Chris Harris' (VERY FAST) Car Buying Advice | Top Gear: Series 27

22. des.. 2019
414 055 Ganger

What cars to buy and what cars NOT to buy. Small sports cars, estate cars, hot hatches, lightweight British sports cars - Harris has the answers. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • Thanks Chris. Just went and bought a Caterham.

    wrxra1wrxra1Dag siden
  • I don't see how Volvo can charge what the do for a 2 litre transverse 4. Yes, in T8 form with a turbo and supercharger, it is fairly powerful. But it's unrefined and iffy on long-term durability. I'd spend the extra dosh and get an E-Class, 5-Series or A6 estate.

    geoffk777geoffk7773 dager siden
  • How can you chose the tt over the miata...not sure i agree with you chris.

    GKYGKY5 dager siden
  • Viewer from across the pond here. What's the tomato sauce you can't mention on the BBC?

    HammerschlagHammerschlag12 dager siden
  • caterham 7 it is. thanks

    JVAJVA18 dager siden
  • Funny how all the lightweight sports cars are all British.

    KangoVKangoVMåned siden
  • Seriously, TT over the ND?

    Alvin YapAlvin YapMåned siden
  • He got some love for Volvo 💪🇸🇪/. 🇨🇳

    Safe TMSafe TM2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris must’ve had some bad run-ins with the police in his youth

    Moheeb FadelMoheeb Fadel3 måneder siden
  • I drove the Vauxhall in Italy as a rental car. You cannot make a car that is more dull than that vauxhall.

    Vijay PrasharVijay Prashar3 måneder siden
    • Vijay Prashar :$

      Sense CarsSense CarsMåned siden
    • @Sense Cars yes

      Vijay PrasharVijay PrasharMåned siden
    • Vauxhall in italy? U mean opel?

      Sense CarsSense CarsMåned siden
  • felt absolutely broken when he chose the TT instead of the MX-5, I've never felt betrayal like this before

    block62block623 måneder siden
  • I’d still take the Civic Type R, personally.

    Kōhai ŌkamiKōhai Ōkami4 måneder siden
  • bruh, he chosed VW instead of honda -.-

  • Says how good the MX5 is then chooses the Audi because it's the best of a bad bunch ??? 🙄

    Ali CAli C4 måneder siden
  • VW GTI = the most boring car ever - no style, no character !!!

    Jue FieJue Fie4 måneder siden
    • No charachter, you have seen the lineage of the marque ?

      Mark AMark AMåned siden
  • This should be called FAT HARRIS EATS THROUGH CAR REVIEWS. Get to the gym Harris

    Mr CreativeMr Creative4 måneder siden
  • Love the new cast. I'm going to buy the season because Harris is such a good journalist.

    Robert FalconeRobert Falcone4 måneder siden
  • Hot hatch where is the focus rs

    Conor McnelisConor Mcnelis4 måneder siden
  • 2:25 The greatest thing to ever come out of Somerset is Jenson Button!

    Samuel SantosSamuel Santos4 måneder siden
  • The whole of Somerset just swore at him, proper alcoholic apple juice is NOT fizzy.

    Jabber 1974Jabber 19744 måneder siden
  • Tips? These are not tips... Its shit, just a baldy talking shiy about cars, not tips

    Vitor RosaVitor Rosa4 måneder siden
  • hilarious

    LNLN4 måneder siden
  • You cant mention Heinz on the BBC, but you can have a NOworld channel monetised with advertising. Double standard??

    Tom EstevesTom Esteves4 måneder siden
    • Its the beeb dude, they dont allow it. No double standards!

      Mark AMark AMåned siden
  • Imagine thinking the Hyundai i30n is dull then buying a golf gti 😂

    PQTHPQTH4 måneder siden
  • No Megane 4 RS down here ?

    ygmouuh iughoiygmouuh iughoi5 måneder siden
  • But Volvo self-restricts their cars to 180 kph. That is one lame move right there.

    wacloshwaclosh5 måneder siden
  • Cars people can actually get hold of? This is not the Top Gear I know and dislike?

    Junior BallsJunior Balls5 måneder siden
  • “After birth pink” Jeez Us 😂😂😂

    JerryJerry5 måneder siden
  • Idiot

    David LedusicDavid Ledusic5 måneder siden
  • You can’t buy a Vauxhall it’s like giving up 😂

  • Did he call MX-5 a bad bunch?

