Chris Harris' (SUPER FAST) Car Buying Advice | Top Gear: Series 28

17. mai. 2020
345 742 Ganger

Right then, it's time for another dose of Harris' quick car buying advice. What are the best cars you can buy today for under £30k(ish). Mazda 3, Peugeot 208, BMW 3 series? Find out the best options in under 5 minutes.
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Service & Feedback

  • Wheres the Golf R i want the Golf R!!!!!!

    Miles BrighamMiles Brigham3 timer siden
  • The Mazda 3 has absolutely no boot space. You can't fit 3 grocery bags back there. The interior is very cheap too.

    Jeremy KaspersonJeremy Kasperson3 dager siden
  • I heard Mazda 3. I always thought it was just me that really like this car...still longing for a turbo.

    Mohammad FutlooMohammad Futloo4 dager siden
  • The only part of Btec Top Gear I'll watch

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant10 dager siden
  • At the MG I thought he would say it looks like a nice Dacia but who wants a fast Dacia...? Not me. ;P Nice video. Keep it up. :)

    Peter CzettelePeter CzetteleMåned siden
  • Just purchased a Mazda 3 and now watching this. Glad I made the right choice!

    Daniel WarfieldDaniel WarfieldMåned siden
  • I'm not usually a fan of small crossovers - what's the point - but that Skoda Kamiq might buck the trend. It is just a very clever, practical little hatchback but with a higher driving position. Its the smallest car that is really practical for a family. And, it doesn't cost any more than a normal small hatchback. I think they'll sell a shitload.

    Mark HeywoodMark Heywood2 måneder siden
  • Better buying second hand, new cars are a rip off. My C63 cost the same as some of those shiters

    pooppoopshitfartpooppoopshitfart2 måneder siden
  • toyota corola

    Special BoyeSpecial Boye2 måneder siden
  • Mazda it’s really great but a bit more expensive then the usual golfs and focus.

    kevins718kevins7182 måneder siden
  • I normally hate post-Clarkson Top Gear, but this isn’t half-bad. It’s no Grand Tour, but it’s good.

    Kid CharlemagneKid Charlemagne2 måneder siden
  • The Mazda 3 with a manual, normal profile tyres and the naturally aspirated 2.0L skyactive G sounds just like the worlds most fun drivers car except I can actually justify owning this one, unlike the two-seater.

    Gideon OkunGideon Okun2 måneder siden
  • Vauxhall Eww so vad Opel Yeah

    Hiberada eradaHiberada erada2 måneder siden
  • if the new guys are this good all the time maybe i would consider watching it!!

    Joseph Stalin.Joseph Stalin.2 måneder siden
  • Household appliances...

    DurrutyDurruty2 måneder siden
  • Lexus looks the best! Best power best reliability

    shugga leafshugga leaf2 måneder siden
  • What kids grow up now: Chris What I grew up with: Hammond, May and Clarkson.

    pipilol XDpipilol XD2 måneder siden
  • It's impossible to read comments while watching this video.

    Sabahat RanaSabahat Rana2 måneder siden
  • Its still bad. Nothing changed

    Husam ChHusam Ch2 måneder siden
  • Gadget on Kamiq: Great!. Same things on a Scala: it's dull....

    KamahisKamahis2 måneder siden
  • sad he pissed all over the opel, I actually think 1 or 2 gens ago, they finally dumped their horror styling for something much more pleasant for the eye

    ShyirShyir2 måneder siden
  • top harris is good

    tomboloxtombolox2 måneder siden
  • Kia is a good car you’re stupid.

    Meghann PracanicaMeghann Pracanica2 måneder siden
  • Why there no fords

    Tyler ColderleyTyler Colderley2 måneder siden
  • Probably THE most boring Top gear video that I have ever seen

    Rayan_Ca18Rayan_Ca182 måneder siden
  • It's has to do three men job...

    RAD CLIPSRAD CLIPS3 måneder siden
  • you can really say in the last few year's car's have really lost style.

    razzkellgamerrazzkellgamer3 måneder siden
  • حاااااااااااااااااي 3:59

    HH3 måneder siden
  • "Make an ordinary looking car and slap a pair of massive buttcheeks on the front" is what has officially sold new Top Gear to me.

    MrFunguspowerMrFunguspower3 måneder siden
  • When did Toyota Corollas get that expensive? At 24k that's Camry money.

    Romi ArkanRomi Arkan3 måneder siden
  • What brand are your walking boots please Chris? Thanks, 208 is cool, hopefully a GTI will be launched in the future!

    Greg VosperGreg Vosper3 måneder siden
  • Great Chris but unfortunately I'm looking an suv any recommendations welcome

    mark jeffersmark jeffers3 måneder siden
  • Bloody love this especially the t cross turd part

    Rian O LuasaRian O Luasa3 måneder siden
  • Is anyone else going to mention just how many of the cars have 69 on their license plates?

