Chris Harris' 'Unexpected' Opinion on the Mustang Mach E | Top Gear

19. des.. 2019
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Remember when people were up in arms about Ford putting a four-cylinder turbo in the Mustang? Well, now they're really stoking the fire by plonking a Mustang face on their new electric SUV. But will Chris' opinion on it surprise you? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • A "Charger man", that is unexpected....and I agree with the Charger Bias

    Shift -ZShift -Z13 dager siden
  • Great video! I heard that the Ford Mustang Mach E will be a self driving car like a Tesla. I know that someday, there will be a self driving car with no steering wheel, no accelerator and no brake pedal. I'd like to have a self driving car, so that I can sleep, text and talk on my phone, be at my destination and go to bar to have a few drinks and not have to worry about drunk driving, since the self driving car will be my designated driver and drive me home. I hope that someday when vehicles are completely fully autonomous self driving, people will trust it. It would be nice to have a self driving car, then you don't have to drive at all. You can just sit back and relax.

    Patrick SokoloskiPatrick Sokoloski16 dager siden
  • Porsche launching the Cayenne isn't the same as them calling their SUV the 911 Cayenne.

    Blake TBlake TMåned siden
  • Mustang = Tire Shredding Burnouts. And gas guzzling V 8 power. .... anything less than that. Is some BS.

    Phillip HendersonPhillip Henderson2 måneder siden
  • Pewma!

    1225KPH1225KPH2 måneder siden
  • This wont be a truly unbiased opinion, Top Gear execs do not want a law suit slapped on them by Ford. So, back to the emperors new clothes style of reporting :)

    Andy SaxtonAndy Saxton2 måneder siden
  • I would consider this idea similar to that of the FWD Mustang fiasco from days past... OR it just might be a Ford Edsel moment, same thing. All the bean-counters are saying, "Build it!", the stylists "Build it!"...the demographic researchers in conjunction with the sales projection people, "Build it!"....hopefully there is a lone voice in those boardrooms, singing a different tune...

    Ricardo EllisonRicardo Ellison3 måneder siden
  • I wish youtube Chris Harris would show up on the BBC show

    Nachatar DhaliwalNachatar Dhaliwal3 måneder siden
  • This show is in Forza Horizon 4!

    Emmanuel the memeEmmanuel the meme4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is a puppet of European carmakers. So biased. So outdated by Elon Musk.

    Gel SaintsGel Saints4 måneder siden
  • I don’t like the fact that they called it a mustang simply because it looks nothing like a mustang. It’s like calling a electric version of a mustang a focus it just doesn’t work. But I’m completely fine with the puma because they don’t still make the original puma

    James EvansJames Evans4 måneder siden
  • Muy Interesante... MUY INTERESANTE 🤔

    FreshlySnipesFreshlySnipes5 måneder siden
  • 3:53 Best part of the video

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein5 måneder siden
  • It's a interesting SUV It's not a Mustang Thunderbird Falcon Torino Galaxie Maverick or just MACH-E

    Lee PriceLee Price5 måneder siden
  • Can I just point out that the mach-e doesn't have a mouth it has a handlebar moustache.

    Aidan HAidan H5 måneder siden
    • a mustangche.

      Aidan HAidan H5 måneder siden
  • If theres any good news to come out of this contagion situation its that hopefully Ford wont have any money left to start production on this monstrosity?

    W LeeW Lee5 måneder siden
  • Why do people want SUVs now? Car companies are trying so hard it's ridiculous. Why dosent everyone just get wagons? There look AWESOME, are all sleepers, have tons of space and look sleek and not fat. There mostly cheaper too

    meep 1478meep 14785 måneder siden
  • Now that I look back, there are a shit ton of Porsches! Like OMG!!

    Mickey117Mickey1175 måneder siden
  • I'd like to see Harris test Drive and Review the Bullitt version... but I'd still get a Challenger...the with the 392/6.4 and a 6spd... ergonomically the stang doesn't work for me...

    B-MANB-MAN6 måneder siden
  • Ford chose the face of a Mexican gringo moustache for the Mustang e.

