Chris Harris on... the Porsche Taycan | Top Gear: Series 28

10. feb.. 2020
455 840 Ganger

On the latest episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris jumped into the brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo S and took the all-electric, 4-wheel drive, 761bhp Stuttgart monster sideways around the Top Gear test track.
And with our honour-bound commitment to providing sensible consumer advice for the masses, here's Chris explaining how to drift the £138k Taycan Turbo S.
Check out Harris' full Taycan review here:
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  • I'm excited for an advance future! I love the sound of combustion engines and I don't want to let them go, but if this electric stuff becomes undeniably better in all ways I'll have to accept it...

    sonson15 dager siden
  • He’ll have to test the RWD when it arrives. Lighter, purer experience.

    Ian HIan H24 dager siden
  • Believe Porsche developed the Taycan Turbo S as a testing of the waters but the happy medium for the next decade will be turbo hybrids, there is a lot of new electric motor technology being developed right now but battery density is still behind. I do agree that vehicles built for the emotional experience will remain with internal combustion drive trains, I'd like to see camless engines and more H pattern manual transmissions in future vehicles.

    George LucasGeorge LucasMåned siden
  • Chris is bang on about electric cars in general, bunch of fukn nerds hyping tesla lool

    drsupremo88drsupremo882 måneder siden
  • What color is it?

    mrkhanna16mrkhanna162 måneder siden
  • Too fast Pfffff Yeah right

    harry wissinkharry wissink3 måneder siden
  • If you buy a Porsche. Join the Porsche club gb

    Andy DUNNEAndy DUNNE3 måneder siden
  • Brutal honesty is the best gift any individual can give to everyone else.

    Da HogmanDa Hogman4 måneder siden
  • We need more of these videos - I could watch chris talk about cars and the changes to the industry for days

    Sam JennerSam Jenner4 måneder siden
  • Starts making good and informative points, we'll just have to stop you there 🙄

    Rick GreenhalghRick Greenhalgh4 måneder siden
  • Chris... good job. You are my favorite car blogger!

    Ростик ПоночёвныйРостик Поночёвный4 måneder siden
  • Don’t worry Chris Tesla will make it better

    Christian Torres-RossiChristian Torres-Rossi4 måneder siden
  • I still feel that electric vehicles are the least effective clean vehicle. I think that not focusing on hydrogen hydrogen fuels cells was a mistake. There are so many advantages they offer over normal EVs: 1. They are electric motor driven so have the speed performance of an EV. 2. They don't have to have a battery and in fact have a liquid fuel and so a. The car can be closer to the weight of a traditional car b. The car can be refuelled quicker 3. The car produces only carbon dioxide and water as waste 4. Liquid hydrogen can be obtained by various means including low Carbon Ones (Nuclear Power Station) but can also be taken from fossil fuels so those industries can be more slowly phased out. It was the petroleum industry that tried to bury the hydrogen fuel cell and I feel that it should be primary focus over just normal EV vehicles.

    Nathan ThomNathan Thom4 måneder siden
  • Why do you have to stop being political ! People need to know about the bs they are being fed

    Darren ThomasDarren Thomas4 måneder siden
  • Love Chris's comments! Honest and objective. just mint.

    mattipuhmattipuh5 måneder siden
  • Well said. Tesla is for people who don’t like cars.

    Sepehr MnSepehr Mn5 måneder siden
  • This is why I love these smaller interviews with Chris; always honest, always spot on and always looking at the bigger picture. My compliments and please more!

    DW70DW705 måneder siden
  • Classic error: saying you're let down by the EVs because they won't "fit everybody's life". Well, a Ford Transit doesn't fit my life. I'm let down by all the vans of the world.

    VUO4EVUO4E5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the only contributor on Top Gear that has an intelligent view of cars. Lads messing about is tedious

    James PinkJames Pink5 måneder siden
  • 2:47 is why I rejected a second date with a otherwise beautiful girl.

