Chris Harris on... the McLaren Speedtail: "Keep your Senna, have this" | Top Gear: Series 28

3. feb.. 2020
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In the latest episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris took on the RAF in a very special race. You may remember, that some years ago, TG pitched Eurofighter Typhoon against a Bugatti Veyron. But technology's moved on a little since then, so it was time for a rematch.
The RAF chose their supersonic F35 fighter jet, and Harris opted for the jaw-dropping 250mph McLaren Speedtail - a slippery, low-drag hypercar with a centre driving position. Here Chris takes us on a tour of the McLaren and explains what it's like drifting a £2 million piece of exotica.
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  • Who's sitting next to you on a roadtrip in your Speedtail?

    Top GearTop Gear8 måneder siden
    • Gordon Murray. And while he likes the materials and finish, he's not very happy with how small the passenger seats are...

      srinitaaigaurasrinitaaigauraMåned siden
    • Whoever they are, they won't have any choice but to put one arm on the driver. Clearly designed for the rich boy and his 2 chicks. I don't know how that would work out under hard braking or a crash. That shoulder is going to slam into the driver seat.

      srinitaaigaurasrinitaaigauraMåned siden
    • Well, I would like to say Gemma Arterton or Jennifer Lawrence but the reality is it will probably be the Big Mac I got from the service station siting on the passenger seat. 😭

      OutlandOutland4 måneder siden
    • @Magoo McGuire hahaha yeah

      Dragos PahontuDragos Pahontu5 måneder siden
    • My butler holding the keys to my 17 other cars

      Magoo McGuireMagoo McGuire5 måneder siden
  • My dream car is a maserati mc20

    Jaumaster 69Jaumaster 693 dager siden
  • It would look better if the back was the front and the front was the back

    J BurtonJ Burton7 dager siden
  • Chris is much better like this! Weird!

    Ryan KeaneRyan Keane11 dager siden
  • Thats the ugliest car ever

    C CC C21 dag siden
  • Why do they keep on showing the front when the back is the most important I mean come on it literally has “tail” in the name

    BishBishMåned siden
  • I think it can go faster than a Chiron.Lighter,Low drag,slim, nimble.

    LE 11LE 11Måned siden
  • I think the side is amazing looking but the front isn’t

    Nethaniel BentwichNethaniel BentwichMåned siden
  • FINE, you talked me into it, I'll keep my Senna AND will get one of those 🙄

    Farhad KazemiFarhad KazemiMåned siden
  • The T50 is the true successor to the F1

    Anomaly Detection AlgorithmAnomaly Detection AlgorithmMåned siden
  • McLaren should name it "peacock."

    Tyran MathurinTyran MathurinMåned siden
  • How can Chris just only mention the Bugatti and now mention the koenigsegg ?

    Jerome pJerome pMåned siden
  • 100% out of proportion

    BigTyminBigTyminMåned siden
  • No thx, over priced !

    OugaBoogaShockwaveOugaBoogaShockwaveMåned siden
  • I agree best looking car they’ve done so far but it’s definitely not worth 2 million dollars especially with their track record of customer service and fires cars losing value as fast as they release them!!!!

    Roger Rolex 69Roger Rolex 69Måned siden
  • What a nice comment before T50 strikes

    Raditya InderaRaditya InderaMåned siden
  • This car is stupid

    DrgDrg2 måneder siden
  • ugly

    simon lloydsimon lloyd2 måneder siden
  • I prefer Gordon T50

    Blark DextureBlark Dexture2 måneder siden
  • Cannot fathom how anyone can look at this and think ‘Ugly’?!?!? I think it’s utterly beautiful!! And truly feel there more than a passing resemblance to the XJ220.....another massively understated, under appreciated and long, low speed hungry goddess.....

    Dean CoolingDean Cooling2 måneder siden
  • It's ugly and too big. The end.

    FruitFlyKillaFruitFlyKilla3 måneder siden
  • So, let's get this straight. The cars with 3 abreast seatings are 1. Mclaren F1 2. Mclaren Speedtail 3. Fiat Multipla 4. Nissan President 1989

    whiners131whiners1313 måneder siden
  • I am 190cm barefoot could I fit in this McLaren?

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson4 måneder siden
  • "christ, that's ugly".... watch your tongue there, son. Unless you meant the antichrist.... then its fine.