    Krishna KumarKrishna Kumar5 måneder siden
    • best of

      Mark AMark AMåned siden
  • Chris you dont need top gear! This scripted stuff suckssss

    Maksim BlagojevicMaksim Blagojevic5 måneder siden
  • I wish all car reviews were this fast managed to review 16 cars in under 3 minutes

    Edward DayEdward Day5 måneder siden
  • Ok, now make a longer one that's more in depth

    NilsDNilsD5 måneder siden
  • the caterham license plate!!! DEZ727 funny!! Like.. Thiz is a 727, like a plane, right? right?

    m._cellom._cello5 måneder siden
  • Vw ad

    Luca MainiLuca Maini5 måneder siden
  • A Golf GTI over a Civic Type R... Obviously wasn't thought through

    MSKMSK5 måneder siden
  • I've never seen a car journalist have a bad reaction to an MX5 or 500

    JackJack5 måneder siden
  • Chris is the best from the show.i be very surprised if it keeps going.cant stand paddy

    David CaslingDavid Casling6 måneder siden
  • I agree with almost all his picks. I would pick the Lotus over the Caterham. But, I may be convinced to go with the Caterham later. :-) Thanks, Chris!..

    Roderick LRoderick L6 måneder siden
  • I like the a35 mercedes. The golf is a dull car imo

    Matty18795Matty187956 måneder siden
  • "After birth pink, disgusting "😂😂😂😂

    Tony O SullivanTony O Sullivan6 måneder siden
  • I'd love to see more of these

    Jake FlemingJake Fleming6 måneder siden
  • where is the RS3

    IR0n R3XIR0n R3X7 måneder siden
  • This guy is one of the main reasons I don't watch new top gear

    Harry LovellHarry Lovell7 måneder siden
    • Better than Paddy I only got where I am because Peter Kay is my bestie McGuiness !

      Mark AMark AMåned siden
  • Chris harris literally has carried this show on his own since the they changed format

    Liam’s channelLiam’s channel7 måneder siden
  • need moar of this series

    lr25lr257 måneder siden
  • You've put on weight.

    Malcolm MiddletonMalcolm Middleton7 måneder siden
  • Wrong about everything I see.

    John WadeJohn Wade7 måneder siden
    • Does that include your copyrighted Badgers?

      Mark AMark AMåned siden
  • Unmarked police car hehehe lol

    drsupremo88drsupremo887 måneder siden
  • The fact he insults fiat 500, love it!

    drsupremo88drsupremo887 måneder siden
  • Chris only likes cars that you need to be under 5' 6" to be able drive.

    T HT H7 måneder siden
  • I want more!

    IllNinoAK47 AriasIllNinoAK47 Arias7 måneder siden
  • “Could you turn up to the people you love, looking like that?” 😂

    Joe MurrayJoe Murray7 måneder siden
  • Ford fiesta ST? FOED Focus ST? FORD Focus RS????? C'mon...

    Ivan RodicIvan Rodic7 måneder siden
  • That 3mins was better than the whole of the new series of top gear

    Lee HoltomLee Holtom7 måneder siden
  • You say an A35 is boring (agree with you on that one) but then choose a Golf?!

    rutgertjuhhh1rutgertjuhhh18 måneder siden
  • i like the i30N way more than the GTI...

    David WalesDavid Wales8 måneder siden
  • He’s spot on with SUV’s. They’re an abomination.

    Matty SeaMatty Sea8 måneder siden
  • As a GTI owner I don't understand why he didn't chose the I30n

    Martin MusietMartin Musiet8 måneder siden
  • Need more of this

    hudson lucierhudson lucier8 måneder siden
  • Honda covic type r oml i love them

    Out & AboutOut & About8 måneder siden
  • Can't believe this day would come, but I've disagreed with every single choice he made

    Matt BlockMatt Block8 måneder siden
  • Any man that picks a GTi over an A35 AMG shouldn’t not be in work you should be shot ! Btw I love Christopher lol

    CiganoBoxerCiganoBoxer8 måneder siden
  • liked before watching

    Snap D32Snap D328 måneder siden
  • From the Hatch list, Honday Civic TypeR is the best pick.

    Nirshan IbrahimNirshan Ibrahim8 måneder siden
  • He should stop judging cars by colour I think.

    GeorgeGeorge8 måneder siden
  • i30n shits on the GTI man

    ZenGamer97ZenGamer978 måneder siden
  • Mini's are great

    Archie BrownArchie Brown8 måneder siden

    Augusto RossatoAugusto Rossato8 måneder siden
  • That Mercedes is an overpriced, chintzy car and Chris is right, it is dull.

    Sky BoundSky Bound8 måneder siden
  • I’m a Vauxhall fan

    I like cheeseI like cheese8 måneder siden
  • I did it. I bought a civic type r. It's like driving a UFO... A very fast one tho

    Car WatcherCar Watcher8 måneder siden
  • gotta say that mercedes is much more interesting than the gti

    Keenan BartlomeKeenan Bartlome8 måneder siden
    • @Chap Hammersmith fwd sucks ass

      Keenan BartlomeKeenan Bartlome8 måneder siden
    • Civic is a better car than both but unfortunately looks like it’s had several front end collisions before you even take it off the forecourt.