    Driving EnthusiastDriving Enthusiast5 måneder siden
    • 😂

      Neal PNeal P3 måneder siden
  • Lol the bias in this guy. This car would not exist if tesla didn't exist

    Axumite DessalegnAxumite Dessalegn5 måneder siden
  • You do realize they are counting the lithium in the effeciency per mile question right? Even with dirty power plants its still more effecient because power plants absolutely need to be. And if youre gonna go talking about increased strain on the power plant then you can create regulations on refridgerators/freezers that can easily make back the difference. Not making a hole for the water tap for example alone can make up the demand and thats probably one of the more inconvenient solutions

    a fisha fish5 måneder siden
  • Chris, I respect the hell out of you but, STOP SAYING IT IS TOO MUCH POWER! IT IS NEVER TOO MUCH POWER!

    Alejandro PelaezAlejandro Pelaez6 måneder siden
  • Eco-fascists will kill sports cars.

    A SamA Sam6 måneder siden
  • what color is that blue? looks amazing wow!

    기린파이 GiraffePi기린파이 GiraffePi6 måneder siden
  • Brilliant Chris easily summed up 3:26

    PerpetualApexPerpetualApex6 måneder siden
  • I hope he will earn enough money in order to get back to his own videos Chris Harris on cars!

    A GA G6 måneder siden
  • Smart thinking, Chris Harris is the most complete automotive journalist…

    MrWindmadMrWindmad7 måneder siden
  • Currently the best electric car !!

    chimical09chimical097 måneder siden
    • doesnt have great range, doesnt have the best 0-60, doesnt have the best comfort. how is this the best?

      YeYe2 måneder siden
  • What an interesting and smart man Chris is. Always informative and always good fun to listen too.

    Andreas CederqvistAndreas Cederqvist7 måneder siden
  • Anyone else get the impression that Chris can't stand that geezer and would rather be anywhere else than there with him 😂😂😂

    Joe FlintJoe Flint7 måneder siden
  • I don't believe that the ICE will be replaced

    Lorenzo broLorenzo bro7 måneder siden
  • This weirdo has lost his mind.. BMW crap ROLLS ROYCE crap MERCEDES BENZ crap Vwaudiskodaseat porsche top stuff!??. But in reality FERRARI,BMW,MERCEDES BENZ is WAY BETTER THEN THESE RICH MEN VWPORSCHEAUDISKODASEAT CRAP CARS.

    Warrior HWarrior H7 måneder siden
  • I want to see an electric 911

    Gentleman GamerGentleman Gamer7 måneder siden
    • @Gentleman Gamer You do if you understand fandom a bit, the same logic applies. It would be attention grabbing but no good will come of it. I hope it doesn't get violent, but you never know how extreme things get when passion gets to a unhealthy degree. That said, Porsche is a business.... their only so much that it can do to keep producing the 911 when everything else works against it. As Chris says, sad as it is, Porsche will likely do what it can to debit/credit the issue of the fleet emissions for the company. When it becomes too much to protect the 911 from it, their will either be an appetite for an 911"e" so large that it can't be ignored or it has to die because everything else can't keep it from meeting it's regulatory obligations. Porsche isn't at that crossroad today, but about 2030? It very well might.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones2 måneder siden
    • @Duv Jones To me it's just seems extremely arbitrary to ringfence this one car and say "No, this one is off-limits, no touchy here, but all the other ones are fine". I don't understand that logic. I think it will happen with the 911 eventually, even if it's 2030.