    Wòofy WòoflezWòofy Wòoflez3 måneder siden
  • All new cars are just too big I'm sick of it

    Brian GallagherBrian Gallagher4 måneder siden
  • Ranking style for me : Opel Corsa / Peugeot 208 Nissan Juke II Mazda 3 BMW 3 Touring

    Léo ProLéo Pro4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris once did great videos, now they are as awful as this.

    martin lmartin l4 måneder siden
  • God in Heaven, I hate modern Top Gear

    Great Western Productions2857Great Western Productions28574 måneder siden
  • Straight to the vital point & no bullshit. Love this man!

    GuitarTablatureSkillGuitarTablatureSkill4 måneder siden
  • But Lexus is not ugly.

    LE 11LE 114 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris said what BMW fanboys will never say. Slapping butt cheeks on the front of the car. Seen the 4 Series butt cheeks? BMW has gone mad.

    日産スカイライン日産スカイライン4 måneder siden
  • I will choose Mazda 3 too

    LE 11LE 114 måneder siden
  • Mazda 3 is a looker 👌

    Ragnar LothbrokRagnar Lothbrok4 måneder siden
  • Please make THIS its own show. But normal speed not super fast.

    Gucci DonbassGucci Donbass4 måneder siden
  • The pulsar Gtir also has a umbrella in the door 😜

    WormyWormy4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris IS TOP GEAR

    Scalachi123Scalachi1234 måneder siden
  • Yesss Mazda for the win zoom zoom baby

    mikuelablemikuelable4 måneder siden
  • Look is subjective. I like Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW,

    THARINDU PRASANNA JayasundaraTHARINDU PRASANNA Jayasundara4 måneder siden
  • Just give this man his own show. The other two are unbearable...

    Daniel RomanDaniel Roman4 måneder siden
  • It's funny that someone who dresses and looks that way, is the one who tells us which car looks better than the rest...

    Guillermo CarrascoGuillermo Carrasco4 måneder siden
  • Oh come on, what idiot would prefer maza 3 to a bmw ? 😐😐

    Lors AmadeyLors Amadey4 måneder siden
  • Love these videos

    Henry CrossHenry Cross4 måneder siden
  • Get Mat Watson here

    Dragon BladeDragon Blade4 måneder siden
  • The big problem is that I cant be comferteble in The 208/2008. Stearigweel down in you lap, NO thanks! But it looks good.

    Jenny RosengrenJenny Rosengren4 måneder siden
  • Nissan Juke is the best one

    Shanjan UsmanShanjan Usman4 måneder siden
  • Well man even the best part of new to gear still worst if compare with the legendary top gear be honest

    Muhammad JiyadMuhammad Jiyad4 måneder siden
  • This isn't the Top Gear I was looking for

    Ewan FurnellEwan Furnell4 måneder siden
  • 1:33 that Skoda sound like a 30 years old Lada. A shame

    S WS W4 måneder siden
  • 👍

    myfootwasaballon jonesmyfootwasaballon jones4 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Mazda 3 looks terrible?

    Mike LegoMike Lego4 måneder siden
  • After that, for sure he is WANTED

    Helem HeditionHelem Hedition4 måneder siden
  • Toyota camry with 2.5L NA engin 203hp/250nm, 50mpg on average this car is fabulous, it has space, power, efficiency and comfort

    Omar عبد الرحمنOmar عبد الرحمن4 måneder siden
  • Toyota camry with 2.5L NA engin 203hp/250nm, 50mpg on average this car is fabulous, it has space, power, efficiency and comfort

    Omar عبد الرحمنOmar عبد الرحمن4 måneder siden
  • 1:40 not true, passat B6 has that (btw my dad has a B6 and in the drivers door there is a hole where you can put an umbrella)

    Azur HadžićAzur Hadžić4 måneder siden
  • Nah, old top gear rocks

    hugge4141hugge41414 måneder siden
  • Like the look of the 208 and Mazda 3, nice!

    James LycettJames Lycett4 måneder siden
  • All of them are boring

    Β ΠΒ Π4 måneder siden
  • Top gear je bien

    Danny AmirDanny Amir4 måneder siden
  • ..."an integrated 'Brawley?'..."

    RCESMRRCESMR4 måneder siden
  • 3 series wagon. Hard to go wrong with that.

    Geoff FieldewGeoff Fieldew5 måneder siden
  • I disliked this

    Andrew BlackAndrew Black5 måneder siden
  • I'm just struggling with the price point of all these cars. Non are special yet all cost a lot (relative) for what you get. £24k for a Mazda 3? I can't think of many more boring ways of losing at least £10k in three years and thats the one that won...