    Happy GilmoreHappy Gilmore6 måneder siden
  • The mustang as it is, is not being killed. Thats the misconception, For better or worst brilliant move or moronic, Ford figure, they need something a bit more to draw attention to and sell this all together new vehicles. For many years Ford wanted to transition the mustang into something entirely different, a family sedan, a 4 door sedan, and every time the entire Ford buyer community fought back hard, to the point of near pitch forks and torches preventing ford from making that move, and every time form made an alternative vehicle that eventually failed, proving their concept was surely a false one. This time theyve chosen not to mess with the mustang sports car, but rather section mustang off as somewhat its own sub brand with its own fleet of mustangs. A stable of horses as it were. As such, the Mustangs sports car remains, The GT, The Shelby's ,and soon to come the inevitable Mustang electric sports car. And this is where the Mustang SUV comes into pay. They know the sportscar version must have either an all electric or hybrid offering, its just the fact of todays world. But the beauty of electric is that it can be applied across the board. As such. they Ford knows there are people that would love to have a sports car, but cant. love to have a mustang but having a family cant. Or simply they want something that in the mind of a mustang but they need something far more accommodating to everyday living. And they want it to be more sporty than your standard suv. Hence the Mach E. a way to have their cake and eat it too without getting raided by a mob with pitchforks. And this works well with the forth coming mustang sports car, because they will likely share components. Two separate platforms unrelated but sharing things like motors and tech. All with a brand that comes with at least some notoriety. The main mustang community doesnt entirely like the name being lifted onto another style vehicle, BUT its far better than say, Ford watering down the mustang platform to accommodate the creation of an SUV, which IS something to riot about. So Ford is going about it the best they can. OR they simply figure calling that new suv something all together new will not be enough to draw interest. As a mustang owner and fan, im actually swaying on the side, that theyve done a good thing. Just as long as they dont mess with the sports car. such a move would be a fatal error.

    xevious2501xevious25017 måneder siden
  • The grill gives it the face. So Ford slapped a handlebar mustache on the new Mach E.

    Right Wing Safety SquadRight Wing Safety Squad7 måneder siden
  • There piggybacking off the mustang name to get people to want it .the mustang didn't need a stupid electric crossover and its never going to be a mustang .it has nothing in common with anything mustangs stand for at all .its just a pathetic cash grab from people not creative enough to come up with a name .the mach 1 deserves a revival not this crap

    Brandon t13Brandon t137 måneder siden
  • Just make this top gear, clear the show and just make it the Chris Harris show.

    NL3044NL30447 måneder siden
  • Can’t stand new top gear

    LuxuryRumbleLuxuryRumble7 måneder siden
  • Keep talking sh*t about the 4-pot turbo Caymans, please! Maybe you'll drive prices down to where I can actually afford one...

    Jason BallJason Ball7 måneder siden
  • I never knew that ford made Hyundai

    Cpt Rb7Cpt Rb77 måneder siden
  • Ok we get the point he is making about the name, but if you look at the Porsche they all tend to follow a specific look in order to fit within that framework. This so-called mustang doesn't even come close to looking like a mustang. It's not about the engine it's not about it being electric, it's about it not in anyway even distantly looking like the mustang. You look at this car and you think, humdrum family car great, but you look at a mustang and you think nice looking car that you might let your family sit in one day ha ha. What fords should have done is simply taken the original mustang added a little extra pizazz what they are known for, and made it electric, if you check out youtube you will see some one or two have done pretty much that and they look awesome. But being fords they could have done an even better job at a price that people could afford.

    flitsiesflitsies7 måneder siden
  • looks like he's drinking chocolate milk

    Alex AinsworthAlex Ainsworth7 måneder siden
  • I could listen to Chris talk about cars all day long. Brilliant.

    sunil solankisunil solanki8 måneder siden
  • The 08 Bullitt is the best looking version of all the Bullitt models. The others look like Hot Wheels cars.

    Michael PriceMichael Price8 måneder siden
  • Monkey, says it straight. The motoring world needs more like him.

    C-J WatsonC-J Watson8 måneder siden
  • This is the second episode I've seen in this series, and I get such a strong impression that Harris loathes this chap. No eye contact, constant interrupting and a general sense of malaise for being there. And meanwhile the host is sitting there, firmly smug and chuffed. I don't get it. The awkward single lock-off camera angle doesn't help, either. I really like the concept of the feature, but it's an awkward watch.