    Etienne 777Etienne 7774 måneder siden
  • OMG that looks so uncomfortable - then again I am 6ft 1

    Stephen RStephen R4 måneder siden
  • I'll be honest, I still prefer the Chiron. Even though it's nearly 50% more expensive, I'd still feel like I was getting better value. Not just a £200k McLaren 720s with an extra seat and some more carbon fibre stuck on the back.

    Ser Garlan TyrellSer Garlan Tyrell4 måneder siden
  • when i first saw this car and my first thought was "now that big ass cockroache"

    Selipar JepunSelipar Jepun4 måneder siden
  • Or here

    Ray2311usRay2311us5 måneder siden
  • I love it cause it looks like the next gen. of an Isdera Commendatore 112i, one of my favourite 90s supercars!! Love the spaceship look ^_^

    StacXionStacXion5 måneder siden
  • This car McLaren Speedtail for driver shinny, maybe you have two girlfriends shinny.

    ELITE n' Roll FelipeELITE n' Roll Felipe5 måneder siden
  • Cool car

    Mrinal HembramMrinal Hembram5 måneder siden
  • well chiron is chiron Bugatti>>> McLaren

    MuhammedMuhammed5 måneder siden
  • There's just no way I'd have this over a Chiron let alone a Chiron sport, or Chiron SS. The Chiron has a lot more usable power at low speeds, and it has a higher top speed. It also has a unique engine on display and won't depreciate like a falling rock. The Mclaren is too long to use in the city to park, and it's not particularly great on the track, so I don't know what it's for. Of course this is just moot from me because I could never afford either cars.

    Don LeeDon Lee5 måneder siden
  • And yet it's not as fast as a chiron..mclaren have used the same trick as the p1..all the marketing indicates it will smash records but no real data is released or proven. There are so many excuses made for mclaren because of the britishness.

    dagnutdagnut5 måneder siden
  • That Ginger kid is a drag.

    MuckytujaMuckytuja5 måneder siden
  • Bring back the trio. Their review would have been a real feel of what this car is about. This, just feels dry, mechanical, blah and what "top gear" was never about. 😒

    SilverMustang920SilverMustang9205 måneder siden
  • Can’t help but see the old girl xj220 in this car

    Alex ButtersAlex Butters5 måneder siden
  • Reminds me of the XJ220 JAGUAR from the early 90s.

    exionemexionem5 måneder siden
  • This car is stunning. At first I thought it was ugly.

    AJAJ6 måneder siden
  • For some reason I feel claustrophobic thinking of sitting in the passenger seat 😖

    Luide MulumbaLuide Mulumba6 måneder siden
    • i wonder how the passenger will feel when this car gets T boned. i guess the driver will use his passengers as air bags, Bwahahaha..........

      OugaBoogaShockwaveOugaBoogaShockwaveMåned siden
  • Incase you haven’t noticed, it pays tribute to Jaguar XJ220.

    TürkayTürkay6 måneder siden
  • Being a Jez, Rich, and May fan, I watched the episode featuring this car and I have to say they've done a massively good job, I loved the car vs fighter jet. But they just lacked consistency. I really appreciate them and sometimes they do a reallly good job.

    footyfitfootyfit6 måneder siden
  • I felt the way chris grabbed the cover at 6:16. He was definitely thinking "that looked wobbly"

    BrandonBrandon6 måneder siden
  • Who else wants McLaren to make a new worlds fastest like the F1

    Johnathan SmallJohnathan Small7 måneder siden
  • They really should have gone for the 3 seat layout in the p1 as well.

    SJay MarklandSJay Markland7 måneder siden
  • Finally a "coffin" shaped like a car!

  • Will give more hassles than a Bugatti. Nice tho

    Colin AshbyColin Ashby7 måneder siden
  • This is a true F1 evolution with the center seat and the doors the wind blown styling

    FracturedFractured7 måneder siden
  • Ugliest thing I've ever seen

    Amos Ioan ChiriacAmos Ioan Chiriac7 måneder siden
  • I think it looks 80s futuristic. That's why I like it.

    Oleksandr MOleksandr M7 måneder siden
  • Jaguar XJ220

    C MarzC Marz7 måneder siden
  • Ugly piece of shit......looks like a Holden Ute British talks good about British brands....

    Michael JosephMichael Joseph7 måneder siden
  • Christ, look at the swirls

    ollie smallollie small7 måneder siden
  • It looks like an Oldsmobile Aerotech.

    Roberto SalvattiRoberto Salvatti7 måneder siden
  • 3:22 more like a passenger airliner...