      Gentleman GamerGentleman Gamer2 måneder siden
    • @Gentleman Gamer I said I'd agree with you, I think that the electric powertrain as more than enough legs at this point. But with the 911 there are some engineering challenges, the biggest being its size. The 911 is a very small car, and batteries tend to not be small... so there is that. There's been a few conversions of very old 911s to an electric powertrain so can be done(keep in mind the last one of these I saw took every available space, there's not much of a trunk with this). But I don't think that's happening today. But as I said earlier, my problem isn't so much the car. Porsche has very good engineering teams they can work around several issues, they have with the Taycan. The problem with the 911 isn't the car, it's the people. On a new platform you can kind of get away with stuff, which is probably why most Porsche owners didn't really bat much of an eye with the Taycan. It's a new vehicle it's doing new vehicle things but when you get a vehicle with history behind it, things get dicey. Look at Ford. Mustang Mach-E is a thing... But if you go to enthusiasts corners about this one vehicle... Oh the bitching... Hasn't stopped since they've been announced the SUV. Yes it's an SUV. But the company still pushing ahead with it because: One, SUVs are where the money that and so are the EV's. Two, Several manufacturers have intended to make an EV specifically for that market. Three, being late to the BEV game.... they need their foot in the door. Taking the Mustang brand in this direction says a lot about where they see the company, and just how important this vehicle actually is. Very. Despite all of this the bitching continues, as if it doesn't matter at all. That's what Porsche is likely up against, but I'll be honest I think it's a few magnitudes worse.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones2 måneder siden
    • @Duv Jones Some people just need to get with the times. Electric powetrains are the future, and internal combustion engines are coming to an end. It's over What's the difference between the 911 being electric and the Taycan, or even Boxter being electric?

      Gentleman GamerGentleman Gamer2 måneder siden
    • I do and don't. What bugs me isn't the car.... the 911 is a legend, and frankly, electrifying going to be fraught with legion of enthusiasts demanding otherwise. You hear it with Chris here, and to be fair, he has a point about that. He looks at the near future and goes, with the EU regulations tightening, the 992 911 might be the last of it's kind... The particulate filters are coming, hybrid power is going to have to be a thing for it sooner or latter, and their is only going to be so much road for that in an all-electric future. He looks to be one of the calm ones on that subject knowing that there only so much that Porsche can do to save the 911 and come that junction might need to kill it before "going electric"... others won't be so calm if they do otherwise and Porsche has no appetite to face that angry mob today.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones2 måneder siden
  • I was worried chris may have changed to fit in with top gear. Its good to see he hasnt really.

    forresttmforresttm7 måneder siden
  • Taycan Sport-Turismo. Make it happen.

    WayneWayne7 måneder siden
    • Ummm, it is.... sort of.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones2 måneder siden
  • Tesla > Porsche

    Ram sRam s7 måneder siden
  • Petrol engines dont have to be legislated into non existence. Your politicians are hacks and cowards, tell the government to stay out of your lives. The consumer is always right, more choice is the goal, not less.

    kkthxkkkthxk7 måneder siden
  • Climate change is a sham....

    ImleocalmImleocalm7 måneder siden
  • Crazy that going to top gear literally killed Chris's career before it started

    mrgeorge118mrgeorge1187 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is a true automotive journalist. I remember when he used to write and review for Autocar back in the day. He had a full head of hair and triangular sideburns

    adnaanuadnaanu7 måneder siden
  • 2 tonne boxster and cayman...such a shame

    jfdrummondjfdrummond7 måneder siden
  • When it comes to Tesla and EV Chris Harris’s thoughts are exactly in line with mine.

    joe bloggsjoe bloggs7 måneder siden
    • I second this opinion. It’s baffling how many Tesla Cultists are on here trying to downplay his command on the car industry.

      Kris PamidiKris PamidiMåned siden
  • He very nearly went down a truthful rabbit hole there! Electric cars are good for local air quality. As for global resources and environmental impact maybe not so good..

    TLilico90TLilico907 måneder siden
  • wow man awesome interview.

    HigherPlanesHigherPlanes7 måneder siden
  • I really like Chris Harris, he is a professional knowledgeable motor journalist, who really knows his stuff, he's the only good thing about the new Top Gear. But can the BBC sack that loud mouth thick YOB Paddy McGuiness please, he's not funny and knows absolutely nothing about TV presenting and is NOT a motor journalist and never will be, he should never do a review on a new car like he did on Sunday, he is so full of himself. Peter Kay hold your head in shame for giving that loud mouth YOB his big break on TV! ( The holy trinity will never be betterd ever) Chris Harris should have his own motor show presented on his own, he doesn't need two clowns with him, infact I think it's an insult to Chris, he's forgotten more about being motor journalist than they can ever know!

    The Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger7 måneder siden
  • Well. It’s got less range has no charging network is twice the price and no autopilot. It’s slower too. It also has granny’s clock on the dash. Anything god? Yes it’s quite bonny. Game over!