    Barrett HolmanBarrett Holman8 måneder siden
  • I would normally never ever buy a Mustang or even a Ford. I'd consider buying this over a Tesla Y now.

    TomtricityTomtricity8 måneder siden
  • A lot of rambly dambaldily with these two people what on earth were they talking abou😭

    leahy202leahy2028 måneder siden
  • I think it's as simple as price. £40k ford Kuga E anyone ? ROFL Ok want about a Mustang ? sure that sounds reasonable

    polla2256polla22568 måneder siden
  • Chris should be aloud to swear this much on topgear. I would watch every week if this was the case

    James and KellyJames and Kelly8 måneder siden
  • I like this red haired lad.

    Stuff&ThingsStuff&Things8 måneder siden
  • Well that was a complete waist of 5 minutes of my life!! Just waffle.

    russtaFPVrusstaFPV8 måneder siden
  • Fusion or Maverick would have been superior name choices. These names are very recognizable. We WERE loyal Ford customers. This is not a Mustang.

    Richard WrayRichard Wray8 måneder siden
  • Wrong!!! Bad gamble..... its all about marketing!! Ford wants to ride the wave of the Mustang! to try to get ahead. How you build a brand is event and evolve something new! and build with love and quality! and everyone will buy it if people endorse it!

    William BurgessWilliam Burgess8 måneder siden
  • top gear still finding any reason to shit on tesla.

    Rikesh PatelRikesh Patel8 måneder siden
  • This must be the most useless video on NOworld. Two guys talking about car names...

    RuirodtubeRuirodtube8 måneder siden
  • 4:55 NOICE

    Dee5ive TVDee5ive TV8 måneder siden
  • Ford Mustang Mach E *Everyone* - A very good EV that's great for a first attempt *Tesla fanboys* - Worst car ever made.

    Noah BowieNoah Bowie8 måneder siden
  • This BS is why Top Gear is a joke now. How much is Ford paying you? Clarkson would have ripped this car apart, hell even May would have know better.

    Marcus PachecoMarcus Pacheco8 måneder siden
  • tesla may have no real face but it dose go further 😜

    Cyber3 TeslaCyber3 Tesla9 måneder siden
  • Bar of soap face lol

    Dave HoganDave Hogan9 måneder siden
  • Funny how we are talking about this vehicle. If it were named something else, I don't think anyone would’ve bothered. IMO a Mustang should not be an SUV... But I would like an electric and/or 4 door sedan Mustang. In the end, I think this vehicle will be awesome.

    LPCrossOverLPCrossOver9 måneder siden
  • That's the only interesting opinion about ford calling it a mustang I've heard so far.

    Ryndan RileyRyndan Riley9 måneder siden
  • Ford Must hang.

    KingstaKingsta9 måneder siden
  • Sure the CAMARO guy thinks its a good idea..... As a mustang owner that ells me everything I need to know.

    Marcus PachecoMarcus Pacheco9 måneder siden
  • He's good isn't he, great stuff

    Glen OxmanGlen Oxman9 måneder siden
  • Tesla, faceless?Yet Ford have just slapped a Tom Selleck 'tash on a new car????

    Wayne SimpsonWayne Simpson9 måneder siden
  • I disliked, just because #oilisdead

    Shine QuashieShine Quashie9 måneder siden
  • The government should make it mandatory that all new cars are electric next year period.

    C DunC Dun9 måneder siden
    • Charles Dunlop Economic downturn inhibits innovation and new tech, I don’t think that’s the solution either. Less capital to try new things and experiment.

      barebarebarebare9 måneder siden
    • barebare perhaps. Might also be good to slow the economic engine down to incentivize green tech. Just slow the party altogether. Have rules that everything is sustainable else no go, on all products.

      C DunC Dun9 måneder siden
    • Charles Dunlop Buying old vehicles and keeping them alive longer may also be worse than buying new ICE as fuel and emissions increase with age, as does costly repairs. We should have a global CO2 tax, that would incentives enough;)

      barebarebarebare9 måneder siden
    • barebare I’m aware. Lot of old cars out there for people to buy. We need to do this for environmental reasons. It’ll kick the companies into gear. We could also charge a $1000 tax per emission car.