    Gideon OkunGideon Okun7 måneder siden
  • MR Chris Harris can get behind to wheels of Audi’s 2020 RS6 or RS7 please

    Mustaf HejranMustaf Hejran7 måneder siden
  • 성숙한 뇌는 적절한 입력 신호가 중요하다 하는군요 전문가들은 시간 투자가 가장 안전한 미래를 위한 선택이라고 하는군요 🙏 슈퍼카는 엄청난 뇌 신경을 가진 자동차 산업 입니다. 🙏 축적된 시간이 없으면 힘들죠

    코코몽코코몽7 måneder siden
  • I think the car looks awesome except for those front rims

    Wayne MillerWayne Miller7 måneder siden
  • What's great about this car, is no one will know if its coming or going. Like; 'I didn't mash the accelerator because the Mclarin looked like it had been turned round to go South and I was told the race was heading North. And now, the Mclarin hit the finish line and had supper all already.'..

    goofydog2goofydog27 måneder siden
  • Only thing I’m worried about is... how fast can you get out in the case of a fire?

    MagnacarsMagnacars7 måneder siden
  • Took McLaren 40 years to gain 7 miles per hour....

    RpM_EvanRpM_Evan7 måneder siden
  • Top gear without may,Hammond and Clarkson is boring

    Jacob NgosoJacob Ngoso8 måneder siden
  • Stig lap ?

    stig greystig grey8 måneder siden
  • This top gear is trash, where is clarkson

    Noel AlexNoel Alex8 måneder siden
  • This car is amazing

    Arthur CaveArthur Cave8 måneder siden
  • Something just don’t feel right... ah yeah, top gear without Jeremy, Hammond and James. 🙃

    Peter BrownPeter Brown8 måneder siden
  • this is so cringe. you have to be insane to like this

    LukeLuke8 måneder siden
  • It sounds so average

    mondoudoumondoudou8 måneder siden
  • its shit

    Dan PDan P8 måneder siden
  • Well, you could get 2 seenas for the price of this and a Lamborghini huracan performante

    ABIR AHMEDABIR AHMED8 måneder siden
  • That is only one hypercar where can sit 3 persons.

    Клим БондарьКлим Бондарь8 måneder siden
  • The way this thing sounded being driven at the top limit on the show was incredible. I don’t know how quite to say it, but it just sounded fast.

    bpowickbpowick8 måneder siden
  • There is only one thing that stands out and it's the 3 seasts...

    TheFrankybodyTheFrankybody8 måneder siden
  • How on earth did he think was ugly? I'm with you Chris it's a beauty

    Icon IconIcon Icon8 måneder siden
  • Looks exactly like a 1993 Isdera Commendatore 112i:

    MikeMike8 måneder siden
  • No matter how good... The styling is terrible. Surprise Chris likes it. Probably a British thing. Long live the King...McLaren F1

    dayalan velandayalan velan8 måneder siden
  • Nevermind having to be the first to seat inside the car, you probably have a butler to hold your girlfriends whilst sitting inside the car and closing the door for you.

    Is OsIs Os8 måneder siden
  • You lost me at "It has no drag". Experts.

    cjm081cjm0818 måneder siden
  • Catfish of a car

    ilhan hilhan h8 måneder siden
  • It remind me a bit of the 90s Jaguar XJ220

    Zombie HeadZombie Head8 måneder siden
  • Back to the F1 days with the 3 seats, a shame they don't have Gordon Murray on the design team anymore. He would have said the tail looks worse than a tramp's underpants after 10 days on the street

    FreezeraFreezera8 måneder siden
  • The Speedtail is Jaguar XJ220 inspired.

    John KJohn K8 måneder siden
  • If you crash with passengers surely they'll have instant dislocated shoulders 😅😅

    Mk8 MillerMk8 Miller8 måneder siden
  • This is the antithesis of all the limited run hypercars currently in existence. Purely because if i see someone cruising in a Senna or a P1 GTR in central London, you’d think “idiot...take it to the track”. Whereas you see that same person in this and you’d say “so suave and cool”

    The Night NomadThe Night Nomad8 måneder siden
  • [Laughs in Koenigsegg]

    BPRIMEBPRIME8 måneder siden
  • I still think it's ugly

    guppy3278bguppy3278b8 måneder siden
  • man this is no F1 still man... nothing will be a F1. im a huge Mclaren fan but damn this is ugly

    Garrett GustafsonGarrett Gustafson8 måneder siden
    • The man who designed the f1 is making another supercar coming out this year.