    Si RaffSi Raff5 måneder siden
  • Best VFM car under 20.000 is Fiat 500x 1.3 diesel with the new manual 6 speed gearbox. Low taxation, very economical, reliable and cheap as a Clio.

    toy2day1toy2day15 måneder siden
  • Agree, btw Scala has the umbrella as well (have it for as a rental before C43 AMG arrivess from Germany) and its still better ti drive than any Toyota, those gearboxes are the worst thing ever. Drove CH-R 1.8 hybrid for 3 days and than Scala 1.0 85kw and that felt like a super car compared to that Toyota, terrible and loud noise and no power.

    Pavel 49Pavel 495 måneder siden
  • I love that Chris still hates crossovers, despite consumers preferring them. He's right, they're pointless

    Dudles451Dudles4515 måneder siden
  • One of them is a sabre tooth tiger

    Soe Min Wai YanSoe Min Wai Yan5 måneder siden
  • Jeremy Clarkson started all of this very strong and in your face style controversial propositions which gave Top Gear the same name. When he left, I guess they're trying to do the same but with someone that does not have the Jeremy Clarkson attitude?

    NoooUGHNoooUGH5 måneder siden
  • Didnt even know MG still made cars

    A AA A5 måneder siden
  • He's having a laugh but is actually giving good advice. 208, great little car. The Mazda 3, stunning! Small crossovers, unnecessary. Gotta love Chris Harris, it's a shame they gave him the role of the scapegoat on Top Gear.

    Floris KlaverFloris Klaver5 måneder siden
  • the Mazda 3's front end is absolute BANGIN

    Diogo VieiraDiogo Vieira5 måneder siden
  • What the heck have BMW done to their frontal design. Mr Magoo could do better- pig ugly

    jonathan collardjonathan collard5 måneder siden
  • I wish the advice was based on sensible things like which had a timing chain, a strong transmission, good rust proofing, reliable electrical system etc. That matters more than styling.

    99 ron99 ron5 måneder siden
  • Yay! Car video for those who ain't buying super cars.

    MiguelPpMMiguelPpM5 måneder siden
  • Harris is the best thing about new tg

    Cameron YoungCameron Young5 måneder siden
  • Hilarious. Who needs Flintoff.

    Gregory UKGregory UK5 måneder siden
  • That new 3 Series is the best car in ages. Just bang on perfect.

    ManudBManudB5 måneder siden
  • But Chris failed to mention that the new Mazda 3 has a solid beam rear suspension. Only the AWD option is independent. The last generation FWD models were independent. It may look better but it definitely does not drive better, plus major rear left, right blind spots due to the extra thick rear C pillars.

    Phil CiantarPhil Ciantar5 måneder siden
  • Is Chris Harris not one of the best TV Media car everything presenters ever? In my opinion he is the heir to the legendary Tiff Needell.

    Phil CiantarPhil Ciantar5 måneder siden
  • Todays MG isn't anything like the 1974 MGB I used work on every weekend. Do the new MG's still employ a "lever-shock"suspension like my 74 had ? Also is the new MG made by a new British-Leyland ?

    KenKen5 måneder siden
  • Love that 🤩 Chack out my funny video's You laugh so hard 🤣🤣😆

    MR FUNNYMR FUNNY5 måneder siden
  • I love how they read skoda😂

    Matous KMatous K5 måneder siden
  • This will never be as good as old top gear. I miss the old days.

    Matous KMatous K5 måneder siden
    • Then watch it and go somewhere else! Maaaan, these comments are getting old.

      TAL CTAL C4 måneder siden
  • I have been trying to find Top Gear Series 28 on Television in the US? It was supposed to have aired already but there is no evidence of it's existence. Is there a conflict between BBC America and Motor Trend TV or something. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Glen SGlen S5 måneder siden
  • Mazda 3 and CX-30 have hybrid power. 3 is better.

    Kasia KasiakKasia Kasiak5 måneder siden
  • Small SUV **spit**

    Rico YeungRico Yeung5 måneder siden
  • When is Series 28 being released in America?

    Cousin YuriCousin Yuri5 måneder siden
  • Chris you hate SUV’s some I like but I agree with Chris SUV’s are for OAP’s top gear is back on track

    D MOTORS TM South AfricaD MOTORS TM South Africa5 måneder siden
  • 1:56 still hateful I like the new juke the old one was s**t

    D MOTORS TM South AfricaD MOTORS TM South Africa5 måneder siden
  • 1.30 'lovely touch', Alan Partridge on cars 🙈

    the coopsthe coops5 måneder siden
  • Top gear is so shite now

    I SJH II SJH I5 måneder siden