      C DunC Dun9 måneder siden
    • Charles Dunlop we’re not even close to producing enough electric cars to do that, it’s maybe 1-2% of global markets. I’m not even sure we could make enough batteries to produce given 10-20 years to ramp up.

      barebarebarebare9 måneder siden
  • Why don’t these Jews just make a crown Vic variant , or call this car the Victoria 👌

    King LeopoldKing Leopold9 måneder siden
  • TBH, this whole ordeal wouldn't have happened.... If there was just a saloon version of the Mach-E

    Nathanael EugeneNathanael Eugene9 måneder siden
  • Mitsubishi is putting the name 'Eclipse' on some sort of crossover, so it seems to be the way of the future.

    Jim RodriguezJim Rodriguez9 måneder siden
  • I agree about the 'TURBO' badge... I have a turbo vacuum cleaner and a turbo for blender... 🤷🏻‍♂️ #truestory

    Yusuf GinnahYusuf Ginnah9 måneder siden
  • Ford could have called the new Puma something worse. They could have called it the Capri, which was at one time thought by the motoring press to be the final name.

    ZadsterZadster9 måneder siden
  • Porsche comparisons are kind of irrelevant. Porsche has found they can build ANY vehicle they long as it has a 911 hood and headlights. Probably more than vehicles. They could build a lawn mower as long as it had a 911 hood.

    RexSevenRexSeven10 måneder siden
  • Well, seems they haven't googled what "kuga" means in some part of the world...

    DaxXx988DaxXx98810 måneder siden
  • Yes can we have more of these discussions please.....

    Chris WChris W10 måneder siden
  • I'm here for unbalanced opinions.

    Black LightBlack Light10 måneder siden
  • I'm not an old dude that will die off soon. I'm in my early 20's. And I see that they are ruining the mustang name. I can assure you that Chris would be mad if Porsche used the 911 name on a four door electric SUV.

    Barsa FBarsa F10 måneder siden
  • Nothing no else look like a Tesla though. They are super easy to spot at great distances from any angle. The mustang looks ay more generic for example.

    0ooTheMAXXoo00ooTheMAXXoo010 måneder siden
  • '68 convertible

    Rob ElliottRob Elliott10 måneder siden
  • I don't get the branding at all.

    TJ32TJ3210 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris please review the Kia stinger and Supra! Make dedicated videos! Like how you made the toyota 86 video years ago! That was a beautiful video

    Kuya ArbeeKuya Arbee10 måneder siden
  • It’s a good thing Chris can play businessman’s advocate. It’s a whole new dimension of discussion instead of just “Ewww I don’t like it and nobody else should!” Although that is always welcome for variety and laughs. He’s probably right that people would buy a Mach-E who want an electric family car but don’t like how Teslas look. Also the Mach-E has decent stats and the performance version coming so it’s somewhat sporty as a Mustang should be.

    Intorsus VoloIntorsus Volo10 måneder siden
  • Its not a mustang or even close to the concept of it just call it some thing else how hard is it

    Richard ZedmanRichard Zedman10 måneder siden
  • All this video lacked was a drag race between Tesla model s P100d and a Mustang Mach e where of course the mustang wins "fair and square".

    JoeJoe10 måneder siden
  • There's no letter M, or U or S, or T or A, or N or G in the word Fusion SUV. Sillies...

    EdThatsItEdThatsIt10 måneder siden
  • I'm a Charger man! Sold Chris Harris officially GOAT🐐

    Still I Rise4485Still I Rise448510 måneder siden
  • Love hearing @harrismonkey talk cars. Dsmn this dude knows his shit and makes it interesting.

    RicochetrabittRicochetrabitt10 måneder siden
  • So, what are people complaining about? It's electric? All cars will be going electric in a few years, and performance ones will be first. It's the future. Get over it. It's has four doors? From the beginning, Mustangs have been about seating four people. Providing doors to access the rear seats is not a serious departure. It's a crossover? This is the only halfway legitimate objection. But, it's a very sedan-like crossover, so it's really not a big deal.