    Whitehouse Farm Barn and Caravan Site. NO tents please, thats a different site.Whitehouse Farm Barn and Caravan Site. NO tents please, thats a different site.7 måneder siden
  • Please please PLEASE shut up and let Chris Harris finish any sentence or train of thought he's currently in the middle of. I promise you he is more interesting than you, and no one cares what you have to say relative to what he has to say. I'm sorry, but these are facts.

    Artistry ArtistryArtistry Artistry7 måneder siden
  • Why wont they pronounce Porsche correctly? Theyre clearly saying it the wrong way on purpose....

    Tom HarrisonTom Harrison7 måneder siden
  • i think Porsche is making a huge mistake going all electric

    soundofeighthoovessoundofeighthooves7 måneder siden
  • Chris is a legend. Think it would be fascinating to go for a beer with him and talk cars.

    Richard BeckRichard Beck7 måneder siden
  • All the R&D that goes into vehicles comes from the vehicle manufacturers themselves and knowing that just tells me that yeah we're at a point where electric is still new and uncharted waters... but man... when it starts taking off, were going to see some insane electric cars in the road and I personally can't wait, I'll always love the roar of a petrol engine, but Electric cars and instant torque are mind blowing in performance. And this is just the beginning.

    Rogue Wave JamesRogue Wave James7 måneder siden
  • Theres really no reason for automotive manufactures to stick with petrol engines

    Sarah MichelleSarah Michelle7 måneder siden
  • If Chris Harris wasn’t on Top Gear, I wouldn’t be watching.

    Matthew BMatthew B7 måneder siden
  • Let Chris talk.

    andrewbravandrewbrav7 måneder siden
  • Chris shutting down the interviewer 😂

    Josh CullumJosh Cullum7 måneder siden
  • This is probably the only car that has me excited about electric cars. And I trust Porsche do it right

    BlackwindBlackwind7 måneder siden
  • It does way more miles then advertised

    KEYSKEYS8 måneder siden
  • Internal combustion engine Cars are dead you Better get used to the idea, at least i would add

    gert xhikagert xhika8 måneder siden
  • Top gear = Porsche Bootlickers Tesla and Kia evs along with Hyundai Kona RV have solid Range and certainly more than that Taycann. Disappointed that These guys are sold out.

    Mr.Tweezy007Mr.Tweezy0078 måneder siden
  • I love it but... reduce the power, reduce the weight, reduce the price and increase the range.

    robmanueb2robmanueb28 måneder siden
    • No contradictory at all, those ideas are mutual. If you reduce the weight you will increase the range. There are a number of ways to increase range that don't include increasing the battery size or weight. IE less weight in non essential items like sound absorption materials, smaller stereo, skinnier tires, thinner paint, smaller vehicle, the list is endless.

      robmanueb2robmanueb27 måneder siden
    • "Reduce the weight" and "increassen the range" contradicts each other. You need more battery fore more range. And if you want less power than buy the 4S instead of the Turbo S or Turbo.

      Sebastian NolteSebastian Nolte7 måneder siden
  • Europe: Every car must be electric! Ford USA: Here’s our new 7.3 liter V8

    Matthew LitkeMatthew Litke8 måneder siden
    • @Matthew Litke They are doing it with the F150, but I happen to agree with you. Ford is doing to be a bit more lazy because of the US vehicle market. Regulations in Europe are forcing the hand of most auto makers to give a damn about the emissions (then there is VW's rather embarrassing scandal with diesel tests, something that they are **still** paying for... 4 years latter), and that kind of pressure simply doesn't exist in the US. So, for now, every EV that I seem come out of Ford is basically them testing the market, establishing a presence but that will not last forever. Ford is not about to sell two vastly different vehicles for the two markets, and keeping the ICE vehicles around will get costly in Europe. They can't ignore that market. I think that there will come a point where Ford has to get serious about EV's, the F150 EV is not them being serious (it a convert truck: they sell that, the ICE truck and are about to launch a PHEV of the F150), the Mustang could be if the platform keeps selling but I don't see it. The Ford GT Mark I/ The Ford GT40 is Ford Motor Company getting serious. They have a rather long history of that, and honestly speaking, the spectre of Ford just waiting with money to BURN to be a part of the space should scare anyone. I await when the Ford clan looks at EV's and goes "I want it. I want in." Because things will get heated once they put the company's full weight behind a vehicle.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones4 måneder siden
    • Timothy Vaschu every company will make an electric car but I think Ford will sell more gas or diesel powered vehicles in the US for a while. It will be hard to make a F550 electric

