jag, when you watching, it shows Chris Harris

    Frank KotlarFrank Kotlar14 dager siden
  • I'll have that 917 for my kids please!!!

    keith Crookskeith Crooks14 dager siden
  • Top Gear, you better not be teasing me with this... Chris Harris, driving cars around a track....

    Kevin EdwardsKevin Edwards14 dager siden
  • STIG!!!! FASTEST LAP IN 917K... :-))))

    Jan NovákJan Novák14 dager siden
  • Reminds me of Forza this intro, love it!!

    TimTim14 dager siden
  • This is not Top Gear... Its not exciting anymore Its not funny anymore I dont even like cars, and I used to watch the old Top Gear. Might as well bring in my old physics teacher to present the cars!

    Alex MillerAlex Miller14 dager siden
  • Hand down the best job on the planet! I'd give one of my kidneys just to put their tents up and watch those cars blast around that track.

    Mark EvansMark Evans14 dager siden
  • Face masks?

    Monty BoonMonty Boon14 dager siden
  • and the camera car is godzilla

    The DudeThe Dude14 dager siden
  • It's Forza Horizon IRL

    growngamer1growngamer115 dager siden
  • That's some wicked camera work right there.

    Herschey'sHerschey's15 dager siden
  • The drone operator did an amazing job

    Tshepo Leonard Blaque MokaediTshepo Leonard Blaque Mokaedi15 dager siden
  • This spent too much time in the production room

    M9HM9H15 dager siden
  • Did somebody say Forza Horizon

    Sean BarrettSean Barrett15 dager siden
  • I can see Harris has a great taste in music too. Vulfpeck is awesome!

    Augusto RalloAugusto Rallo15 dager siden
  • what is the song starting after 50seconds?

    Jörg SchweigerJörg Schweiger15 dager siden
  • chris harris what a legend !!

    Yusuf TYusuf T15 dager siden
  • 0:50s name of the song? the shots are superb!

    iku ardeniku arden15 dager siden
  • 2:28 "A Pista in drag" I'm still struggling with that. Not the drag.

  • Nice, they copies the first part of intro music from McLarens Substitute teacher 🔥🔥

    Vaibhav ManerikarVaibhav Manerikar15 dager siden
  • Is this the intro to Forza Horizon 5?

    Brummy boxing fanBrummy boxing fan15 dager siden
  • the editing for the intro of this video was the best editing ive ever seen in a car video. It reminded me of a need for speed intro. That was fantastic. And I've gotta say again... that COLOR on that f8 is absolutely GORGEOUS. that is one of the best spec'ed cars ive ever seen. and the blue stitching on the seats... wow... i want it.

    ElyciusElycius15 dager siden
  • As a 458 and 720s owner and haven driven the F8 Tributo, it's basically as if those two had a baby. It's a comfortable daily driver and 9/10ths a 720 with the playable feel of the 458. Sensational car.

    PRs & SupercarsPRs & Supercars15 dager siden
  • awesome!

    epicfirsts888epicfirsts88815 dager siden
  • Cant even watch the show anymore, grand tours so much better

    Charles John McDonaldCharles John McDonald15 dager siden
  • Are we sure this isn’t just a trailer for the new Forza Horizon?

    DextizDextiz15 dager siden
  • That intro looks like something out of forza horizon, I LOVE IT!!!

    Othello NdabaOthello Ndaba15 dager siden
  • Did they drop in a Boxster in place of the mini 917 in the flyover. Took me awhile to figure it out. Until Jack Rix in the contenders video.

    Jeff CampbellJeff Campbell15 dager siden
  • Chris with the @vulfpeck shirt!

    future2futurefuture2future15 dager siden