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke7 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris you are a mad first of all in my opinion the speedtail McLaren is an acquired taste because of its styling,it's different but in no way shape or form a beautiful looking is not " quote" gorgeous as you is simply an acquired taste...and please don't insult the other super cars companies out now by calling there cars rubbish... McLaren is producing wonderful beautiful sport cars and and doing some innovativng things, interms of the styling of there cars..but they will Never be able to walk in the foot steps of the Ferrari legacy...

    Julio PaulinoJulio Paulino8 måneder siden
  • England must be, and should be so proud to have this very special motor/engineering company, what amazing it.

    Sam MSam M8 måneder siden
  • McLaren makes some of the best looking cars out there these days. They’ve come a long way from the MP4-12C.(The F1 is a timeless design).

    813Productions813Productions8 måneder siden
  • A 1 ton lighter, sleek aero dynamics but still doesn’t have a faster top speed than a chiron

    BMW RoyalBMW Royal8 måneder siden
  • Still don’t understand stand the point of the speedtail, it has this crazy price tag, every ridiculous designed just for aerodynamics, and all these crazy features, but still doesn’t have a record beating 0-60 or even the highest top speed so what’s the point

    BMW RoyalBMW Royal8 måneder siden
    • Philip Oladipo it sold out because it was low production pretty much every hyper car that has less than 1000 units sells out before it’s even revealed. And just because when you let off af 200mph and there’s less drag doesn’t mean it performs any better

      BMW RoyalBMW Royal8 måneder siden
    • @BMW Royal Literally none of that is true. It looks the way it does because it's designed to cut through air on the outside. Chris Harris said At 220 mph when you take your foot off the gas it feels like it's gliding, but in a chiron it feels like you've hit the brakes. Again not every new high performance car has to be the fastest or the quickest to make sense, which is why, you know, it's sold out? Like every other hyper car that wasn't the fastest lol.

      Philip OladipoPhilip Oladipo8 måneder siden
    • Philip Oladipo wow it’s crazy I’m cofusing on performante in a car that was specifically made just for performance, nothing is luxury about it, simply watch the videos mclaren videos about the car, they said performance came first over everything else and that why it looks the way it does, even mclaren knows the looks aren’t the best

      BMW RoyalBMW Royal8 måneder siden
    • @BMW Royal Again you're still focused on performance. Car enthusiasts that can actually afford this car and all other hyper cars don't race them around tracks. Ugly is your opinion/subjective, again there are many other things that people who can actually buy will consider over performance even though it still performs exceptionally well. This isn't the world of car racing, it's the world of luxury high performance vehicles where the race isn't to a finish line, but to the garage of a billionaire.

      Philip OladipoPhilip Oladipo8 måneder siden
    • Philip Oladipo but why buy this car, if there are other cars with much better performance and cheaper and don’t sacrifice design for it. It’s like the senna, it looks ugly because they choose performance over looks, cost a million and still can’t beat a Performante which is 1/3 the price around a track

      BMW RoyalBMW Royal8 måneder siden
  • I definitely wouldn't put it on my walls as a poster.

    justinhamill954justinhamill9548 måneder siden
  • When are you going to show us your track video on speed tail?

    Chibuike MbahChibuike Mbah8 måneder siden
  • Gonna be a pain in the bum at a McD's drive through or at French toll booths if you're on your own!

    Michael HippersonMichael Hipperson8 måneder siden
  • I really don’t like it’s looks! Put that power train in a P1 and I’d be a happy man

    Ghost83Ghost838 måneder siden
  • Oh my, how cool - another useless device for unfulfilled, rich people with base taste... Expensive, one trick pony lightweighed shell, unpractical, made by unreliable maker, unusable in real world... Isn't it just awfully boring?... Without it's price tag that stimulates basic instincts people propably wouldn't have took interest in such a junk... I find a average laptop or library to be thousand times more interesting and sexy...

    / Josephine./ Josephine.8 måneder siden
  • £2million for this ugly McLaren ? No thank you I would rather buy the 720s

    Mustaf HejranMustaf Hejran8 måneder siden
  • The ugliest exterior ever with the stupid tail , but the interior is beautiful

    Mustaf HejranMustaf Hejran8 måneder siden
  • senna is betta

    Ozzie PersonOzzie Person8 måneder siden