      Matthew LitkeMatthew Litke7 måneder siden
    • Also Ford: "Here's the Mustang Mach-e"

      Timothy VaschuTimothy Vaschu7 måneder siden
  • The only thing I want to hear from the guy NOT named Chris Harris is silence. Nothing more but, maybe less.

    Am JayAm Jay8 måneder siden
  • Tesla is for arrogant iPhone fanboys

    Florian HaffnerFlorian Haffner8 måneder siden
  • Wow, I used to love Chris, but I gotta say this brings him down a notch in my book. For years Top Gear has been nothing but electric-haters as evidenced by the fake news they report about Teslas. They have literally LIED about Teslas over and over. But now Porsche produces an electric car and all of sudden they give it all the credit, forgive it its faults, and fawn all over it. And they still refuse to give Tesla ANY credit! They call this "new technology", but Tesla has been delivering electric cars for 10 years.

    One Issue VoterOne Issue Voter8 måneder siden
  • "Teslas are cars for people that don't like cars" so true, although I still think they are impressive machines

    ribochriboch8 måneder siden
  • One thing I disagree with, the "15000-25000 miles" being an issue thing... yeah some people only do that many but it's not about those few people, it's about the overall effect out of the hundreds of millions of cars that do 1, 2, 300k miles before they reach the scrapheap. 25k miles to offset the production related emissions? that's nothing compared to 200k. even more nothing compared to the 500k miles tesla is expecting their cars to last for eventually.

    RWoody1995RWoody19958 måneder siden
  • where is the lithium coming from?? we already know where fossil fuels come from and what they do once they leave the ground. Lets just stick with the globe destroying fossil fuels method because we don't care to educate ourselves on lithium

    Paul CavanaghPaul Cavanagh8 måneder siden
    • The world was supposed to end multiple times in the past because of global warming.

      Neal PNeal P3 måneder siden
    • Have you seen a cobalt mine?

      astronmr20astronmr207 måneder siden
  • I wish the #BBC would stop giving out stupidity pills to presenters ! Emissions ! It's all about not poisoning everyone in highly populated areas like #London where I'm afraid only the rich live !

    Frog RoosterFrog Rooster8 måneder siden
  • I strongly dislike electric cars and I'd much rather never own one. I do respect the points Chris is making though.

    Eric CartmenezEric Cartmenez8 måneder siden
  • How the hell do they manage to design a car that looks like crap every time since 1947. They should copy British or Italian design course obviously they can't do it by themselves.

    Peter ZnidaricPeter Znidaric8 måneder siden
  • Chris is a good Clarkson replacement, genuinely good guy. Wish he was not so straightforward with words, unlike Jeremy.

    Akshat VermaAkshat Verma8 måneder siden
  • Electric cars are just shit. I would rather drive a golf mk2 gti then this shit. To pay 100 000€ for this shit you must be a big nerd. I got gasoline in my blood. The sound wenn the car hits the rev limiter. Wenn you down shift. Wenn you start it in the winter on -10. Smell of the gasoline inside the car. Priceless

    John KischJohn Kisch8 måneder siden
  • My mates talked about Tesla for 2 minutes when they were supposed to talk about the Taycan.

    SweShoogaSweShooga8 måneder siden
  • might be the first video that fairly compares both Tesla and the Porsche Taycan

    MikeMike8 måneder siden
  • Taycan exploded in Florida garage.

    burlingame87burlingame878 måneder siden
  • "Teslas are obviously cars for people who don't like cars." LOL!