      Chap HammersmithChap Hammersmith8 måneder siden
  • Hyundai like Sunday. Not hu in dye

    dead rabbitdead rabbit8 måneder siden
  • Golf GTi looks bland compared to the Honda!

    Two ShedsTwo Sheds8 måneder siden
  • if top gear wants to be sucssesful bring back hammmond may and jezza

    niko belicniko belic9 måneder siden
  • Well my uncle has a 2015 civic type r. So he does pull up to his loved ones like that

    MrBlimboMrBlimbo9 måneder siden
  • Cock !

    Peter BustinPeter Bustin9 måneder siden
  • If top gear wants to be successful, then get rid of Chris Harris. P.S. why in the estate car, you are obviously going to pick the Volvo because it is the most expensive: Vauxhall: 25,000 Volvo: 40,000 Škoda: 21000 Ford: 18,000 Shut up Chris Harris

    Gogreen CleanGogreen Clean9 måneder siden
  • Lotus Elise all the way

    Neovo903Neovo9039 måneder siden
  • This guy has horrible taste so why should I listen to this fool

    Alex MartiAlex Marti9 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris destroyed Vauxhall PR in 2 seconds

    Nedjmeddine BoudjemiaNedjmeddine Boudjemia9 måneder siden
  • Hate to say it as far as the convertibles go I didn’t like one of them they haven’t built a decent convertible since the 60s

    Zip PZip P9 måneder siden
  • Buying a Vauxhall is like giving up-you got that right Chris

    Wandile Myambo 9E5Wandile Myambo 9E59 måneder siden
  • Describes the mx5 as really good to drive then says the Audi is the best of a bad bunch including the mx5 He’s not making sense

    mr y mysterious videomr y mysterious video9 måneder siden
  • where is the Megane RS 280?

    Mario PereirasMario Pereiras9 måneder siden
  • I would take mx5

    Dick LongDick Long9 måneder siden
  • audi tt: if youre an air hostess, its a great car.

    Genesis23OPBGenesis23OPB9 måneder siden
  • Why would you ever buy a golf? I mean Honda and Hyundai shit on it. Damn this guy is nuts

    Duck With AsthmaDuck With Asthma9 måneder siden
  • The i30 N does make you tingle, hence me waxing lyrical about it in my video review. The Golf, not so much.

    A Tribe Called CarsA Tribe Called Cars9 måneder siden
  • How I agree with everything this man has to sat about cars. The Cullinan, he is right, but I do not find it ugly in the rear, like a tall RR Phantom . This video though, I agree 100%, but maybe I would take the Honda Civic, just because he drove it, he said it handles well, it drives well, it has clever ECU, but it is hideous. It couldn't be more 8y old Japanese boy design. The previous Civic- my Rowenta vacuum cleaner, bigger in scale, only the hole in the hood for the hose is missing. This one, a more modern vacuum cleaner, with some ugly exhaust and ugly all the way around, but I prefer driving capability 100hp more, than the public's opinion, so I would get it before the Golf GTI. If it was a Golf R, I think this is the fair comparison to make, the it is the golf R 1st. Always agree with his cars opinion and knowledge.

    SmitaSmita9 måneder siden
  • If I turned up to my parents house in a civic type R... My dad would kill me

    Henry BowenHenry Bowen9 måneder siden
  • I usually put my NOworld video's at x1,25... this is my first x0,75 one! 😱😂

    CarChrisMCCarChrisMC9 måneder siden
  • The comment about a Vauxhall being like giving up is literally what sparked me to flog my Astra and get a 208 GTI

    jimmyhayersjimmyhayers9 måneder siden
    • @Indy Maat Chris Harris got me to sell my Vauxhall because "it's just like giving up, isn't it?" then Harry Metcalfe got me to buy the 208 GTI in Evo

      jimmyhayersjimmyhayers9 måneder siden
    • Who said anything about a 208 gti?

      Indy MaatIndy Maat9 måneder siden
  • Why can’t they say Volkswagen on the BBC?

    Rhys AdamsRhys Adams9 måneder siden
  • Seriously... massively over rated this guy. Why is everyone bumming him. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Brett WarrenBrett Warren9 måneder siden
  • Why did you pick the most expensive car? That’s trash so shut yo face

    Rubycupid MbRubycupid Mb9 måneder siden
    • Exactly!

      Rubycupid MbRubycupid Mb8 måneder siden
  • I'd watch top gear if it was just Chris harris

    Dan KedDan Ked9 måneder siden
  • The Type R 😍

    James WattJames Watt9 måneder siden