    Dan SangerDan Sanger10 måneder siden
  • Should have called it The Probe.....

    Mike BelcakMike Belcak10 måneder siden
  • Here come the Electric Ponies.

    Mark FurstMark Furst10 måneder siden
  • Harris looks so tired of life in these videos.

    DrQuizaDrQuiza10 måneder siden
  • Hold up.... the Boxster and Caymans are going back to a flat-six?

    No SeasoningNo Seasoning10 måneder siden
  • Calling that dumpster fire a mustang is like calling a prius a Camaro....

    Gear1993Head xxxGear1993Head xxx10 måneder siden
  • 10 minutes to get over slapping a turbo badge on a car without a turbo? Must have seemed like a torturous eternity at the time.

    Socks With SandalsSocks With Sandals10 måneder siden
  • the Charger K car of the 80s sold.. this will sale too

    Terry PrtrTerry Prtr10 måneder siden
  • On side 1 you have real enthusiasts and purist who are disgusted of the idea of a mustang crossover, on side 2 most people (crossover buyers) who just want to fit in and look "cool". You and every car enthusiast focuses on the perspective of side 1, but the bigger side is side 2, and from that perspective, do you really think they will like the idea of a Mustang crossover? I think they wont, because ultimately to them it will accentuate the fact that they are poseurs, and that is one thing they dont want to accept.

    GRRBGRRB10 måneder siden
  • 🙏🙏 1:28 🧡💞 👇 👇💗

    Joziah BullockJoziah Bullock10 måneder siden
  • Is this guy Britton... Sounds Brittonish..

    Omni ArtOmni Art10 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is wrong about the MACH E. There is a word for the, “Unworthy or corrupt use of one's virtue for financial gain”: Prostitution. Ford is turning out the brand for short-term gain. Harris is correct on the BOSS 302.

    Stephen ColmantStephen Colmant10 måneder siden
  • Hahahaha 3:06, means ring piece

    Lee TaylorLee Taylor10 måneder siden
  • That’s just an electric Mondeo. Bye!

    Marcel PolmanMarcel Polman10 måneder siden
    • WTF Nope, Mondeo are Low and Sleek designs. Far from SUV.

      NeojhunNeojhun2 måneder siden
  • I like the Chris Harris ! Grumpy Direct No BS Tell it Like it is Flexing his CarPedia knowledge! Please bring him to Top Gear. Grumpy Old Man Harris ! Love it

    Mike PhangMike Phang10 måneder siden
  • I can see the Mach E powertrain being developed into something more traditionally Mustang as part of a Mustang electric family.

    Julian RichardsJulian Richards10 måneder siden
  • what a grump!

    9 hundred9 hundred10 måneder siden
  • companies are just lazy with naming cars. if the mach E was called the Escape E or Escape GT it would’ve been absolutely fine. same with the puma and same with the mitsubishi eclipse cross. people really aren’t gonna cars as long as you change the model name. the mustang makes slightly more sense however as at least they tried a little bit to resemble a mustang.

    John GilroyJohn Gilroy10 måneder siden
  • Waiting on the Bugatti SUV.

    HiddenWenHiddenWen10 måneder siden
  • How about Ford Pinto E then the car would be under constamt combustion and even shaming the combustion engine.

    SUPERBLASTER 007SUPERBLASTER 00710 måneder siden
  • This should be named as Life is not what u expected to be and u are a blithering idiot who instead of going to Tesla for being a hippie bought this POS which is an marketing gimmick and traps set by corporate to loot my wallet to the stitching so that after buying the car u would be standing near the moron service station with both customer and mechanic not having a clue about repairing and calling an electrician and still not having single bit of idea that either the buyer is fool or the company is excellent at making fool from people and paid their asking price and a little too much for a Mustang named people carrier.

    SUPERBLASTER 007SUPERBLASTER 00710 måneder siden
  • FF (***k Ford)

    Thomas CrownThomas Crown10 måneder siden
  • Ford add an option to have the blue oval on the car instead of the horse

    ram64manram64man10 måneder siden
  • I like that there is finally a car guy willing to talk shit on bad cars.

    Matt GMatt G10 måneder siden