    Andre 1,000Andre 1,0008 måneder siden
  • Nissan leaf 62kwh has 384km range, dumb duck

    P. SethiaP. Sethia8 måneder siden
  • why is he giving opinions like this? The only thing missing is a barber shop setup

    P. SethiaP. Sethia8 måneder siden
  • so the Taycan is the new R34 GTR? kewl

    Forrest SlaterForrest Slater8 måneder siden
  • meh. The Taycan gets way less range, can't seat anyone in the back, has almost no trunk(s) and no supercharger network and he complains about the Tesla being "less quality" at half the price? I'm sorry, he's out to lunch. Drifting is not a thing for street legal driving.

    Dieter ZerressenDieter Zerressen8 måneder siden
  • 05:51 "I'm just going to stop you there because we're getting dangerously close to being informative." So, how's that a problem?

    GadgetyGadgety8 måneder siden
    • It’s sarcasm

      VertexVertex8 måneder siden
  • What is this taycan color? It doesn't seem like standard blue they are offering. Maybe it's just the video color grading. Looks amazing!

    Hrvoje JurkovićHrvoje Jurković8 måneder siden
  • His comments are absolutely bang on. So true re: Tesla.

    Paul LockwoodPaul Lockwood8 måneder siden
  • the Porsche is just as useless as the Leaf and they admit it but don't wanna say it.

    YerrieYerrie8 måneder siden
  • That was the goal, to accelerate (pun intended) sustainable cars. If Tesla's not your cup of tea, so be it.

    harryharry8 måneder siden
  • Chris makes a very good point. Electric cars are not eco friendly at all in the present.

    Hansiddh ThakurHansiddh Thakur8 måneder siden
  • In the best case, it is wishful thinking.

    Gluca069 Just___itGluca069 Just___it8 måneder siden
  • Wow, he just summed up Tesla perfectly

    Rick HuttonRick Hutton8 måneder siden
  • Came here to say Chris Harris is just plain good at his job, pretty much what everyone is saying. Glad he was given Top Gear to do his thing.

    jaspweteringjaspwetering8 måneder siden
  • When the little brown man speaks I immediately stop what I’m doing and listen. Harris For PM

    Steve DSteve D8 måneder siden
  • I love when Chris talks around a non automotive person lol

    Farmer JaeFarmer Jae8 måneder siden
  • Dont bother with top gear anymore. Just fast forward all the dicking about to the one bloody review then turn it off. Car bloody wow is miles better.

    smokemeakipprsmokemeakippr8 måneder siden
  • Who are these guys? Why there is Clarkson, May and Hammond?

    Alexandr KovalenkoAlexandr Kovalenko8 måneder siden
  • I fully support your views Chris and I believe many of us feel the same way about the current politics of the future of automobiles. Thank you for doing your best to tell us just enough to bring us back to reality before being hushed up by all the self appointed captain planets of the world drunk on the same coolaid and dancing to the tune of an enviromentally friendly Smurf jig. Makes me sick that we live in times where political correctness and agendas outweigh personal views, reality and sanity. This coming from someone who makes ones living from renewable energy solutions for the future.

    Benjamin MBenjamin M8 måneder siden
  • just talk, no action, wth they think, people still watching like before

    Rolando LoebRolando Loeb8 måneder siden
  • I was wondering how Chris had managed to criticise a Tesla without attracting Musk’s roving legion of clueless fanboys, but this vid is only a couple of days old. Sigh. Tesla isn’t in the title, I guess, but it won’t be long. They’ll be along in a moment.

    colin5577colin55778 måneder siden
  • "Teslas are cars for people who don't like cars".. I don't know, correct me if I'm wrong but Jay Leno seems to fit "people who likes cars"... Not sure if owning 286 of them, and running a show on cars fits the category. What's his daily driver you ask? A tesla p100D. Top gear has found long ago, it's profitable to cater to the gear heads, and old timer brand loyalists.

    ImanuelImanuel8 måneder siden
  • 5:48 Greta to Chris Harris: "hOw DaRe U"

    Dir tyDir ty8 måneder siden
  • Badly informed about lithium, range, charging and pricing.

    Sandy Pants BearSandy Pants Bear8 måneder siden